Chapter 11:

"What the fudge Fang! This is the girl's bathroom for crying out loud, you can't just barge in here!" I yelled exasperated feeling quite frustrated with him. Why did he have to do this?!

"Max," He said in a deadly voice again, "Who did that to you?"

"It's nothing so leave it alone! Besides why do you even care?!" I threw back at him.

"Because..I do care Max," He faintly murmured. He took at small step forward then another until we were inches apart, "I care Max whether you accept that or not I do..I always have. Sigh..what I'm trying to say is-"

"Like o-m-g Nick! Like what the heck are you doing in here?!" Screeched an excited and very bothersome voice- Lisa. "Babe if you really wanted to do something you could have told me, my house is way better than a bathr- What the heck is she doing her?!" Her disgusting purring turned into a cold provoking tone. Not wanting to deal with her or Fang for that matter, I grabbed my hoodie and put it on water, paint, and all and darted out of the restroom. Screw this, I can't do it anymore..hope my teachers don't miss me too much! I fling my textbooks in my locker then scurry to the door leading to the parking lot. I pull out my keys right when I hear my name being shouted.

"MAX!" I looked over my shoulder to see Fang striding over to me looking like all business which was extracting the truth from me, something I wouldn't give up easily if at all. I sighed and pushed the key into the keyhole only to have Fang rush up and turn me by the shoulder. His eyes were dark and shadowy, almost menacing making me look away. "Look at me Max." He demanded..but I couldn't bring myself to face those eyes again. "Max." He warned.

"..I can't," I uttered feeling so ashamed, almost guilty. Ridiculous Maximum… I heard him heave a sigh and I looked down at my feet feeling like I was a child being scolded for knocking over my milk on a prized table-cloth.

"Give me your keys and get in the car," He finally said in a flat tone. Huh?

"Why?" I asked without looking at him, my voice sounding empty.

"Give them to me and get in." Without another question I scrambled up in my truck. We both sat there in complete silence for a moment then Fang fired up the engine and immediately turned off the blaring radio. We drove, where to I have no idea, but it was in pure muteness the whole ride. Finally we took a sharp turned and he slowed down coming to a complete stopped. Without looking at me, he threw my keys at me, got out, came over to my door and open it then spoke in that demanding, dictator voice again.

"Out. Now." I slowly slid down from the seat and followed him to wherever he was going off to. I looked around and was awestruck at where he had taken us. We were surrounded by trees giving off a nature/peaceful effect then off in the distance there was a little pond nestled in the crook off the woods. Deep breath Max..he can't make you do anything you don't want to..I think.. At the moment, he turned around and looked at me, but I, being the person I am, tried my best to avoid his burning glare.

"You better start speaking Max," He tried to say in an even tone..didn't really work. His looked pissed- with me or what happened I wasn't sure and honestly didn't want to stick around to find out.

"Nothing Nicholas, this is none of your concern," I threw at him in an exasperate tone, I was really getting aggravated- why couldn't he just let this go?!

"This is most certainly my concern! Now I demand you tell me!"

"Demand?! Oh ha rightttt cuz I-"

"Maximum Ride! Stop hiding! I want the truth, I need to know…" His eyes suddenly transformed into distress mixed with worry. For me?…why? He grabbed my hand and pulled me down to sit next to him in the glossy grass and turned his eyes on me. "You can trust me. I don't want to see you hurt Max, I-" His voice suddenly broke and he quickly looked away. WTH? He cleared his throat while looking out at the pond, "Please..?"

"….No…NO! It's my life not yours so stay out of it ok?! Just leave me alone! Don't pretend to care because we both know you really don't!" I shrieked knowing I sounded childish but that fact didn't stop me. I got up and turned my back to him pretending he wasn't there.

'How can you say that?" He asked looking hurt when he came to stand in front of me.

"And how can you say you care?! You don't even know me and for the time you have, you have been nothing more than a jerk to me! Just do us both a favor and leave me alone!" The tears that had collected in my eyes were now slowly rolling down my cheeks and my throat started to constrict making my voice sound as I was being choked. "Go away and don't look back I don't' care! Just don't stand here and pretend like you care when you don't!"

"Max…" He softly murmured my name, his voice thick with emotion. He eliminated the space between us by taking a step and then gently reached out and wiped the stray tears away from my cheeks, but I jerked away from his touch making his eyes turn livid.

"Stop it!" I hiccuped, "Just stop already…"

"Maximum I am just-"


"NO- You stop!" He roared essentially making me stop freeze.

"How dare you yell at me!"

"What?! You're the one screaming at me acting like a brat when I am the one trying to help you!"

"Well you aren't helping!"

"Only because you aren't letting me!"

"That's because I DON"T WANT YOUR SO-CALLED HELP!" He opened his mouth to reply but quickly shut it. His jaw clamped and began that annoying twitching it did whenever he was pissed. His eyebrows fell down low to his eyes which were now looking very, very stormy as if a hurricane was blowing through them.

"Max-" He tried but I beat him to it.

"Fang I mean it- GO AWAY. Leave me alon-" But I was cut off.

By his lips.

In a flash he closed all space between us and pressed his lips firmly to mine. His arm slipped behind me and held the back of my neck not allowing me to pull away and his other arm was snug around my waist pulling me closer and closer to him. WTF! OMG! I began wildly struggling to release myself from his firm grip, but it was just that - a very firm grip.

He abruptly tilted his head, softening the kiss, and suddenly something started to spill out of him- not literally, but as if he was putting everything he had into this kiss. Within seconds not being able to stop myself, too consumed by him, by his kiss, my arms sneaked up and traveled over his solid chest and nestled around his neck pulling him down towards me. He slightly pulled back but then very quickly reclaimed my lips, gently nipping at my bottom lip extracting a pent-up sigh from me. In between his kisses he huskily moaned my name into my lips making me forget everything about hating him before- I wanted him- not like that you perv! But I wanted him and his kiss, I felt…amazing. He was lighting me up, fueling my fire, making my desire flame up.

This SO cannot be happening!

Unexpectedly, I pulled back leaving a very shocked Fang.

"What-the-heck-was-that?!" I demanded as I felt heat creep its way across my features.

"A kiss," He supplied as if he was breathless.

"WHY?!" I screeched.

"Why what?" He asked his eyes focused solely on me.

"Why the heck did you just kiss me?!"


"Because?! Cuz why?!"

"I wanted to…for a very, very long time actually…Max..I..I hope you realize that I do in fact care," He looked down once again as if he had suddenly been overtaken by shyness. He…..oh my…..

"I don't know what to say…this is awkward…." He looked up irritation flashing across his face.

"I basically tell you I like you and you say THAT?!" Uhhhh big oopppsss.

"Fang no..I uh wait-" But he had already began to walk away and soon all i saw was his retreating form.

And just like that he was gone.


Fang stomped away willing the locked up tears to stay unshed. He knew kissing her would be a horrible idea, but he couldn't help it. He had waited nearly two years to finally taste her lips and boy did they taste delightful She tasted of sunshine and something undetectable but he had enjoyed every second of it immensely. So immensely that he craved her lips again, but he knew he could never have that again. She flat-out refused him..she obviously didn't share the same feelings he had for her. He sighed and stopped, started scuffing his shoe around in some dirt, and just stood there listening to the quietness of the world. Quiet, empty, alone…just like him…

Gradually a lone tear descended down his cheek and lingered there until he swiped it away furiously. Rejection hurt, but being rejected by the only one you have even cared for really stung.

He was tired of being hurt by her, all she did was bring him more pain. He wanted something he clearly couldn't have. Closing his eyes, he lifted his head heavenward and made a promise. He promised himself to never love again. He vowed to never again fall for Maximum Ride.

However he already broke that vow once before, could be he keep his word this time? He sighed and continued to walk on. Oh how he wanted her so bad...

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