This story is for fun. I own nothing except the tiny island of Okami/ Hiro and the cafe. Everything else belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya. Thank you for your time~.

"Hello!" The young nation said into the camera Korea held. "My name is Okami no Shima! The Wolf Island! I have recently become the owner is this cafe, and I want to turn it into a new kind of restaurant! Here, fans can order their own pairings based off my friends, the other countries!"

"This is truly new," China said in the background.

"You can also order ACTUAL food here too," Hong Kong sighed behind the camera.

"Whatever is your taste in a pairing, we can give it to you," Okami said happily. "If you don't get your order right away, please wait. Our... Chef likes to perfect her work."

"So please, come on in and please wait to be seated and served!" Taiwan said.

"We have a lower waiting time than other restaurants," Vietnam said.

"So come on in!" Thailand finished.

"We'll be happy to serve you," Japan said somewhere in the room.

"And... Cut!" Okami told Korea. He nodded and shut off the camera. "Mister America was right. That duct tape really is strong! Kor-kun hasn't talked at all!"

Korea glared at her. He couldn't rip it off, either, as his hands were bound to the camera.

"I need more," China smirked.

"Do I want to know, China-Nii?" Okami asked.

"When you're a little older," He told her. Japan shuddered at the thought.

"Come on, Okami!" Taiwan said, pulling her towards the door.

"We have to get some...," Vietnam looked for the right word. "Ingredients."

"Alright!" Okami agreed, following the girls out the door. As soon as they were far away enough, Thailand ripped the duct tape from Korea's mouth. He gasped in pain before letting it subside.

"We're screwed," He said. His "brothers" all nodded sadly.

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