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Graduation day dawned bright and early at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Parents arrived by Floo and Portkey into Hogsmeade and flocked through the School gates to gather in the chairs set up by the Great Lake.

Proud parents flashed photographs as student after student walked across the stage and accepted their diploma as their credits and credentials were read aloud.

Sirius Black was the first of the group to cross the stage and receive his diploma. He stared at it in awe as though afraid it would jump from his hands or burst into flames. He glanced into the assembled audience and met the eyes of his beaming cousin. Andromeda gave him a thumbs up and a grin and Sirius descended to the grass.

Lily Evans was shaking as she waited to be called. Students went and before long, it was her turn. She glanced back at the line and caught James's eye. He gave her a reassuring smile. She squared her shoulders and walked firmly across the stage. While she didn't have family in the audience, Barry Potter snapped enough photographs to do her deceased parents proud. She descended as a graduate to the Hogwarts soil.

Remus Lupin could hardly believe how lucky he was. As he crossed the stage to receive his diploma, the thoughts circling his mind contained only the fears he used to have and his surprise and pleasure at their having been banished by the company of three boys. At Hogwarts, he had found things he hadn't expected to: Love, friendship, family, acceptance, and a true home. He descended onto the Hogwarts ground and felt blessed to have been able to come there at all. Dumbledore gave him a smile as he passed by.

Mary MacDonald and Alice Payne accepted the diplomas in a whirlwind. They had each found an incredibly life there at Hogwarts. Family, a future and themselves. They descended to the banks of the Great Lake as proud as they could be, glancing into the audience to meet the gazes of their loved ones. Frank Longbottom, Amos Diggory and the little bundle, Cedric. They could hardly believe their luck.

Peter Pettigrew had hardly believed he would manage to graduate. The years had been rough for him in a way that they hadn't for the other four boys. While they had gained confidence from Hogwarts, he seemed to have lost any he ever had. He was the only one of the group who looked forwards to the separation from the Hogwarts years. He looked forwards only and didn't think of his past as the trudged down the stairs to the ground

James Potter was the last of the group to be called. His life and been turned upside down by Hogwarts: He had lost a mother, gained friends he could hardly have imagined and experienced a love that he had previously believed only existed in literature. He had suffered greatly at times and not at all at others. For him, Hogwarts was simply a celebration of a carefreeness that he knew had no place in the real world. As he descended onto the Hogwarts soil, he said a mental farewell to his boyhood and walked forwards as a man.

And so came to pass the end of the era of the Marauders at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


A/N: Wow. Can't believe it's done. This has been long in the works guys, and hopefully I concluded well. I am planning a sequel, And Back Again, covering their post-Hogwarts years. It will be written (hopefully) in much the same way, covering the drama year-by-year as it arrives. It'll be a lot more depressing than this was, just because that that's the way JP and LE end. It's a happy/sad conclusion that I hope to be able to explore.

Unfortunately, I don't know when I'll start it. I have the general plot-line figured out, but as I'm going to College in the fall, I don't know how much opportunity I'll have to write.

So here's the thing about what's coming up: If you didn't like the way James and Lily's relationship was a bit of on-again-off-again, than don't read the sequel. There will be more of it. I find that realistic, that they'd go through fights and screw up and separate and come back together in the end. I think that there's too much history between them based on animosity for their relationship to be completely smooth sailing, so I'm not going to write it that way. I'll go a bit farther from Canon in the next one I think because I have ideas and things I want to do with the characters (situations I want to create and such) but it'll be mostly the canon progression of events (sticking true to solidified dates and events and such.

This story may get a few updates as I now realize some of the parents that I named already had actual names from JK and I realized how to properly use commas in the later few chapters, but this will stay mostly unchanged.

So, to summarize, this isn't the end, I don't know when the sequel will appear, but it'll hopefully happen. It'll definitely be the next thing I post because it's next on my To Do list, so you can click Follow Author if you want a notification when I start posting it.

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