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It was a cold and snowy night in the Kingdom of Splatalot. Icicles began forming along the castle's strong walls as the snow fell and the wind blew. The moat's surface and even the slime on the Slippery Slope and the Impossible Incline had turned to ice. It was midnight, so all the Defenders were sleeping peacefully either inside the warm castle or back at their own place.

Well...almost all of them.

Shaiden was in the castle, lying wide awake on her bed. She was currently studying the ceiling. The ninja was depressed; for whatever reason, she just wasn't getting into the Christmas spirit. She didn't understand why; everything seemed as perfect as it could be. The castle was decorated beautifully, all her friends were excited and cheery, and the weather was perfect for the winter season. But to Shaiden, it still didn't feel like it was Christmas, and that made her frustrated. Everyone else was getting into the Christmas spirit but her.

The ninja felt too troubled to sleep. She sighed to herself, then swung her feet over the side of her bed. She pulled on her knee-high ninja boots, then stood up. Turning, she grabbed her belt and the case of her Splatana, then slipped the weapon over her blue jumpsuit. (Shaiden had one jumpsuit to wear during the day and one at night. Ninjas always had to be prepared.) After adjusting the belt around her waist, Shaiden stealthily exited her room, silently shut the door behind her, then prowled towards the dining hall.

Inside the dining hall, Shaiden decided to make herself a cup of hot chocolate. After doing so and covering its surface with some whipped cream and mini marshmellows, she settled down at the table and began drinking it.

Shaiden removed the mug from her lips and inspected it. Even her drink tasted like it was missing that special element Christmas brought to it. Shaiden sighed, then took another sip.

Once the ninja had drank the entire beverage, she felt the urge to go outside. Shaiden silently cleaned her mug and put it away so no one would know she had been in the kitchen, then made her way to the castle's entrance. As the ninja pushed the castle's large, wooden doors open, she was met with an icy gust of wind that chilled her bones. She shivered a little, but stepped outside anyways.

Shaiden strolled slowly along the edge of the moat. Her breath swirled in the dark night air. The ninja looked up at the colored lights Skabb, Ballista, and Tinkor put up earlier that week. The gleaming lights were pretty, but they didn't help the blue ninja with her pestering issue. Shaiden sighed heavily and dejectedly looked down at the snow-covered ground.

What's missing?

Suddenly, the ninja heard something being carried by the wind. She turned her head towards the Stockade. It sounded like the faint sounds were coming from there. Wondering what it was, she decided to investigate. The ninja silently ran towards the Stockade. She kept in the shadows, careful not to step into any light-flooded areas. She made it to the outside of the Stockade, skillfully and soundlessly leapt up the building's purple boards, then landed on top of one of its orange roofs.

The ninja looked down into the Stockade. To her surprise, she saw that she wasn't the only Defender awake. Kookaburra was down there, leaning over the Stockade's purple railing and looking into the courtyard. He was humming a tune and tapping his boot to a slow rhythm.

What's he doing up? Shaiden wondered. It doesn't look like he's trying to annoy our neighbors.

(The Defenders would sometimes stand on the Pardoning Platform and sing loudly to irritate castle neighbors.)

The ninja watched Kook just stand there, humming quietly to himself. The wind carried his tune all around the castle, albeit very quietly. Shaiden glanced around at the Stockade, then realized that the mini white lights Tinkor and Skabb had put up were turned off. The blue icicles were still shining, though.

Hmm...perhaps the wind did something...

Shaiden looked back down at the green-haired bird, who was still oblivious to her presence. He had stopped humming and tapping, but was still looking out at the winter-themed courtyard. Kookaburra shivered, then suddenly lifted his head up towards the night sky. After gazing at the twinkling stars for a bit, he continued tapping his boot to the same slow rhythm. The bird took a deep breath, then began to sing.

"Silent night, Holy night.

All is calm, All is bright.

Round yon virgin mother and child.

Holy infant so tender and mild.

Sleep in heavenly peace,

Sleep in heavenly peace."

Kook had often said that his mother sang that song to him every Christmas Eve when he was just a little fledgling. Though Shaiden probably wouldn't admit it to anyone, she thought that Kookaburra had a lovely voice. He was a musically gifted bird, no doubt. The ninja, having been grasped by Kook's wonderful voice, decided to stay for awhile longer. She silently sat herself down, rested her chin on her hand, and listened as the bird continued.

"Silent night, Holy night.

Shepherds quake at the sight.

Glories stream from heaven afar.

Heavenly hosts sing Al-le-lu-ia.

Christ the Savior is born,

Christ the Savior is born."

Shaiden found herself slowly smiling. Despite the cold night temperature and freezing wind, she was perfectly comfortable. The ninja felt as if the icy depression in her soul was being melted away with the warm words of the song.

"Silent night, Holy night.

Son of God, Love's pure light.

Radiant beams from Thy holy face,

With the dawn of redeeming grace.

Jesus Lord at thy birth,

Jesus Lord at thy birth."

And suddenly, to Shaiden, as the final words of the song sank in, and the message of the carol was made clear, it finally felt like Christmas.

Kookaburra had ceased singing. After a brief pause, he rubbed his gloved hands together, breathed on them, then shivered. He glanced back at the courtyard, then slowly turned and began walking across the Pardoning Platform, completely unaware that the ninja had been listening to him the whole time.

Shaiden was still on top of the roof long after Kook was gone. She felt so good, so warm, so content. She didn't mind if she had to stay on the roof the entire night. (Not that she would, though.) She was happy that she finally found the Christmas spirit.

As she sat there, Shaiden found herself looking down at the Froth Broth-Er. While she stared at it, her mind wandered to the time that Kook tried to impress her with his dancing. She smirked as she watched the whole scene replay itself.

At the time, Shaiden had thought that Kook's actions were more ridiculous than impressive, and he had been mocked by both her and Ballista for his effort. But now, as she brooded upon it, she thought about it a little differently. It was pretty cool that he liked her, and had attempted to let her know.

I guess that was kinda sweet, she thought, sort of smiling.

Nevertheless, though, she didn't really feel the same way. She wasn't really interested in getting involved in a romantic relationship. But who knows; maybe she'll change her mind. The Christmas season is still young. And the season is known for those kinds of changes to take effect.

Who knows?

A/N: Yeah, this was probably a bit out of character on my part. But still, I thought it'd be good to remind us why we even celebrate Christmas. Christmas is all about Jesus Christ's birth, believe it or not. Just try to keep that in mind this holiday season.

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