Chapter 18:

"Deep breathes Max, it's ok, just relax honey," Crooned Doctor M's soft voice. It sounded so faint, so far away that I had to strain to ear it. It was so hard though, all my ears were filled with was panic. "Shhh its going to be alright."

"W-what's wrong with her?!" With his mask gone, his face was easily read - frightened.

"Nick get out of the room! Max I'm going to prop you up ok? It may hurt so…"

"Ahhh," I hissed making Fang's eye widen even larger. I didn't know who was more shocked and scared, him or me.

"What the hell is wrong with her?!"

"Nick- leave now!"

"Not until you tell me-"


"Ahh..umm guys…" I hissed through clenched teeth, "Hate to break it up, but a little help here?"

"Nick leave," Doc M. grounded out as she hurried to my side.

"No," I managed, " It's ok..Fang can stay."

"Sighh fine..F-Nick go and grab towels," She ordered, "Quite a few of them…"


"So wait a minute," I said confused, "What exactly happened?"

"Well I can't be for sure..there are still..other factor to consider.."

"Such as?" Fang inquired.

"Well..pregnancy," Doc M said bluntly.

"WHAT?!" Fang yelled, his eyes livid because the only potential father would be..Jeb.

"I just want to be sure! Max you are going to have to go to the hospital for some tests just to be sure…" But I just sat without saying a word. Possibility pregnant? Impossib-…but then…then again I wasn't all that sure and this scared me. Had Jeb…I would remember though..right?! Just like my mum….

The tears came without notice. They streaked down my skin, but they didn't wash about the dirt hidden within me. I wasn't clean.

"Max honey," She began gently, "Did Jeb ever…hurt you?" Did he? "Hon you can tell me. If so we need to act, we need to get you into the hospital for tests." Tests? "Max you're shaking!" I am?

Ripping, the sound of ripping. Hurt, the hurting all over. Lips, trying to cover mine. Hands, all over, places they shouldn't be. More hurt, more pain… What happened that night? Why is it so fuzzy? Was that Jeb? Was I…? Am I…?

"For Gods sake answer her Max!" Fang was shaking from rage, his eyes tinted light pink. What he must think of me…

Ripping, the sound of ripping. Hurt, the hurting all over. Lips, trying to cover mine. Hands, all over, places they shouldn't be. More hurt, more pain… What happened that night? Why is it so fuzzy? Was that Jeb? Was I…? Am I…?

"Nick! Stop it- you aren't help it! Darling…it's ok. You can tell us, we can help you."

Ripping, the sound of ripping. Hurt, the hurting all over. Lips, trying to cover mine. Hands, all over, places they shouldn't be. More hurt, more pain… What happened that night? Why is it so fuzzy? Was that Jeb? Was I…? Am I…?


After that little scene, life was hard. I stopped talking, stopped eating, I stopped living. I sat huddled in a ball on my bed, not crying, not blinking, and only barely breathing. I could hardly stand to look at myself, to even think , or even see or hear either Fang or his mother. All I thought was one word: tainted.


A few more days passed just like the ones before until Mrs. M literally dragged me out of bed with the help of Fang. I was dressed, thrown in the car, drove to the clinic, and pushed off into the grasps of unfamiliar doctors that were ready to find out my secrets. Secrets that were etched deep, secrets that were unholy. My secrets. The ones I would live with forever and take to my grave.

"Miss Ride? I am Doctor Anderson. We are going to start with a simple procedure-…"

A hand yanked my hair back, I gasp out in pain. A snicker then he grabs my chin with his hand. He roughly kisses me. I struggled, he slaps me.

"- for rape….."

I start to cry, tears blur my vision. I plead for him to stop. He doesn't.

"And check for pregnancy and make sure no STDs are present-…."

Ripping. Tears. Pain.

It all leads or one thing.



"Miss Ride," Started the doctor. I was sitting his office, alone ready to receive the worst of news., "As you know we have your tests results….and well here we are. First and for most- you are not pregnant and even more important there is no trace that your have been violated in any kind of were not raped by your father in other words. I realize this is a lot but I would like to-…"

I'm clean, untainted….

"The bleeding was result of extreme stress. It is a common thing that happens among woman such as yourself, the stress is so much the body starts to react with symptoms such a nausea, sickness, cramping, fatigue, and bleeding. Most of the time girls come in here thinking they are with child, but when really its just that-….."

I'm….I'm ok…..I'm not…omg thank you lord- I'm clean!

The rest of his words weren't heard but when Mrs. M came in, by the look on her face, I knew something was up.

"As I was saying," Looking at Mrs. M, "A social worker will have to get involved." He glanced at me and I did my best to avoid his gaze.

"Max…why didn't you tell me?"


"….Ahem well legal actions will have to be taken. With that kind of abuse, Jeb can be put in jail and Max taken from The scars speak for themselves and once the judge has proof of abuse, "Motioning to me, "Jeb will go away for a long time…"

"Where will she go? She's staying with us, isn't it possible she can stay-"

"You will have to take to a social worker Val, but most likely she will be put in the care of the closest living relative or a foster sorry." Move?

"Isn't there anything I can do?"

"I don't know Val….."


"So what's wrong? Are you ok? What was with all the bleeding? What about-"

"Nick stop hounding her!" This was the first time the silence had been broken since we had arrived home. Fang didn't yet know anything and it obviously was getting to him, but he's not the only one.

"Max please!" His eyes were pleading but to tell him? I couldn't…

"Max we need to talk about where you are going to go…"

"What?!" Fang yelled.

"Do you have any close relatives?" She asked ignoring him. Was she really just going to send me off like that?

Just then my grandma came to mind, her letter inviting me to come stay…it's like she knew all along.

"No.." I lied. I couldn't leave- I wouldn't.

"SIghhh…well…we'll talk in the morning. Go get some rest." Sleep? Easy for her to say.

But like a good teenage I tried, yet utterly failed. I tossed and turned until I heard a faint tapping at my door.

"Max?" Whispered Fang as he poked his head through my door.


"Can..we talk?"

"…sure.." But we just sat there in silence until he finally spoke up.

"That the bathroom…he did that to your back," It wasn't a question- he knew Jeb had done that so I just nodded my head.

"Oh Max…." He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me to his chest.

How did everyone expect me to leave?

How was I suppose to just walk away from 'this'?

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