Festive Blog Comment(s)

"Hey, Sherlock, look at this."

"No, thanks."

"No, really."

"Whatever it is on your blog that is amusing you, I'm sure it is not at all humourous."

"No, it's not funny, just come here!"

Sherlock sighed, hauling himself off the couch. "What is it?"

"You remember that blog I posted yesterday? The one about you being a scrooge?"


"Where you yelled at the Red Cross Santa."


"Where you said the twinkly Christmas lights were annoying."


"And you said the music was too cheerful."


"Where you said someone needed to die to bring some cheer to the world?"

"What of it?" Sherlock retorted, his voice annoyed.

"Someone posted a comment."

"John, people do tend to do that."

John shot him an annoyed look. "I know. But, as I was saying, someone posted a comment and I think that it's absolutely brilliant."

"I'm sure you do," Sherlock muttered. "What is it?"

"Well, it's a comment that's actually festive. Unlike you."

Sherlock turned away.

"Where are you going? Come back!"

"If it's festive, I definitely won't care."

"Someone rewrote 'Jingle Bells' to fit our life."


"Just read it."

Sherlock peered over John's shoulder, squinting at the laptop screen. "They rewrote it to fit our life?" he muttered. "That's... bizarre."

Dashing through the snow,
in a crime-ridden London.

Down the street we go,
having lots of fun.

Sherlock calls for me,
I try to keep up.
Criminals can't see
that their end will be abrupt.


Jingle bells,
Sherlock tells
how the case was solved.
Solving cases is his niche;
Murder is resolved!

Jingle bells,
Sherlock tells
where we all went wrong.
No matter what he says to me,
I'll always go along.

A day or two ago,
we thought we'd have a break.
But it seemed not so,
and we were on a case.

We solved it rather quick,
then it started to snow.
The cold was like a ton of bricks,
so then we headed home.

Jingle bells,
Sherlock foretells
that Christmas will be white.
It makes me happy to know that
our Christmas will be bright.

Jingle bells,
Sherlock tells
me Happy Holidays.
I smile and say it back to him...
Christmas is on its way!

I'm writing Sherlockian Christmas music. Don't eat, barely talk, only to correct the television- oh, sorry. xD The first one's true, though. I have two Sherlockian carols so far (that I have written!), maybe planning on writing more. Trying to actually work a real 221B into each one, though. Their reaction will be in the next chapter, as well as another carol.

I wanted to put these on Yt, but I can't sing, so this is the next-best thing. xD

Reviews would be lovely, as follows and favs would be, too. Thanks!