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The Love of the Mafia

Chapter 1 – Valentine Encounter


I slammed my hand on my phone, turning off the alarm. I yawned, stretching my body like a cat and letting out a heavy sleepy sigh. Today was a big day for everyone, especially for my restaurant. Today was February 14th, Valentine's Day and like every year it was bound to be a hectic day, since my kitchen always consisted of goody-lovey romantic dessert especially cooked for this day. I checked my phone to see that it was 5:15. I stretched one more time and got up, took a quick shower and got dressed.

Normally, I'd dress in heels; but since I knew I'd kill my feet walking and running around today, I decided to wear labor's shoes. I'm a tomboy at heart, hating to wear skirts and dresses but when it came to footwear, I was what you'd call a footwear whore. I decided to wear pretty little ballet flats coupled with skinny black jeans, blue cashmere sweater and my black wool trench coat. I grabbed my purse after dumping everything I need from keys to lipstick in it and walked out of the door.

I stepped out to the Seattle cold fresh air and inhaled deeply. I always loved the cold and winter and hated the burning sun and suffocating heat and humidity. I took another deep breath and then walked to my pride and glory, my silver Audi r8. I got in, revved the engine and stormed out of the parking lot and toward my shop.

Thankfully, the streets were empty at 5:45 in the morning and the normally fifteen minutes ride was only finished in five with my somewhat speedy driving. I parked in front of my Black Swan and got out, went inside and straight to the kitchen. The early staff was already there and working on the day's menus. Seth waved happily by the oven and I waved back with a smile.

"Happy Valentine's day, Bella." Everyone cheered, making me roll my eyes. It was the saddest and most ridiculous day of the year, wanna know why? Simply because the only Valentine I've ever had was with my deceased father, Chief Charlie Swan and since I've never had a boyfriend; a real one anyway because my best friend Jake doesn't count… well—you get the idea.

Yes, I'm 24 and still a virgin. Sue me.

"Yeah, right back at ya. Now get to work you lot." I playfully chided them, walking around back to my office and started browsing my accounting. My restaurant/coffee shop was somewhat famous around the city; no fuck that, it was the dining resort for the A listers. The money I've inherited from Charlie and my grandparents helped me start my project with perfection, making me one of Seattle's most sought after cook.

After a quick check on my finances, I left my office, went to the kitchen and started on my Valentine Special meal and afterward dessert. I was always a cook, even as a little kid but culinary school honed in my talent and made me invincible in the kitchen.

I started first with dessert since it always took longer time to make. This Valentine, I was making Towering flourless chocolate cake, molten lava cakes, Chocolate covered strawberries, and Brownie rubble. I've already made three of them, but left the Towering flourless chocolate cake as my very special as I was making three. This cake was for sitting down and enjoying delicious dessert after your meal, whereas the other three were reserved for home takeaways, especially the chocolate covered strawberries they always do the trick in bed.

But what do I know, that's what I heard.

Insert self-pity here.

And before you think I'm a sex seeking whore let me assure you that I'm not. In fact, I don't condone or encourage aimless no-strings-attached sex or every night one-night-stands. I'm actually the old fashioned type that searched for love first then the sex; that's the way I was raised and the way I like it. I have nothing against people sexing up whenever, but it just doesn't work for me.

And since today is Valentines', you'll find me either grumpy or snarky.

Because I don't believe in true love, or that it exists.

Not for me anyway.

Confused yet?

Four hours later, I open the restaurants' double doors and wait with my staff for the first lovey dovey clients; notice the sarcasm here.

It starts off easy and simple. Few muffins here, few berries there until the clock ticks one; that's when it's always busy. Lunch hour, combined with Valentine? Yeah, it gets difficult.

Thankfully, I have a fiery staff from hell to help.

I spent the hours taking orders and bringing meals to the clients, watching with a somewhat bitter joy as the lovers gave each other googly eyes and sweet caresses, but what broke me the most was the sight of a father with his little girl sitting on his lap as he fed her my special chocolate cake. It reminded me too much of my time with Charlie and I felt a pang in my chest for his loss.

Not now Bella. Don't cry now.

Normally, I wasn't a crier and whenever I felt the need to cry I either did it alone without an audience or I just sucked it up and held back my tears; however—whenever I thought of Charlie, it was a little difficult for me to hold them back.

People I love were always my week link, and since the only person I've had all my life was Charlie I tend to lose it in regards to him. I was never close to my mother and I say the word mother with a stretch. She didn't have a maternal bone in her body and the few years she lived with Charlie and I were made a living hell by her; until one day thankfully she up and left.

Ever since then, it was just Charlie and me. Of course, there were the Rez tribe; Charlie's best friend Billy Black, his son Jacob who became my best friend, and the rest of the Quileute tribe who became an extended family of sorts. Most of my staff is actually of the Quileute boys who didn't stomach the idea of college but also didn't want to stay buried in the Quileute legends and leadership.

I shook my head of my memories and went to the father and adorable little girl.

"Happy Valentine, welcome to the Black Swan. How may I help you?" I asked, my eyes trained on the face of the beautiful little girl. She giggled shyly and waved at me.

"Hey. I'm Sammy and this is daddy. He's my date." She giggled again, making me grin. Her father chuckled and gave me a shrug. He was quit and looker, around mid-thirties with sun-kissed skin, black eyes and hair and the body of a surfer.

"Well, you sure are the best date he's ever had." I winked and he laughed.

"Do you know daddy?" Sammy asked with a conspiring smile and I chuckled.

"Oh no, but it shows that you're the only one he wants to be with." She clapped and nodded vigorously.

They looked at the menu after Sammy insisted I sit with them and help them choose. It was their first time at my restaurant and they didn't know of my recipes.

Harrison, the father finally settled on the original steak while Sammy went for the good' ol mac n' cheese. She squealed when I told her of my chocolate cake and promised her she'd take pieces of the other special desserts to go. Harrison was hesitant but I insisted, stating that they were for Sammy and that she should try my special deliciousness.

As I was putting their orders on their table, a very familiar smell wafted through the place and I grinned, looking at the front door to see none other than Jacob Black himself. I told Harrison to call me or anyone if he needed anything and ask for me before he left if I wasn't around, giggling when I saw Sammy's mouth and chin already soaked in sauce. I walked toward Jake and smiled, watching as a few female heads turned to look at him earning a hiss from their dates.

Jake as always was dressed to kill in a charcoal three piece suit, thin black tie, and his trademark: the blinding white smile. He was carrying his case bag and I sighed. Even on Valentine's Day, he was in court.

"Hey Bells. Happy Valentine." He grinned, giving me a crushing hug and lifting me off the floor. We heard a few female aw's and I rolled my eyes. It never gets old.

Don't get me wrong, Jacob was a knockout. With his shoulder-length jet-black hair, Native American looks, handsome face and to die for body but we aren't for each other. We tried it once in the past when I went to his school on the Rez, and we almost did it, but it was then that we both backed out. It was the time we knew that our love for each other was brotherly and we've been brother and sister ever since then.

Billy and Charlie sure weren't pleased with it.

"Happy Valentine Jake. Seriously, even today you work?" I asked, walking him to my office.

"Look who's talking." He arched an eyebrow, sitting his bag on the floor beside his chair while I rounded to my own. I rolled my eyes.

"Seriously Jake, you're more developed and advanced in the dating department more than I am. I bet there's a lady waiting to surprise you with lovey lusty moves." I grinned.

"To bust your bubble, no. I'm not dating anyone right now. Court and cases are taking all of my time, not to mention my partnership with Cullen Inc. I have no time to dine and wine with anyone, let alone have shmexy time."

"I still don't get why you decided to be Cullen's legal advisor or consultant or whatever. Your office gives more than you need. Great cases that make lawyers millionaires and still you bust your ass more than you should. You're killing yourself here Jake. Give yourself time off." I shook my head, disagreeing with my friend's workaholic tendencies.

"I like what I do Bells, and I'm only this full when I get very important cases which isn't that much. The main reason for my office is to help the people really in need and with little money to pay a hot-shot lawyer. I take the big cases to step up my game and kill boredom. My real job is in Cullen Inc. The deal with many important legal activities that need a shark lawyer and I've known their son since college. We've been friends since then and he recommended me to his father. It's you I should be worried about in the dating and resting department." He warned and I huffed.

"No Bella. I've known you since we were kids and not once have I seen you with a guy. Hell, you're still keeping your v-card, not that I'm complaining; I'd kill the fucker who would take it but still. I was your only boyfriend and that was in high school sophomore year. I never thought I'd say this but; you need to find yourself a guy Bells. This lonely phase is getting old and frankly, I'm getting worried."

"I'm fine the way I am Jake. I haven't found the right one and you know I'm not one of those girls who lose it in a night-club one night stand. Besides, I don't really believe in love anyway, it's not real in my world."

"It is real, Bells. You just need to open up the door and enter." He shook his head.

"We live in a fucked-up world Jake, and you know if we didn't know each other since childhood, we would've never been best buds, same goes for Rez boys. I'm not a trusting person by nature, and the shitty things that happen around aren't encouraging either. I'd rather live my whole life alone than with someone that would hurt me."

"Not everyone is like her, Bella." He murmured. I nodded.

"Yes, but why risk it? Even if I found someone who really loves me, what makes you think he wouldn't be taken from me the way Charlie was? No, I refuse to put myself in that course. You and your tribe are the people I only want and need in my life Jake. I don't need anyone else."

"Bella…" he started but I cut him off.

"No. Enough of this. Are you going to the court, office, or home?" I asked, getting up as he grabbed his bag.

"None. I'm going to the company. Carlisle wants me to look up something." I rolled my eyes. Regardless of the many times Jacob asked to introduce me to the Cullen coven, I always said no. I wasn't really interested in knowing new people, not even the Cullens.

Recluse much?

"Okay, but before you go home come see me. I'll be saving some food yumminess for you." His mouth opened in shock, his tongue coming out like a hungry wolf and his eyes widened in glee. He was a food monster and I always made him his favorite meals and my very own special ones.

"Hell yeah. I'll finish as soon as possible." He fist bumped the air and I laughed, walking him to the front door. I saw Sammy waving at me like crazy and I waved back, saying goodbye to Jake and walking to their table.

"How's the little princess doing?" I smiled at her glowing face.

"I believe she'd be full till tomorrow. The food is great Bella; you're a one mighty cook." I smiled at him, blushing at his complement.

"Does that mean you'll leave without tasting my dessert?" I pouted playfully.

"I'm afraid we'll have to take it with us home. I'm full too myself." Harrison batted his washboard stomach, the six packs showing through his right white shirt.

Yeah, I looked. I'm a female after all.

"Well, give me a few minutes and I'll be back with your dessert." I ruffled Sammy's hair and she giggled happily.

"Thank you Miss Bella."

Fifteen minutes later, a smiling Harrison and a giggling Sammy walked out of the restaurant with a promise to return. I waved at her and then went back to serving others.


Around six o'clock, the more elegant clients started coming in. Men in designer suits and women in designer dresses and expensive diamonds entered my restaurant and asked for the secluded areas. Three couple walked out engages as unknown to the women they worked with me to help hide the rings in their food. I smiled, not being a complete cynic at the happiness radiating from them.

Finally, the clients started drifting away, leaving with yummy goodness and complementing my ever lasting tasty food. Jacob had already come to my place and took his food, giving me a crushing hug and thanking me for the yummy goodness. At exactly eleven o'clock, the restaurant was empty and I was planning on closing when a black car with tented windows parked in front of the place. I looked at Seth and Quill to see them roll their eyes and walk to the kitchen. Seems that some leftovers will be sold after all.

I went to the kitchen behind them and asked for them to re-heat the food. The rest of my staff left, enjoying their Valentine with their significant others. It was only me, Seth, and Quill in the single department.

I walked out of the kitchen and found two men sitting in a table at the far corner. I sighed, taking my notepad and pencil and marching toward them.

"Good evening gentlemen; how may I help you?" they were sitting opposite each other and looked extremely manly so they didn't seem to be gay, but what do I know. Hot and manly men were gay all the time. Maybe they were having a fight and decided to make up with a candle lit dinner.

"Hey there doll. I'd like to have the steak with lots of gravy while my little bro here will have your special mac n' cheese." The big guy boomed, his loud voice startling me in the quite. He gave a sheepish smile, showing baby dimples and making me smile. He maybe built as a wrestler, but he had a baby's face; not to mention his sky blue shiny eyes.


I turned to his brother to confirm his request and felt my heart stop.

Fuck me sideways with a disco stick; it was like looking at a fallen angel.

With his dark coppery wild mane of hair, pale complexion, thick naturally trimmed eyebrows, chiseled jaw that cuts throw diamond, and his vibrant green eyes.

Michelangelo's David is nothing compared to him.

Maybe he was a demigod, or a Nephilim.

I seriously need to cut back on mythological books and movies.

"Is this what you want, sir?" I asked, clearing my throat and mentally slapping myself for my shaky voice. Real smooth Swan.

"I'll have whatever you want to give me, Tesoro."

Holy Zeus, let me play in the box of sin. He had to speak Italian, huh?

"Mac n' cheese it is." I said and hail tailed it out of here and to the kitchen.

I gave Seth and Quill the orders and they started working, giving me weird looks. I excused myself and went to the bathroom and looked myself in the mirror.

"What the…?"

My skin was flushed, my eyes somewhat glowing and my breathing was labored. I put a hand over my heart and groaned; feeling it pound so fast it almost gave me a heart attack. I could hear the resounding in my ears.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

I've never had such strong reaction to man; hell, I've never felt any reaction to another man other than admiring their sexy physic and now all of a sudden I'm blushing and heating up like a virginal bride?

Again, what the fuck?

I washed my face with cold water, wiping it and taking a deep breath. I walked out and went to the kitchen, took the orders and told Seth and Quill to go home. They refused at first; worried I'd be alone with strangers. I assured them I'd be fine and reminded them of Jake's training. I may be small, but I can pack a mean punch; the tribe boys know by experience. They seemed convinced when they saw the two men, a weird expression on their faces which they masked quickly. I shrugged and sent them on their way. They left, but not before giving the two men a nod, to which they returned.

Men are so weird.

"There you go." I gave the big guy his plate, and then the Italian speaking angel. I mentally huffed at my cheesiness.

"Are you alright, doll? You seem a little…flushed." Big guy snickered while the angel smirked, staring at me with blazing eyes.

And I shit you not, they glowed like a gem.

"Yeah. Perfectly fine." I shook my head, throwing away all silly thoughts of demigods and fallen angels.

"Are you sure? You flusteration has nothing to do with my charm does it?" the demigod asked. I stared at him, all traces of admiration gone and replaced by irritation.

Yes, I loved to look at a pretty face; god-like one in his condition, but I also hated vain and narcissistic ones.

I straightened my composure and glared at him as I answered.

"You wish, Narcissus." I watched as his smirk grew bigger to which inflamed my irritation. I turned to big guy and saw him grinning.

"When you're done, ring the bell by the countertop." I said, turning to glare at Narcissus and then walked to my office.

The last thing I heard was a melodic and probably narcissistic laugh.




"Sweetheart, please come tonight. You know we always celebrate together." Esme's sweet voice was on guilt tune as she pleaded with me. I sighed, not wanting to upset her, but also not wanting to spend Valentine's Day amongst the loving couples of my family. My mother Esme and sister Alice always made a festival out of every occasion and holiday. Thanksgiving, Christmas, even labor's day had a place with them.

"I have work to do mom, I won't be able to make it." I reasoned, hoping she wouldn't pick up on my lie. She hummed in disapproval and I knew I was busted.

"Edward Anthony Cullen, you will attend the party. Everyone will be there, and I know that your work is within your hands and timing. Whatever you do, I don't argue with or interfere despite my disapproval of it but it's been the family's business for decades and your father, brother, and uncles are in it so I won't complain. But I'll also take you across my knee if you don't give yourself some normal human time with the living and non-bloody. You will be home by six o'clock and you'll set down with the date Alice and I set up for you."

I groaned, hitting my forehead with the desk. I should have known she and Alice were up to something.

Infuriating women.

"Esme, what did we talk about? We agreed you and Alice wouldn't interfere with my love life. I'm a thirty years old man, not a fifteen year old boy. I'm very capable of dating." I fumed, frustrated with my mother and sister.

"I'm not only looking for dates Edward. I want grandbabies as soon as possible, and you're not helping." She huffed.

"Mom, I won't be hooked up with money-hungry gold-digging air-heads. I will date whoever I want to date, and you'll have to stop with the grandbaby talk because it's not gonna happen anytime soon, not until I find the woman I love and who loves me for me and not for my money or station or mafia title. I don't want to make you sad or upset, but I want you to stay out of my love life mom, please." I begged, running my fingers through my hair and tugging roughly. God, if she only knew of whom I was thinking of or loving, she'd go straight to her but it would be a terrible since the woman I was madly in love with doesn't return my feelings back; hell, she doesn't even know me.

"I'm sorry if I pressured you sweetie, I just can't help being a mother." She sighed.

"I know mom, just let me walk on my own pace okay?"

"Okay honey. But at least come see us tonight."

"I'll try mom. I have some…errands to make, and then we'll see." My mother, sister, and sister-in-law were no strangers to using guns, but still they didn't like knowing of the killings we did, or the things we did in our everyday jobs.

"Alright dear, just be careful okay?" she fussed. I promised I'd take care of myself and then hung up. I pressed the intercom as I unlocked my middle drawer.

"Yes, Mr. Cullen?" my assistant Angela spoke.

"Please summon Emmett and send him to my office."

"Right away sir." I grabbed my SW1911 9mm Smith and Wesson from the drawer, armed it, and put it in my holster. A loud knock on my door signaled Emmett's arrival.

"Come in." Emmett marched into the office; a grin on his face one would think he was going to have a fun night with friends or mistress.

"Ready, bro?" he asked, a bounce in his step. Fucker enjoyed the killings more than he should.

"Yes. Let's go." He rubbed his hands together in anticipation and walked out beside me.

As we rode the elevator, my cell phone rang. I checked it to find Felix's number.

"Talk to me, Felix." I said, watching as Emmett's eyes twinkled with mirth. Seriously, my brother is in dire need for psychotherapy.

"We have the rat. He's in the warehouse." Felix growled, and I heard what sounded like a punch and then a loud curse.

"Having fun?" I smirked. He chuckled.

"Just warming him up for you a little boss."

"Alright. We're on our way." I hung up, looked at Emmett and nodded.

"They have him."

"And it's obvious they're having fun, too." He grinned.

"Let's just hope they don't finish him before we arrive there." I smirked.

"They wouldn't. The always leave the great finale touch." He bounced on his feet, his face gleeful as a child's face in a candy store.

Uh, shrink anyone?

The ride was thankfully quite and empty of Emmett's usual chit-chat; that is, until we reached a somewhat heavy traffic.

"So, did mom tell you of her new hookup?" he wiggled his eyebrows playfully. I groaned.

"Yes. And I turned her down. You of all people know I only have eyes for one woman." He nodded, his playful face turned serious.

"Yes. The beautiful Isabella. Still bro, you have to play out the field a little." He suggested.

"No Em, I've stopped playing the field the moment I saw Isabella and Charlie entrusted me with her life."

"But she doesn't know you even exist bro. You have to at least show your face to her." I shook my head in refusal.

"No, not yet. Not until Marcus' problem is out of the picture. Our father and uncles have been working it for almost twenty five years and I've been working it for six. I won't make a move on Isabella until Marcus is dead."

"Whatever you say bro." he sighed, shaking his head.

Finally, we reached the warehouse. I parked my Aston Martin and got out of the car, Emmett following after me. The sun was setting beautifully and a cold refreshing breeze took dominance to the atmosphere.

We entered the warehouse, the smell of dried blood, piss, and death was a permanent resident in it. No matter the amount of bleach or sanitizer the smell seemed to get stronger and more prominent.

Emmett and I took the long dimly lit corridor until we reached the room in the middle. We could hear the muffled screams and sound of fists connecting with flesh and bone. Emmett opened the door and we went inside to see Max, the rat bound to a chair in the middle of the room. His face was bloody and his body was shaking with the cold. I saw a bucket of water beside him and was sure it was freezing as ice.

"Take it easy Felix. This way we won't have any info from him." I chuckled, watching as Felix landed the final punch. He turned around, his black hair matted with sweat on his forehead and his blue eyes shining with anger and excitement.

"Was just preparing him for you, boss." He grinned, stepping aside and wiping his hands in a towel. The white was immediately smeared with the amount of blood on his hands. Emmett stood by the door, folding his arms over his chest. I took off my jacket, putting it on the back of a chair, grabbed it, put it in front of Max, and sat astride it.

"It's been a while, Max." I said calmly, my eyes scanning his bloody face. His right eye was already swollen while his left one turned completely black. His nose was bloody and it was clear he missed a few teeth.

"He spat on the floor, aiming for my black shiny dress shoes. Blood mixed with spit smeared on my shoes, making me wrinkle my nose in disgust. A punch was delivered from Emmett making him groan. Felix gave me a big towel and I daintily, not wanting to touch the filth that came out from his dirty mouth.

I was definitely burning those pair of shoes.

"How long have you been working for Marcus?" I asked, taking out my gun and calmly playing with it.

"You think you know it all don't you Cullen? You don't know shit." He laughed, coughing as he did.

I had no time for this, so I turned off my safety and pointed my muzzle to his knee.

"How long have you been working for Marcus?" I asked again, pulling the trigger.

"Fuck you!" he hissed.

The sound of the bullet echoed around the closed room along with his pained screams. Alec winced from the high pitch of his voice, and Felix grinned.

"I'm gonna ask you one last time Max; how long have you been working for Marcus and what did you tell him?" I asked, my eyes trained on his as I waited for his answer.

When it took him more time than I wanted to answer, I aimed the gun to his other knee.

"Wait, wait. I'll tell you." He wheezed out, grinding his teeth at the pain.

"Okay. I'm listening." I put my gun on my thigh and waited.

"I've been working on and off for him for the past ten years, but I became one of his constant men when he put his eyes on Charlie Swan." I tensed, along with my men at the mentioning of Charlie's name. My gut told me it wasn't gonna end well.

"I was one of the men who set up Charlie the first time, but the fucker was smart getting out without a scratch. Marcus had always wanted Charlie dead, ever since the beginning. His chance came in the last raid. The warehouse Charlie raided with his FBI pigs was the trap. Charlie along with others was shot dead and to make sure the warehouse was blown up. I had the honor of pressing the detonator." He grinned.

"What does he know?" I was on the verge of snapping, but held back not wanting to act impulsively before knowing what they knew. A pissed off look was all over his face when he spoke.

"Nothing. You dicks didn't trust me enough to say anything of importance in front of me. Even as I drove you around, your calls and meetings in the car were private and unheard by me." I nodded, getting up and grabbing my jacket. I turned to Felix and nodded.

"Leaving already? Without hearing the best part?" Max taunted. I don't know why, but the way he spoke stopped me in my tracks. I turned around and arched a brow.

"What?" I asked, glaring at him. He smirked.

"It doesn't just involve the Cullens, Volturies, or even Charlie." He dragged his words. I sighed irritably.

"If you have something to say, just say it." I hissed. He barked out a laugh.

"Well, as far as I know; it has something to do with a pretty little brunette. What was her name again?" he smirked, cocking his head to the side. I glared, feeling tugging to my chest.

This is bad. This is very bad. Red flags were flying in my head as I stared at him.

"Can't figure it out, Cullen? Okay, I'll take pity on you and tell you."

I threw my jacket on the floor, barely noticing as Emmett caught it. I grabbed my gun and held it tightly, my hand actually hurting as me skin and bones pressed the metal.

"The beautiful, the one and only; Isabella Swan."

"WHAT?" I growled, pointing my gun at his head. He smirked again, baring his bloody teeth. He then pouted, making an 'awing' sound.

"Sensitive spot, huh? Just wait till you know the rest." He fucking giggled.

"Talk." I ordered. He pouted again.

"Not even saying please?" he taunted. My gun landed on his jaw, breaking more teeth.

"TALK YOU BASTARD!" I screamed. He coughed, spitting teeth and blood.

"Marcus wants Isabella; because he wanted to eradicate everyone connected to his enemies. But since she caught the eyes of his son, well you know how it is."

Without warning, I pulled the trigger and put a bullet between his eyes. I was breathing heavily as I stormed out of the room, watching as Emmett ran behind me while Felix and Alec had shocked and horrified looks on their faces.

I ran out of the warehouse, my breathing heavy and ragged.


Fucking Demitri…

"Deep breaths Edward. Come on, breath." I didn't even notice that I was on my knees until I felt the muzzle of the asthma inhaler at my lips. I inhaled deeply, coughing a little after I finished.

"There you go. Feeling better?" Emmett said gently, rubbing my shoulder. I nodded.

"Yeah. I'm fine. I'm fine." I wheezed, clearing my throat a few times before taking a deep breath and then stood up, taking my jacket from Emmett.

"Call Dad, Aro, and Caius. Have them meet us at the club." I ordered, already getting in the car and revving it. I drove like a maniac as I listened to Emmett layout what happened to Carlisle. He then hung up and told me they'd be there at once.

Ten minutes later I was running up the stairs to my office, Emmett hot on my heels. I could hear him telling me to slow down, but I didn't pay him attention. I stormed into my office, seeing my father and two uncles already waiting. The moment they saw my face, they became both worried and wary.

"Edward, son, what is it?" Carlisle asked gently. I took off my jacket, pacing the floor and tugging painfully at my hair.

"They have eyes on her. They're targeting her." I kept mumbling, going back and forth almost burning a hole in the floor.

"Who's targeting whom?" Aro's rich voice spoke loudly.

"Calm down Edward. Who are you talking about?" it was Caius' turn to ask.

That's when I snapped.

"ISABELLA!" I shouted, my voice almost as loud as the music downstairs. My father and uncle turned silent as I kept heaving and Emmett went to pour me a glass of scotch. He handed it over to me and I drank it all in one gulp.

"Who's after her?" Aro asked, his face hardening and his eyes turning a darker shade of red. He had dark reddish/brownish eyes that resembled one of a vampire, same as Caius. They were my mother's brothers and took after my grandfather in everything, while my mother took after my grandmother. It was impossible to believe to Aro and Caius Volturi were brothers to Esme Cullen, the guardian angel on earth.

"Fucking Salvatore. Marcus is after her. It's not enough he took Charlie away; he wanted to kill her too. Want to know the best part? His fucking son has eyes on her. He wants her. Fucking Demiti wants her." I screamed, throwing my glass across the wall, watching as it shattered to million pieces.

"Settle down son. How do you know all of this?" Carlisle asked, grabbing my shoulders and squeezing lightly. They all knew that Isabella is my only weak link. The only person who can shatter me to pieces. I always turned softer whenever she was mentioned.

"Max the rat. He told us everything. Marcus had plans to kill her in the past, but refrained because Demitri wants her for himself. He was just waiting for the opportune moment."

"And when is that?" it was Caius' turn.

"Don't know. I shot the fucker when he told me of their plans."

Carlisle sat me down on the couch and gave me another glass which Emmett prepared. I gulped it down, grinding my teeth in anger and frustration.

Something had to be done. And fast.

"We can't stay away any longer. We must be known to Isabella. We must make contact, even if we kidnap her." Caius implored, his eyes trained on Carlisle and Aro. They looked at each other and then nodded. Turning to look at me, I saw the resolve in their eyes.

"So be it. Jacob already works with us and the staff members who are Quileute's already work for us. They will make good cover when she goes missing, and they will all keep mum about it." Carlisle nodded. I nodded back, standing up and grabbing my jacket. It was ten thirty when I pulled out of the club with Emmett, after taking a bottle of chloroform and a white clean towel with me. My father and uncles went back to the main house to warn Esme and the rest of the family and thankfully the valentine bash was over so there won't be any extra watchers or any unwanted attendants.

At exactly eleven, I parked in front of the Black Swan. Taking a deep breath, I looked at Emmett.

"Ready?" I asked, staring at him carefully.

"Sure am. Whatever it takes to protect little Bella." He nodded.

"Alright. Just watch your strength with her. I don't want her hurt, not even a scratch."

"Who do you think me for?" he gave me an offended glare. I smiled sheepishly.

"Thanks, Bear." I used the nickname I gave him as a kid and a smile broke on his face.

"Come on copper, let's do this."



Thirty minutes passed and still no bell ringing. I sighed, gathered my things in my purse, turned off the light and locked my office. I went down the two flights of stairs and walked toward the main area. I stopped in my tracks when I found that big guy and Narcissus weren't around. I also found that the plates were washed, cleaned, and sitting on the countertop.

I was about to walk around stealthily and see where those fuckers were when the feeling of being watched took over. The hairs on my neck stood at end and I felt a shiver run down my spine. I was about to sprint out of the restaurant without looking around when two strong arms encircled me from behind. I screamed loudly, flailing my legs and pushing at the rock hard body that's holding me captive when the big guy speared in front of me. I was about to scream again when a piece of cloth clamped on my mouth, the smell of chloroform quickly kicking in.

"Don't fight Isabella, please." Narcissus begged in a pained voice, but I refused to go down without fighting. I kept flailing my legs, but that's when big guy grabbed them firmly, a sad look in his eyes. The fatigue from working all day, the smell of chloroform, and exhaustion finally caught up to me, and I felt myself slipping into the darkness.

But not before hearing the most beautiful voice apologizing agonizingly.

"I'm so sorry love. Please forgive me."

Then everything turned black.


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