Summary – Harry opens a book in the Restricted Section and it transports him 21 years into the future, where he meets up with the future Ron and Hermione and their son, Eddie. Harry also meets Lily Potter, Harry's very spunky and caring future teenage daughter with a hot temper and a bit of an attitude. Harry wants to know about his future, but he feels that Ron, Hermione, Lily, and Eddie are keeping something from him; some very deep, dark secrets.

Disclaimer – I do not own Harry Potter, the characters, or the Harry Potter world. The all belong to the fabulous J.K. Rowling. However, while I do not own their names, the characters and the personality traits of Lily Potter, Eddie Weasley, Daris Malfoy, Christof Nott, as well as Asher Lazard and Robyn Andrews all belong to me.

Chapter 1- Past, Present, and Future:

Harry Potter threw his quill on the table in frustration, deciding that nothing was more difficult then fifth year Potions with Severus Snape. If it was somehow Snape's hatred over him somehow intensified over the summer and it was not helping his grades or his progress in Potions class. However, his goofing off with his best friend, Ron Weasley, and torturing his archenemy Draco Malfoy did not help matters much. Ron, noticed Harry's reaction to the Potions assignment, did the same. Hermione Granger, Harry and Ron's other best friend, smiled coolly at them and continued reading her Arithmency book

"Having trouble?" she asked in a mock, innocent voice.

"YES!" Ron nearly shouted, running a hair through his fiery red hair. Hermione's smug smile only widened. Harry sensed an argument and immediately groaned in annoyance. Neither Ron or Hermione noticed it. "What in the world is all this lot supposed to mean?"

"He's a slimy git; giving us a final at the last minute!" Harry snarled, thinking horrible thoughts about the Potions Mater. "Like we didn't have enough work with our O.W.L.S this year. Hermione simply shrugged and did not take her chestnut eyes off of her textbook.

"Maybe if you two would just stop shooting Dungbombs in Malfoy's cauldron and actually pay attention in Potions, you might know what you're doing," said Hermione, still not looking at them, a smug smile still playing on her lips. Ron rolled his eyes.

"Snape takes points off of me and Harry anyway," said Ron. "Might as well make the most of it and torture Malfoy in the process!"

"Harry and I," said Hermione, correcting his grammar. Ron narrowed his eyes at her and clenched his quill tightly. Harry's eyes widened; waiting for the explosion. He could almost see the steam coming out of Ron's ear.

"Quit being a know-it-all," snapped Ron. "It's not appealing…in fact it damn well annoys everyone!"

"Well, maybe-"

"Oh, just shut-up, Hermione!"

"I should shut-up? Maybe you should be quiet and start working on your Potions homework," Hermione retorted.


"No," she hissed, "YOU!"




"While you two argue over who is going to shut-up first," Harry shouted impatiently, rising from his seat and running a hand through his already messy hair, "I think I'll go to the library and try to find out with his junk is supposed to mean. There has to be a book in there that explains this lot more clearly."

"You can't go to the library now!" said Hermione in her usual bossy, nagging tone, raising an eyebrow at him. Harry ignored her and continued to gather his Potions books and stuffing them into his bag. "You know, Snape is on duty tonight and he would love any excuse to give you a month's worth of detention."

"Yeah, plus it is almost eleven," said Ron, checking his watch. Harry grinned and summoned his Invisibility Cloak.

"Wow, Ron, you sound like Hermione," said Harry, grinning with a malicious smile. He threw the cloak over his head and dashed out of the Common Room before Ron and Hermione both had a chance to yell and scold him for making such a so-called ridiculous comment.

As Harry quietly roamed the corridors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry towards the library, he rubbed the bridge of his nose. Quite frankly, he was getting sick and tired of Ron and Hermione's constant bickering. What was worse, he knew deep down that their constant arguing was just a way of them expressing their hidden feelings for each other. Harry always had inkling that their feelings for each other ran deeper than friendship and that it was only a matter of time before the two of them got together.

Harry did not mind that his two best friends might end up together; he was just concerned about what would happen to him. Who would he hang out with? Harry supposed that he could always spend time with Ginny Weasley, Ron's little sister. This summer, since Ron and Hermione were at each other's throats, so he had spent the majority of his time with her. He smiled as he thought of the times he and Ginny spent time together; playing Quidditch, playing pranks on Ron and Hermione…but he shook the idea of he and Ginny together out of his head; Ron would never approve and he would not risk his friendship with Ron for anything. Luckily, he did not have to dwell on his feelings any longer because before he knew it, he was standing in front of the doors to the library.

He wandered into the library in desperate search for something that would clarify the Potions information for Snape's test tomorrow, but unfortunately could not find a single solitary book that could help him. Harry groaned in frustration and suddenly became even more tired than he was before. Because of this, and without even thinking, this caused Harry to wonder into the Restricted Section. Biting his lip, he thought that maybe there could be a book that could help them study for this test. As Harry began his search, he saw a book that caught his eye titled, What You Do Not Know, You Will See. It was not the book itself that caught Harry's eye; it was more the title. What on earth was that suppose to mean? Harry did not know; but he was always such a curious boy, and despite the fact that his curiosity always got him in trouble, he pulled the black leather bound book off of the shelf and flipped through it.

It was unlike any other book he had ever read; all of the pages were completely blank and Harry was strongly reminded of Tom Riddle's diary. Becoming hesitant, he flipped to the first page and it was also blank, except for one sentence; "Say of a number."

"Twenty-one," said Harry out loud, shrugging. He had no idea why he picked that number; no specific reason; it just rolled off his tongue nicely. He turned to the next page and it too only had one sentence on it; "Say a place."

This sentence concerned Harry, but his curiosity won out and he called out; "Gryffindor Common Room." He figured that if this book was something dangerous, that he would at least end up at Hogwarts, in the Gryffindor Common Room, where it was safe and where he would still be under the watchful eye of Albus Dumbledore.

Without thinking, Harry turned to the third page, and suddenly, was swirling in colors of pink purple and blue. It was liked it was being sucked into a thick, rubber tube and he could barely catch his breath.

Before he could think; before he could even become frightened, Harry landed with a loud thud on the floor of the Gryffindor Tower.

"You are going to get into so much trouble!" a teenage boy whispered warningly. He was speaking to a teenage girl. The girl was anxiously pacing around the Gryffindor Tower with her wand at the ready and wore a furious expression on her face. But despite her angry look, if one looked closely enough, they would be able to see beads of sweat coming down her forehead and down the base of her neck. She turned to the boy sharply.

"You're one to talk!" the girl snapped at him, gesturing her arm towards him. "Didn't you get a detention from Remus the other night for putting Nott under the Boogey Bat Hex?"

"I wasn't talking about getting in trouble with the teachers," said the boy impatiently, running a hand through his bushy, fiery red hair. "I was talking about Daris Malfoy. I mean, I know you think he's a toad but let's be honest; he's powerful…he could really hurt you!" It was extremely clear that this boy was trying to find an excuse to convince the girl to not go through with what she was about to do.

"I don't care!" the girl shouted angrily, her wand clenched tightly in her fist. Her face became red with anger; he could almost see the steam coming out of her ears. "I'm fed up with him. That is the last time he insults my family." The girl's voice began to carry throughout the Common Room. The boy shushed her anxiously; his eyes wide and fearful.

"Shut-up!" he hissed angrily. "Do you want to wake up the whole House?" The girl rolled her eyes at her friend's nagging attitude and ignored him, continuing to pace the room as she began to fiddle with the wand with her pale fingers.

"What time is it?" she snapped suddenly, not looking at the boy, who looked at his watch, giving the girl a disapproving look before he did so.


"Perfect," whispered the girl. The boy raised a bored eyebrow. "Just one more half hour and – What the bloody hell was that?" she asked urgently. There had been a sudden thud, crash, and a grunt from behind the dark red couch in the Common Room. The girl had gotten position with her wand at the ready.

"You heard it too?" the boy asked, looking around wide-eyed, pulling his own wand out of the pocket of his bathrobe.

"Of course I heard it!" the girl said impatiently, giving him a dirty look. He frowned at her before grabbing a hold of her arm and pulling her close to him. The girl was so focused on the noise behind the couch that she did not notice his feeble attempt to try and keep her safe. They pair of them looked at each other for a moment, nodded and dived over the couch with their wands pointed at whatever had made that thud and groan. When they got a good look over the dark red couch, they saw a boy around their age, whom they never saw before.

Who was this strange boy and why was he here. Panic immediately began to swell in the girl's chest and she pointed her wand directly at the strange boy's heart. She noted that her friend also had his wand pointed directly at the boy; his arm was shaking furiously. The girl guessed that he was just as scared and concerned to see a strange boy in their Common Room as well; especially considering the world that they lived in.

The strange boy looked at them curiously. Both of them could not help but wonder why this boy looked so familiar…maybe he was not dangerous after all? But neither of them was taking that chance; they kept their wands pointed at them. The strange boy saw their wands and he gave them terrified looks; his eyes going wide as he tried to scramble to his feet.

"What is going on here?" the asked breathlessly. Both of them ignored him and just remained on guard with their wands out. The girl narrowed her eyes at the strange boy before her.

"Who are you?".

A note from the Jitterbelle. So I was rereading my story, Harry Potter, Time Traveler and realized that I started writing this story when I was thirteen or fourteen years old and how horrible my actual writing was. I decided to try and revise it; not amazingly but enough to make it a bit more realistic and readable. But, do not worry, the plot is remaining completely the same. I am just fixing the grammar and making the story itself better quality.

Some comments about plot points; I know that I am not directly accurate with the real Harry Potter stories. I know that they originally took place in 1991-1997, but I did not know that when I first started writing this story. There also a few comments that reviewers made but, please keep in mind that I started writing this long before Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was even published. Thanks for understanding about that.

I hope you guys like the new, revised version. Thanks again for the reviews! Enjoy!