The streets of Southampton were bustling with people and cars alike. The horns blew loudly as drivers urged everyone to move quickly out of their way. People were waving and watching as others boarded what most were calling the "ship of dreams."

The Titanic was the new, unsinkable ship that everyone couldn't wait to travel on. Where was it traveling to, exactly, on this bright, sunny day? New York City.

The massive ocean liner floated on the clear waters; patiently awaiting it's departure. Crewmen were everywhere, lifting many cars, and suitcases to the ship's decks. The maiden voyage was the most talked about event in town.

And Caroline Forbes was to be apart of that very event.

Tyler's sleek, black car pulled up along the docks, after braving the throng of people standing idly around. Caroline was not from The U.K, and was heading back to New York City with her fiancé, Tyler Lockwood. And oh how he was excited to show her the Titanic too. How it worked, what everyone said about it, how elegant the dining halls would be, and so on and so forth. Frankly, she found it to be quite dull. She didn't see what the entire hubbub was about.

As the car stopped, she looked out her window, observing everything that was going on around her. It was certainly the spectacle.

Her car door soon opened for her by a gentleman whose name she did not know. Caroline offered her gloved hand to him, and gracefully stepped outside onto the street. Her purple, wide brimmed hat blocked the sun's harsh rays from touching her porcelain skin. She wore an exquisite striped ensemble, which displayed her status for all to see. No one would be mistaking her for second or third class.

"Isn't it marvelous, Caroline?" Tyler asked her, in awe of the ship before them.

"I suppose. It doesn't look much bigger than The Wolfsbane though," she stated with disinterest.

"Are you kidding?" he asked excitedly. "It's over a hundred feet longer than The Wolfsbane. Far more luxurious, and twice the ship that dreadful boat could ever be! God himself could not sink this ship!"

She gave the tiniest of shrugs, turning to face what would take her back to New York. A place she was all too unhappy about returning to.

"Is this truly the ship that everyone is going on about?" she heard her mother, Liz, ask from somewhere behind her.

"It is," she said quietly, still refusing to believe they would be boarding so soon. Caroline wanted more time in Southampton. She didn't want to go back to America. Not yet.

Tyler, and his personal butler, Mason, began directing crewmen to take their luggage from the cars, and place it in their assigned cabins. Afterward, Tyler caught up with the two women, and began walking toward the boat's entrance with them.

"You shall see, Caroline. We will have a grand time. No experience after will ever live up to the standards of Titanic."

"I'm sure," she mumbled, still not as impressed as her fiancé. He was probably so excited because his father was responsible for the ship. If it weren't for him, the development of it may not have been pushed.

Caroline watched as the lower class passengers (men, women, and children alike), went through a thorough inspection for any illnesses, and physical injuries they might carry. Anything at all that wouldn't allow them entry into the United States. Since she was first class, and American, Caroline and her family were able to bypass that precaution.

Tyler slowed down so that he was able to lock arms with her. Together, they crossed the boardwalk behind her mother, to enter the ship that he hadn't been able to stop talking about for months. This was his pride and joy, and he didn't even have a thing to do with its construction.

It all went by in a daze for Caroline, as they began walking through the fine hallways, and lavish quarters. All she could think about was going home, if she could even call it that, to her imminent demise. It was there she would marry Tyler, and throw what freedom she had out a window. That's right.

Caroline did not want to marry Tyler. But that was her little secret.

Her mother thought everything was going according to their plan. Her plan. She pushed for this marriage more than even Tyler did. He only wanted her for her beauty, and for her name. Caroline's father had died and left her, and her mother, with nothing but the Forbes name. The rest had gone to his secret lover. So it was up to Caroline to use what they had left to their advantage. It wasn't much, but people knew Bill Forbes had been a rich man.

Tyler Lockwood was a very wealthy man too. Not the richest aboard this ship per se, but if she married him, Caroline would never have to worry about where she would be six months from now. She would never have to worry about her mother dying an old, depressed spinster. Liz would be happy, and that was something Caroline wanted to see. Despite everything the widow put her through, for the sake of keeping their place by Tyler's side.

So she played dress up, and she kept her manners in check wherever she went, but this was not the life she wanted. Caroline didn't want to be a kept woman, whose only purpose was to raise children and meet with the distinguished women of society over tea. There was a world out there to see yet, full of adventure, and excitement, and knowledge.

All of it would be gone upon her arrival in New York though. It would vanish like smoke through her fingers. The opportunity would be unattainable, and never to be found again.

As if this all wasn't bad enough, Tyler didn't treat her like she had a mind of her own. He simply dismissed her ideas with a wave of his hand, and gave her a condescending smile to placate her until the boys left. Then, he would retire to his room, with a cigar and the paper, seeking his privacy. He bought her fancy jewelry, and new clothes, but he never gave her the one thing she desired. Tyler would never give her a chance to be his true equal.

Intellectually, emotionally, or in any other way, she would never be as great as the "real man" that Tyler Lockwood was. Her thoughts were better put to use for galas and speaking with the women about what fur coat was best.

The three, along with their entourage of attendants, found their cabins with ease. Caroline looked around, surveying the décor and posh furniture. It was very regal indeed, but nothing she hadn't seen before. The dark wood and gold trim gave the room an earthy tone, and was very appealing on the eyes. But it was like every other upper class home she had been invited into.

"How about you two lovely ladies get everything set up here?" Tyler asked cheerfully, giving Caroline a peck on the cheek before running off to pop a bottle of champagne, not bothering to even wait for an answer. Typical.

"Where would you like these paintings, Miss Forbes?" one man asked, gesturing toward the drawings she had brought along. They were one of the few things she got to enjoy. Tyler would buy her any piece of artwork she wanted.

"Here, hand me that one," she instructed, pointing to a canvas that had a field of colorful flowers. Greens, blues, and reds adorned it with precise brushstrokes. It was breathtaking scenery. It was one of her favorites, in fact.

"I don't see why you insisted on bringing those paintings," Tyler asked in bewilderment. "They'll never amount to anything. I've seen good work, and those are nothing but a waste of space."

"Because, Tyler, they're quality artwork. You have your tastes, and I have mine. And I like these."

"Suit yourself. I'm going to go walk around the ship some more. Care to join me?"

"I think I'll pass for now," she muttered, distracted by where to hang the painting in her hands. Caroline held it up, figuring out where to put it, before finally giving in and just laying it on the couch.

"I suppose you do have lunch to prepare yourself for. Shall we meet around one?" Tyler asked, circling his champagne glass around in one hand, while the bottle was held firmly in the other. Caroline nodded in agreement.

"One sounds fine."

"Wonderful," he smiled, sauntering off to do god only knows where.

Caroline found herself wandering to their room, gazing out the window to the rippling waves. It was calming, to watch those on deck wave to the people still on land. She wanted to wave too, but it would be seen as inappropriate for someone of her status to be doing such trivial proceedings. Besides, the only thing she would be waving goodbye to was the beautiful country itself. Everybody she knew was on board with her.

"Why don't we take a turn around the ship?" Liz asked her daughter kindly. Caroline contemplated it for a moment. It wasn't like she had anything better to do, so why not? Getting ready for lunch wouldn't take as long as Tyler assumed it did.

Caroline acquiesced, hooking her arm through her mothers, and walking out into the halls with her.

It was certainly a vision to behold, the Titanic. People everywhere looked in wonderment at the finely detailed structure. Nothing had been left out for this expensive ship. Caroline could already tell it had everything a person could ever want. Since it carried cargo as well, from luggage to furniture, to animals and even cars, it was nothing short of astounding. How a ship had so much room for everything, she didn't know.

"Oh look. There's Alexia Branson," Liz pointed out. "I hear her husband, Lee, struck gold out west, and died not long ago. He left her everything."

"She doesn't strike me as the wealthy type," Caroline observed.

The blonde in question was rather young, and wore a bright smile over her face. Crewmen were shuffling after her, trying to carry in her luggage, but she had already beat them to the punch. She was looking at the cuter ones with fervor, ogling them as they took her suitcases when she set them down.

"I can carry my own luggage, thank you. If you want to help, get your cabooses in gear," she chided them.

"She's what we would call 'new money,' dear," Liz told her quietly. Caroline nodded in understanding. Alexia hadn't grown up with riches like Caroline had. She was new to the world of dazzling parties and overstuffed men with their talk of sports.

The woman certainly did intrigue Caroline. Perhaps she would be enlightening amongst the other dull socialites.

"Have you thought more about what you would like for your wedding ceremony?" Liz asked conversationally. Caroline shrugged.

"I haven't thought about it much."

"You're not getting cold feet already, are you?"

"No, mother. I just haven't thought about it." It was something she had been hoping to forget. Perhaps if she wasn't reminded every two seconds, it would've worked.

"We should talk more at lunch. I was thinking red roses for the main flowers. What do you think?"

"I think that's a lovely choice," Caroline agreed quietly. Those were her favorite flowers.

While Caroline and her mother kept talking, she had managed to miss the man walking deep in thought across from them. He was heading right toward them, and Caroline didn't even know until he had brushed her shoulder.

"Oh, forgive me, ma'am. I'm afraid I didn't see you walking there."

"It's alright. It's understandable," she smiled. The gentleman extended his hand to her.

"Alaric Saltzman. You have my deepest apologies. I should have been watching my step."

"Caroline Forbes. A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Saltzman," she said politely, before he waved a goodbye to her, and she went on her way.

Caroline and Liz continued walking through the halls and levels, taking in each and every beautiful detail of the ship. Caroline especially liked the Grand Staircase, and how magnificent it was. Such craftsmanship and hard work had gone into the making of the Titanic. It was all more than she could have ever thought it would be. Her mind was slowly changing about the ship she saw as her prison.

The two started back to their rooms after an hour or so, to give them time to prepare for the lunch later on. Caroline wore a bright yellow dress, with white ribbon around the waist. As well as gloves, and a bracelet Tyler had gotten her recently.

Tyler, Caroline, and Liz all dined at the little café that offered the best food, and sunlight imaginable. The three of them sat with the very Alexia Branson she had seen earlier. The other blonde preferred to be called Lexi though. She made that very clear. Alexia was too formal for her taste.

Another person Caroline hadn't expected to see so soon was Alaric Saltzman, the man she had ran into earlier. Apparently, he had a hand in designing, and building, the very ship she was on. An impressive feat, she thought. Her respect for him had increased ten fold when she learned that his down-to-earth behavior was genuine.

The last pair to sit with them was Richard Lockwood, the man who envisioned the Titanic to begin with, and his wife, Carol. Caroline didn't like them. They rubbed her the wrong way. It could have been because of their haughty attitude, or perhaps the way they held themselves. It was like Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood thought they were the best there.

The men began talking of how the Titanic came to be. Mr. Lockwood would throw Mr. Saltzman a compliment here, and a compliment there. Alaric, remaining the humble one, would continually dismiss the notices of his hard work. It was quite the back and forth. Boring, but there was nothing she could do about that. All she had to do was sit up straight and listen intently.

"We'll take the duck, and maybe a couple of salads," Tyler ordered from the menu, telling the waiter what they wanted. Caroline didn't recall telling him she wanted the duck.

Lexi caught on to the condescending action, and smirked. "Going to cut it into little bits for her too, Tyler?" He gave a curt smile, showing that he was merely tolerating her behavior.

"You know, I hear the captain has two children in their early twenties. Just like you, Caroline. Elena and Jeremy Gilbert are their names. They're around here somewhere. I'm sure they'd love to meet you."

"As I would love to meet them," Caroline said politely. Oh dear lord. She prayed those children weren't anything like the Lockwood family.

"Oh how terrific, you have a chance to make some new friends Caroline," Liz whispered happily to her. Caroline gave a tight smile, and nodded her head.

"So who thought of the name Titanic?" Lexi asked, waving a fork before taking a bite of her food. Caroline couldn't contain her grin. Something about that woman made Caroline want to hug her. She did not hold the same snooty air that most of the people around her held.

"It was actually I who thought of it," Richard said, raising a finger up to take credit. "I wanted something to convey the size, stability, and strength, of this outstanding ship. There is nothing quite as big, and bold as this one. No one will ever be able to live up to it."

Caroline noted the pride in his voice as he spoke of his beloved Titanic. There was nothing wrong with taking credit for his work, but the way he acted…it made her furious.

"Mr. Lockwood…do you know of Mr. Freud?" she asked politely, yet still with a hint of bite to her tone. "His ideas about the male preoccupation with size might be of particular interest to you."

Lexi began snickering, and she saw Alaric trying to hide his amused smile. He looked at her with admiration, while Lexi looked as if she wanted to hug Caroline.

"Caroline!" Liz hissed quietly.

"Excuse me, I need some air," Caroline said quietly, placing her napkin on the table and getting up as quickly as she could. This was all too much for her right now.

She strode off toward the deck, hoping to watch the sea as she had done earlier. That calming effect it had been on her was very needed right now. Dealing with Tyler, her mother, and the likes of Tyler and Carol Lockwood…she needed to remember that her world didn't revolve around them.

Well…at least not Mr. Lockwood's world.

How was she ever supposed to survive this trip, if she couldn't survive even one simple lunch? How was she supposed to survive this upcoming marriage? Her whole life would be gone…right before her eyes. Caroline felt her brows furrow in concentration. She had to remember to take deep breaths. Just take a few deep breaths, and then she could go to bed. She could hide away in the cabin for the rest of the night.

Tomorrow was a new day, and it might not be as terrible as today. She was aboard what she now deemed to truly be the ship of dreams. And she should enjoy her time on it while it lasted. No point in shedding tears when it wouldn't change a damn thing.

Caroline continued gazing out at the waters, not paying attention to the third class passengers playing and conversing below her. Her arms leaned against the railing, comfortably enjoying the breeze that blew across her face.

She hadn't noticed the man below staring blatantly at her.

Her eyes tried to focus on the waters, but as soon as she realized he was looking at her, Caroline couldn't help but sneak a glance his way. Did she have something on her face? Or was he just staring to be rude? No matter. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of staring back.

And yet, she did. Caroline did look back.

Then, she felt someone's hand on her shoulder. Caroline turned around to see Tyler, watching her expectantly.

"Enough of this nonsense, Caroline. Let's go back inside and behave like adults. You can stop pouting."

"Nonsense? Like adults? How can you say that?" she spat, storming off without giving him any more of her attention. How could one man be so brainless when it came to her feelings?

Maybe she was wrong. Maybe this trip would be harder to handle than she thought.

"I can't believe he's actually trying to win four tickets from these guys," Damon said, obviously exhausted at Klaus' efforts to get them away from this country. It was only his fifth scheme to date. What was there to be exhausted about?

"I don't believe poker was ever his best game either," Elijah added quietly.

"I can still hear you," Klaus said, rolling his eyes at the two dimwits he was actually trying to help. If it weren't for Stefan's excellent ability to win almost any card game, Klaus would have given up this stint a long time ago. As it were, the four guys across from them believed that they were awful poker players. They had gone as far as to bet four, beautiful third class tickets for the Titanic.

Klaus hadn't been lucky of late, but if there was ever a time for that to change, it would be now.

He had to get out of the U.K. He had to go to America. To stay any longer and share the same soil as Mikael and Esther would be a horrific nightmare. One he would never be able to endure. He had already been trying for months to get to America on his own. It had taken Elijah coming back to truly encourage him to try harder.

That was why Elijah had come back for him in the first place, even though he had practically nothing in his wallet, thanks to his parents disowning the older man as well. The money Elijah did have left was now on the table, being used as game pieces. It was also why Rebekah and Kol were awaiting his arrival in New York City. All three of them knew what it would mean if Klaus stayed any longer.

No. He had to get out. And this was how.

Stefan and Damon happened to be in the same plight as him. With their mother dead, and their father breathing down their backs with unrealistic expectations on what their life should be, they had escaped to Southampton. Both Salvatore brothers dreamed big, but back home in Italy, with no money to their name, big dreams were not what they would get.

All of this had led them to where they were now. Klaus and Stefan sitting at a table, in a bar, with two other men, playing for their freedom. High stakes was an understatement.

The four of them looked at each others faces, looking for tells. Someone had to be bluffing. Someone had to have a few bad cards in their hands. These barbarians couldn't possibly have a better hand than what Klaus had. Even Stefan couldn't best him.

"I've got nothing," Stefan muttered, putting his cards down on the table.

"And there goes our chance," Damon offered quietly. Klaus could have socked him one.

"Come on, Niklaus. We need this," Elijah pleaded.

"Boys?" Klaus asked, looking at their opponents through narrowed eyes. One just sighed, and laid his cards down on the table in defeat. The other laid his down with pride. Hmm. It was a good hand.

But it wasn't good enough.

"I'm sorry, Elijah," Klaus began, exhaling deeply. He could hear his brother's head hit the wall, despair evident.

"It's alright, Niklaus. We will find another way."

"Why? Why would you want to find another way back here?" Klaus smirked, laying down his full house. Stefan's mouth grew to a wide smile, and Elijah looked at the cards as if they were ghosts.

"You did it, Mikaelson," Damon breathed, staring at the card with wide-eyes, laughing in delight as he hit Elijah on the arm. "You did it!"

Stefan jumped up, pumping his fists in the air, while Klaus grabbed the four tickets off the table. Didn't want them to take back this fabulous gift, now did he?

"We're leaving this place for good!" Stefan shouted in excitement.

"Not if you don't go now. Titanic leaves in five minutes!" the bartender told them frantically. All four boys looked at each other with panic in their eyes.

They grabbed their bags at the speed of lightning, and then bolted.

They ran as fast as they could through the crowd of people, and the many carriages lining the streets. A few shouted choice words at them for bumping people as they went, but Klaus didn't care. He was leaving this godforsaken place, and he was going to see his baby sister and brother. For once, things were beginning to look up.

"I still can't believe you did it, man!" Damon shouted, running beside Stefan. The two Salvatore brothers were much faster than Klaus and Elijah, but the two Mikaelson boys were keeping up. Besides, Klaus had the tickets. They wouldn't dare try and get on without him.

"Just worry about getting there, Damon," Stefan smiled, unable to contain his joy. Klaus smiled. He might not have known the youngest Salvatore for long, but if he had to pick anyone for his baby sister, it was Stefan. Klaus couldn't wait to see her face when she realized he was going to stay with them. The two had talked shortly before Rebekah, Kol, and Elijah had left for New York. They were instantly attached at the hip from there on out.

And hell, Damon would live with them too, for that matter. How would Kol take that news?

After a couple more minutes of running, they had arrived. There it was. There was the door that would lead them onto Titanic. They had to hurry though. The plank was almost on land again.

"Wait!" Elijah yelled. He had been in America the longest, and he was the one with the best American accent. He handed the crewmen the four tickets, after Klaus had slipped them subtly into his hand. The crewman looked all of them up and down.

"Have you been through inspection?" he asked warily.

"Well, of course. Besides, we are all American. No lice," Elijah said simply. How could anyone argue with Elijah? The man could probably make anyone feel sorry for not giving over their entire fortune to him.

The crewman nodded his head, accepting the answer, and let the four of them pass. They didn't hesitate to pass the threshold, and continue running once they were inside the ship. No one was going to take this from them.

They didn't stop running until they were back outside, on the deck amongst the crowd of people, waving goodbye to those on land.

"Wave goodbye to the past, boys. And say hello to the future," Klaus sighed happily, waving enthusiastically to those on land.

Damon and Stefan waved excitedly, while Elijah just smiled and leaned against the railing. It was his equivalent to being giddy. Klaus patted him on the shoulder, wearing a massive grin that no one could wipe off. They had done it. They were going to get out.

"Come on, let's get back inside and see our room," Elijah told them. All three listened obediently to the eldest, following close behind him as he led the way.

The third class accommodations were better than what Klaus would have imagined. While no where close to what the first class got to reside in, it was definitely better than the streets, and worrying about where his next scrap of food would come from. The white walls and red carpeting were a luxury after the crates he had learned to sleep on.

Two sets of bunk beds for each of them. Damon and Stefan shared one set, while Elijah and Klaus shared the set opposite theirs.

"I will never understand how you, of all people, got those tickets," Damon said, tossing his bag on the top bunk. Stefan narrowed his eyes, not happy Damon claimed the top bunk without so much as asking. Klaus chuckled, taking the other bottom bunk. He wouldn't argue with Elijah over this.

"It was a lucky hand, mate," Klaus shrugged. Really, poker wasn't his game. It had come as a shock to him too.

"Does it matter who got us here?" Stefan asked, still too happy to care. "We're on Titanic! And I get to see Rebekah soon."

Klaus and Damon both groaned, not wanting to hear any of that sappy bullshit. Elijah only grinned, unpacking his things quietly while the other three talked animatedly.

"Must you talk about that to us single folk?" Damon complained, pushing Stefan playfully. The youngest Salvatore smiled, tackling Damon onto the bed. Klaus threw his arms up in the air.

"You two, I swear."

"Speak for yourselves," Elijah said calmly, that sly grin on his face. The other three stopped, and immediately surrounded the man, eager to hear this story.

"Why...dear brother," Klaus began.

"Whatever would you be talking about?" Stefan finished for him.

"I mean," Elijah said, laughing, "that I might have found someone in New York."

"I'll be damned…you're blushing!" Klaus said, watching his brother try to hide the embarrassing blemish. Elijah never blushed. It was so uncharacteristic of him to look flustered.

"I met her not long after I first arrived in New York. She's something special, Niklaus. I can't wait for all three of you to meet her."

"She must be to gather your affections," Klaus said quietly. His brother was not an easy man to please.

Elijah only nodded in response, and Klaus knew that was the end of that topic. So he decided to go exploring a bit instead. Klaus grabbed Stefan by the arm, and yanked him toward the hallway.

"We'll be back in a bit. I want to see what this beauty has to offer," Klaus said nonchalantly.

"Don't be too long," Elijah warned him. Klaus sighed.

"Just meet us out on the deck?" Elijah considered this, and then nodded his approval.


Klaus smiled, running out before Stefan could. He caught up quickly though, and they both raced to the back of the ship. Stefan won.

There was nobody outside when they got there. All the passengers were getting situated in their rooms still. Klaus ran to the edge, and leaned against the rails.

"We did it, Stefan," he sighed happily. "I'm going to be away from Esther and Mikael for good now. I'll never have to deal with them again."

"I'll never have to see Giuseppe again," Stefan said distantly, a smile tugging on his lips from the thought.

"I feel like I'm king of the world," Klaus declared calmly, looking at the ocean in front of them. "Here, I feel like we can do anything we want."

"We'll be able to once we get to New York. You can be an artist, and I'll be a writer. Maybe we'll even make enough money to take another trip to Paris."

"Maybe even legally," Klaus smirked. Stefan let out a loud guffaw, and Klaus joined in. That had certainly been a memorable trip for the two of them.

"What about Damon? Would he be able to come with us?" Stefan asked hopefully. Klaus gave him a knowing look.

"Can't be without your brother for a couple months?" he teased. Stefan looked down, almost looking bashful from the accusation.

"He's all I have left," Stefan tried to reason. Klaus put his hand to his heart, feigning hurt.

"Ouch," he said quietly, not being able to help the smirk that emerged.

"That's not what I meant," Stefan said, shaking his head and leaning against the railing with Klaus.

"I understand, mate. Nothing can compare to the unshakeable bond of the Salvatore brothers."

"Except us," Stefan said quietly. "You and Elijah are just as important to me as Damon."

Klaus looked down, embarrassed by the affection he was being given. He knew Stefan cared, but it always amazed Klaus as to how much their friendship had grown over the year he had known Stefan and Damon. Klaus had learned to rely on them more than he liked relying on anyone that wasn't his family. And in that time, Damon and Stefan had become family.

Stefan and Klaus stayed out on deck until at least early afternoon. More people slowly began to join them outside, ready to see everything the ship had to offer. That was also when Elijah and Damon came outside to join them. Klaus saw Damon carrying something in his hands. Well, fuck…why did he have to go and get in Klaus' bags?

"So," Damon began, approaching Klaus and Stefan, "Why haven't we gotten to see more of your pretty drawings before?"

"You have seen them," Klaus sighed.

"I know. But I like going through them over and over again," Damon joked, handing the raggedy sketchpad back to Klaus. He yanked the book from his hands, and flipped through the pages. Pictures of women, and children, were scattered over the papers.

"This is art, Damon. Be mature about it," Klaus scolded him.

"Have you ever gotten any money for your drawings, Niklaus?" Elijah asked conversationally. Thank god his brother didn't judge him for his choice of jobs.

"Unfortunately not. But it's a passion. Even if I never got paid for the rest of my life, I would never stop."

"No one is asking you to, brother," Elijah smiled, taking a seat on a nearby bench. Stefan joined him, while Klaus flipped through the pages of everyone he had ever met, and taken the time to draw. It was a scrapbook of his adventures, not just a pastime.

When Klaus looked up from his book, reminiscing on all the trips he had gone on, and all the encounters he had…Klaus saw her.

He didn't know who she was, but by her dress, she had to be from first class. Klaus had seen, and drawn, maybe hundreds of women. But none of them compared to the exquisite vision before him.

Her blonde curls framed her face perfectly, and the sun lit up her features beautifully while she leaned against the rails. As dainty as she looked though, there was something in her eyes. It made Klaus think she wasn't as fragile as she appeared. The way she looked out at the sea in concentration, as if it held all the answers. There was something on her mind, but what?

After a couple of minutes, he saw her eyes flick to him. It was quick, and it was subtle, but he had seen it. He tried not to smile as her gaze slowly came back to where he was standing. She was trying not to stare. It was adorable.

"Don't even think about it, man," Damon warned him. "There's a better chance of pigs flying out of your ass than getting next to her."

Klaus ignored him, not giving a shit about his idiotic warnings. He knew Klaus' past. Just because he was poor now, didn't mean he always had been. Why couldn't he talk to someone from first class, just because he was sleeping in third?

Eventually, a man came and tried talking to the woman, but she didn't take too lightly to the interruption. She stormed off, and Klaus chuckled at the little display. Feisty.

"Never know, mate. Maybe this will be the trip where pigs learn to fly," Klaus said distantly.

Damon only rolled his eyes, and pulled out a cigarette. Klaus smiled, and looked back to where the lady had been standing. The man was gone now too, but Klaus kept hoping she would come back. She would lean against the rail, just like she had been, and he would think of ways to break the ice. Forget the class difference, and just go talk to her.

But that wasn't how things worked, was it? Klaus couldn't just go talk to any girl he wanted. There were standards, expectations, etc. He sighed, and turned back to the other three. It would be best if he just forgot her. Perhaps she was a spoiled heiress who got everything she ever wanted in life. He would never be able to provide that for her, not anymore. Klaus could never give her the material possessions she was used to having.

It would be useless to chase after a girl this whole trip anyway. He was on Titanic! He was with his brother, and his best friends. That was enough to occupy him until they arrived in New York City, and the real adventure began. With his parents out of the way, and his siblings waiting for him to join them at home, how could things not be looking up?

Now that he didn't have to worry about finding a way out, what could possibly go wrong?

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