Chapter 12

Even though the Lords and Ladies knew that they could do nothing to Hermione without invoking her master's wrath took it out on the breeding stock and sent a volley of curses in their direction as soon as Harry, Hermione, and Sara left the court room. Their screams of pain would be heard for the next three hundred years as they would be reviving several different populations the first on the objective would be what was called the Dark Elves.

The four quickly made their way back to the school in time for the papers to be delivered for the fate of the granger parents. Harry's eyes turned quickly to Fleur and he smiled at the young woman and walked over to her. Gently he whispered "I can make your dreams come true and all of that masturbating seem null and void in comparison to what I can do. Meet me after the ball and all of your fantasies will come true."

Fleur did the only thing she could do and she promptly fainted at the thought of her soon to be master rocking her world. It was only later that day did Harry catch the eyes of two petite oriental girls of the names of Su Li and Cho Chang, each one supporting a blush that could rival any inferno known to man and demon kind alike.

As evening approached Sara began to get ready in a forest green gown and the two slaves of his drcided to opt out of the ball for it to be just a special night between their master and mistress. Harry dressed shaprly as he made his way to the main entrence hall and soon walked down his beloved betrothal, she was the eptimy of beauty, and her long black hair flowed down to her mid back and mixed with the forest green of her dress. Sara's vibrant brown eyes looked radiant in the dim light, with an almost practice grace about her she took his hand and he took her arm. Harry gently gave Sara a slight kiss on her forehead and moved some of her hair away from her right ear and whispered "Fleur has been wishing to be a sex slave to the both of us but unfortunately for her she is destined to be just a breeder. For her to even be accepted into the tribe we must purge the human blood from her veins and return her to her races original state."

Sara nodded and said "Yes she is aroused right now and I can tell she would be a great breeder just as her ancestor's ages ago. She would provide fine foals for the heard. She has proven she is resourceful and he race was said that they could take any cock in them. I think you should have sex with her as a centaur to show just how dominate you are compared to her. If she gets this aroused but just looking at you in this form then she probably would cream herself looking at your true form."

Harry gave a laugh and said "Maybe later we can fuck her as a centaur but right now it would be better for us in the long run to fuck her like this. Plus I think you could fuck her with that transfigured cock of yours."

It was Sara's turn to laugh and she responded "Well then let's go into the ball room and have our fun, lets arouse her as much as possible, I hope she is wearing panties because I know that she will be creaming herself by the end of the night in that dress."

Harry and Sara had a wonderful time dancing the night away and from the looks that they had been giving Fleur she had a clear blush on her face while rubbing her legs together. The two of them made sure that they were near her within 20 to 30 feet to make sure she did not dismiss herself and to keep her aroused and ready for the remainder of the night ahead but this was also a double edged sword as the two Asian beauties here also caught up in his snare as a side product. As the ball wound down to a close around 11 pm, Sara and Harry slowly made their way up to their room with Fleur following closely behind them trying not to arouse suspission. The two noticed and kept their door open just so she could get into the room.

Harry smiled at the sleeping vissiges of Ginny and Hermione sleeping on the couch and Hermione was only clad in a thick disposable diaper while sucking her thumb while Ginny was just in a pair of panties. Gently he went over to the two of them and said "It's time for you two girls to go to bed your master and mistress have returned." His voice was full of love and compassion as the two woke and slowly made their way to their combined room. Harry and Sara turned around again to face Fleur and said "You want to serve me, if so strip."

Fleur obeyed his orders and stood before him in her birthday suit and she was shaven so that was one thing that did not need to be done. She stood strait and tall almost proudly showing off her assets to her new master and almost like a prized hog Harry circled her eyeing her body up and down looking at every detail on her. He swung his hand back and gave her ass a firm slap causing the girl to squeal in shock. Harry smiled at her reaction and gently placed his hand on her pussy. He felt the heat and the wetness coming from her core. Harry smiled again at her reaction and started to draw several seals in many different languages while beginning to chant in many dialects as he drew. Fleur's body was wracked with pain as each seal was burned into her skin and imidiatly healed to revele perfect flawless skin. Fleur could hardly stand pain to begin with so each seal was like a knifr digging into her skin over and over again.

Harry soon picked up the chant and Fleur was compelled to lie on the ground spread eagle. Her C-cups soon started to swell to the point where they started to hurt her back and she was wracked with pain. When she chould hardly take it no more the pain stoped and was replaced with unimanginable pleasure. She felt her pussy lips being spread and cocks starting to enter it. She let out a small moan of pure pleasure as he ass cheeks were spread and a phantom cock entered into her delicate rosebud. In the deepest reaches of her mind she knew that this is what her race was meant to do. Her thoughts were soon striped of her and her knowledge of everything was soon replaced with knowledge of just about sex. All that she had done was striped of her but all she cared about was sex.

The tournament had no more say and her sex appeal was increased tenfold. Her magic no longer bound itself to the tournament and when she woke ut of her trance like state she only saw the cock right in her face. She willingly started to suck on it to get uts precious milk from it to nourish her body. Hastily and almost if she was starving she began to bob her head on it. She moaned as the cock started to swell and she moaned as it shot seven loads into her mouth. Fleur smiled with some of the cum leaking out of her mouth for her mouth to be covered again with a pussy. She began to lap at its folds not caring who or what she was licking all she knew was that she was getting nourishment for her body. She heard a voice saying "You like doing this don't you slut, your now our herds public property and every time you can get pregnant you will. Hogwarts will not protect you from getting pregnant as you are now a creature that it reconises as a slut on her back. Your kind use to work in the brothels of ancient Greece and Rome, it should be an honor for you to be like this."

Fleur could understand the woman but did not care as the woman orgasmined into her mouth causing her to hastily drink what she could along with the male's cum she was given. Her lust filled eyes widened further as her wet pussy lips were spread apart and the cock she was sucking on was shoved inside of her. She moaned even louder till another pussy was shoved in her face and she moaned and groaned into it.

By the end of the night Fleur was covered in sticky cum and looked well fucked. Hermione had a shit eating grin on her face and layed down on her mistress's breast and said "She is a fine sex toy, a credit to her race."

Harry let out an exhausted laugh and kissed Hermione on the cheek and said "Time to get you ready for bed my little girl."

Hermione giggled and lewdly shoved her ass onto Harry's cock and said "I have been a naughty girl daddy, can you punish me?"

Harry sighed at Hermione's antics and grinned and said "I am going to punish you but today it will not be a spanking because I feel like you enjoy them so much." Harry watched as Hermione rubbed her legs together and continued "So I want you to stand in the corner and wait for me to get ready."

Almost eagerly Hermione ran over to the corner and placed her nose in but did not look to see what her master was doing. When she heard that he was done she turned around to see a pair of chains hanging from the ceiling and Harry opened the loops. Hermione hesitantly placed her hands in the shackles for them to close shut on her wrists. She felt the chains pull her up and she began to shake fearing a whip striking her back she jumped when she felt Harry's hand running across her bare back and butt. Harry said "Slut if this is too much for you tell me now and I will let you down."

Hermione continued to shake in pure fear and Harry let her down for Hermione to latch onto him. She was shaking in pure fear as Harry rubbed her back and whispered "It's over they will not hurt you any more I will not let them. If somehow they do escape I will protect you as well as my herd. You don't have to worry about a thing."

Still shaken Hermione looked up and asked "What were you going to do master?"

Harry ran his hand down her cheek and said "I was going to use an oak paddle on your butt but you were shaken too much that it would be cruel to do that to you."

Hermione sighed in relief and snuggled right next to the crook of his neck. Harry smiled and said "Lets get you to bed, I think you had a long enough day."

Hermione let out a yawn as Harry placed her nude body on the ground and went into the diaper stash they had just for Hermione was diapered for the night in a bright pink one.

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