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Okami dropped her head onto the table. It had been three hours since FH and USUK FTW left, and now the young nation had nothing to do. She would occasionally break up fights between Korea and Hong Kong by spraying them both with the hot water. Hong Kong had realized not to start any fights. Korea didn't. So now he had several burns across his body, all from the hot water.

"Why do you keep doing that?!" He yelled at her.

"Why do you keep acting like an idiot?" She yawned, snuggling up to her arm. Okami was tempted to have Japan shoot her once or twice in the back with the water to wake her up. However, she decided against it, seeing as Japan was her big brother, and he'd never do it willingly.

Then, the door opened. It was another customer, and Okami woke up immediately.

"Welcome!" She greeted, leading the customer to her table. "So, what's your name, Miss?"

"Any-Clan," She said, eyeing Okami. The young nation shuddered at the look, before handing her a menu.

"We currently have a special on pirate themes," Okami said, looking to Taiwan who nodded a yes.

"Okay," Any-Clan said. "I would like to place an order of a UKUS. With a special of the pirates, please."

"Right away," Okami said, taking the menu and speeding off to the kitchen. She told Hungary the order.

"Oh, I like this one!" Hungary smirked dangerously at the boys. America nearly screamed and England backed away. "I love pirates! This is gonna be a wonderful dish, I assure you, Okami-chan."

"I trust you, Hungary-san," Okami smiled. She handed a second fully loaded water gun to Hungary. "They try to run, use this."

"Oh, they won't run~," The older nation giggled, staring the two nations down.

"Just don't kill them, kudasai," Okami shrugged, leaving the kitchen.

"Hungary is the head chef?" Any-Clan asked.

"Hai," Okami nodded. "If you've seen what I've seen, you'll know, she's one of the best."

"One of the best?"

"Don't visit Mr. France's house," Okami stated simply.

"I'll take your word on it then," Any-Clan shrugged. "So, how long is this gonna take?"

"Depends on if America-chan and England-san are trying to run away," Okami smirked. "Hong Kong tried once, and I shot him with burning hot water."

"Isn't that a little too much?" She asked.

"Oh, no," Okami shook her head. "It's only hot enough to leave first degree burns. But, Korea's not always the thinking type, so he might end up with second degree burns."

"Ouch," Any-Clan said, looking back towards the kitchen.

"Not really," Okami laughed. "He deserves it. He acts like a fool too often."

"Order up~!" Hungary laughed, pushing England and America out of the kitchen. "Freshly picked, too~!"

"What does that mean?" Any-Clan whispered to Okami.

"I don't know, but go along with it," She whispered back.

England, who appeared and was obviously the dominant, pushing America onto the ground. America, unused to being the bottom, growled at England. The older nation tsked him, before straddling his waist. America snarled, and tried to hit England. However, the pirate simply grabbed his arm and pinned it to the ground. Before America could swing his other arm, England had grabbed it.

"I'm in charge now, love~," England cooed to him. America's blue eyes grew wide at the words.

"No, I'm still in charge!" America snarled, writhing in England's grasp.

"Don't lie to yourself now, love," The older chuckled, taking America's lips harshly. "You're no longer in charge, and you know it."

"Liar!" America tried to kick him. England instead stood, leaning over the younger blonde, kicking his legs.

"Behave!" England snarled. He sat back down on America's waist, only now just a little on his legs, too.

Any-Clan stared with great interest. She didn't have a camera, Okami noted.

'Maybe she is recording it in her head,' Okami thought quietly to herself. Just then, Okami noticed England starting to get a little out of hand. She simply squirted the hot water at him. This pulled him out of his persona entirely, while he yelled at Okami.

"Shut up!" She squirted him in the face. England howled in pain, dropping to the floor. America sighed and dragged him to the kitchen.

"Was that really necessary?" Any-Clan asked.

"We have a reputation to keep," Okami shrugged. "I don't want our restaurant to be considered one of those... Inappropriate places."

"Ah," Any-Clan said. "So, how much?"

"About $16 regular, but since you ordered the special too," Okami tallied the amount in her head. "$19 American, please."

"Sounds fair," Any-Clan shrugged. She gave Okami the money, and left the restaurant.

"Okay, twenty-two plus nineteen is..." Okami thought in her head. She pulled a calculator out of her kimono, typing it in. "Forty one dollars American in one day!"

"I don't want to be paid!" Hungary suddenly said. "I'm fine with my job without being paid."

"You're paying us," Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vietnam said. Okami sighed heavily.

"You'll get paid every other week," Okami told them, walking off to talk to Hungary.

"Eh, I'm getting paid," Hong Kong shrugged, walking of to see if he could find Iceland.

The girls just stared at each other, before seperating for different reasons. Vietnam went to help China cook up some dinner for the Asians, and Taiwan going to find her boyfriend. Thailand just stood there with Korea, wondering what they just saw go on between America and England.

"We never speak of this again," Korea said.

"Agreed," Thailand nodded.

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