Chapter 4 - In the volturi castle



Eight days later

Jasper's View

I arrived a week ago, and once I explained all of it to them and immediately after I finished Caius stood up a he began mumbling about some destined event for the good of all species. How it involved a baby and a warrior, and the baby is of angel and demon blood line and he is like a goddess to all in the end as she has the powers of both her parentage. He went off to research it more. They have a large library of books and tomes and they aren't for any person to read as the room is made to preserve the books. It holds reading material on our history as well as that of any other species we can get information on. So all known species and their sub species. They have stuff on fates, destinies, and the like. They have books and such on mates, mating, and some on mate laws and their punishment when they have broken a law. They have a book that specialises in crimes against mates and the punishments for each crime, no matter what it is.

I have met the mates to the two kings who still have one, and they wish I do not neglect to remember everything that the Cullen coven have said or done against or toward us. I can still have my revenge legally, but the mates are to be allowed by their mates to play with the female of the coven. This leaves the males of the Cullen coven to the mercies of Caius and Marcus. Aro would, but it could go against him if someone was to find out. You see, if they did find out and spoke aloud of the play time, it could have a negative effect on the trial. That is something that no one wants. The trial will not be immediate, worse luck, as I am going to be here for some years before I can get to see my mate. Marcus understands why I feel as I do with pain and the like, as does Felix, the guard. They have both lost a mate, but luckily they had Aro bind them to the volturi so they did not seek and carry out their own death and not care who wants what of them. They know their coven have a place for them in their heart, so they do not wish to hurt anyone.

I have finally decided that I need to speak to Marcus about him teaching me about the laws and punishments set out for those who break these laws. I need to learn from the leaders, who have the most experience, about all mating laws and crimes and punishments. Like the companions who are mated, the normal mates, and the predestined {chosen by the fates} type of mates. So no matter what mating it is. If you fuck up and it involves a mating or mates, either one or the pair, I can see to it for them. It is, after all, breaking the law that they are doing. So I wish to know all this, as well as anything else that would be important to know of in our species. I have to know all I can learn from the volturi, and then if others have research the volturi do not, then I need to learn it and while I am here. I need to go hunt soon. Marcus and I hunt in alternating times. He will go when he needs to, and I wait until he returns and then I go hunting for a feed. No one ever told us what I found out from our researching and reading. We have fangs which can pop down and feed then pop back in once it is done.

The next morning

Marcus is now teaching me everything and it is here in the library which no one unless strictly permitted by a king, goes into. I am informed that at the rate I am learning I will be done within weeks. I know what I need, and what I should do. But can I? I need to find out how I can strengthen my ability, and how best to get around these Cullen's since I had been getting some really bad vibes from them. And that Edward fucker was showing a ton of blood lust for my little Belle, which I made sure Peter James and the rest of them know everything and are now equipped to deal with things. I waited and studied and days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, then I was called to the main hall. Both Marcus and I were there within seconds and what greeted me are a very pissed, but understanding Whitlock coven, and my little Belle. She is walking, running even. And my eyes are moist with emotions I am unable to control. I know everyone is feeling what I feel, and I wish I could stop it, but I cannot.

"Japser" she ran on wobbly legs and tried jumping into my arms so I caught her up in them and butterfly/eskimo kisses later she snuggled into me and promptly growled at Chelsea who was watching me with my little Belle. She was warned by not just me, but by Caius, Marcus, Dmitri, and Jane. But she still leers at me, and Caius delights in informing Aro who then punishes her by inflicting Jane's gift on her for a good two minutes. As she was told by the kings, 'what you are doing is attempting to interfere in a mate's life, essentially making him ill by trying to gain favours with his physical body. He and his mate, no matter the age, can have you punished.' But it flew over her head. But my little Goddess Belle is glaring daggers at her while Jane let her gift hit Chelsea hard. Belle looked up and directly at Jane. "Moa, moa" Jane seems to understand and gave Chelsea another hit with it after already being told to stop.

Aro looks to Jane who is with us Whitlock's and Marcus. He smiles when he sees her interact with Belle. I remember what Caius told me once already, that he will inform me of the destiny once all of my training is complete. Belle claps her hands at Jane's little magic show using vampire speed to complete it. I kiss Belle's hair and let Jane take her and sit with her on the steps leading up to the thrones. Not one of the brothers made mention of it. Not a word whispered or felt, emotionally that is. I caught up with my coven and that includes James and his mate and Laurent. Char hugged me briefly so Belle did not get upset, and Peter gave me the report on what all has gone down since I left.

The next evening

Belle is sound asleep after already saying goodbye to me as did the rest of the coven. The kings and some guards thanked my coven for what they are doing to protect Belle, and as per usual my coven brushed it off as being nothing special, as she is like a daughter to Char and captain Peter Whitlock. James, Victoria, and Laurent feel as aunty and uncles to my Belle, and she loves them all as such. Belle played on her play gym and went on the swing set and slide Felix and Marcus set up for her and Alec and Jane played little games like I spy, patty cake, and go fish. They are just little silly games that continued utilising her attention and gaining knowledge and imagination. They are walking out now while Belle is sound asleep. She had it explained to her why I am unable to stay with her while she grows up, but I can come for a holiday, and hopefully I will have someone with us from her new friends. She accepted this and so I have another promise to live up to.

I definitely cannot wait until I go for a trip with some of the volturi coming with me, back to Forks.

The end of chapter 4