A/N: What if Ana didn't agree to Christian's original offer. Would they find their way together or live their lives in different worlds?

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This story begins from Book One, right after Christian has shown Ana the Playroom and the Subs bedroom for the first time. They're in the kitchen discussing what he's just unveiled.

Ana POV:

"I don't understand. If you have willing volunteers, why am I here?"

"Because I very much want to do this with you. I want you. I can't stay away from you."

He wants me. This Greek God, Dominant, whatever the hell he is, wants me. Strange how that excites and absolutely terrifies me at the same time.

"Will you hurt me, physically?"

"I will punish you if you do not follow the rules and it will be painful"

I swallow.

"Err... I don't know."

"I realize I'm taking you down a dark path Anastasia?"

"Dark path? Christian, it's pitch black. Look, I'm attracted to you. I think you know that, but the kind of the relationship we each want is like night and day. This isn't going to work. This isn't for me. I think I should go."

"Go?" He looks surprised.

"Yes, go. This isn't what I envisioned between us."

"I've always been honest; I told you in Portland that I don't do the girlfriend thing"

"Yes, you were honest. But in a million years, I never would have thought...well, thought this is what you were about" I wave my hands up pointing upstairs toward the playroom.

"This is who I am Anastasia. This is the only kind of relationship I'm interested in"

"I understand. We both come from two different worlds." And yours wants to make me a sex slave and beat me. "I'm sorry, for as much as I may like to be what you want...I know I'm not the girl for you"

He looks lost. Hasn't he ever been turned down? Probably not, look at him; he's Sex on Two Legs. Am I crazy for saying no? No, no...I'd be crazy if I said yes to this arrangement...or whatever it is.

He slowly walks over to me. His body is so close to mine, almost touching me but not quite. There's a charge between us.

"Try it" He whispers in a low seductive tone my ear. The hum of his voice sends chills through me.

The butterflies in my stomach have just multiplied by a thousand. Wow. He's good. I must stay strong.

"I'm sorry, I can't. I'm sure your willing volunteers would be more than happy to comply. This is who I am."

"As you wish Miss Steele. I can have the helicopter take you home tonight, or you are more than welcome to stay in the guest room and I can take you back in the morning. Whatever you are more comfortable with."

All sorts of visions play through my mind if I stayed the night. Would he tie me up with one of those whips in his red room of pain and torture me, hit me with that flogger thing he showed me...force himself on me? But somehow I know he won't hurt me. It's very late already and I have to think about what I'm going to say to Kate. I signed the NDA, so I can't say a whole lot, anyway. The truth is I trust him. Even though, he's scary as hell...there's something about him I trust.

"It's already so late. I think I'll stay in the guest room, if that's alright"

"As you wish" His lips turn up into a small smile.

He almost looks relieved that I'm staying. I can't figure him out. One minute he's demanding and scary, the next minute he's kind and thoughtful, a man full of contradictions.

I look carefully at him, trying to memorize his face...intense, bright gray eyes, unruly dark copper colored hair, his lips, oh those lips. I'm sure after he takes me home tomorrow, I'll never see his beautiful face again. The thought makes me relieved, sad...and confused as hell.

"Where should I go?" I figure he'll put me in the sex slave...err..submissive bedroom.

"There's a guest room next to my bedroom. You may use that. Come I'll show you" He extends his hand out leading me out of the kitchen.

We walk past what I suppose is his bedroom to a smaller room next to it. He opens the door. It's a lovely room, a queen size bed, blue duvet on the bed, cocoa colored walls.

"You should be comfortable here. There's a private bathroom next to the closet door. You should have everything you need"

He so close to me. My heart is pounding. He smells so good, a uniquely Christian scent. It's intoxicating.

I look up and he's looking down at me. There's that electric charge between us again. I know he feels it too. It's so strong.

"Thank you. Good night Christian" I softly say as I bite my lip.

"Good night Ana. Sleep well" He pauses for a moment and it looks like he wants to say more but shakes his head and leaves.


Fortunately, I packed a long T-shirt in my overnight bag. I'll use that to sleep in. I wasn't exactly planning on sleeping alone or with any clothes on tonight. I thought I'd be in the arms of Christian Grey.

How did I end up here? I lie awake staring up at the white ceiling. I was ready to give him my virginity and here I am, in this hot kinky man's penthouse, all by myself. I know what he has to offer is not for me, but I can't help my attraction to him. It's more than his stunning good looks or obviously charm, there's something special about him I'm drawn to. But he's too dangerous for me.

Maybe I should knock on his door and tell him I changed my mind. Maybe I can do this...no no no. I'm not even allowed in his bed. That's not a relationship.

I need to get over this and accept that Christian Grey will not be in my life after tomorrow.


I wake up in a daze, it's still dark outside and I hear music, a piano playing somewhere in the penthouse.

I sit up and decide to find the source of the music. I head down the corridor and see Christian at the piano, completely lost in the music. He plays so beautifully, but such a mournful song. I lean on the wall in the big room and watch him. He looks like he's in his own world. His expression looks pained as he plays. Seems Christian has a sad side.

I walk toward him. He glances up and stops playing.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you" I whisper.

"I should apologize to you. I didn't mean to wake you"

"I heard the music and thought I'd find the source."

"Like Eve, always quick to eat from the tree of knowledge" He smirks.

"I suppose I am. That was beautiful. Bach?"

"Transcription by Bach, but originally an oboe concerto by Marcello"

"Beautiful, but so sad"

He shrugs.

"How long have you played?" I ask.

"Since I was six"

So strange picturing Christian as a six year old, considering all I know now.

"It's late, you should be in bed." He tells me as he stands. "Come, I'll walk you back to your room"

He takes my hand and leads me through the dark corridor back to the guest room.

My heart flutters and the rest of the world disappears at the touch of his hand. What is this pull he has over me?

We both linger at the doorway of the guest bedroom. I peek up at him through my lashes. My eyes are fixed on his mouth. I desperately want to kiss him. He looks down at me, his grey eyes intense. Our attraction to each other is undeniable.

"Good night Christian" I break the spell.

"Ana, goodnight" He slowly nods.

I walk in the room and close the door. I lean against the back of the door and exhale a long breath.


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