Woo-hoo! Christmas is almost here! So in the spirit of Christmas, I've decided to do some Splatalot stories based around the holiday. I was originally gonna post this first part on December 1, but I grew impatient and decided to do it today. Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Splatalot. Or Doctor Who.

It was a freezing day in the Kingdom of Splatalot. It was snowing, and the moat's surface had turned to ice. A stinging wind was swirling around the castle, and the air chilled everything it touched.

Inside the castle, though, it was warm and cozy. The English warrior with the mohawk, Thorne, was currently sitting in an armchair in the castle's large living room. He was reading through his favorite catalogue, Alchemist Monthly.

Just as Thorne was about to read through the section "How To Torture With CO2," he heard someone step into the room. He pretended not to notice anything as Kookaburra approached him.

"I didn't know you were interested in magazines, Thorne," Kookaburra stated, scanning Thorne's catalogue.

The alchemist ignored Kook. The bird watched him for a second, then smirked.

"What's next, Doctor Who fanfiction?"

The bird laughed. Thorne flipped to the "101 Ways to Use Tar On Your Annoying Friends" section, but didn't respond verbally. Kookaburra frowned. He didn't like that one bit. The whole point of annoying Thorne was to get some type of reaction out of him. After thinking longer and harder for ideas, he grinned mischievously.

"Did yer mum subscribe that for you?"

Thorne slapped his magazine down on his lap. "Doesn't your mom still chew your food for you?"

Kook's jaw dropped indignantly. After a brief pause, he grudgingly crossed his arms and looked at the ground. "...Sometimes..."

Thorne lifted the magazine back up in front of his face. "I'll get you a blender for Christmas," he stated, putting one leg on top of the other.

Defeated, Kook made a face and stuck his tongue out at the alchemist. Right at that moment, Knightriss marched in.

"Defenders! It's that time of year again!" she announced.

"Time for Gildar to get a haircut?" Thorne inquired, his eyes still on his magazine.

Knightriss rolled her eyes. "It's time to choose who's buying for who for Christmas!" The noble knight pointed towards the castle's hallway. "Into the dining hall at once!"

Kook grinned excitedly, then eagerly followed Knightriss out of the living room. Thorne sighed, slapped the catalogue shut, and tossed it onto the coffee table. He stood up, then marched after the two.

By the time the three arrived in the dining hall, the other six Defenders were already gathered around the large table. They were busy signing their names onto small pieces of white paper. Knightriss, Kook, and Thorne quickly did the same. Once she finished doing so, Knightriss tossed her paper into her silver helmet sitting on the table. To get everyone's attention, she grabbed the helmet and and slammed it down on the dark brown wood, making Gildar jump.

"Put your papers in here," Knightriss commanded.

Skabb immediately obeyed, yelling as he performed the task. Everyone else followed through, then waited impatiently for the next step. When told to do so by their leader, the Defenders, one by one, stuck a hand into Knightriss' helmet and pulled out a slip of folded paper. The Defenders then unfolded them and looked them over.

After he read his, Kook glanced over at Shaiden, who was still scanning hers. He silently folded it back up and put it into one of the pouches on his belt.

"Gildar, who'd you get?" Skabb asked, hoping the viking wasn't buying for him.

Gildar turned to the barbarian and opened his mouth to reply.

"Defenders, you know the rules," Knightriss said quickly. "No revealing who's name you drew until Christmas morning."

A few Defenders groaned, but didn't bother to argue. Knightriss smirked, then scanned her piece of paper once more before putting it away.

"This is gonna be an interesting year," Shaiden muttered to herself, inserting her paper into one of the black cases latched onto her thigh.

And so the Christmas season began...