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Pitch slammed his fists on his stone chair. "NO!" he shouted, his voice echoing through his entire cavern. It passed through the empty cages that hung from the ceiling, bounced through the empty hallways and down the crooked stairs. His teeth ground against each other as he glared out the cold floor, eyes smoldering.

He flicked his eyes to his globe. The lights simply burned on its metal surface like a constellation of stars. With each spark Pitch felt weaker, like a little piece of himself dimmed out and faded completely. "How did this happen?" he growled, thinking out loud, and then he remembered.

"I want to be known," Jack said. Pitch watched as all of the hate disappeared from his eyes, just simply faded away as if never existed in the first place.

"And you will be known," Pitch protested. He tried to get to his feet, but Jack's frosty eyes snapped to him and the staff lowered down to Pitch's throat. Pitch slowly slid back down onto the wet snow, hand up.

Jack's eyes narrowed. "People would only fear me," he said. "And I don't want that."

Pitch's eyes flared and he reached forward, hands reaching for Jack's throat. But suddenly his fingertips froze over, and the freezing sensation traveled down his arm and spread. "Your game is over," Jack whispered. His eyes were filled with an emotion Pitch recognized as pity. "No one is afraid of you now."

Something inside Pitch broke. "NOOOOOO!" he shrieked. He tried to stand, to kill the Guardian in front of him, but to his shock he couldn't move. Instead he fell over on his side, frozen solid.

"Goodbye, Pitch," Jack said. To Pitch's pure horror and raw hatred, the boy's voice was filled with pity. How Pitch hated pity. He was not to be pitied, he was to be feared, hated, loathed...!

But Jack only turned away. "Goodbye, Pitch," the young spirit said again. "Don't hurt my family again, or next time," he turned around, blue eyes flaring, "-I won't let you off so easily."

Pitch wanted to shout that Jack should just end this, should just finish him off and be done with it, but his voice was frozen. Then he realized; he was afraid. He was afraid that this moment might have been his last. So Pitch Black, the Boogeyman, held his tongue as the Guardian sailed into the air, like an angel, aiming for the free morning sky.

It took a while for Pitch to thaw out, and when he did he slunk back to his layer. "Jack Frost will pay for what he did," he hissed to no one in particular. His hand balled up on his stone chair, his yellow eyes staring ahead into empty space. "That boy will regret the moment he was born."


Jack Frost casually lay against a tree, minding his own business, whit his gaze locked with the blue sky above. His snow white hair gently waved in the breeze, and he gently closed his sapphire blue eyes.

It's over.

Jack smiled. And I didn't even mess up.

He opened his eyes, startled to see Tooth perched next to him intently staring at his face. When she saw his stare she jumped back, chuckling nervously. "You looked so peaceful, I didn't want to disturb you," she explained in a rush, darting back and forth into the air.

Jack blinked, then smiled. "Sorry," he said, sitting up and rubbing his head. "I was just thinking."

"About what?" Tooth asked, hovering by his shoulder as he slowly got to his feet.

"Just... thinking," Jack shrugged, then kicked at the snow that piled at his feet. Tooth patiently waited for Jack to start talking; she didn't want to interrupt. "Did you know I had a family," Jack finally whispered, recalling the memory with a smile. "A sister, too," he added, turning to her and grinning.

"What was her name?" Tooth asked.

"Pippa. She- she had brown hair too. Like me," he grinned, then added with another dazzling smile, "she was going to be an artist one day."

Tooth couldn't help her own smile. Jack had a thousand different smiled; ones for when he was happy, some for when he was sad, or angry, or hurt, but this was the first time she had ever seen this kind of smile on Jack. This new smile was kind, infinitely kind, and so full of warmth that didn't seem possible for a spirit specializing in the cold.

Suddenly the smile disappeared, and Jack quickly turned away. "I- I wonder what happened to her," he whispered. His voice as so low Tooth thought she missed it.

"Well," Tooth said with a small smile, "why don't we go find her?"

Jack's head snapped to her, blue eyes wide. "Really?" he asked, almost as if he was scared to hear the answer.

Tooth nodded. "Of course!" she said with a laugh. Her laugh brought Jack's smile back. "Come on!" She turned and buzzed away, and with a laugh Jack was close behind riding the wind he loved.

Soon the other Guardian's got involved too. After all, after Jack defeated Pitch, it was the least they could do. Sandy searched by sending small dreams in all different directions. Bunnymund and North searched some of the nearby towns, but the biggest help was when Tooth sent her little sprites to find Pippa's baby-teeth memory box.

A couple hours later, they got a match.

"Here she is," Tooth whispered, creaking open the door to Burgess' local cemetery. Jack's breath hitched in his throat, and he couldn't seem to force his legs to take the first step inside the gate. He had known Pippa wasn't alive; it's been three hundred years, after all. But at the same time she was so alive in his memories, so young and bursting with life, that it felt like he just met her.

And now she's gone.

"Easy there, mate," Bunnymund said, placing one furry paw on the young Guardian's shoulder.

That snapped Jack back to the present. "I'm fine," he insisted. Somehow his legs worked again and he walked inside.

Snow covered the gravestones, making them more beautiful than they actually were. Here and there grass poked out from the dirt and in between the cobblestone walkway. Tooth led the gang along until they stopped at one gravestone, set in the very back and tucked away in the corner.

Jack knelt down and brushed away the snow that had gathered on the inscription. It was barely legible, but Jack was able to read it. "Pippa Frost," he read. "Loving wife and beautiful mother. 1704 - 1784."

"Oh, Jack," Tooth murmured. Jack didn't hear, and was half aware of North turning to the Tooth Fairy and lightly shaking his head.

"Sh-she had a family," he whispered, wiping his eyes. They came back wet and frozen. "She survived. I- I really did save her." Her turned around, sapphire eyes glistening, with a smile on his face. "I did it."

"That you did," North grinned back, and Sandy enthusiastically nodded.

Jack smiled, a smile that broke Tooth's heart, and turned back to the gravestone. Suddenly Baby Tooth, who was patiently hovering by her momma, chirped and moved to the next gravestone. Jack wiped his eyes again and turned to the sprite.

"What's up, Baby Tooth?" he asked. Baby Tooth chirped again and circled over the gravestone. Jack frowned, then brushed aside the snow.

Then gasped.

"Jackson Overland Frost," Bunnymund read, then turned to Jack. "Is this you?"

"That's my name," Jack whispered, eyes wide. He quickly brushed away the rest of the inscription. He read, "Loving and loved son, older brother, best friend, and hero. 1695 - 1712." He voice cracked at the end, and he impatiently wiped his eyes. "T-told you I had a family," he muttered, face hidden by his sleeve.

Tooth smiled and patted Jack's back. "We know," she whispered with a sad smile. "But," she moved to hover in front of Jack, and with a gentle tug, moved his arms away from his face, "you still have a family." Jack blinked his watery eyes in confusion.

"That's right," North said, sitting down next to Jack. "You have us."

"So you won't be alone again," Tooth added with a smile.

The lump in Jack's throat hardened, and he quickly turned away. He wasn't sure what if he was happy that Tooth always knew what to say, or to be a little upset.

"Thanks guys," Jack whispered, pulling his hood over his head. Bunnymund plopped in the snow beside Jack, and North sat behind them all. Even Tooth gave her wings a rest as she knelt beside Jack, and Sandy hovered close by. Not a word was said; not a word needed to be said.

But when they left that day, there lay small gifts gently laid down in front of both of the Frosts' graves. Each had a small jingle bell, courtesy of North. Each had a single iridescent green feather, each had a small spring flower, each had a rose made entirely out of ice.

And above the both of them was a dream, made out of golden sand. Inside that dream was a small lake and a girl and a boy, the boy a little older than the girl, ice-skated across the golden surface twirling to a rhythm only they could hear.

The End

This is the end of the epilogue. It's a bit on the short side, but I didn't want to add any more. I hope I didn't hurt the original story by adding this chapter! :D This chapter is, by the way, dedicated to all of the readers. Thank you for all the support, and - Lightningpool, The What-If Writer, and those of you who wondered what happened to Pitch - I hope this answers your question. I kinda got a little carried away at the end though! Sorry hahaha

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