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Chapter four, The Plans are made

Sam stormed around the corner nearly slamming into Jules. " Trying To Run Me over" Joked Jules. " Not Intentionally " Sam Snapped back. Then seeing the look on her face hurriedly Said " Sorry, Just Ed Getting On My Nerves". " Tell me more later Kay?. My place". Sam nodded and turned around to go.

Jules waked down the hall way to the Men's locker room. " You All Decent?" Jules asked

" yeah " Spike replied. Jules walked in and saw Ed, Greg and Wordy furiously whispering/arguing in the corner of the room near the restock and tool area.

Jules raised her eyebrow in question at Spike. Spike quickly filled her in.

Jules strutted over to the corner, Spike in tow. " Mind if we join the party. Or is it private party" Jules asked.

Greg explained his theory and what Sam had told the kids when he'd turned his radio off transcript. " I'm Gonna kill that…" Ed Said struggling to find a suitable swear word to describe the General. " Ed simmer down. No need to go in guns blazing. We don't have enough actually information to accuse a high ranking Military official" Greg said. " What more would we need" Ed asked exasperated. " Who Would Tell us though" Wordy mused out loud.

" Natalie" Jules said. " What" Wordy asked. " Natalie Sam's sister. We might be able to convince her to talk" Jules Said.

" but how would we get to her she lives with Sam" Spike said

They all turned to Spike. " What?... No, absolutely No. I don't even talk to her anymore" spike Said. " Come on Spike. It won't be just you with her" Jules persuaded. " Fine" Muttered Spike.

" You guys should try tonight" Jules told the team.

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