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My name is Soul Eater Evans, and I am in love with my meister.

Half of the time, I don't even have to try and hide the truth from her because she's so oblivious. Maka is so determined to be the best that she can possibly be, that she doesn't really have the time to notice that her roommate/scythe-partner has the hots for her. I can't even imagine what she would say if she found out. Undoubtedly, something along the lines of, "Soul? Soul likes me? He like, likes me? Me? Are you crazy?!" And I just don't think my sensitive male ego could handle that. Man, unrequited love is so not cool.

One time, we had to do a remedial lesson and we had to track down this totally uncool pre-kishin and take its soul. At some point during the battle, Maka was injured. After we scythed the target and I ate its super tasty soul, I noticed that Maka's leg was bleeding.

"Yo, Maka! What's up with your leg?"

"I'm fine, let's just hurry up and get back to the academy."

"You sure you're alright? 'Cause that looks like a lot of blood."

"Soul, I said I'm fine, quit babying me! Now let's- EXCUSE YOU!"

That's when I went over to her, and noticing that the blood was dripping down from under her skirt, flipped it up. I was just looking for the wound, I swear! Only a totally uncool guy would go around yanking up girls' skirts, trying to get a look at their underwear.

But, all I could see was my meister's pink frilly underwear. And it's really hard to stay calm after seeing anyone's underwear, especially if you happen to have feelings for them, or said underwear is PINK and LACEY. So of course I did what any guy would do: I immediately got a nosebleed.

And it the worst part is that Maka didn't even question my totally crappy explanation of the nosebleed. She was just like "Yeah. Whatever Soul, let's just go."

As long as I'm naming moments of total awkwardness on my part, and total obliviousness on her part, I can't forget the time I read my meister's diary.

Yup, I'm that much of a creep. I would stoop so low, I crossed that line that should never be crossed.

And believe, I regretted it. There is a reason that cool guys don't do stuff like that, and not just because it is the exact opposite of cool, but because you might see some things you don't really wanna see. Some things that you can never un-see.

Maka never even found out that I looked at her journal, but she was a little curious about why I couldn't make eye contact with her for a while.

Well, that would be because of what I read in her journal.

I thought that if I read it, I would know for sure, once and for all, that she really did like me as much as I like her.

That is not what I found. Not at all.

"Soul! I'm going out with Liz and Patty, I'll be back in time for dinner. Don't forget, you're cooking tonight." She said that last part with a smirk on her face.

"Whatever, hope you like instant noodles!"

My meister just stared at me for a second, clearly unamused. Then she left, without another word.

As soon as she was gone, I went into her room and found her diary and then I just stood there holding it, thinking.

Should I really do this? It's not right. Maka would never do this to me (if I was uncool enough to keep a diary).

Oh well. I need to know if she likes me or not! And isn't that all girls write about in their diaries?

I sat down at her desk and opened up the notebook to the first page, and on it in loopy cursive, it said:

"This is the private property of Maka Marie Albarn, and if you are not Maka Marie Albarn, leave now while you still have your life. If I find out that someone other than me read from this notebook, I will end you. And if you don't close this and put it back where you found it right now, Soul Eater Evans, I will take great joy in ending you."

I looked around and expected to see her standing behind me with a giant novel poised above my head, like a cobra, coiled and ready to strike.

To my relief, there was no one there; I was just being paranoid, which is obviously not cool.

Before I lost my nerve, I flipped passed the first page and got to the entries.

I'll just summarize them for you.

Soul is annoying. Blaire is annoying. Black Star is annoying. Papa is annoying.

Guess what Tsubaki told me about (insert name here)?

Soul and I have to get (insert number here) souls and then he's a Death Scythe.

You'll never guess what Liz said about(insert name here)!

I got a postcard from Mama, she's been in (insert foreign place here).

Ox did better than me on this assignment.

I did better than Ox on that assignment.

Soul and I have to get (insert smaller number here) more souls.

This person has a crush on that person. (But she never said who SHE has feelings for!)

Today we dissected (insert random animal here) in Stein's class.

Blair bought me another lacey bra and underwear set for Christmas. (So THAT'S where she got those nosebleed-inducing pink things!)

And it went on like this for a long time. Like, a looong time.

Until I stumbled upon this entry:

Ughhhh. I hate cramps sooo much! I took like a whole bottle of Midol over this past week, but it barely helps. I am convinced that there's an alien slowly gnawing its way out of my uterus. Being a girl is awesome.

And that's not even the whole thing. There's more. I just couldn't keep reading, because I thought I was about to throw up everywhere. That's what periods are like?

Then I take back every comment I have ever made about her bitchy time of month. If she was going through that, she's allowed to be bitchy for a few days.

So, in the end, I didn't get the information I was looking for, I was scarred for life, and I couldn't look Maka in the eye for almost three days afterwards.

That definitely didn't go as planned.

As far as Maka's middle name goes, I'm pretty sure one is never given in the manga or the anime, so i just made one up.

And since everyone and their mother's middle name is Marie, I figure, why not? Plus, I think it sounds nice. Maka Marie.

I'm not sure how i feel about this story, but if enough people want me to continue, I will.

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