"And we're off to the Bahamas," Lucy said lifting the car up. They were off to their adventure.

"Lucy," Donny spoke. "You do realize that the Bahamas is that way," he pointed behind them.

"And now were off," she announced, turning the flying car around. Donny just smiled at her.

They drove through towns. People would look up at them weirdly. Lucy would give them a certain finger. The children drove for hours. They could barely keep awake, but they did.

"Look!" All of a sudden Donny's tiredness didn't matter. "We're here! We are here! We have made it! Woo hoo!"

"I don't see anything," Lucy explained. "All I see is the ocean."

"That's where Doctor Cyrus Bortel lives," Donny told her. "Under the water."

"How strange," she commented. "Where do we enter from?"

"If my memories correct," he said. "It's somewhere on an island...well it's not an island, but it looks like one.."

"Okay," Lucy replied, confused. "I'll keep my eyes out for a non island. How hard could it be...I mean a thing that looks like an island...that will be so easy to...Oh there it is," she noticed. Donny was right. It looked exactly like an island, but it was small.

They landed on the non Island. "What makes this different from other Islands," Lucy asked as Donny was looking for something on the Island. He was stomping his feet. "I think the other Islands are jealous," she joked. Donny continued to stomp the ground. He stomped one last time. A metal sound was heard. "What in the world!"

"You wanna know the difference between this island and others," he said,opening a hidden door covered in the sand. "This is the difference."

Inside the hidden door were stairs. "Now I know the difference," she took a step inside, with Donny close behind. "How...how do you know all this?"

"My mom," Donny explained. "She tells me stories about her missions."

"Your mom has missions," Lucy asked.

"Well she use to," he announced. "Since me and my sisters were born she rarely goes on them."

"You have sisters?"

"Two," Donny said. "Both annoying."

"It must be nice to have siblings," Lucy said.

"No, not really," he remarked.

Lucy looked around the dark stair way. "I'm surprised he doesn't have any bodyguards..or something."

"He says he doesn't believe in that," Donny explained. "But I think he just doesn't want people to steal his ideas."

"It must be nice to have people who care," she commented.

"You have people who care," Donny announced. "You have Gloria..."

"...Gloria?" Lucy interrupted. "Gloria doesn't care about me. She's just doing her job."

"I don't believe that," he said. "I think she loves you."

"Yeah whatever," she remarked, childishly.

"And then you have..me," he smiled.

"Now you," she smiled at him. "I believe you care." She stopped him and kissed him on the cheek.

"What...what was that for," he asked, blushing a little.

"Just a thanks," she continued walking. "You really have been there for me." He caught up to her.

"Uh...uh..no problem..."

They walked for a few minutes, until they got to a door.

"This is it," Donny explained as he opened the door.

The room was cold and dark. Nobody seemed to be there at the time. The Doctor was a true inventor. He had all types of machines and devices spread around the room.

"Where do you think the device is," he asked.

"I don't know," Lucy explained. "You look over there," she pointed to her right. "I'll look here." Donny nodded his head and started looking for the object. He looked for a while. Then he got shoved to a corner. Someone was covering his mouth. He was mumbling and trying to break free.

"It's okay Donny," Kim whispered, coming up to him. "It's just us." Donny looked up and saw his dad, who was the person covering Donny's mouth. "Now Donny you need to listen to me very carefully." Ron removed his hand from his son's mouth. "I know you want to help your friend, but there is a reason why those people destroyed the device. Those were Lucy's parents," she explained. Donny had a confused look on his face. "They don't want Lucy to know the truth because they want to protect her. You see Lucy's parents aren't..good..people. They did some things in the past that were bad."

"They were villains," Donny said. Kim nodded her head.

"But one day they saved the world. The other villain weren't too happy about that. Then they had Lucy and that just made the villains more angry," she said. "One day some villains came and attacked their house..."

"...Wait a minute," Donny remembered the house. "I..I think we were there..."

"Well they attacked their home and almost took Lucy," Kim explained.

"What? Why? How do you know this," he asked, very confused.

"Her parents told me," she answered. "You have to promise me something Donny," She looked into Donny's eyes. "Keep the Recall device away from her. Can you do that?" Donny stared at his mother.


"Donny," Lucy called out. "Where are you? I think I found it!"

"Donny, please," Kim said, before she and Ron left.

"There you are," Lucy found him. "Come on I found it!" She took his hand and dragged him to where she had found the device.

"Uh Lucy," Donny started. "Maybe we should..uh."

"Thanks again Donny," she smiled. Then Lucy grabbed the device.

"Lucy..I think we...we should uh..just go home," he said.

"What are you talking about," Lucy asked. "We're here and I have the device in my hand."

"I...I don't think you should know who your parents are," Donny lied. "I mean they obviously have a good reason for leaving you at the orphanage and-"

"And what?" Lucy interrupted. "You know I thought you were different from the others!"

"I am," he explained. "I just don't want to see you hurt."

"Donny that is bull!"

"Lucy what if..if..they..your parents did something bad or something that left you hurt," Donny announced. "What if they aren't who you think they are?"

"They'll be my parents," she explained. "All I ever wanted was to know them."

"Lucy what if you don't like what you see," he asked.

"I don't care," Lucy said, calmly.

"Who are you? What are you doing in my lab? You are spies," the doctor came running in. "What are you doing with my Recall device? Put that down!"

"Okay," Donny agreed and shoved her into a room. "Then use it quick! You deserve to know the truth!"

"Thanks," Lucy called out from behind the door.

"She can't use that," the Doctor explained. "That was my first device...it has some errors! Why is she using that?"

"Errors?" Donny asked.

"Yes," the doctor opened the door. "It only shows the bad memories and-"

When they opened the door Lucy was on the floor with the device on her head. She was panicking and screaming.

"It's too late," the doctor explained. "The memories are already in her head. They stared at Lucy.

A big explosion was heard. Someone was screaming. A man was holding Lucy tight. Then somebody knocked him down. Lucy was dropped. She was crying hysterically. The man was reaching for Lucy, but someone else grabbed her. The person seemed mean and was holding Lucy too tight. A fire had started in the house. The man was calling out to Lucy. Vines began to grow in the house. The person holding Lucy turned to her.

"I'm going to kill you," he explained.

"What's happening," Donny screamed.

"All the horrible memories of her life are streaming through her mind at lightning speed."

"No one loves you!"

"What a rude child!"

"You don't belong!"

"Your parents are lucky they don't have to deal with you everyday!"

"Be quiet!"

"Nobody loves you!"

"We..we have to help her," Donny explained, coming up to Lucy.

"We can't!"

"What happened," Kim asked, as the adults came running into the room. Lucy was screaming and shouting.

"What's the matter with her," Shego asked.

"Stupid, here," the doctor pointed at Donny. "Gave her my first Recall device, which was a horrible fail."

"I'm...I'm sorry...It was an accident...she deserves to know the truth!" Donny explained.

"Why would you do that," Shego screamed as her hands began to glow.

"I'm sorry," was all that could come out of Donny's mouth.

"You don't need them," the device had taken a mind of its own. "You have me. I won't hurt you. We can destroy them all." The device connected into Lucy's head. "Together we can rule the world." Lucy nodded her head.

"Yes," Lucy mumbled.

"What's happening," Ron asked.

Lucy got up off the ground. Her eyes were closed. She didn't seem herself.

"..Lu...Lucy?" Donny spoke.

Her eyes opened and were glowing white. "I prefer Lucille."