"Explain to me again," North said, studying Jack, "How did this happen?"

The winter spirit sighed as he leaned on his staff.

"Like I said the last twenty times, I can't, because I really don't know what happened."

"That's a bloody lie!"

They both looked at the small, fluffy, bluish gray rabbit sitting on North's desk, glaring up the boy.

"You know exactly what happened ya bludger now change me back!"

"Look Bunny, I really don't know what or how it happened, and I definantly don't know how to fix it. On the bright side," Jack said, a smirk forming, "You look like a bunny now. A sweet, adorable little bunny."

Bunny's eye twitched, and he leapt at the winter spirit with a growl. North quickly grabbed the small rabbit's scruff and held him back, a small smile pulling at his lips.

"I've had it! Let me at him, let go of me!" Bunny yelled, kicking at the air with his feet.

"Calm down, Bunny, we will fix this! Now, Jack, tell me everything that happened up to…this."

"Okay, so…I kinda went through some boxes in your basement…and I found a bunch of bottles. I thought it'd be fun to use 'em to mess with Bunny, and one thing led to another and…well, that happened." Jack replied, a sheepish grin forming.

North stared at him for a minute in shock.

"You went through boxes? In my basement?! Those were potions I invented years ago!"

"Well, you didn't exactly put any warnings up; and why make a potion that turns people young?"

"It was experiment I thought of to fix old toys and such, but then I thought of just making new ones. I did not think it would work on living things, though…"

"Yeah, well it did! Now change me back! Easter's in 5 weeks and I have to finish getting things ready!" Bunny shouted.

"Well, I uh…see, there is slight problem. I never really came up with anything to reverse spell." North stated with a nervous grin, setting the rabbit on the desk.

Bunny stared at him for a moment, before hopping down beside the desk, and slowly banging his forehead against it.

"Why…of all…the bloody…luck…does this…have to…happen…to me…?" he muttered between hits.

"Hey, relax, it's not so bad." Jack said.

Bunny slowly turned to him, eyes narrowed.

"Not so bad? This is not so bad?!" he shouted, hopping up and down in fury.

"I mean don't worry; I'm sure North can find a way to fix this."

North glanced at him in slight annoyance, then down at Bunny, who was staring up at him pleadingly.

"Alright, I will look through library, but it might take a while. I haven't read them in years."

"Just find a way to change me back!"

"I will try, in mean time, you should stay here so we can keep eye on you."

"Stay here? With the yetis who can step on me, and the offsiders who half the time I want to kill, and the cold, and him?" Bunny exclaimed, gesturing to Jack.

"Do not worry, Jack will behave and do his part in helping, right Jack?"

"What?!" Jack and Bunny exclaimed.

"Jack, you will make sure Bunny is safe until he is back to normal self."

"Why do I have to-"

"Because you caused this, now, you pay consequences."

"Awww…" Jack and Bunny groaned.

"I'll take my chances out in the snow if that's alright with you." Bunny said, heading for the door.

"Bunny, you cannot last in cold weather, you do not even have winter coat."

"I'll take that over dealing with him for however long it takes!"

"I have to agree with the baby kangaroo on this." Jack stated.

Bunny glowered at him, while North sighed.

"I know you two have difficult time getting along, but perhaps this will provide opportunity for you to try and bond a little, Guardian to Guardian."

Both Bunny and Jack were giving him blank looks, and he shrugged.

"Or you cause great headache until I find the right spell, whatever works for you two; good luck."

With that, North quickly left, leaving Jack and Bunny glaring at each other.

"Well, this should be a fair dinkum of a time…" Bunny grumbled.

"Extremely…" Jack muttered.


"Put me down!" Bunny yelled angrily as Jack carried him through the workshop area of North's home.

"Do you want to hop around the floor with giant yetis walking everywhere?" Jack asked as he kept hold of the flailing rabbit.

"I'll choose that over this embarrassment!"

"Well I'm not gonna risk getting a lecture from North about 'not taking care of your pet properly'."

"Pet?! I am not your pet-!"

"At the moment, that's pretty much what you are. Now stop kicking or I'm gonna- HEY!"

Bunny had finally squirmed free, and took off through the shop, and Jack hastily ran after him.

"Bunny, get back here!"

The rabbit zigzagged under the tables and around the yetis, while Jack took to the air to chase after him. Elves shouted at Bunny as he shoved past them, while yetis tripped to avoid stepping on him. Jack's eyes narrowed as he tried to keep Bunny in his sight, and looked ahead to search for a way to intercept him. He spotted a doorway leading towards the guest rooms, and smirked.

Bunny swerved around another elf, and spotted a doorway. He smirked, and glanced around to try and find Jack. The winter spirit was nowhere in sight, and he figured he must've left him behind.

'I told him he could never keep up with me.' He thought smugly.

He headed for the hall, but just as he made it past the entryway, he came to a jarring halt, and hit the floor. He pushed himself up with his front paws, and glanced back to see one of his hind legs frozen to the floor. Jack stepped out from a nearby room, smirking as he walked over to the trapped rabbit.

"What was it you said last week? I could never keep up with you?"

Bunny merely frowned, and Jack snickered as he crouched beside him. He touched the ice with the bottom of his staff, and it melted away. Before Bunny could make a break for it, Jack quickly grabbed him, and held him tightly as he started walking down the hall.

"You know, this place isn't that bad once you get used to it. I've been living here for a few weeks, and it's pretty nice."

"Good for you…" Bunny muttered, glowering at the floor.

Jack came to a stop at one door that was decorated with blue wood, and a large J was carved into the top. He opened it, and walked into a large furnished room; there was dark blue carpeting, a red lounge chair, a huge bed with a quilt on it, and there was a gigantic window beside the bed, revealing the outside world. Neither Jack nor Bunny had realized how late it was; the sky was black, and snow was pelting the window, leaving small splotches of fog on the glass.

Jack let Bunny down, and shut the door, then headed for the bed.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I've had a long and rather…weird day, so I'm turning in." Jack sighed, relaxing on the bed. He set his staff against the wall, and leaned back.

Bunny rolled his eyes, and hopped over to the chair. After some struggling, he finally made it into the seat, and curled up in the corner, shivering a little. The room was about as warm as it was outside.

"How do you stand this temperature?" he muttered.

"I'm a winter spirit, so uh, cold is kinda my thing. Why, can't take the cold?" Jack asked with a smirk.

"Shut up, I'll be fine…"

"If you say so…"


Jack wasn't sure what woke him up; the room was dark, the lights having shut off hours ago. The only light came from the moon outside the window. In the dim light, Jack could barely see the chair. Bunny was curled up asleep in the corner, shivering uncontrollably. Jack watched him for a few seconds, before glancing at the quilt he was sitting on top of.

'Well, not like I use it anyway.' Jack thought, before getting up and gathering the blanket in his arms. He arranged it into a bundle on the end of the bed, and quietly approached the chair. He carefully lifted Bunny from the chair, trying not to wake him, and set him in the blanket. Almost immediately, Bunny burrowed into it, practically disappearing in the blue blanket.

Jack smirked, before climbing back on the bed, and returning to slumber.


I saw Rise of the Guardians last week, and I freakin loved it! Jack Frost, who I'm glad was finally depicted as a good guy, was amazing, Sandy was adorable and bad a** when fighting, but my most favorite character of all was Bunnymund! Especially when he got turned into a normal rabbit, he was so freakin adorable! Anyway, hope you'll enjoy this story, whether I continue it is up to reviews, if I get a lot, I'll continue! So if you wanna know what happens, click that amazing review box! R&R!