A/N: This was supposed to be posted after Halloween, but it's really late as you can see. So either way, I hope it's still worth posting. :3


Bree got up from the sofa and ran to the door, grabbing the candy filled plastic cauldron before opening the door. Out in the cold night, stood 5 people in Halloween costumes, clutching bags or pillowcases filled with candy. She smiled widely at them as they said "Trick or Treat" and continued smiling as she handed out the candy. From the shadows of the entry way inside the house, the Doctor stood, tweed, bowtie and all, watching with a smile as Bree bid the kids a goodnight. One of the girls paused on the top step and turned to study the 3 jack-o'-lanterns Bree's mom had worked so hard on.

"Nice pumpkins." The girl said.

Bree laughed a little and smiled a little wider. "Thanks." As the girl made her way down the stairs, Bree stepped out to take a peek at her pumpkin. "Is my angel still lit?" she asked, more or less to anyone else. Intrigued, the Doctor followed his companion out the door to study the said pumpkin. Next the text engraved in the pumpkin, the Doctor stared in horror at the face carved into the pumpkin.

"Bree?" he choked out.

"Yea?" came the reply.

"Who chose that face?"

Bree turned to face him and looked at him funny. "I did, silly. Who else?"

The Doctor swallowed nervously, tugging on his bowtie slightly. "It's a weeping angel." He said slowly.

"I know. I thought it would be scary." Bree's eyes narrowed. "What's wrong Doctor?"

"That which hold the image of an angel…" the Doctor said hoarsely.

Bree's eyes went wide in realization. "Itself becomes an angel." She whispered in fear. After a moment of stunned silence, Bree uncharacteristically swore loudly before running back into the house. "Where's the kitchen knife?" the Doctor heard Bree screech from inside. In front of him, the candle illuminating the angels' carved face flickered threateningly.

A/N: I actually did have a weeping angel pumpkin on halloween, and if you're viewing this story on the PC site, you'll see the picture of it in the box at the top of the story. I had been joking around at that time that if this was the Doctor Who universe, then we would be royally screwed. But... I'm still alive, so it's all good XD. Thanks for reading and reviews would be great!