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Serenity. That one word explained the view around Crystal; she added a few last details to the sketch on the notepad on her lap before sighing contently. Malcolm padded up behind her and peeked over her shoulder.

" What you got there?" He asked.

Crystal looked over her shoulder and smiled.

" My sketch pad, it's full of all of the drawings I've done over the years." She chuckled.

" They aren't very good though."

" Let me see." Malcolm picked the small pad of paper out of her lap.

He flipped through the pages and his eyes fell on one of her latest sketches.

" Hey, isn't Dastardos?" He asked holding up the pad for her to see.

Crystal pulled the notepad out of his hand softly.

" Yeah, I've also drawn Patch, Leafos, Pester, Some random ruffians, two boys that terrorize the local gardens and you." She said.

Malcolm sat down next to her as she flipped through the newer sketches; he stopped her as an oddly familiar picture came into view.

" Th-That is me." He murmured softly.

The picture was perfect it was of him back when he and Crystal were back in middle school; more precisely it was the first time Crystal moved. He looked up at Crystal and saw her smiling sadly.

" I had to draw you to make sure I kept my promise to never forget you." She said softly.

Malcolm smiled as Crystal reached over to her guitar; she let out a soft sigh as she looked over at the waterfall near by.

" The worst is over now buddy, and we can both breath easily again." She said.

" Yeah, I know. Wait, weren't those first words lyrics from our-"

" Our song, yes." Crystal stopped him mid-sentence and nodded her head.

Malcolm smirked slightly and plucked the guitar out of Crystal's hand.

" Come on, we need to get back down to the garden before the moon comes up." He said handing Crystal her notebook.

Crystal draped an arm over Malcolm's shoulders and smiled softly.

" Yeah, most of the sours come out at night." She chuckled darkly.

Malcolm shuddered and pushed Crystal away.

" Don't say that kind of crap!" He hissed playfully.

" Well it's true!" Crystal said smirking.

Malcolm sighed and rolled his eyes.

" Your such a kid." He said.

" And that's never going to change." Crystal murmured softly, smirking at her best friend.

" And we both know it." She nodded slightly before starting off down the hill back to the garden.