I don't remember much about my parents. They sent me here, the orphanage, when I was barely one and I've been here ever since. Gloria said they just broke in and put me in here. Nobody knows why they did it. Maybe they were poor and couldn't afford to feed me or something like that, or my favorite fantasie is that they were part of the Mafia and out of there love in passion they had me, but it was unsafe for a baby to be part of the mob so they put me in this orphanage until I get old enough to join. Yeah I like that! But unfortunately it's probably a lame story about how they weren't ready to be parents or something.

"Lucy," Gloria yelled out, interrupting Lucy's thoughts. "Hurry up or you'll be late for school!"

"Hold on Gloria," Lucy screamed back. "I am doing something right now!"

"Well just hurry!"

Any way as I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted, is that I don't know anything about my parents because they put me here...in hell. Where people look at you differently because you have no parents and your ordered around by a middle-aged women with four cats. That's my life. And I'd be lying to you if I didn't say I loved it. No I'm sorry I'm lying! My name is Lucille welcome to hell. When I get older things will be different I'll be Lucile the first Queen of the..world..no the universe! Yes I can see it now! All the savages looking up at me in my glory. I hear them saying, "All hail Queen Lucille ruler of the universe," then once I'm queen I'll be able to find my parents and learn the truth. I'm unknown.

"Lucy I said come on," Gloria yanked Lucy out of her seat and dragged her to the van. "We've been waiting for you!"

"We've been waiting for you," Lucy mocked.

"Oh your such a narcissist," Gloria said as she started the car. "Now you better be good in this school or-"

"Or what," Lucy asked.

"Or I'll kick you out and put you on the streets!"

"I guess this school is getting blown up then!"

"You have been kicked out of so many schools," Gloria explained. "It's getting annoying."


Gloria stopped the car in front of a school. "Welcome to Middleton Junior High"

"Other wise hell," Lucy said getting out of the van.

"Watch the language," Gloria said before driving off.

Lucy saw kids her own age walking in to school with their friends. They all seemed happy, but why? They were going to school. School doesn't make you happy. The bell rang and Lucy started to walk in. Children were walking all smushed up together and it was very claustrophobic.

"Where is the main office," she asked some kid. The kid pointed to a door then went off another direction. She walked into the office and went up to the secretary.

"Yes may I help you," a large lady with funky glasses asked.

"Um yes I'm a new student...and I..."

"Ah yes Miss Lucille," a built man walked up to Lucy holding papers. "My name is Principle Barkin. It's not Mr.B or Mister, you got it?" Lucy nodded. "I've read your files and I can see we are in the presence of a trouble maker."

"Guilty as charged," she said with a nod.

"That wasn't a compliment," he announced as he led her to her home room. "Middleton Jr High doesn't tolerate behavior like yours."

"Well sir, it's only my first day of school," Lucy explained. "I have to learn the school before I do any damage."

"That wasn't funny Lucille," he remarked.

"It wasn't suppose to be," she replied.

"Your home room will be ," told her as he opened the door. They walked in and suddenly all the noise the kids were making grew silent and they turned towards Lucy. " this is our new student Lucille."

"Hello Lucille," the young blonde headed woman greeted. "I'm your new home room teacher."

"Hi," Lucy said awkwardly. "But you can call me Lucy."

"Well Lucy you can take a seat next to Donny," said. "Donny raise your hand." A red-headed boy raised his hand and Lucy went up and sat next to him. Principle Barkin left and the teacher continued talking.

"Hi I'm Donald Stoppable," the boy introduced.

"Hi," she greeted. "Lucy"

"I can show you around if you want," he offered.

"Wel..um.." She was about to say no, but then she thought the sooner she gets to know about the school the sooner she gets kicked out. "Sure" She smiled.