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Cold; bitterly and utterly cold, it was clear that winter was well on its way as I walked through the streets of London. The air seemed like an icy bite and the ground was already slippery with ice, funny since it was only the beginning of November. Well, at least I thought it was.

I wasn't very good with time; actually I had been till I got separated from my friend. Before I ended up sleeping in ally-ways and eating the few granola bars that I had for a meal. Now I was as useless as a bag of hammers when it came to time. But as useless as I was with that subject, I still knew what year it was: Nineteen-hundred and six, the year that I lost the Doctor.

It's a funny story actually he wanted me to see what London was like now, compared to London in the future. Sadly the only differences that I noticed were; the clothes, the air (which smelled a lot cleaner), the manners of women and the sad fact cops nowadays weren't too bright. Nevertheless it was brilliant, intill we got separated and I got lost.

Now I was heading down an alleyway that I thought would lead me to the TARDIS. I didn't really get to find out 'cause when I was about halfway through two guys, one slim the other buffer dressed in black stepped out of the shadows. "Empty your pockets!" The bigger of the two ordered advancing towards me slowly.

I glared at him, more annoyed than afraid. "No I don't think I will thanks."

With that I tried to step around them but the smaller of the two pulled out a pocket knife pointing it towards me threateningly. "We'll ask you again, empty your pockets!"

Looking them dead in the eyes I smirked, "no."

It happened in an instant; the bigger of the two charged me making me doge off to the side at the last second while the other advanced with the knife. Thinking fast I reviewed the different techniques in fighting that I learned over the past eight years. Funny how taunting the attacker was involved in almost every single one.

"Hi! Ugly!" I shouted waving my arms up over my head with a big grin on my face, which only widened when they both glanced up stunned. "Wow so this isn't new for you? Let me guess your doctor said the same thing when you went in for your checkups? Or maybe it's so well known that it's considered your middle name: Something Ugly Something."

Safe to say it worked. The smaller of the two let out a roar of rage before running at me with his knife drawn leaving his side wide open. When he was almost upon me I ducked under his arm and delivered a sharp punch to his ribs. Howling with pain from the sudden blow he blindly swung his arm where my head used to be. I grinned in satisfaction, completely forgetting about ugly2. In till strong, cruel arms wrapped around my arms trapping me in their embrace: "Got cha." He whispered his foul breath making me cringe with disgust, he held me tight as ugly1 got up and positioned himself to punch me.

I glared at them furiously; repulsed by the sick game they wanted to play. It was pathetic, cowardly, and above all stupid because my legs were still free to do whatever they pleased. I waited till he was only a couple centimeters from me before kicking him furiously where the sun don't shine. He doubled over gasping in pain, but before the ugly2 could do anything about it I swung back my head causing him to drop me to the ground as he clutched his head.

Dazed I struggled to my feet; that was definitely not my best idea. Pushing the thought from my mind I approached ugly1 and hissed into his ear: "Goodnight bastard," before I punched him. Feeling content as his head hit the pavement with a satisfying smack.

Turning around I came face to face with ugly2 who hissed: "You're gonna pay for that." And before I could react he grabbed me by my hair and threw me against a wall. Groaning in pain I staggered to my feet as he came marching up to me, he aimed a punch at my stomach but I blocked him, repaying with an uppercut to his jaw.

As he backed away slightly I went for the kill; but he caught me by my jacket and sent me a glare before slapping me hard across the face knocking me back to the ground and leaving me breathless. Moving my legs in a swinging motion I managed to knock his legs from under him giving me the time to get back on my feet and catch my breath.

That was my mistake.

I wasn't paying attention so he took the opportunity to get back on his feet, grab my hair and bang my head against the wall before I could do anything about it. I stumped to the ground, my vision swimming, disorienting my sense of direction and mixing colors together. All I heard was the cruel whisper of: "Nighty, night bitch." Before another blow was delivered to my head and I knew no more.


A street or so away from the violent scene, a young group of thieves counted their 'borrowed' goods with triumphant smiles and cheerful laughter. The lads of this group were peculiar; they blended in crowds because of their neat clothing and charming appearances but each also stood out in their own way that could not go unnoticed by one with a keen eye. For instance I could tell you that the boy on the far right was the cautious type. His pale blue eyes often glanced around, as though to make sure nobody was watching them even as he laughed with his friends. However when the boy next to him ruffled his blonde curls and jested: "Jeez Curly, people will know something's up if you keep looking around with that guilty look on your face." The Curly lad glares at the boy who uttered the sly comment, before grinning slightly at his raised eyebrow.

"Not everybody is as sly as a fox here, Fox." Curly replies making the other blonde grin cheekily before he turns to the third and final lad.

"Hey Peter, do you think we'll be able to do another run?"

The raven haired lad smirks, his light brown eyes seeming to sparkle with mischief and life as he answers cheerfully. "I don't see why not, just as long we're back before ten so that Jimmy doesn't get worried…" The boy trailed off, his feet automatically slowing to a stop when he heard angered voices not too far from them. Curly and Fox had heard it also for they to paused, their expressions mirroring the other's, one of confusion.

"Sounds like somebody's getting beat up pretty bad." Fox finally uttered, exchanging a look with the Curly haired lad when Peter didn't speak, a look of concentration on his young face.

Suddenly the raven haired lad turned towards the lads and gestured with his hands nearly making Curly shout out in disbelief: "Are you mad!" However, before he had a choice to even whisper the words Peter was off, running towards the left where an ally stood. Desperate for a reason for the brown haired boy's sudden madness Curly glanced at Fox who merely shrugged in return before following his friend.

Glowering angrily at his friends retreating back, the blonde haired lad thought to himself bitterly: Damn it Peter! Leave it to you to sniff out a fight that is none of your business! But despite his obvious anger toward his brown haired friend Curly found himself sprinting to catch up with them.

When Peter had begun running towards the noise he had prepared himself for basically every scenario imaginable; except this.

About a foot from him was the form of a fallen man; he looked to be only a couple years older than Peter and judging by the fact that he seemed completely oblivious to the young lad's presence he was knocked out cold. But that wasn't the stunning part; it was the young girl lying sprawled legged underneath another man and what he was doing repulsed Peter to his very core. The man's hands seemed to have no boundary as he searched the girl, his hands lingering on her skin in such a way that Peter wanted to jump out instantly from his hiding place. No man should touch a girl like that. But still he told himself to be patient; the man had not yet touched anywhere so to threaten the girl's purity and even though he didn't like it, Peter knew it would be best if he simply allowed the man to leave once he got what he wanted. He always did wish for too much. Straightening up the man let out a grunt of frustration, however when Peter thought he was going to leave the man bent down to…Peter didn't even allow himself to think what would've happened had he not stepped out of the shadows then.

"Oi! You! Can't find yourself an actual conscious woman!" The raven haired boy shouted furiously, his brown eyes flashing as the man pulled away from the girl to face him.

Seeing the boy infront of him, the man's lips pulled into an ugly sneer: "Why do you care? Unless, of course. This bitch is your whore!" He jeered only to find himself blocking numerous punches from not only Peter, but Fox and Curly as well.

After he was quickly taken care of Fox ran straight to the girl, the blonde lad sucking in a sharp breath at the girl before him. Hearing his friend's gasp Peter went over to see what was wrong only to find his gaze also lingering on the girl. She had a pretty face, that much was certain. With her pale pink lips, small slightly pointed nose and her long dark red hair currently in tangles around her face. Her skin though, in Peter's opinion was perhaps too pale and the purple bruising that began to show on her cheeks and exposed neck didn't help this. He also noticed that her clothes didn't really seem to protect her from the cold as her lips were turning blue. Bottom line was that this girl needed help. "We need to get her somewhere warm." Peter told Fox before putting the girl's arms around his neck so that he could hoist her up, rather surprised by how light she was.

Fox nodded, his blue eyes falling briefly on the girl's bruised face. "I'll tell the others."

~fast forward~

"What happened?" Those were the words that instantly escaped Slightly's mouth when he saw the girl in Peter's arms.

Walking forward Peter whispered quietly: "I'll tell you in a minute, but first we need to find her a bed." Being mindful not to disturb the three other boy's sleeping downstairs, Peter set her down on one of the extra beds before fetching some blankets. Once they were placed atop of her, the raven haired boy strode back up the stairs to find the boy's waiting for him at the table with a plat of freshly made sausages.

Sitting down Peter grabbed a sausage and had barely taken a bite out of it when Slightly questioned calmly. "So? What happened?" Sighing Peter explained what had occurred with many interruptions from Fox and Curly as they too wanted to share bits of the tale. When they had finished Slightly leaned back in his chair, a look of disbelief on his face. "So…the girl got one of the blokes…"

"And gave a good number of bruises to the other," Fox repeated making the boy lean back in his chair in shock.

"She can't be from here then." Slightly mumbled before adding a Peter's incredulous gaze: "Come on Peter, it isn't like people around here to jump at the chance to teach a girl self-defense."

The brown haired boy nodded. "I know Slightly, but that doesn't mean that somebody around here didn't."

"Well her clothes are certainly different." Curly piped up making everybody turn towards him so that they could listen. "You don't see many women around here wearing tight trousers and low-cut shirts, not to mention one her age walking around alone at night."

Fox frowned, he knew Curly well enough to know where this was going. "What are you getting at Curly?" He asked making the curly haired lad eye him challengingly.

"I just think we should be careful, something about this doesn't seem right to me." Curly answered making Peter snort.

"What's not right about it then?" Peter challenged leaning more comfortably back into his seat as he spoke the question. "She's just a girl. A girl who was nearly raped mind you."

Leaning over the table slightly in his anger Curly cut in angrily: "Her clothes? Her ability to fight? You're not gonna tell me that it isn't strange Peter."

"Yes it's odd, that doesn't mean that she's dangerous!" Peter snapped.

Curly opened his mouth to argue only to be cut off by Fox. "God, just stop it the both of you! Can't you just wait till she wakes up so that we can properly meet her? You can make your decision about her then."

His sentence hung in the air for a moment as the two boys continued to stare at each other. Finally Peter turned away, "That seems fair enough."

"Alright then." Curly muttered before grabbing a second sausage and taking his seat once more. For the rest of dinner it was silent and it was only when the four boys crawled into their beds that it was broken by Fox's yawn: "Night lads."

"Night," They replied tiredly and then all was quiet again.

Going under the warm sheets Peter found himself facing the girl on the bed next to his, her brow was furrowed as if she were having a bad dream but not a single whimper or gasp escaped her lips. Turning away from her, the raven haired boy's thoughts wandered back to what Curly had said and for a moment there he understood what he meant. Shaking the disturbing thought from his mind Peter closed his eyes, wondering what the Twins and Tootles reactions were gonna be when they woke up to find a strange girl in strange clothes in one of the spare beds.

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