Title: Even The Sun Sets In Paradise [3/3]
People: Heather Morris, Naya Rivera, Dianna Agron, Kevin McHale, side minor Taylor Hubbell, Matt Hodgson
Rating: Hard R
Length: 2.3k


"So, Naya," Ellen shifts in her seat and crosses one leg over the other. "You've released your album, now it's at the top of the iTunes charts. Big stuff."

Naya nods and smiles, smoothing her hands along the top of the sofa cushions beside her. It's been four months since season four started airing and things have been great. Since switching her management company to Rocket Music, Elton John's management company, her PR has loosened up a lot. Elton made sure three of her singles of the album already recorded had videos, and despite him not really liking the genre of the album and telling Naya that her voice had so much potential, he made it work.

And after her second video, she got a call from Ellen asking her to come on the show. With her previous PR and management, that wasn't possible. They were always too worried about what it would look like if she went on a show and was bombarded with straight forward questions, because Ellen always did that. But when she got the request, Naya rang her agent and he said to go for it.

Except it came to light that Heather would be away in Arizona with her family, and so Naya was going to be attending the show on her own. It's not like it was that big of a deal, because no-one apart from the crew and cast at Glee knew, but Naya still wanted Heather to be there for her first big interview and talk show.


"You really can't come?" Naya whined from the bed, throwing herself back onto the mattress with her legs dangling off the foot of it.

They were at Naya's house, which was basically Heather's house too now, and Heather had just told her that she had to go to a family thing in Arizona that weekend. Which consequentially meant that she wouldn't be able to go watch Naya behind the scenes on The Ellen Show. That sucked, big time.

Heather came over to her, throwing both thighs either side of Naya's hips and straddling her, sitting up. "No, baby," she said, pouting a little and tracing her fingers over the exposed skin of Naya's collarbones. "I really wish I could."

Naya frowned and resisted the urge to stroke her hands up and down her girlfriend's thighs, instead crossed them angrily over her chest. Heather, however, just grinned down and her and pressed both palms either side of Naya's head, whilst leaning her whole body down.

"Honey, I said I was sorry," she whispered, nudging her nose against Naya's.

But she stayed insistent, turning her head and pressing her cheek into the comforter.

"Are you mad at me?" Heather whispered, lips brushing over the skin of Naya's cheekbone. "Baby?"

She tried. She really freaking tried but when Heather's hands began to slowly unbutton her shirt, and when her lips ghosted over the corner of her mouth, it was just too hard not to give in and smile. The childish huff was never really going to work, anyway.

The grin she was hiding broke across her face, tugging the corners of her lips high and making her teeth show through the toothy smile. She began to giggle and scrunch her nose as Heather began nuzzling down her neck, brushing her lips over her pulse point and smiling into the skin. It really was hard to stay mad at Heather, and even though she wasn't really mad, she was upset and that was kind of the same thing.

But priorities were priorities and Naya understood that.

"Okay, okay," she giggled, reaching up to set her hands on Heather's back as fingers unbuttoned the final button of her shirt roamed over the smooth skin of her abs. "I'm not mad."

Heather pulled back, a childish grin on her face. "You're not mad?" She asked, lips only a hairsbreadth away from Naya's.

Naya shook her head and an embarrassingly loud moan escaped her lips because Heather wriggled and unconsciously pressed her hips down into hers. Blue eyes darkened instantaneously, and Naya's eyebrows shot up to her hairline as the fingers on her stomach began to sink a little lower, the tips of them dipping beneath the waistband of her sweatpants and along hot skin. She gasped and groaned, feeling warmth pool low in her belly and thighs pinch together. Heather never failed to get her hot in a stupidly short amount of time.

"Baby," she moaned and slipped her hands underneath Heather's shirt, grazing her nails across the skin of Heather's lower back.

"Say you're not mad," Heather demanded, pressing her hips down intermittently and teasing her lips over Naya's. "Say it."

Arousal shot through Naya and she smirked a second before pushing up with her hips, causing a moan to spill from Heather's lips at the same time she flipped them in one fluid motion, and settled between strong thighs whilst their mouths came together in a hard, deep kiss. One that was all tongues and teeth and want. They had sworn to not delve into the bedroom until they both felt emotionally ready, and it seemed that the moment had come.

Breaking the kiss, Naya leaned back, propping herself up with one elbow whilst the other hand came up to brush across Heather's forehead and her flushed cheeks. "I'm not mad and I love you," she whispered, her voice a little raspy.

Heather grinned up at her, tugging her by the shoulders down until they molded together, and only a moment later her hand slipped between their bodies, dipping beneath the waistband of Naya's sweatpants and slipping through hot flesh. Naya groaned, Heather moaned, and they spent the entire night wrapped up in each other.

That didn't make up for the fact Heather wasn't coming to watch her on The Ellen Show, but damn, it was incredibly close.


"Yeah... It's... It's crazy," she scrunches up her nose and lifts a shoulder. "I never thought it would actually happen, you know?"

Ellen smiles and folds her hands over her lap. "Yep. You're a superstar now."

Naya chuckles and rests both hands on her kneecaps. "I wouldn't say I'm a superstar," she replies, a little flushed. Can ethnic people even do that? "But releasing my album is the second best thing that's ever happened to me. It's amazing."

"And your plans are to make a second one sometime?"

"Yeah, I mean I'm going to continue with my acting career with Glee but then I'll see where it goes. Elton told me he'd like me to write another album, but add an Adele-esque theme to it."

"That would definitely work with your voice," Ellen replies and smiles. "But wait, you said your album was the second best thing that ever happened to you? What's the first?"

Six months ago, Naya would've been restricted to her answers. She would have had her PR glaring a the from the side stage and she would have a script of what to respond printed in her mind. But the amazing thing about Rocket Music is that she's free to say what she wants. Hell, she's even allowed to tweet what she wants and that was a major issue for her last management company.

She's so glad she switched.

Naya clears her throat and can't stop the grin that plays at her list. "Falling in love was definitely the best thing that ever happened to me."

Ellen grins and suddenly Naya gets a little suspicious. The smile on the other woman's face has something behind it, and she feels like she should be looking around because Ellen's known for playing pranks on her guest stars. Naya's watched and cried tears of laughter over many videos she's seen or been showed on YouTube; ones including Taylor Swift and Barack Obama.

"You've fallen in love?" Ellen asks, but there's something in her face telling Naya she already knows she has. "Who with?"

"Oh, no," Naya starts and tries to lessen the grin but it doesn't work. She can't help but smile idiotically when she thinks about her love life. "I've been in love with this person for a long time."

"A long time?" Ellen presses and leans forward, eyebrow raised. "How long?"

Naya sucks in a breath and glances up to the ceiling, thinking how long it's been since her heart was stolen. "Erm, about four years. But it feels like forever."

Ellen's head tilts and she looks towards the audience who 'aw' in response. "Naya's in love," she chants to the audience and they all start to laugh.

She turns back to Naya. "So who's the lucky person?"

There have been many rumors over the past few months, mostly made up by teenagers on the internet, but still, there have been rumors. The pictures Naya tweeted on set back in September of her and Heather caused a riot on Tumblr, and since then there have been a few more pictures and a few more conspiracies, and Naya hasn't responded to any of them. But whereas a few months back, she would've had to show up to some awards show holding hands with Matt, because her PR told her to, this time she's free to ignore them and neither confirm nor deny them.

And it has been tricky at times, and there's been a fair few fights, but nothing that hasn't been resolved. Nothing that hasn't built up to this moment.

"Well, if you're not going to say, I vote we should just bring her out!"

The audience cheer and woop, and Naya's eyes widen and jaw drops. She snaps her head around and stares at Ellen, unsure if this is actually happening.

"What?" She stutters and starts whipping her head around frantically. "She's here?" She gestures to the floor and grins.

And Ellen doesn't even respond before she's standing from her chair, gesturing towards the entrance Naya came from and says, "Everyone, welcome Heather Morris to the show!"

There's a round of applause and Naya twists in her chair, angling awkwardly to look back towards the entrance just as Heather comes gliding through it. Her hair's down in loose curls, and her make-up is light but she's gorgeous. She always manages to take Naya's breath away, even when she's just woken up—hell, especially when she's just woken up—but right now, she looks like an angel that's fallen from heaven.

Naya's mouth is running dry and as soon as their eyes lock, Naya finds herself standing and gravitating towards Heather with her arms open. There's a huge grin on her face, and she's sure Ellen's saying something but she can't focus because Heather's here. She's actually here and she's biting her bottom lip in the way she always does when she's nervous, and she's wrapping her arms around Naya's neck, pulling her closely into a hug that makes their hips bump and ribs slot together.

She breathes Heather in, still incredibly shell-shocked to think that she's actually here and pulls back when Heather's hands slide onto her shoulder. Glancing up, their eyes lock again and Naya grins idiotically, leaning into the touch when a hand comes up to push a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

"You're here," Naya mutters and flexes her fingers against Heather's hips.

Heather smiles softly down at her and her eyes are just so, so bright. "I am."

All the love and happiness that's buzzing through Naya's body just gets too much, and even though Ellen's saying something to the audience, and even though the audience are still clapping and cheering for Heather's appearance, Naya can't hold back anymore.

She leans forward, thankful that she's wearing heels and Heather isn't, and meets Heather halfway, brushing their lips together almost as if they don't touch at all. Her hand slides around to grip at the back of Heather's neck and she grins, pulling back, only to grin more when Heather pouts and follows her, pressing their mouths together again and kissing her harder, deeper.

It goes on for a little longer than appropriate, but Naya hasn't seen Heather in nearly a week and now Heather's here with her on The Ellen Show and fuck, it's all too much. But too much in a good way and so she just kisses Heather back with everything she has.

Heather breaks the kiss, smirking and pulling her head back because as much as they'd like to keep kissing, they are on a talk show and Ellen is waiting for them. And so Naya, breathing a little unevenly, nods, accepting the silent words Heather mutters and kisses her one last time, softly and quickly, before tangling their fingers together and leading her back towards the sofa.

And as they talk about how they happened, and what their future plans are, Naya realizes that no, falling love wasn't the best thing that ever happened to her. Heather was, even with the pain, the hurt and the joy that their journey has brought, and that nothing will ever take her place at the number one rank.

Naya lifts Heather's hand to her mouth and dusts kisses across her knuckles, leaving a lingering one on the fourth knuckle of her left hand. Ellen doesn't notice, but Heather does and she just flashes Naya a quick smile before returning the same gesture.


The End