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Yes this is going to be one of those Harry finds family in tony stark things. I've read a few and now want to try it for myself.

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I shivered as the January breeze brushed past me, it was always cold in England, but in the winter it was a thousand times worse especially for me, as I had no coat, and only my cousin's now threadbare hand-me-downs to keep me warm. They weren't doing a very good job.

Suppressing another violent shiver, I wrapped my arms around myself in a desperate attempt to gather some type of warmth, but it didn't work. I sniffled and scanned the growing evening crowd for a familiar face, the people rushing by around me were all too busy to pay attention to each other or to me, and none of them were my aunt or uncle.

"I just have to stay here," I mutter to myself "Just for a little bit longer,"

That was what my auntie had told me when she brought me here, she had said to stay right here, to not move or I'd be in big trouble. But that had been hours ago, and I was so cold.

My aunt and uncle weren't the kindest people, but they didn't lie to me, they would come back, so I have to stay here. If I didn't they would find out, and uncle would punish me. And I would deserve it, because I was bad. I'm always bad, but I don't mean to be! Bad things happen when I'm scared or upset, I can't control it.

Like one time when I was younger Auntie told me she didn't like my hair, it was too red and unruly, and it was too long, so she cut it all off. I went to sleep crying that night because I was so scared of what people would say, but when I woke up the next morning all my hair was back. Another time was when I accidentally turned my teacher's hair blue, or two days ago when Dudley and his friends were playing their favorite game, "Adrian Hunting" I ended up on the top of a roof near a shed. I only wanted to get away! I didn't want more boo-boo's. Dudley had obviously forgotten all of the lessons Auntie had taught him when he was younger, about not hitting girls, and always being a prefect gentleman, or maybe I was just different, I was the only girl he was a meanie to.

The first time he had ever actually been nice to me, had only been a few hours ago. When auntie had dropped me off, Dudley had given me a beanie and when he did, he looked...sorry. He hadn't put it in my hands though, he placed it on my head himself.

Sighing, I kicked my feet back and forth. The shoes on my feet were falling apart, all of my clothes were hand-me-downs from Dudley, who was much larger than me, the only thing I owned that weren't from Dudley were my glasses, but they were broken from all of the times Dudley's friends had hit me in the face. The glasses framed my green eyes which the neighbors always tell me are pretty, although I don't see how I or my eyes are pretty. Me especially considering the ugly lightning bolt shaped scar I have on my forehead. The only thing auntie would tell me when I asked her about it was that I got it in the car accident that killed my parents when I was a baby.

The wind blew faster and harder, I really wanted to be back in my cupboard right now, I was freezing and my lungs were starting to hurt. Was it from taking in all that cold air? I don't know. I don't know much about health, I only know how to put Band-Aids on my boo-boo's. Auntie would know what to do, she's always making Dudley feel better when he's sick or when he gets a really big boo-boo, but she never helps me when I'm sick or hurt she just sends me to my cupboard.

I wonder what it would be like if I had a normal family. One with a mommy and daddy who would love and care for me. Who would kiss the pain away when I got a boo-boo and tuck me in bed and feed me soup when I'm sick. I can imagine that when I have nightmares they would run and hold me in their arms and comfort me.

As I dreamed I didn't notice a man coming closer until he was right next to me.

"What are you doing out here in the cold?" he asked.

I jumped and turned to him wide-eyed.

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