We're Now Parents!

by: PixieDustRed

I love the app game called Shall We Date: Ninja Love, and my one of my favorite guys in that game is Musashi Miyamoto!

My character is named Ayame. Ayame just gave birth to Musashi's son and now they are in a new chapter of their lives, and that would be the hardest too. Ayame's POV

Disclaimer: I don't own Shall We Date: Ninja Love or any other Otome Games!

We're Now Parents!

Musashi and I finally had our first baby, his name is Haruki.

We were filled with happiness in the day of his birth. But also we were stressing out after his birth, especially Musashi.

"Hello Haruki, how's my boy?"

Musashi was carrying our little angel from heaven in his arms. Musashi looked at his happiest the past few days with him, he would be at his side while I'm busy doing chores.

"You're the most beautiful, and precious thing I ever laid eyes on, other than your mother."

Haruki just giggled when he looked at his father and tried to reach for his face, Musashi smiled at him in return.

I happily look at my new family; Haruki looks exactly like his father, his hair is as green as Musashi and the color of his eyes as well,

but the only thing that Haruki has my traits is the size of his eyes. Musashi loves that part of his traits.

I came up to them and hugged Musashi while looking at our baby, Musashi kissed my forehead and said, "Thank you for realizing my dream, Ayame."

"And thank you for helping me to conceive him," I thanked him back, Musashi smiled widely and then kissed my lips and I kissed him back.



Musashi and I stopped our kissing and focused on Haruki who was now crying.

"What's wrong, Haruki," Musashi asked. Then he smelled Haruki, "WHEW, HARUKI! YOU SMELL BAD!" Musashi taken back, his eyes widen.

"It's time to change, Haruki," I took Haruki out of Musashi's arms and left.



Haruki started crying in the middle of the night...again...for the third time.

"Oh Haruki," Musashi rubbed his eyes and got up with me to see what Haruki needed this time.

I picked up his little body and tried to sooth him by singing a melody, it worked. Musashi stared at me while I sang, then I laid Haruki down on his bed. Musashi hugged me from behind and whispered in my ear, "You're a wonderful mother, you know."

Then he started kissing my neck

"And you're a wonderful father," I turned to look at and complimented him back. Then he bent his head down to kiss me, I closed my eyes, but before our lips could touch... "WAH!"

"Sigh," Both Musashi and I sighed at the same time. This was going to be a long night.


"Hey guys," Sasuke came to visit us.

"WHOA! What happen to you guys!"

When Sasuke saw us, he was shocked by the way Musashi and I looked.

"Haruki kept us up all night long," I responded tiredly, I just want some sleep.

"Ugh," Musashi had bags underneath his eyes, he must be thinking the same thing. Haruki looked like he had the best night he ever had... lucky him. But we'll get through this, Haruki would keep us busy, but Musashi and I will love and take care of our gift from above no matter what. I looked at Musashi, and he smiled from his tired expression, then I looked at Haruki in my arms. Yeah, we'll survive!

The End.

Hope you enjoyed it!