This is just a bunch of random what ifs and I have never had a real make believe tea party unless filling plastic play dishs with hose water for your babydolls counts.

The ages in the memories is Sam 8 ½, Natalie 5 and Sarah 7

Do you Promise me

Chapter 1, Natalie's fabulous tea party

The last place 8 ½ year old Sam wanted to be on this cool spring day.

Was his youngest sister's attic playroom playing tea party.

Sam had been victim to many tea parties before.

So Sam didn't bat an eye when Natalie.

After dragging him up stairs.

Announced that she was Princess Mary-Kate of Bahaha land.

It was extremely difficult to take her seriously in a glittery blue princess dress, tiara, colorful scarfs and mismatched high heels.

" and you" Natalie said

pointing a finger at him teetering dangerously on her high heeled shoes.

" are Lady Ashlynn of Aflawlala land".

You have got to be kidding me Sam thought

" where would that be?" Sam asked cautiously.

Usually when Sam was Lady of who knows where.

Sam most likely ended up wearing some horridly glittery pink outfit.

" its next to pink pony land near the ocean" Nat said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

" of course how could I forget" Sam said

Natalie was busy digging through a box of dress up clothes

" found it !" cried Natalie

" Isn't it pretty?" asked Nat

Holding out a ghastly multiple shaded pink glittery dress.

" very pretty" sam said knowing he would end up wearing that … thing.

" please put it on" the five year old begged

" fine but this is the last time" grumbled sam

So they had tea.

Hour or two later

The front door loudly slammed shut.

"I'M HOME" a voice boomed

Both Braddock children froze

This wasn't good for them at all.

Then they jumped into action.

"hurry get off the dress" Natalie frantically whispered

Sam threw the dress back into the box.

" hurry" cried Natalie

" I SAID, I'M HOME" the voice yelled

There was the sound of the glass vase in the front hallway hitting the floor and breaking.

" Sammy" Natalie's voice wavered close to tears

" Nat get in the closet now" Sam said urgently

" the back, right?"

" yeah the back" Sam said absently


"are you scared" asked Sam worriedly

"no" Natalie said quietly

" are you sure?" pressed Sam

" Because Sarah[ theirother sister} told me about the promise you made"

" that you won't let Daddy ever hurt me or her again" said Nat

Sam froze

" Sarah" he whispered

" at the store with mommy" Natalie told Sam

" WHERE ARE YOU BRATS" the voice yelled

Sam wrapped his arms around Natalie.

" YOU CAN'T HIDE FOREVER" the voice yelled


They heard their parent's bedroom door shut.

They were clear for now at least.


Team one of the SRU was responding to a hot call.

The call was a domestic.

But SRU was called due to the fact that the police had a file of suspected child abuse and the children were in the home at the moment.

The call had been successfully taken care of.

Except the little boy and girl.

Had locked the closet they were in and refused to come out.

" okay team so what do we know about the children" Greg said

" they were abused by their father" Jules said

" boy more than the girl", " favoritism?" Ed said

" no that doesn't sound right" Greg said

" unless He was protecting his sister" Spike said

" all right let's try talking to them", " ask them to come out" Greg said

Nothing worked

First Greg tried then Ed and so on until it was Sam's turn.

" this is our last shot" Greg told them


" Brandon, my name's Sam Braddock"

" can you and Melissa come out,"," so we can talk" sam said

" no, I can't" Brandon said

" Brandon your Dad's gone now"

" its safe"

" NO, it's never safe" Brandon yelled

" your sister's probably pretty scared right now"

" why don't you come out"

" I'm not scared" Melissa piped up

" that's good Melissa"

" why aren't your scared?"

" because Brandon promised me"

" that he won't ever let Daddy hurt me"

" be quiet Melissa" Brandon scolded

" see Brandon you helped make your sister feel safe" Sam said

" why don't you come out now"

" NO!, YOU DON'T UNDRSTAND" Brandon shouted

" I do understand"

" you made your sister a promise and kept it" Sam told Brandon

" you don't know what it's like" Brandon repeated

Sam took a deep breath

Saying what he was going to say next with the team in hearing.

Was a hard choice

So Sam shut off his radio..

" Brandon, I do know what it's like"

" I made the same promise to my sisters"

Sam paused letting his words sink in

" you promised your sister's the same" Brandon said

" Brandon you can come out now" Sam said turning on his radio again.

Melissa and Brandon came out holding hands.

{ a bit later outside}

Greg walked over to where Melissa and Brandon were sitting.

" thank you for listening to my officer and coming out" Greg said

" I only came out because"

" the officer talking to me had made the same promise to his sisters as I had to Melissa" Brandon told Greg.

" what was the promise" asked Greg

" that I'd never let my Dad hurt Melissa again" Brandon said

Greg took a deep breath

Sam had shared a personal secret to this kid.

Greg decided that if Sam wanted to tell the team that was his choice not Greg's.

For Sam had turned off his radio.

{ back at SRU locker room maybe?}

" Samtastic , what did you say to that kid" Spike's voice cheerfully saying

" something" Sam said quietly

" you look so happy" Spike said sarcastically

" going to visit my parents" Sam said

So that's chapter one. What do think more?

Guess that's all for now

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