Author's Note


Hey all. It's been awhile! An update on where things are at in life:

College and University were a very interesting experience for me. Due to a convergence of many different events (self-discoveries, deaths in the family, disturbing familial revelations, etc. etc.) I have come to the conclusion that I need to take some time away from school.

Why is this relevant you ask? I HAVE TIME TO WRITE!

So where things are at story-wise:

I sat down at my computer, and opened up my files on this story to re-read and refresh myself on what I had written so that I could start the And Back Again. And realized how far the story ended up from where it was supposed to be. See, I had intended To the Ends of the Earth to strictly adhere to canon, aside from minor swerves away from the lore. And that didn't happen. I went all over the place and took a lot of liberties, and it's made it very difficult for me to start the next book.

So (and I know this is incredibly frustrating) I've decided to do an over-haul on the story. I've started re-writing it, essentially. I've started with a lot more research into the given facts about the characters and have started changing things as I get to them, but its looking like this will most likely end up being a completely new version of the same story.

I have currently started posting that new version, but no worries, this version will stay up here. I'm removing some rather large plot points, and I don't want to make it so that you guys can never see them again in case it happened to be one of the main reasons you liked this story. And Back Again will follow the events of the new story (Sorry!).

I'm sorry this isn't better news, and I hope you'll all bear with me!

Thanks for all your patience!

Tapi (now Timmins. Yup. More changes. Sorry!)