Natara Fallon sits on her living room couch clutching a giant sized bowl of apple slices,ranch dressing and leftover fortune cookies mixed together sobbing while watching a sad rubs her stomach holding a set of twins.

Natara-"Oh Mal it's sooo sad!"

Mal sighs.

Mal-"How are the hormones honey?"

Natara-*sob*"All over the place!"

Mal looks down at her "snack" and gags.

Mal-"Ugghh...So are your food cravings..How could you eat that stuff?"

Natara-"I don't know about you,but this is DEE-LISH!"

Mal-"Well good but-Hey!Are those my fortune cookies!?D'aw they are!"

Natara-"Well it's not my fault that YOU forgot to buy my Oreos!I had to improvise!"

Mal-"Yeah yeah okay it's fine as long as you didn't eat the fortune paper..."

Mal looks down and sees strips of paper covered in ranch sticking out of the bowl.


Natara-"Hey,YOU got me pregnant!"

Mal-"Oh yeah!Blame the husband for all the problems!"

Natara-"Shut up idiot..Oh yeah and Mal?"

Mal-"Yes babe?"

Natara-"Can you run to Shop-Rite and get me some peanut butter,Nutella,Oreos and bacon strips?I need to make a sandwich."

Mal-"Awww Natara!Right now?"

Natara gives him a look that could melt lead.


Natara bursts into tears.

Natara-"It's like you don't even care!You got me pregnant and you can't even make me a sandwich!"

Mal-"No!I care Nat I promise!Look I'll go right now!I'm leaving,see?To get your...uggh...ingredients"

Natara smiles.

Natara-"Thank you baby!I love you!Have I told you I love you?I loooovee yoouu!*kisses*!"

Mal-"Mhmm!Yeah you sure do love this jerk don't you?"

Natara-"I don't hear you leaving Mal!Ohh and these babies are hungry!They're kicking up a storm!Hurry up!"

Mal leaves and she stays watching TV until she feels a searing pain rush through her abdomen.

Natara-"Nhhh..No!You two are staying in here until Mal comes back!"

Natara feels another one even worse and grabs her house phone and dials until Mal finally answers.

Mal-"Mal Fallon."Natara-"Mal!Get your ass over here now!I think the babies are coming!"

Mal-"Ah hell now!?I thought they weren't due until next week!?"

Natara-"Mal they call the shots here okay!?Get here now!"

Mal speeds down to his apartment,carries Natara wedding style to his car and drives her to the hospital.

Once in the Delivery Room...

Mal-"You're doing great Nat"

Natara slaps Mal in the face.

Mal-"Ow!What was that for!?"

Natara-"For getting me pregnant!And with twins!Here's another one for the other baby!"

Natara slaps Mal again.

Mal-"Why do I have to be abused?"

Natara-"Aww honey did I hurt your feelings?"

Mal-"Yeah and you could be a bit nicer-"


Mal-"Okay sorry honey."

Mal starts to walk away.

Natara-"Come back!I'm sorry!"

After an hour of screaming,name calling and slaps,Natara starts to push.

Doctor-"It's a girl!"

Natara pushes again.

Doctor-"Congratulations!Two beautiful and healthy baby girls!

Natara-"Oh Mal!What do we name baby #1?How about Janelle?"

Mal-"Janelle Natara Fallon for baby #1.I like it!"

Natara-"And baby #2...Ellen is a pretty name"

Mal-"Hmm...Ellen Angela Fallon!Beautiful!"

Afterwards,friends from work come in with various gifts like baby booties with E for Ellen and J for Janelle, two necklaces with their names and the next day they go home. The End...