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Everything was so…shiny. Gold and jewels glittered within glass cases. A large, ornamental statue of an angel reflected the light given by the oil lamps. The marble counter, where I'm positive people paid, even appeared as though it'd been freshly polished. Once I had taken this all in I turned to lads who seemed to be in a trance like state; ogling the goods like small children in a candy store. "Not bad." Fox whistled somewhere to my right. "Not bad."

That snapped them out of it. In an instant everybody was looking around and stuffing the valuables into their bags, I however didn't find much interest in the rubies and diamond's. Traveling with the Doctor had taught me that old things such as books and ancient weapons can have a much more exciting history about it. History that could very well save your neck one day.

After studying some of the said items through the glass, I took interest in an old, tattered blue book that looked as though it may be a journal. Going behind the counter I unclasped the latch on the glass case before grabbing ahold of the book. Turning it over in my hands I realized that it had some lines going down the sides of the leather. Ignoring the strange texture I flipped it open; expecting to find blank a page only to find it full of slanted writing. Frowning I turned to the next page, and then the next, I continued flipping until I'd gotten through almost half the book when something cold slipped past my hand and clattered onto the floor.

Placing the book on the counter I quickly bent down to see that the clatter was made by a small ring. But it wasn't just any old ring. It had small strange stones that were in the shape of tongues of fire, their colors were a blend of warm orange, dark blue and a fiery red and the band was blazing silver. It was also mine. For what felt like ages I could only stare at the ring and for a second the forbidden word impossible crossed my mind. Why is that word forbidden? Because I learned the hard way that nothing and I mean nothing was ever impossible. However this was pretty damn close to it. I lost it, I told myself as I absentmindedly turned the ring in my hands. Ages ago in Rome. During the Roman Empire! How could it just end up here in all places…I trailed off, my gaze had landed on the blue book.

Getting to my feet I seized the book and read the seven words written in slanted writing on the page. Nobody likes spoilers Ginny; especially you. R.S

I nearly dropped it. Not many people knew me, and out of that percentage only a select few knew what my interests and major pet peeves are. So, very few would know that I hated spoilers for books and movies alike. And then there are one or two people who know the spoilers I loathe the most; my dreams. Closing the book I flipped it back over to the front, my breath hitching when I realized that the lines weren't just the texture of the leather or some random pattern. They crisscrossed to make windows, a door and the wood paneling that would be side, creating a police box. The TARDIS.

"What are you looking at Ginny?"

I spun around, instinctively hiding the journal behind my back as I faced a curious Fox. "It's nothing." I reassured him, although he didn't seemed convinced

"You sure?" Fox questioned, attempting to peek over my shoulder forcing me to take a step to my right so that the counter was no longer blocking my way. "You look really pale."

"It's probably just the light." I insisted, quickly growing annoyed with his persistence.

He stepped towards me a small grin finding its way onto his face. "I heard you made a good mad woman."

"Yeah, well we needed to get in right?" I reminded him wearily.

He frowned, no doubt recognizing the tone. "C'mon Gin, you can tell me." He whispered before taking another step towards me and looking at me with his big blue eyes.

I sighed before holding out my hand, "it's just a ring."

"Fire huh?" Fox asked, taking it in his hand and examining it for a minute before looking back at me. "Suites you. But why did you try to…?"

Thankfully Fox never got to finish his sentence. Sadly he had to be the cause of it. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

I knew that voice. Turning around I was faced with none other than Jimmy who was staring at Peter with disappointment written all over his face. Wait, disappointment? I thought he wanted the job done? Unless…I glanced around furiously until I found Peter who wore a guilty expression. You sneaky son of a bitch, I fumed silently as Peter tried to speak in his defense.

Finally gaining his nerve Peter replied stonily: "Isn't this what you wanted?"

"You know it isn't. I told you that I'd changed my mind, that I was doing this one alone."

My fists clenched tightly at my sides, as I gritted my teeth fighting to keep my anger at bay. But that didn't stop me from feeling glad when Curly spoke angrily. "Why didn't you tell us Peter?"

We stood there for a moment waiting for the excuse that he didn't have. "I wanted to show Jimmy that we could do it. He thought we were too young!" Peter blurted out making me shoot daggers at the back of his head.

"I am too young." Tootles spoke suddenly, making everyone turn towards him and notice that he was wearing a helmet too big for his head.

I would have laughed but I was too angry. Peter had lied to me twice now and then on top of that; he decided to lie to all of us just to impress Jimmy. I was so angry that the words that came out of my mouth next weren't ones of laughter. "Peter when you say that we could do it, don't you mean that you could do it?" I spat through my teeth, glaring at him furiously when he turned to face me.

"Ginny," he began looking sincerely hurt, but I cut him off.

"Wow! Two lies in one day! You've...really got it going for you huh?" I asked in a falsely cheery voice and a dead smile on my face. "You know it's funny, that after two weeks of living with someone you'd think that you would know them enough to know that they wouldn't do stupid stuff like this just so that they can have their fifteen minutes of fame." Everybody was staring at me at this point, some with concerned looks, others confused and some well, both. But I wasn't even finished yet. "But it turns out that they are full of shit!"

I felt Fox place his hand on my arm as Peter recoiled at the words. "Ginny…"

"Don't tell me that I'm out of line." I hissed fighting to keep my voice level by reminding myself that it wasn't his fault. "He lied to every single one of us Fox! And you know what!" I continued turning back to Peter as I spoke with malice. "I bet he only feels sorry that he got caught doing it."

If Peter was hurt before he was pissed now. His warm brown eyes darkened till they almost looked black with anger as he hissed: "what would you know about loyalty Ginny? You can hardly last a day without trying to knock someone!"

My eyes narrowed and I started forwards just to be held back by Fox. "What do I know about loyalty Petey boy?" I spat not bothering to fight against Fox's tight grip. It wasn't him I wanted to hurt. "I know that you obviously don't know that it doesn't involve betrayal or greed. It involves decency! But then again you men clearly don't mind paying some whore to lift her skirts while your wife sits at home, waiting for you to come home!"

"Oh, so men aren't good enough for you then!" Peter snapped making me laugh.

"No Peter, actually I met a very nice lad today." I smirked at his confused expression, "he was handsome, kind and gave me all the money I needed without asking for anything in return. And he was also a very good kisser."

Peter appeared abashed at my words, which satisfied me. Although I didn't expect Fox's grip to slacken and for him to breathed in a hurt voice: "What?"

Glancing up at him, I noted with concern that he'd gotten somewhat pale and had a look of utter disbelief on his face. "Fox, are you alright?" I questioned, surprised and worried about his ashen face and that he couldn't seem to look me in the eye.

"You're joking right?" He whispered finally, his dark blue eyes finally meeting my own.

I frowned. "What? No, Fox…"

He let go of me, taking off his hat and running a hand through his blond hair. Biting on his lip so hard he drew blood; "I need some air." He said finally before going towards the back of the store.

For a few moments it was silent, the lads exchanged glances with one another, Peter continued staring at me and I…I was downright confused. After about three or so minutes of this, Jimmy spoke. "Fill your bags, Peter come with me." With that he went to the hall in the back as if nothing had happened.

Peter stayed for a moment, staring at me as though he had realized something. "What?" I snapped, not being able to take it anymore.

"It's just that you're wrong." Peter told me with a glare.

I scoffed; I wasn't in the mood for his games: "About what?"

"About me," He answered before following Jimmy.

I couldn't say anything for a moment. It was just all so overwhelming, everything had just happened so fast. We'd been happy when we'd got here. I'd been happy, proud even that I managed to pull off the mad sister character. Then I found the book and the ring and then Jimmy had to show up…Ugh! And Fox! What had happened there? It was all so confusing and mad that I found myself slamming my left hand down hard on glass cabinet in frustration. "Shit!" I swore when I felt something stabbing deep into the palm of my hand and hot, sticky sensation of my blood trailing down my hand before dripping onto what remained of the jewels inside.

Raising my left hand a little I tried to take the glass out, but only managed to make a deeper cut. Swearing silently at my stupidity I looked around the now empty front, searching for something that could get the glass out or that could at least keep more blood from spilling out. Noticing the small desk hidden in the corner of the room I checked the drawers and managed to find a small bit of white material that could be used as a bandage. Sighing I took it from the drawer before placing it on the desk; putting my hand palm up on the material I clumsily wrapped it around my hand tying it into a knot when I was finished. Staring at the makeshift bandage grimly I thought: Well, it could have been worse.

Turning back around I was shocked to be faced with a solemn Peter who was twirling an elegant dagger expertly in his hand. He didn't notice me staring at first, or if he did he didn't acknowledge it. But when he stopped twirling the dagger he looked at me than to the hand that I had pulled my jacket's sleeve over at the last second. "What are you staring at?" he asked an edge to his voice that I recognized as anger.

I glared at him, wondering how he had the nerve to say that when he'd been staring at me just moments ago. "Nothing; that's all there is to look at Peter." I sneered, fighting back a smirk when his eyes merely narrowed at me.

"Who's the one lying now?" He spat his brown eyes flashing with anger and betrayal that almost made me feel bad, almost.

Taking a few steps forward I raised an eyebrow at him, with a small challenging smirk on my lips. "I don't know about you Petey boy, but I honestly don't see anything remotely interesting to look at." I replied smoothly, the mocking smile growing slightly larger as he took a step back, as if startled by my words before walking forward stopping only when we were an inch away from each other.

I expected him to yell, to lash out. Honestly either one of those reactions would've satisfied me. But I didn't expect a cocky smirk to replace the angry mask or for him to lean forward and whisper: "Now I know your lying."

I went to argue just to find his piercing brown eyes staring straight into mine. I'd never noticed before, but he had little flecks of gold in his eyes if you looked closely enough. Shaking my head I went to push against him, ignoring the throbbing pain in my hand and found his chest firm. Glancing up again I took note of the youthful freckles, the messy hair, the pale skin and the pink lips spread into a cocky grin. "J-Just because you like what you see in the mirror, doesn't mean that I do." I told him making him chuckle.

"No, but the fact that you of all people are stuttering proves otherwise." He murmured softly, his gaze lingering on my face curiously.

I opened my mouth to argue, but suddenly found myself consumed by a brilliant flash of white light that half blinded me. Blinking furiously my vision returned to normal and I was staring at a big crater where half of Hobottles had been mere seconds before. Startled I backed away from Peter, staring at the empty void in front of me, words forming uselessly on my lips as if my voice had been stolen from me. That's when I noticed the strange orb thing floating in the middle of the crater. Peter and I glanced at each other, both of us seeming to be thinking the same thing: What the hell just happened?

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