My life as a 16-year-old was pretty normal. Just an average teenage girl. I had a ton of friends, was top of my classes, psh I was even popular.

Then my mum died. Life as I knew it was gone forever.

I was never the girl I am today, no… but death does things to you, it changes you. It makes you into someone you never knew you would become. This doesn't happen purposely, it just…does. And this is exactly what happened to me, although I had other 'minor' factors weaved in making my life into a living hell.

Here, let me give you some background: Before my mum's death I was…radiant? I dunno psh heck I don't even know the meaning of it anymore, but you get the point- I was the sweet, normal, good girl mk? Lemme tell you flat out- I ain't anymore. That day, when I came home from school, my mum wasn't there. I waited and I waited and I waited..but she never came home. Later that evening I heard a knock on the door so I opened the door and was greeted by two men in police uniforms.

*** "Miss Ride I presume?"

"Uhh yeah that's me…" I answered nervously. I had an uneasy feeling that suddenly hit the bottom of my stomach. Something was wrong.

"Miss Ride… I regret to inform you there has been an accident concerning your mother. She was hit by an semi-truck today just about two hours ago. The paramedics did all they could, but I'm sorry to say, she died before she got the the hospital. The guy driving…." ***

I don't remember anything he said after that. I blocked it all out. I don't remember being taken from my house to be sent off to my father's house. I just..shut down. I was pulled from my high school, taken away from my friends, from everything I knew, ultimately from my mum. She was gone- forever. I was taken to my dad's, but when I got there he turned me out flat, didn't want me just like he didn't want me when I was born. Correction he never wanted me. My mum got pregnant and he left her before I was even born. I never met him before he shunned me. I was then taken to the state orphanage which has no words awful enough to describe it. This is the beginning of what changed me after my mum's death of course which shook me hard to the core.

But one day, something odd happened- I got my first visitor. I was only in there for 3 months, but it felt like a life time and I hoped, really hoped I was getting out.

But then I saw who it was.

My father.

So now here I am living with him, starting over. My new life. But it can never be the same, not ever. I am scarred…like literally, no seriously. You know that first night I came "home" to live with my 'daddy'? yeah that's the night I got my first scar. From him. And lemme tell you, it was..isn't the last….

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