The next morning, Auggie didn't meet Annie at the elevator. They rode in it together. There was no catch-and-release in the hallway. Rather, two hands entwined, boldly marching into Langley. Annie wore her kitten heels, relishing the sound they made in the lobby.

"People are staring at us," Annie whispered.

"I very decidedly don't give a shit," Auggie whispered back. "I'd like to think, as my girlfriend, that you'd absorb this lack of awareness as a fringe benefit."

Annie smiled a secret smile, and Auggie mirrored it. It was like they were connected. Another fringe benefit.

"Some girl on the first floor gave me a death glare this morning," Annie said as they rounded the corner. "Do we not care about that either?"

"That would be Pity Pam," Auggie said. "Don't know her real name. Never bothered to ask."

"But how was the sex?" Annie asked knowingly. Auggie's elbow jabbed playfully into hers.

"Don't even joke."

"Okay," Annie said, pausing at the office door. "We ready?"

"Oh my god, 'we,' 'we,' 'we'... What are you, one of the three little pigs?" Auggie beamed.

"You're right. I'm smothering you," Annie beamed back.

You need to get back out in the field, Walker. This place is making you crazy."

"I don't know how I'll make it," Annie joked. "I've been out of the spy game for so long."

Auggie ran his thumb along the top of her hand. "You're lucky Tech-Ops loves you. Now open that door."

As Annie obliged, and they crossed that threshold, she felt a page turn. The transformation was complete.