"Stannis, why did you not stop at Dragonstone and let us know of your arrival so that you could be welcomed properly – as a king victorious in battle should be greeted?"

"It was not appropriate to put you through a celebration on the same day you learned of your brother's death at Winterfell."

"I thought that might have been the reason. I have cried for Robb and I will cry more yet, but I will always . . . always . . . celebrate your return."

"It will be said I did not allow it because I eschew any form of celebration."

"It is true that you would have enjoyed a celebration least of anyone. But your men deserve a celebration of their return and we need to find a way to make it up to them."

"That sounded very much like a command, Your Grace."

"You have already obeyed the only command I will ever give you, Your Grace."

"Have I, indeed?"

"Yes . . . you came back to me."