This is a response to one of whitetigerlion's chalanges called half bread the requirements are listed below in their entirety.

Hey guys this is poormoraljoe/James Masters here just saying I'm back and I have new things published in the real world under the same name. The Demonic Slave, and A single Moment under the name of James Masters is available for your reading pleasure. If you are so inclined help me fill this world because I can't do it alone. All manuscripts must be complete and must not contradict what's in the cannon already so with that I give my bow and, the stage has been set enjoy the show.


- Harry falls in love with either a female Centaur or Mermaid

- Harry must meet and befriend his love intrest before 4th year (Itdoes not have to be any relationship other than friend at this point, though it may be if you wish)

- Harry must somehow be able to change into the same creature as his love intrest

- Harry must ask his love intrest to the Yule Ball (if they can/do go with Harry is up to you)

- Harry must learn the ways of his love intrest's people


- Harry spends summers with his love intrest people

- Harry betrothed to his love intrest via a marriage contract (most likely)

- Soul-Bond

- Lemons

- Pregnacy

- Start the story before or during Harry's first year.

- Secret Friendship until 4th year

Normally there is something in the challenge that I do not agree with in some of them but I am interested in making this story work. I think I may have two of theses stories but the prologue will be guininly similar to each other. One will be made before the other begins as such I think that the challenge would be quite fun for anyone to read.

Centaurs are known to migrate despite ministry knowledge they tend to go where the heard will go but they tend to disguise themselves as humans in the non magical world. This is the story of a young centaur foal meeting the boy who lived long before his time to enter the magical world.

November 1985

Harry Potter was kicked out of him home for something he could not control and he was freezing to death. Just when he thought it was the end a young girl and her father were walking past the boy who lived and noticed him in the snow. The father figure wanted to walk past the boy and leave him to die in the cold and alone but his daughter wanted the opposite felling his magical potential. "Daddy save this boy according to the stars he will be a great protector."

The father looked up to the heavens and indeed the stars were pointing to this boy to become a great hero for both a sword and shield, a warrior of unmatched potential and of extreme knowledge. If he had left the boy to die the centaurs would be missing out but there would be a long road ahead of them to get back to the tribe. He doubted the chief would willingly accept a human boy into the clan without anything to back him up. The stars may indeed help but the boy needed to show more promise than a centaur foal twice his age. The father looked down at the boy and thought to himself 'He needs a home and the magical energy that surrounds him is in line with the elements more so than any magical being that has ever existed for so many passing's of the moons.' As the centaur got closer to the boy he felt the boy had two souls inside of him and knew that this was the prophesied boy this alone would be good enough of a reason on why he should be accepted into the clan.

Picking up the cold boy he changed back into his original form and galloped at a fast pace followed only by his daughter and watched by no one. Quickly making their way back to the temporary base the father made audience with the chief "My honorable chief I found this boy that lays in my arms that is indeed the prophesied child that can change the magical world no matter how much kicking and screaming that they will do. The stars say that he will be a warrior of unmatched potential as well as a sword and shield."

The chief looked at the boy and back up to the heavens and saw it was indeed the child they were waiting for. The stars dictated his life but he was the decider of many fates. He was chosen to save the world or remake it and the older centaur knew it. He looked at Blazen and said "It is indeed as you have said he will need to be trained though. Others may not like it but with his magic he might be able to make a switch to out race then transform back at will. We will see what happens when he wakes."

Only a few hours went by till Harry woke unusually warm surrounded by strange creatures and like any five year old they would freak out and start screaming to bloody hell. The events that follow still remain a mystery even to the highest of the centaurs but it seemed they boy that they rescued could indeed transform into any of the magical races as well as gain their strengths and weaknesses. If he were to go back to his human form he would just gain their strength.

Some five years later right before the summer he was to begin to go to Hogwarts there was two young centaurs running through the forest in almost a courting ritual. They were running fast it was till the male foal tackled the female that the game between the two was finally over. The male kissed the female and said to her "I do love you but I will be going to Hogwarts this year and I may get to see you every now and then."

The female smiled at him and said "if you wish to take a human female just remember that she will also have to mate with me my beloved."

The male smiled and reverted to his human form and the female turned into a human form as well. The young couple knew that they may be parted for a while but he would sneak into the forbidden forest to see his betrothed.

Harry smiled at his life mate and knew the next few years would be interesting.

I am thinking about skipping the next few years to the end of the third year where everything will go to hell in a hand basket. Loved it hated it leave your comments with a review. My warning will stay the same flamers will be met with trolls.

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