"This is your first Winter, is it not?"

"Yes. At least the first I will have any memory of although I do believe it to be the first."

"Despite winter, we are to have visitors to the Red Keep over the next few moon cycles. They will come before the snows are more than dustings this far south."

"Who visits?"

"The Hound and his bride will be the guests of the Seaworths on their way to either the Riverlands or Dreadfort after the wedding. I understand he is journeying to Cape Wrath now and it will be a simple wedding. As Davos will not allow Lady Marya to travel, he has invited them here upon their return journey."

"Why would they go to Dreadfort?"

"Because I encourage you to make him Lord of Dreadfort for his service to you and your family."

"You would approve?"

"It is the just thing to do."

"I should let Mother and Arya know beforehand."

"As you wish . . . I have also been asked to receive Lord Willas Tyrell."

"Did Davos arrange his visit?"

"He began talks with him, yet I was told it was Lord Willas who suggested the visit. At first, he mentioned bringing Lady Margery with him. Her visit was discouraged."

"I'm sorry . . . I should not laugh. Was that wise . . . to discourage her visit when trying to treat with her family?"

"Do you wish to entertain her?"

"I will entertain whomever I need to for peace to the realm. Despite being told to be wary of the Tyrell's desire to put Lady Margery on the throne, it does not follow that she is equally eager. She could merely be hostage to her lord father's ambitions."

"It matters not. I do not wish for the reminder of my brother and what we were each driven to do in the quest for the Iron Throne."

"Such as marrying to form alliances."

"Yes, that is one of the things we both had to do."

"He was fortunate. Lady Margery is reputed a beauty."

"I would say that was not so to Renly. He did not consummate the marriage."

"Perhaps he did not feel his sense of duty as keenly as you did."

"Pouting does not become you, Sansa. Nor does fishing for compliments. You are well aware that I realize my fortune in having you as my queen."

"And you are well aware that I like to be reassured that is so."

"I assure you our marriage was not on my mind when I said I did not wish to be reminded of that which I have done to gain the throne. There are things you do not want to know."

"I am not the naïve child I was. I do not need to know that which you do not wish to tell me, but be assured that I would not expect you to have gained the throne without having to do some unsavory things."

"It should not have been thus; I should not have . . . "

"As you once told me, My Love – we must learn from our mistakes. Unfortunately, as king you must deal with those who never learn and meet them accordingly. Good night."

"Sleep well, Sansa."

Author's Note: This is the last "conversation" and I hope, soon, to start a follow-on series to The True King Vignettes and this companion piece. Thank you to all who have read and especially those who reviewed. One last time, i ask forgiveness from those who were disappointed this was only dialogue. I really could only see these as a series of conversations a couple had just before they went to sleep:)