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The chapter you all have been waiting for…


After finishing breakfast, which ended sooner than usual due to Adrian's excitement, we went around back and rode around and around on the ferris wheel for what felt like hours. When we both finally decided that we'd had enough of the ferris wheel for the time being, we went to a nearby park and had lunch, then we came home, went around on the ferris wheel a few more times, and then settled down for dinner and a movie. By the time it was bed time, Adrian was fast asleep and I had to carry her to her bedroom and tuck her, not that I minded much.

When I was sure she was comfortable, I went back downstairs and found Pepper waiting for me a frown marring her face.

"What's wrong, Pep?" I asked.

"They were caught." she said tersely.

I furrowed my eyebrows, trying to comprehend her words, then I understood. My hands curled into fists "Where?"

"They're still in London. They were caught trying to leave the country and were brought into Scotland Yard."

I walked down to the garage and stepped up onto the Iron Man platform. "Get my suit Jarvis" I commanded.

"Yes sir." The AI said.

As his arms came online and began fitting the pieces of the suit on Pepper rushed in after me.

"What are you planning on doing Tony?" she asked.

"I plan on seeing these things face to face." I said, my voice dark.

"Tony they have already been arrested. I want them to pay for what they did to Adrian, just as much as you do, but the law will do it for us."

Most of the pieces of the suit had been fit to me, the only thing that had yet to be put on was my visor, but the missing piece of the suit gave Pepper the perfect opportunity to see my face and how absolutely serious I was. She took a step back when she glimpsed the look in my eyes.

I didn't want to scare Pepper, but knowing where they were…I need to do this.

"If you didn't want me to do something you shouldn't have told me where they are. Adrian is my daughter and they hurt her, damn it!" I shouted stepping off of the platform "Besides, I'm not going to kill them Pepper. If I did I would be no better than them, but I want them to pay. In a way they will never be able to escape from it." I said looked back at her once more, then took off into the sky.

"Setting a course for London, sir" Jarvis said.

I knew that when I got back I would have to apologize to Pepper for shouting at her, but I couldn't find it in me to feel bad for doing it. Those things Adrian was supposed to call family hurt her for her entire life, they made her so…eager to please. At dinner, she actually asked if the cook wanted her to cook her own meal, because she wasn't usually allowed to eat food cooked by others and she couldn't take it anymore and had to ask.

How could they deny food from her? How could they hurt her? It brought memories of my own childhood back. Always trying to please my parents so they could pay attention to me. I didn't want her to go through what I did anymore.

I felt my anger build up again, but I had to calm down, I needed to make sure they paid for the rest of their miserable lives, but in order to do that I needed to have a level head.

"Jarvis. Upload "Down with Dursleys" onto the Internet." I instructed.

"Right away sir." The A.I. responded immediately, if I didn't know any better, I'd say there seemed to be a hint of satisfaction in his voice.

It took me two hours to get to London, by then Jarvis' task was complete. I landed right in front of Scotland Yard, startling more than a few people, but I could honestly say I couldn't care less. As I stood up, the suit fell away and transformed into the suitcase.

The moment I stormed into the building, a thin, balding man approached me nervously "Mr. Stark what ar-"

"Where are they?" I demanded cutting him off before he could even begin to finish his sentence.

"Excuse me?"

"Where are Vernon and Petunia Dursley?"

He stood up straighter "They are currently in interrogation."

"I want to see them." I said bluntly. The man looked as if he was about to argue, so I saved him the trouble and spoke over his half formed words "I want to see them now."

Apparently I looked pissed off enough to get him to get his superior and, after a few minutes of deliberation, I was led to where the Dursley's were being held.

When I walked in that room I had no idea how Adrian survived, OR how she was even related to them. Vernon Dursley truly looked like a pig. He was so fat, I don't know how he hadn't dropped dead from a cardiac arrest or some other affliction caused by his sickening weight. His blonde hair laid flat on his head and it looked as if he had no neck. It is absolutely amazing how repulsive he looks.

Petunia was his complete opposite. She was grotesquely skinny and seemed even thinner next to her enormous husband. She also had blonde hair, and her neck was unnaturally long, giving her the appearance of a giraffe, her long neck seemed to be compensating for Vernon's lack of one. Both looked extremely angry, but they could not hold a candle to my anger.

"Hello Vernon. Petunia." I greeted coolly, sitting down across from them.

"I do not see why we are here. My wife and I have done nothing wrong. We were on our way to taking our son on vacation when we were accosted by the police." Vernon said, trying and failing to sound polite.

"But why are you here?" Petunia asked "You are Tony Stark."

"I am here on important matters. One being your…niece." it was a struggle just to get the word, the Dursley's were no family to Adrian.

"What about her? She disappeared years ago!" Vernon snapped "And good riddance. She was always a problem child, making trouble wherever she went, got my son in trouble sometimes too."

"It wasn't years, it was days and you know it! You sent her away! She's six years old! How could she have gotten in so much trouble so soon!" I asked, my control quickly slipping away.

"She was a devil child! Her parents were no better! She was the spawn of Satan!" Petunia exclaimed.

I slammed my hands on the table "Adrian couldn't even hurt a fly!" I shouted, standing up "You beat and abused a six year old girl! She's scared of people! She's scared of so much because you monsters nearly broke her!"

"We were teaching her discipline!" Vernon shouted.

"Nearly breaking child's wrist is NOT DISCIPLINE!" I screamed.

"What are you going to do to us?" Petunia asked, her voice wavering.

"What am I gonna do?" I asked turning to her. "I'm going to make sure you two go to jail. And I've already made sure that if you ever get out, you will never be able to hide what you did to her." I took a tablet out of my jacket pocket and, after pulling up the desired page, placed it before him.

It was an article. An article about Vernon, Petunia, and their son Dudley. And it was about Adrian. It had everything they had done to her, the lies they had said. There was a picture of her cupboard. There were pictures of them. There was also a list of all her injuries as well. The only thing that was different was that instead of Adrian's name I made it to where it was a boy they had hurt. I even named the kid, Harry.

"You-You- YOU BASTARD!" Vernon screamed. "You've ruined us!" Petunia said in tears.

"You ruined yourselves" I snatched the tablet back and tucked back into my pocket.

"I changed it from Adrian to Harry so she could have a normal life. You better go along with it. She deserves something after the hell you have put her through. If you don't I will make sure you pay even more." I threatened. I may have been pushing it, but damn it I am making sure they never hurt Adrian again.

No longer wanting to be in their presence, I turned and started to walk out, but was stopped by a timid voice.

"You don't know her like we do Mr. Stark." Petunia whispered "She's always done things that no one's been able to explain. She is a troubled child."

"She is a freak who needs to be punished." Vernon growled.

I turned to them, barely controlling my anger "Enjoy prison, you two. I hope you know what they do to child abusers there." I said, plastering a fake smile onto my face. Petunia was now sobbing in her hands.

"Do not ever call my little girl a freak again." I said, then turned around and left.

When I left the room I felt like a weight was off my shoulders. I did it. I made it through without touching or killing them. And now they were going to be punished forever.

Now I could go home to Pepper and to Adrian. That was a good plan.

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