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Chapter 1

Sharp blue eyes assessed his surroundings his muscles taut and absolutely still so as not to give away his position. The experienced gaze of his partner's sharingan analyzing every and all details that could help or hinder their mission only further comforting him in its reliance. The feared duo of Uzumaki and Uchiha was once again dispatched to deal with another high rank missing nin.

Having fully checked out the clearing in one of the forests on the edge of Fire Country's borders, Naruto decided to break the self imposed radio silence.

"Taka I can't see anything from here. I'm going in, give me five minutes then cut around behind their camp while I check to see if they're actually here or not." Naruto, or Kuma as he is known with his mask on, aged 22 jounin of Konohagakure no Sato, spoke to his best friend and partner Sasuke code named Taka.

"Understood, I'll radio if I see them come by me." Taka replied before taking off.

Even though it'd been five years since the end of the 4th shinobi world war, defectors and other missing-nin seemed to be in abundance for the hidden villages to clean up after. Five years since the both of them decided to team up and join ANBU, one to prove his loyalty to Konoha or really Konoha's next Hokage. The other to gain and perfect the necessary skills he needed to complement his raw power.

Still he knew this was going to be one of his last missions, one of the last times he'd be able to don the prestigious ANBU mask and uniform. One of the last times he and his friend Sasuke would be out in the field completing missions instead of stuck behind a desk doing paperwork.

Naruto sighed even as he inwardly cringed at remembering his upcoming promotion. Oh how he dreaded the day. Not because he didn't want a promotion, he liked having extra money after all. No, he just didn't want this particular promotion. Sasuke because of his general skill level and mission completion rate would be promoted as one of three ANBU Commanders. Naruto on the other hand would be eased into the position of Hokage by shadowing Tsunade for a few months and finally taking office officially.

When he was younger he'd dreamt of the day he would enter the spotlight and be Hokage. Now it just meant he'd finally have to stop hiding from the very village he swore to protect. They didn't hate him anymore, not since he defeated Pein, but he still hadn't received the acknowledgment he craved from his village. He used to think that being Hokage meant people would finally see him as Naruto the person not Naruto the Demon Fox child. The opposite had happened.

Where before he used to receive glares and scorn now he received awed looks and worship. They knew him as War Hero Naruto, better than demon brat, but still not the person he wanted to be seen as. Now everyone expected him to solve all their problems all the time. Make new alliances, and keep away evil, all while signing autographs and making sure everyone was always happy. He was essentially a poster boy and recruiter for the shinobi career, basically he viewed himself as a fake.

Still, he would need to reminisce on his life at a later date. For now, there was a mission to complete, so he decided to enter the camp warily. Careful not to make much noise and to stick to the shadows even under this moonless night, Naruto headed straight to the enemy nin's supplies. He would need to destroy them in order to more easily overpower them later on.

Unfortunately he never reached his destination as a powerful hand suddenly shot out from underground and tightened around his neck suffocating him. Managing to get a grip on the wrist and twist the arm he freed himself and back flipped away from his assailant. Taking a measured look at him now, he instantly recognized him as one of the last remnants of ROOT leftover after Danzo's fall.

"If it isn't the jinchuuriki of the Leaf. I will kill you here and then head after your partner in order to complete our vengeance for Danzo-sama." the nameless ROOT operative stated in a half crazed tone of voice.

Naruto instantly knew that this man was dangerous if he so easily recognized him as well as knew Sasuke was here too. That lead him to only one conclusion. There remained a leak in Konoha's security that allowed classified information to leave the village. He would have to do everything possible to capture this man alive. Knowing who the leak was would solve many problems and stop future attacks on Konoha.

Before he could speak up and try to apprehend this shinobi, Sasuke's voice lashed out in the darkness cutting through his plans. "Chidori Eiso" And a blade made of pure lightning pierced the ROOT shinobi through the chest effectively ending another monologue before it started.

"So my intel was right, and the traitorous Uchiha was here as well." He smirked with a drop of blood rolling from his mouth before continuing. "Too bad you're both going to die today." He then purposefully and carefully started heading straight for Naruto disentangling himself painfully from the spear of lightning.

He instantly whipped around and threw a handful of kunai with explosive tags on them in Sasukes direction. As soon as he they left however he dropped to his knees in pain and coughed up even more blood. Sasuke having escaped the explosions decided to try and get some information from him before attacking once more. A shinobi of his caliber that had evaded hunter-nin for years was not to be taken lightly after all.

"Who else is here. And where did you buy the classified information about our identities. If you truly loved Konoha as you claim you will cooperate before we are forced to eliminate you." Sasuke growled out from where he was sitting on the tree branch out of any kunais range.

"I'm alone, I alone carry the will and dreams of Danzo-sama. When we meet again he will reward me for being his most faithful follower." Cackling madly after this proclamation he proceeded to turn his back on Sasuke and point a finger in Naruto's direction.

"If you had been the proper weapon as you were destined Konoha would be great once more. If nothing else I will take you down with me!" He shouted out and purposefully started walking in Naruto's direction.

As he approached Naruto who was watching him warily, he started to remove his armored vest and started laughing as seals started appearing on his body seemingly leaking ink.

Sasuke immediately recognized the seal array as he had encountered it once before and seen its devastating power. "Kuma! What are you standing there for. Move out of the way. That's the Reverse Tetragram Sealing Kinjutsu. If he captures you in its range it'll kill take you down with him!"

Having yelled out his warning Sasuke immediately leapt away and further into the trees to distance himself from the suicidal shinobi. Naruto on the other hand appeared frozen and hadn't moved an inch.

"Move will you! Hurry you have only a few seconds before its too late!" Sasuke cried out one more time hoping to convey how serious this was.

"Its no use Uchiha bastard. You see, for all your renowned power, the jinchuuriki is as arrogant as any other. He allowed me to get too close to him and I put a cursed seal on him that immobilizes him until I say so. Hahahaha hahaha. Come Uchiha, try and get to him before he dies. Join him in the afterlife where you shall both face the wrath of Danzo-sama!" The ROOT shinobi informed the duo with no small amount of pleasure in his voice.

'Damn it Naruto, just break out of it! I used Susanoo you should be able to use Kyuubi's chakra. Damn it, what are you waiting for? Something must be wrong. He must somehow be blocked from using its power. There's only one thing to do. I have to get you myself and try and use Kamui to move us out of there even if I'm not sure I can copy a mangekyou sharingan's ability like Madara could' thought Sasuke as he rushed forward to try and reach Naruto before the crazed missing-nin.

Naruto could only watch wide eyed as Sasuke decided to head immediately towards him as he finally broke free from the seal.

As soon as Sasuke settled next to him with the man from ROOT no more than five feet away Naruto reached into his pouch for the special kunai he'd been working on since joining ANBU. He knew he only had one shot at this as even now he sensed the Reverse Tetragram seal activating and heading their way. He immediately threw the tri-pronged kunai as hard as he could and went through the five hand seals required to activate it. 'Dragon-Horse-Snake-Ram-Boar. Hiraishin!' All he recalled was grabbing onto Sasuke as he saw a pitch black orb of energy erupt from the chest of the ROOT operative.

Sasuke as soon as he touched down next to Naruto immediately grabbed onto his shoulder and barely noticed him throwing a kunai into the trees. As he felt Naruto's hand grasp his shoulder in return, and he picked up on the orb of death heading his way, he immediately cried out Kamui. Unbeknownst to him he activated his undeveloped Jikukan jutsu at exactly the same time as Naruto's equally untrained Jikukan jutsu was triggered. All he recalled was the unrestrained power of the cursed seal exploding from the missing-nins chest and engulfing them both before he felt weightless and euphoric. This feeling lasting about half a second before both ANBU operatives, friends, and untrained Jikukan jutsu users were assaulted with immeasurable pain that felt as if their very bodies were being ripped apart. Pain worse than any he'd ever felt, his very being cried out in agony as it seemed to be dissolved peace by peace while hurtling through space.

As the feeling of hurling through the air carried on Naruto felt his grip on Sasuke's shoulder slacken until he finally was forced to let go. Feeling the distance between the two inexplicably increase Naruto panicked and called out to the only person that might be able to help. Almost immediately the voice of his life long tenant spoke up from what seemed like a disturbed sleep.

'What is it brat? I thought you were on a mission right now why are you hurling through the air? And why in the nine levels of hell are you falling apart brat! I'll do what I can but how the hell could you let yourself be hit by anything that could cause this much destruction.' Kurama rumbled a bit irritatedly.

Even though his jailor seemed to be in a perilous situation Kurama seemed to be in a deceptively calm mood. 'Kid took a lot of damage on this one. This is gonna hurt him a bit, bah if he didn't want pain he should have avoided the stupid attack. Nothing much I can do except flood him with my chakra and hope I can heal and rebuild him faster than he's being torn apart'

"Aah! Lots of pain. Help. Long story short. Used Hiraishin and Sasuke used Kamui to escape from a double suicide jutsu on our last mission. But since Hiraishing is supposed to be instantaneous I don't know whats going on right now and I need you- oof!" Naruto let out before he viciously crashed onto a pile of rocks face down. Trying to regain his composure Naruto slowly and painfully lifted himself from the boulder he was lying on and peered confusedly at what was in front of him.

As he stared in wonder at waves of water crashing upon the shore of what he deemed to be an island he couldn't help but drop his jaw in shock. Last he checked he was in a forest, no where near the sea. And he was supposed to flash over to the kunai he threw, not to Sea country or Water country. The shock, the pain, the new environment it all finally got to him. Suddenly he no longer knew if what he was hearing was the roar of the ocean or the onset of a severe concussion, darkness engulfed him and his body once again crashed down to the floor and he knew no more.

T n T


Blue eyes snapped open and Naruto shot up from his position on the floor of what looked to be a jail cell, greatly surprising the lean old man with long white hair and eyebrows by his side. Taking a second to quickly assess his surroundings Naruto realized this old man must have been taking care of his wounds as he had bandages wrapped around his arms, head and chest.

'Kurama what happened? Where am I?' Naruto asked since he clearly remembered being in a forest, then by the sea and now he was apparently captured.

'How the hell should I know brat? I've been trying to wake you for the last few hours. Even though I don't know where you are you should know how much damage you took. You're not going to like this.' Kurama tried explaining to Naruto.

'What do you mean? And where's Sasuke? Did I get captured or something, it doesn't make sense though. Why would they treat my wounds if I did?' Naruto was looking around frantically for his friend and growing more confused by the second.

'Don't know where the Uchiha is, but he certainly wasn't around when you woke me the first time. I can tell you that much. I didn't sense his unique chakra anywhere. As for the bad news. Well, remember how you always were made fun of for being a short brat with a loud mouth?' receiving a mental nod from Naruto, Kurama decided to continue

'It seems that you took so much damage from whatever hit you that I had to basically rebuild your entire body. For some inexplicable reason, instead of healing you in your current age you now look like the annoying loudmouth that you used to be when we first met.'

"What! You mean I'm a kid again!" Naruto froze after his outburst .

"Noooo, my voice is childish again! And why the hell am I so short. I wasn't this short before! Damn you Kurama you did this on purpose I know you did you annoying furball! Now my clothes don't even fit anymore." After ranting and raving for a few minutes Naruto finally calmed down and looked over at the old man that was staring at him in slight confusion and as if he were looking at a crazy person.

Rubbing the back of his head sheepishly Naruto decided to ask him some questions to figure out where he was. "Aha, sorry about that ji-san. But I don't know how I got here and I tend to talk to myself when caught off guard. Do you know where we are? I think I hit my head pretty hard and I don't remember ever getting here."

"Ah I see, you were very injured last night when the guards brought you in. You were covered in blood and they must have thrown any clothes they could find on you since they're too big for you. Well to answer your questions, we're on a small island off the shores of the Akane resort. You must have been captured the same as the rest of us by the dark magic cult attempting to build the R-System to revive the dark wizard Zeref. My name is Rob and I decided to look after you last night since all the kids seem to have been taken away to a different cell last night." The now named old man Rob told him as Naruto listened intently hoping to figure out where he was.

Nothing that he heard made sense though. Where the hell was the Akane resort? And yeah jutsu were pretty cool and powerful but the only cult he knew of was the now extinct cult of Jashin and they didn't think it was magic. Zeref was a name he'd never heard of before but he definitely didn't like the sound of a system that could bring back the dead. It sounded worse and even more evil than that damned Edo Tensei jutsu Orochimaru used to love so much.

"I can see you don't understand everything that's happened to you child. Unfortunately, what I'm trying to say is that you are now a slave just like everyone else here, forced to help in building the Tower of Heaven. Rest for now though, the guards want this place built as fast as possible even if you have injuries they'll be sure to try and make you work." Rob spoke to him in a kindly manner whilst trying all the while to get him to lie down.

Seeing his determined look, Naruto sighed and decided to do as he said. He lay down on the ground again and decided to talk to Kurama once more. 'Hey Kurama did you get all that? What do we do now.'

'Sleep idiot. You still don't know where you are but I'm sure you can escape from this island given enough time. R-System sounds dangerous so if need be we can always entertain ourselves by going full bijuu mode and blowing the island sky high. Everything else can wait till you're back on the main land and can get your hands on a map.'

'I guess you're right. I am still pretty tired. I'll just take a quick nap and figure things out tomorrow. Wake me up if something happens' A snort from Kurama caused him to raise an eyebrow in question.

'I told you I basically rebuilt your pathetic and scrawny hide. I'm even more tired than you from using so much chakra. I'm not your alarm clock. Try not to get killed in the next few hours, actually knowing you, just pipe down and keep quiet while I sleep to regain some strength before you get yourself caught up in something we'll both regret.'

Only managing to chuckle in agreement Naruto decided Kurama deserved his rest and he'd let him sleep for a while. He then put his head down, smiled gratefully at Rob and closed his eyes to enter into the world of dreams he deserved after such a long day.

T n T

Great plumes of smoke curled up and around the Tower of Heaven. Heavy explosions went off in countless locations as the slaves of the tower revolted and tried to overthrow the black cult. This was the world Naruto awoke to as he rose groggily from his sleep. Looking around and finding no sign of Rob, but the door wide open, he decided to go and find out what was going on.

As he climbed the stairs of where he was held he ascended to what he believed was the ground floor and could barely believe his eyes. All around him there was a massive fight going on. It seemed Rob was right and this was a tower where slaves worked to build something. But a revolt had broken out. Uniformed guards it seemed were losing ground to all the slaves that were fighting against them. Explosions were going off from what he could only assume were more guards even if they were floating and shooting powerful flames out from their mouths. As he looked around trying to find the one person that he knew he finally spotted him in front of a cowering girl in the line of fire from well over twenty of those guards.

Naruto's eyes widened in amazement as he saw old man Rob seemingly deflect the powerful blasts hurled his way from those floating guards. He then proceeded to return fire with what he could only guess was a wordless and sign-less Katon jutsu. Naruto quickly darted forward and grabbed Rob before he fell over whilst creating a clone to grab the red headed girl and evade the rocks falling from the ceiling after Rob's attacks.

"What are you doing here kid! I may not look it but I am still a mage. Those soldiers are headed our way. If I must I will give my life to protect these children you see around you. Now run while I hold them off. Run and take little Erza with you. Do not worry about me. I will protect everyone, up until I can not stand anymore." Rob exclaimed as he once again stood in front of Erza and Naruto spreading his arms out wide hoping to deflect the blasts from the remaining guards. What he heard and saw next surprised him more than anything he'd seen in his last few years as a slave.

"Doton: Doryuuheki" a massive wall of earth adorned with toads faces erupted from the ground in front of Rob and took the full force of the weapons blasts from the guards. After, the young blonde boy he'd treated last night rushed forward ran up the wall and landed on top to cry out "Doton: Dosekiryu" after which the very wall broke down and transformed into a dragon made of stone before launching itself in pursuit of the now fleeing guards.

"So you're a mage too young man." Panting as he had not used magic in a very long time Rob decided to check over Erza who was staring wide eyed at Naruto.

"Hm? No I'm a jounin of Konoha. Names Naruto. I can see that a revolt is taking place right now, so that's good. Now to make a door big enough for us all to walk out of here in peace." Naruto murmured as a slightly manic grin crossed his face. It was time to blow things up, which is what he excelled at, and use that jutsu Temari had taught him not too long ago. Quickly going through the hand signs he then clapped his hands together and yelled out "Futon: Kakeami" and from his hands erupted a net made of wind which proceeded to carve a massive door straight out of the wall of the tower.

"What strange magic you use Naruto. But right now, we must get these kids out of here and onto the boats outside so we can escape." Rob said to him as he was done checking to see if Erza was hurt.

"No wait jii-chan. Jellal. We have to save Jellal. We can't leave without him." Erza quickly sprang up and took off to look for Jellal after remembering who it was that inspired her to lead this rebellion.

"Naruto, please go after her. I am glad she won't see this, but I'm dying. I used up a lot of magic even though I haven't used any in many years. For a wizard, magic would usually tire them out, but for me it is my very life force and I don't have much time. But even knowing you for only a short while I can see you're a good and strong person. So please, promise me to look after her. Look after Erza, she of all people has suffered very much here. Please protect her." Rob begged Naruto as he propped himself into a sitting position while trying to emphasize how serious the situation was.

"I'll get her out of here ji-san. That's a promise. And I never go back on my promises. Rest now ji-san. I'll create some clones to help lead out the rest of the people and help Erza out. I'll only leave your side if someone needs me. Tajuu Kage Bunshin" Over a hundred clones popped into existence and instantly took off to herd the rest of the prisoners on the island to the boats outside while one more took off to locate Erza.

Watching the kind old man in front of him die from what he assumed was chakra exhaustion since thats what he seemed to explain it as, Naruto couldn't help but feel sadness at his departure. This man had helped him last night and then decided to risk and give up his life to protect the young girl from all those guards coming after her. He threw his life in the line of fire not knowing that Naruto would help him along the way. What he had said, that he would protect those around him until he couldn't stand anymore was awfully similar to his own nindo to protect those precious to him.

After receiving memories from his clones that the majority of people were now on ships and others were stocking them he decided to look for Erza himself. Not wanting to just leave him here, Naruto pulled out one of the sealing scrolls used to transport bodies to confirm a kill from his overly large vest. He then sealed Rob into the scroll in order to buy himself enough time to find him a decent final resting ground.

A loud explosion caught his attention and as he looked up he saw Erza falling to the ground having crashed straight through the wall. He quickly took off and used shunshin to catch her and cradle her fall before she hit the ground. He looked up to see who or what had done this to her only to watch as a blue haired boy pointed his hand at his clone standing behind him and a bright purple circle erupt underneath his feet. Before Naruto could figure out what was going on his clone went up in smoke having somehow been dispelled despite not being touched.

'Must be some sort of seal. Not one I've ever seen before though. Who is this guy and why'd he attack Erza and my clone. Is this the Jellal guy Erza was looking for?' Naruto wondered as he reviewed the memories of his clone tracking, and listening in to Erza talking to this guy.

What he hadn't noticed however was that Erza was looking on in shock and horror at the place where his clone had gone up in smoke. She had already seen Jellal do this upstairs to one of the guards that had tortured them. But this new blonde guy, Naruto, he hadn't done anything evil to either of them. So why did Jellal kill him? Why?

Suddenly Naruto felt a massive amount of pressure bear down on him. Looking around he noticed it came from Erza who had somehow gotten a glowing circle of her own to erupt under her feet. Yelling she released all her pent up power and managed to take control of all the weapons and tools around the tower making them float in the air.

'What kind of power is this?' Naruto asked himself in shock. 'Is this some sort of bloodline? How is she controlling all of this and why did it manifest now of all times? Doesn't matter. I promised to protect her. If she can't control her power for now since she's apparently attacking her friend Jellal, I'll knock her out and help her control it later. Sorry Erza-chan but this is for your own good'

Having decided on his plan of action Naruto quickly stepped up behind Erza went through a few more hand signs and whispered "Ninpo: Tanuki Neiri" before laying a hand on her shoulder and catching her as she fell.

As he was setting her down gently Jellal decided to call out to him with a sadistic smile on his face. "Take her from this island. Take her far away, I don't need her. As a reward for getting rid of the nuisances that controlled this place I grant her her fleeting 'freedom'. But in exchange for this freedom, you won't speak of this island or its purpose to anyone from the government again. Otherwise, I'll just destroy this place and everything on it and restart somewhere else."

"Shut up. I'm going to take her with me when I leave this place. And if I want to tell someone about this place I will. Theres nothing you can do to stop me. As a matter of fact I'll destroy this place for you. I would never allow such an abomination to exist anyways." A quick clone was created to pick Erza up and take her to a safe location. Following that, Naruto started a long series of hand seals building his chakra for a massive jutsu."

'Careful brat. You don't want to blow up all the people you just saved do you. If you unleash that jutsu you could easily overpower it and endanger everyone else here even the girl you promised to save. Just destroy all the tools, equipment and machines necessary to help this place run.' Kurama interjected before Naruto could blow everything sky high.

Sighing as he knew his tenant was right, Naruto decided to aim his jutsu at all the mentioned targets.

"Katon: Hibashiri" A ring of fire erupted around the tower and around a surprised Jellal.

Following up on Kurama's plan to destroy everything usable for building, Naruto unleashed one more jutsu to enhance the flames.

"Doton: Doryuu Taiga" Kneeling he poured all his chakra into the earth and watched as it transformed into a river of mud that ran all the way down to the holding cells he'd awoken in before it caught on fire too acting as if it were a river of tar. If anyone tried to rebuild the tower now, they would have to start from the ground up and waste precious resources as well as time to even pick up where they left off.

"You think this will stop me! I'll bring back Zeref. Nothing can stop me. Even if it takes me years to start again. Zeref will be reborn by my hand." Jellal crowed out, as he started to laugh madly.

Naruto could do nothing but walk away. He knew Jellal wouldn't die from this fire. But there was something off about that boy. Something he'd learned from his long years of shinobi life though, you have to pick your battles. He might help Jellal someday, especially if he was important to Erza and probably Rob ji-san.

For now though, he'd have to get everyone out of the tower. That was a priority and dealing with the crazed child would come later.

'Where to now Naruto? I'm still a bit tired so don't expect to be able to just mooch off my greatness and chakra to help you find a way back home.'

'Nice of you to check in furball. I was thinking that I'd get Erza-chan here to a safe place. Maybe a relative or a nearby village or something. From there I'd find out where I am and then make a plan to head home.'

'Good plan brat. You might want to check on chibi-Kushina before we leave here though. I've never sensed anything like that strange power she used earlier. You never know if it's all good for her. Doubt its cursed power like that Juugo character but it wouldn't hurt to check'

'Chibi-Kushina? Whats that mean?'

'For someone hailed as a prodigy in the shinobi field you sure are dumb aren't you brat. That little Erza girl you've decided to protect looks a lot like your mother did at her age. I should know, I was sealed into her at around that age if you recall. Doubt she's an Uzumaki though, she doesn't feel like you or my previous containers. Still the resemblance is uncanny.'

'You know now that you mention it. She does look a lot like kaa-san. That's kinda funny, she could be like the long lost little sister I never had. Me taking after tou-san and her after kaa-san. You're right though I'll check on her as soon as we get on a boat and leave this place. I want to get her as far away from here as possible.'

"Hey boss. I just put mini kaa-san into that boat on the far end of the docks. Everythings all set to go so just shove off when you're ready. See ya" His clone having reported in decided to disperse after pointing out which boat to go to.

'Haha see brat. Even your copies are smarter than you. Seems like your clone technique doesn't make flimsy copies of you, it makes more intelligent versions instead.' Kurama pointed out before he started laughing even harder.

A tic mark developed over his eye and Naruto decided to ignore his annoying tenant in favor of checking up and looking Erza over for injuries. An hour into their voyage out at see Naruto confirmed that the only thing wrong with her that a few nights of rest and some food wouldn't fix was that right eye she was missing.

He had an idea on how to fix it, since he knew no iryu-nin jutsu could regrow an eye save for maybe Tsunade-baachans secret jutsu, but he figured it'd probably be painful for him and downright impossible without Kurama's help. So having decided on his course of action he settled back and got comfortable as he prepared to talk Kurama into helping him.

'Kurama, you said that you basically reconstructed my body before we got to that island right?'


'What do you mean no, those were your exact words!'

'I mean no, I won't help you carry out this stupid plan you're going to try and talk me into. You don't seem to realize how tired I am of your stupid plans. I get nothing out of this you know. You've spent five years working out your father's pride and joy. We may get along better than we used to now but no one likes to be caged. We're partners, Naruto, you may not do much for me anymore but that doesn't mean I'm going to sit back and let you mutilate yourself.'

'…. You're absolutely right'

'Course I am, I'm never wrong brat. Glad to see you finally agree with me. Now what are you going to do to help chibi-Kushina?'

'I'll make you a deal Kurama. It took me five years just to begin to experiment with my fathers jutsu. Which is one of the highest forms of sealing out there. From here on out, apart from getting better at using Hiraishin, the only thing I'll work on is getting you free without it killing me. How's that sound? The catch of course is that you have to help me with my situation here and now.'

'Tch. I'd be a fool to pass up on a chance of freedom, even if we can only make it temporary. Fine I'll help you with this. Make a clone though to do the operation, your clones tend to have better control than you do and you'll need to be paralyzed since this will be painful and I can't have you thrashing around while working. Just answer one question for me before we do this.'

'Sure what question is it?'

'This isn't one of your so called 'precious' people. Nor is she a client or some other duty bound person you've sworn to help. So why go through all the trouble to help this girl?'

Kurama couldn't help but ask this question, as even though he knew Naruto fairly well and knew about his promises, even he couldn't understand why he'd go this far for this girl. His promise to protect her only took him as far as getting this girl to a safe place without any harm falling on her. Naruto didn't have to take his promise this far. It was even farther than his promise to bring back Sasuke, since then he'd even said he would go as far as breaking every bone in his body and dragging him back to Konoha if need be.

'Well. It's kind of embarassing. But since you're helping me. I don't really know why Kurama. I just feel this need to help her and protect her anyway I can. If she needs an eye, and I can provide it, I'll help her. I almost feel as if she's my real long lost sister. I look at her and see my kaa-san and can't help but want to make her happy.'

'I see. Its stupid in my opinion brat, but I do see. Keep in mind Naruto. Just because I had the power to help this time doesn't mean I will forever. As it stands I may not be able to help you again with ANY chakra for at least a few months, maybe a year. I did it the first time so you wouldn't die. This time its because you find it important to you to help this girl. There won't be a next time understand? Now then lets get started.'

'Alright! Thanks Kurama you won't regret this. It's a good thing I learned the Chakra no mesu and Shosen jutsu from Tsunade-baachan and Sakura-chan in case Sasuke ever died.'

Naruto immediately made two shadow clones. One to hold him down and use a paralysis jutsu on him while the other performed the surgery. With any luck, by the time they got to shore, Naruto would have successfully transplanted an eye into Erza while Kurama would have regrown that same eye in his head so he wouldn't walk around like Kakashi-sensei all the time.

T n T

Erza woke up to find herself lying on her back on what appeared to be a boat and staring up at a clear star filled sky.

"Naruto!" She screamed out before sitting up abruptly and looking around wildly.

After taking a look around and seeing she was on a beach somewhere she started to tear up in her lone uncovered eye. She'd failed to protect him. Just like Rob ji-chan had protected her. Now they must be far from the Tower of Heaven and she'd never see either one of them or Jellal again.

"Yes?" Naruto's head popped up from the side of the boat. "Why are you crying Erza-chan, you should be happy that you're nowhere near that tower anymore. Besides I caught some fi-oof" Naruto was cut off and found himself on his back with a crying little girl hugging him for dear life. Naruto couldn't help but be overly confused at what was happening. Sitting up he decided to hug Erza back and rub her back while trying to calm her down and figure out why she was crying.

After Naruto explained about Rob's last wishes, and Erza about why she was so happy to see him they settled down a bit now that their ordeal was over. After they ate their meal of grilled fish Naruto finally asked Erza where she wanted to go.

Once he found out that she had no more real family that familiar urge to want to do anything to help her once again rose up in his chest. Perhaps it was the promise he made to Rob, but he couldn't help but compare this to the feeling of wanting to help someone he looked at as more than a friend.

Like Sasuke before her, Naruto realized he and Erza shared many things in common. So this feeling of wanting to help her as an older brother was both different but similar to wanting to help Sasuke.

"Ok Erza-chan. So where to now? I managed to sneak into that resort and get us some supplies -"

'You mean you managed to waltz in and steal lots of supplies from that one store after they kicked you out for looking like a hoodlum. It amazes me sometimes the lengths you'll go to for some payback on idiots. Still, walking in and pretending to be the owner after using Henge was too funny. Stealing their profits for the day was only icing on the cake'

Ignoring Kurama's sarcastic yet accurate observations Naruto continued without pause. "so we should be good on both money and all the basics we need to get to whatever town you need. We need to decide tonight so we can leave in the morning, I have a feeling we shouldn't stick too close to Akane resort for too long." he muttered as an embarrassed blush crept onto his face.

"Well there was this one place that Rob jii-chan always talked about when we worked on the tower. And now that we're free I want to head there as soon as possible to follow my dreams." Erza piped up her eye shining with excitement. The other eye was still wrapped in bandages after Naruto had finished the transplant and he planned on telling her about what had happened tomorrow after a good nights rest.

"Sure thing Erza-chan. Where do you want to go?"

"The one place where if you join they look at you and treat you like family. I want to join so I can be part of Rob jii-chan's family. I want to head to a town called Magnolia Town, and join the guild named Fairy Tail."

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Chidori Eiso - chidori sharp spear

Kamui - Authority of the Gods

Hiraishin - Flying Thunder God

Doton: Doryuuheki - Earth Style: Mud Encampment Wall

Doton: Dosekiryu - Earth Style: Earth and Stone Dragon

Futon: Kakeami - Wind Style: Cast Net

Tajuu Kage Bunshin - Multiple Shadow Clone

Shunshin - Body Flicker

Ninpo: Tanuki Neiri - Ninja Art: Forced Sleep

Katon: Hibashiri - Fire Style: Running Fire

Doton: Doryuu Taiga - Earth Style: Earth Flow River