They survived falling in love and having four (count 'em, FOUR) children. Now, Geekward and Nerdella are parents of teenagers. Say a prayer for them for they are in for a bumpy ride. Kyra is being a brat, displaying actions akin to her uncle who is nearing the end of his life on death row. Owen is a geek, like his dad. Then there is Mia and Masen, the twins. They're still cute and adorable. Well, as cute and adorable as twelve year olds can be.

Let's not forget Alice, Jasper, Adam, and Gianna (the Whitlocks), Justin, Alex and Demetri (the Volturis), Esme and Marcus (the Volturis), Tim, Rose, Ava and Lucas (the Napletons) and our antagonist, Jacob Black. Emmett will also make a brief appearance in this story, too. But he's not causing drama. His final goodbye, as it were.

Surviving the Teenage Dream

Chapter One: Meet the Cullens, Again…


"Owen, careful with the brakes," I barked. He was pumping the brakes of my car, causing it to jerk and give his old man a concussion against the seat rest. "You just need to tap them."

"Sorry, Dad," he grumbled as he eased up on the pedal. He pushed his glasses up his face and sighed. "I'm never going to get this. Why do I suck?"

"You do not suck," I said as I put my hand on his shoulder. "Who told you that? I'll kick their butts, or ground them if they're one of your siblings."

"It's nothing, Dad," he sighed. He pulled into a parking spot, putting the car into park and got out. I frowned at his actions and at his now sullen attitude. He'd become more and more withdrawn since his sixteenth birthday. Owen had always been a quiet child, but at least he had a crooked smile on his face and was a happy kid. Now, he's just depressed and sad. In fact, our house has been pretty sedate since Kyra's temper tantrum just prior to Homecoming. I moved the driver's side of the car while Owen slunk into the passenger seat. He took out his iPod and put in his ear buds, effectively cutting off communication with me.

I miss my sweet children. They were so adorable when they were babies. They loved conditionally and didn't give lip.

With a sigh, I drove around Wheaton until I got to the Oberweiss off of Butterfield. I poked Owen with my elbow and nodded to the ice cream shop. With a sigh, Owen got out of the car and we went inside, ordering a brownie sundae to share. I wanted some chocolate and REAL ice cream since my lovely wife had me a diet of frozen yogurt and healthy shit. Blech. "Owen, talk to me," I murmured as we sat down in a booth. "I know that something's up. You have the same look in your eyes that I did when I was your age."

"You won't laugh?" he whispered, his hazel eyes widening.

"Never, Owen. I love you and want to make sure you're happy," I said as I put my hand on his forearm.

Owen sighed, running his hands through his unruly hair. "I'm just…shit," he mumbled. "I don't want to get anyone into trouble."

"Owen, if you're being hurt or bullied, I need you to tell me," I said.

"It's Kyra, Dad," he said. "She puts on this act at home that she's 'better,' but at school, her and her cronies, Mackenzie, Madelyn and Kimmie, they find ways to torture me. Though, it's Mackenzie who is the worse. Kyra doesn't actively do anything but she doesn't stop it, either. Kyra used to be my best friend and now she's turned into one of those bitches at school who tease other kids who aren't cool. I'm not the only one but I'm their biggest target."

I pursed my lips, extremely disappointed in my daughter. We taught her better than this. Despite the fact that she wasn't an active part of the bullying, her passive behavior toward the situation wasn't helping her brother. At. All. Or her situation with her punishment. "I shouldn't have said anything," Owen mumbled. He pushed his glasses and shoveled the ice cream into his mouth.

"NO! Owen, you were right in telling me," I said. He scowled at me. "No child should be bullied or teased. What your sister is doing is highly inappropriate. She's your sister. Your blood. She should be your biggest advocate. Not your enemy."

"Uncle Emmett was your enemy," Owen said.

"Who told you about him?" I asked, arching a brow.

"Aunt Ali," Owen replied. "I was talking to Adam and she overheard what I was saying to him. Aunt Ali told me about how Uncle Emmett tortured you as a kid and did all of those horrible things to you as an adult."

"How much did she say?"

"Not much. Just that Uncle Emmett was the devil here on earth," he shrugged.

"Well, I'll tell you about Uncle Emmett, but not now. I'll probably do it with both you and your sister. She needs to know about him and how her behavior is very similar to his," I said angrily. "She obviously is not doing the same thing. However, she needs to understand that her actions are having some serious consequences. Have you told your teachers?" Owen shook his head, his head dropping as his hair flopped in front of his eyes. I pinched my nose and took out my cell phone, sending a text to Bella.

Owen just confessed that Kyra has been involved in bullying him. We need to talk to the two of them. ASAP. – E

I swear that girl is going to spend her senior year on punishment. I'm so disappointed in her. When are you coming home? – B

A half hour. We're finishing up some manly bonding – E

Are you eating unhealthy food? EDWARD! The doctor… - B

The doctor will not begrudge an ice cream with my son… - E

I'll be home soon, gorgeous. Love you – E

Love you, too – B

"Let's finish our ice cream, Owen. When we get home, we're having a family meeting," I said. He nodded and inhaled the rest of the brownie sundae, leaving me two bites. "Thanks for saving me some, bud."

"You know that Mom will kick your ass if she knew that you had ice cream, Dad," he smirked as he popped the last brownie in his mouth. I growled as I picked up the bowl, depositing it into the garbage. "Can I try driving home?"

"You can, but please, I beg of you, be kind to my brakes," I snorted, handing him my keys. We drove back to our home and parked in the driveway. I got a few new gray hairs from that drive. Owen sped up too quickly and slammed on the brakes too hard. The kid was giving me whiplash.

Owen and I walked into the family room, where the rest of my children were located. Bella was curled up on the couch, typing on her laptop. Mia was reading a book. Masen was playing with his PSP. Kyra was working on homework.

"Hey, Daddy," Mia said as she looked at me. Her smile radiated from inside and she reminded me so much of Bella. She looked so much like my wife. "Owen, how was the driving lesson?"

"It was good," he said as he sat down next to his little sister. "This book is good but the second one in the series is much better. I read it in like a day."

"Do you have it? I borrowed this from my friend, Cassie," Mia said.

"I do. Upstairs in my room," Owen said as he hugged her. "When you're done with this one, I'll give you my copy of the second book."

"Thanks, Owen," Mia replied gratefully. He hugged her and kissed her forehead.

"Dad, you look like you're about to murder someone," Masen chuckled. "Your vein is throbbing."

I rubbed my forehead and looked at my youngest son. "I don't want to murder anyone," I said. "I do want to talk to you guys."

"Another talk?" Kyra griped. She shoved her homework away, rolling her eyes dramatically.

"Kyra Marie Cullen," Bella snapped. "Need I remind you about your attitude?" Kyra wrinkled her nose and plastered on a fake smile. I sat down next to Bella who put her laptop on the cocktail table. I took her hand briefly, squeezing it for support.

"Yeah, we need to talk," I said. "No one is leaving until I'm done. Got it?"

"What is it, Daddy?" Mia asked her brow furrowing.

"Did you know that I have another sibling? Besides Aunt Ali and Uncle Demetri?" I asked. Mia and Masen shook their heads. Owen bit his lip, shooting a look at Kyra. Kyra ducked her head and pulled her legs up to her chin. "Well, I do. His name is Emmett and he's in jail."

"Why is he in jail?" Masen asked his brown eyes were filled with curiosity.

"Emmett is a very mean and bad man," Bella said when I hesitated. Despite the several years of therapy I received after Emmett's incarceration, I still struggled talking about him and how he made my life hell.

"That's putting it lightly," I said. "My brother, Emmett, he tormented me when I was younger. He teased me, bullied me and made my life hell. I was the 'thorn' in his side because apparently, I took Nana Esme's attention from him. So, Emmett made fun of me. A lot. All the way through my adulthood, he teased me. However, at his birthday party about twenty years ago, I had had enough. Aunt Ali and I prepared a video that showed how awful he was. Along with teasing me, he also stole money from the law firm he worked at, slept with women for money, did drugs and gambled illegally. This video was displayed at the party and long story short, Emmett was arrested after losing his temper. He attacked me and broke my nose, gave me a nasty concussion and did some damage to my ribs."

"Are you alright, Daddy?" Mia asked as she clambered into my lap. She hugged me tightly.

"I'm fine, now, sweet girl," I said as I soothed my daughter, rubbing her back. I kissed her forehead and tucked her to my side. "It happened a long time ago. Anyhow, Emmett was put on trial for his crimes. The trial started right after your mom and I got married. The star witness for the prosecution was my dad. My real dad."

"Not Marcus?" Owen asked.

"Yeah. Carlisle," I replied. "Carlisle went up on the witness stand, explaining in detail how Emmett screwed over his law firm and made all of these bad decisions. Emmett was livid. I never saw him that mad before. He couldn't even perform his cross examination. So, he asked for a recess and it was granted by the judge. The night of Carlisle's testimony, he was attacked and ultimately killed."

"By who?" Kyra asked her golden eyes filled with tears.

"Emmett," I answered. "He carved in his initials into my dad's stomach after he beat him to a pulp. My dad lived for some time after his attack but the doctors explained that he'd be a vegetable if he survived. I was given medical power of attorney. He went into cardiac arrest and I told them to not to go through drastic measures. My real dad was an ass like Emmett, but I hated having to tell the doctors to stop.

"Then, Emmett disappeared off the face of the planet, for a time. It appeared he was just biding his time in a small town in Washington State called Forks. He met up with a woman there, named Lauren. She was hired at Whitlock, trying to gain reconnaissance on our family."

"But Lauren was dumber than a box of rocks," Bella snorted. "She got fired after a month of working at Whitlock. She would shamelessly flirt with your dad, Uncle Jasper and any other straight man in the office. However, the straw that broke the camel's back was when she verbally attacked me shortly after Kyra was born."

"A week after that, Lauren was found floating in the Chicago River. Emmett had killed her, too. He carved that he was back with his initials into her belly. Anyhow, for nearly a year and half, Emmett tormented us with his psychological mind games, culminating in a showdown at a Foundation location in Naperville."

"There's no Foundation location in Naperville," Owen said.

"Exactly. After what happened with Emmett, we pulled out of there. He planted a bomb in the building, shot Uncle Alex, Uncle Mattie and beat me to a pulp, again," I replied. "Grandpa Charlie shot Emmett and he was arrested. His new trial was in July and he realized that he could never win with the fifty-seven counts against him, including two charges of murder and three charges of attempted murder. I met up with him after he conceded and admitted his guilt. I gave him the proverbial finger. During the sentencing, I was with your mom at a doctor's appointment while she was pregnant with Owen."

"What was his sentence?" Kyra asked, her lip quivering.

"He's set to be executed right after the first of the year," I answered.

"Have you talked to Emmett since?" Owen asked.

"No. He's sent letters to me but I've thrown away before I read them," I shrugged. "He's tried to atone for his sins but there's nothing he can do to get me to forgive him. He killed at minimum two people, with an additional two others in other states."

"Now, I bet your wondering why your dad shared that with you," Bella said. Everyone nodded. "First off, it's not easy to talk about. For either of us. Emmett hurt both of us in ways we hope that none of you have to understand."

"But, I'm seeing some of the same behavior in this household. Obviously, not the murdering but the teasing and taunting," I said sternly. "That is one thing that has no place in this house."

"I don't see any teasing," Kyra said, with a sugary sweet smile. "Everything's great, right?"

"No, Kyra. It's not," Owen snarled. His eyes narrowed behind his glasses at his older sister. She whimpered and shrunk a bit in her seat.

"Mia and Masen, can you go up to your rooms?" Bella asked. "We have some things to discuss with Kyra and Owen."

"Kay," they both replied.

"I love you, both," I said as I hugged Mia who was still in my lap. Masen gave me a hug as well before they went up to their rooms. I turned back to my two oldest children. Owen was glowering at his sister. She was staring indignantly back at him. "Now, the both of you, I don't know what happened to your relationship but this needs to stop."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Kyra said, arching a brow at me.

"Bullshit, Kyra," Owen spat. "I told Dad about your little bitch friends who tease me all of the time. You do NOTHING!"

"Maybe you should stick up for yourself, Owen," she retorted back.

"I do but a little back up from my sister would be helpful. They're calling me a fag and asslicker. I'm not gay."

Kyra rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Owen. Get a girlfriend and those rumors will stop," she said with a dismissive wave her hand.

"It's a little hard when your friends are spreading the rumors that I'm a fag and that I take it in the ass, Kyra," Owen snapped. "The one girl I liked blew me off because of those rumors. We were supposed to go to homecoming, but she bailed on me last minute." Kyra's cheeks paled. "Let me guess, you had something to do with that? Figures. God, you're such a bitch, K. You used to have my back but now, you're a heartless, cold-hearted wench who only thinks of herself." Owen shot up and stomped to the door, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Do you have anything to say?" Bella asked her voice as cold as ice. Her eyes were on Kyra who was fussing with her sweater. "Nothing?"

"What do you want me to say? Commit social suicide in order to help Owen?" she wailed.

"Aunt Ali did that for me," I said sternly. "Nothing matters but your family. Your friends will change over the course of your life, but your brothers and sister; they're all you have, besides your mom and me. We're not going to be here forever. This behavior is aging me more than the situation with Emmett, Kyra."

"I don't know what to do," Kyra said, her eyes filling with tears. "Owen, you know I love you, right?"

"You have a really shitty way of showing it, K," Owen said quietly. "If you loved me, you'd stick up for me against your bitchy friends. You wouldn't go around spreading those rumors. You'd stop them."

"Kyra, if these friends of yours cannot respect your brother, you may have to reexamine your friendships," Bella suggested. "Their teasing of Owen is causing a rift between you and your brother, not to mention the issues with us. You still have yet to apologize for your outburst prior to Homecoming." She mumbled something and crossed her arms over her chest. "Is that your apology? If it is, I couldn't hear it."

"I said I was sorry," she spat.

"Doesn't sound very genuine, Kyra," Owen chuckled humorlessly. "It's obvious that Kyra has made her choice. She's going to choose her bitchy friends over her family. I'm going upstairs to practice my violin. Thanks for the driving lesson, Dad." He sulked as he left the room.

"Kyra, I don't know what to do with you," Bella said as she pulled at her hair. "Do you not see how your behavior is affecting your brother? Affecting your family?"

"I see it but he's so sensitive," Kyra said.

"No, he's not, Kyra," I replied. "He's the most even-keeled kid I've ever met besides your cousin, Adam. He takes everything in stride and would do absolutely ANYTHING for you. If someone spoke badly about you, he'd jump at your defense, no matter who it was."

"He's done it already," Kyra murmured. "When I told Stephen that I couldn't go to the dance with him, he started spreading rumors about me about my tyrannical parents. He also said that I was pregnant with my daddy's love child."

Ugh, gross. What school are we sending our children to?

"Anyhow, Owen got into Stephen's face about the rumors he was spreading. He pretty much told him to fuck off and to go spread his lies somewhere else," Kyra whispered. "Owen got into trouble with his teacher but ended up having a lunch detention because of his outburst." Tears were falling freely over her cheeks and she curled up on the couch. "I fucked up, didn't I?"

"You did but you can make it better, Kyra," Bella said as she ran her fingers through our daughter's hair. "You need to rebuild your relationship with your brother, with your family. I can't speak for your dad, but I miss my sweet girl. You know, the one who is respectful, who loves her family and gives her affection freely without any pretense. "

"I miss her, too," I said as I sat next to my daughter. "Kyra, we've been disappointed in your behavior, but you have to know that we don't love you any less. We don't like you much, but we still love you immensely."

"I'm so sorry," she wailed as she threw her arms around Bella, sobbing freely. "I don't know…Mackenzie forces me…I'm such a bitch!" She clutched to Bella as she cried hysterically. Yeah, my daughter is quite the drama queen. It was obvious that his girl, Mackenzie was the culprit behind my daughter's recent changes in her behavior.

After an hour of crying, Kyra sniffled and went upstairs to her room to take a nap. Bella and I looked at each other, mentally and emotionally exhausted from the afternoon. Then, she smacked me. "You had ice cream!" She was pointing on my shirt where a drop fell.

"Two bites!" I whimpered, rubbing my arm. "Owen ate most of it. He deserved it after the hellish driving lesson and unloading the drama with his sister."

"Fine," she scowled. "You better behave, Cullen. I don't think I can handle these guys without you. You can't have a heart attack or stroke out because of your cholesterol." She sighed and curled up against me. "I can't lose you, Edward."

"I'm not going anywhere, gorgeous," I said against her hair. "I love you and you're stuck with me for another fifty years."

"Dude, you'd be ninety-eight," Bella snorted.

"I'd still get hard for you, Bella," I said, kissing her lips softly.

"So romantic, Edward," she giggled.

The rest of the evening was spent in relative quiet. Mia and Masen were watching a movie in the basement with a couple of friends they invited over. Owen was practicing his violin something fierce in his room and Kyra was crying. Bella and I were sitting on the couch in the family room, watching some television. She was curled to my side, idly rubbing circles on my belly. "I miss our children, Edward. The relationships they had with each other…they're not the same."

"I know, gorgeous," I said as I kissed her forehead. "I'm hopeful that this conversation we had with Owen and Kyra helped them rebuild their friendship. I hate it when they fight."

"Me, too," she said as she moved closer.

"Have you met this Mackenzie?" I asked.

"Once. She seemed nice when she was at the house. She was respectful and polite. Obviously, that's a front, hiding her true behavior of being a devil spawn," Bella chuckled darkly.

"Mom!" called Mia. She scampered up to where we were cuddled. "Dad…can Gianna and Taylor stay overnight?"

"Is it alright with their parents?" I asked.

"Aunt Ali said that she's having a date night with Uncle Jasper," Mia explained. "Taylor is staying with her grandparents since her parents are out of town, celebrating their anniversary. Taylor's grandma said it was okay, if it was cool with you."

"That's fine," Bella said. "Do you want to stay in the basement or in your room?"

"Room, please. Masen, Ryan and Kyle want the basement," Mia explained.

"So, Ryan and Kyle are staying too?" Bella chuckled.

"MASE! You said you asked!" Mia bellowed.

"Can Ryan and Kyle spend the night?" Masen screamed from the basement.

"Did they ask their parents?" I yelled.

"They're cool," Masen said as he ran up the stairs. "Please, Dad? Please?"

"Fine," I conceded. Bella and I divided and conquered. I set up the basement for the boys while Bella worked on Mia's room for the girls. The rooms were set up and we told them to go to bed at a decent hour before saying goodnight to Kyra and Owen. Kyra was already asleep and Owen was now reading on his e-reader. "Good night, Owen. Everything okay?"

"As good as can be expected," he shrugged. "Kyra and I talked but I can tell that it's going to be an uphill battle, Dad. She doesn't want to lose her popularity. Mackenzie is the queen bee at our school. You end a friendship with her and you become a black sheep. Shunned by the teenaged population."

"I so do not miss high school," I said.

"I can't wait until I'm in college, Dad," Owen sighed. "You found your best friend there and you blossomed in college."

"Yes, I met Uncle Jasper in college but I didn't blossom until I met your mom," I said. Owen bit his lip and nodded. "It will get better, bud. I swear."

"I know, Dad. I also know that I'm not the thing that Kyra's friends call me. Besides, if I was, it's okay. I know that you and mom would love me regardless," he said as he hugged me. "I mean, you love Uncle Alex and Uncle Dem."

"Very much," I smiled. "Crazy as both of them are, we love them immensely."

"No, Uncle Alex is the crazy one. Uncle Dem is sane," Owen chuckled. "Speaking of those two love birds, do they know about the surprise anniversary party that you're throwing for them?"

"Not one clue," I said, ruffling his hair. "I'm surprised that Justin has kept it a secret this long. He's a bit of a blabbermouth."

"I think Mom put the fear of God into him, saying that if he said one word that he'd have to spend the entire evening with Uncle Jazz and Aunt Ali, enjoying their meat. Justin blanched and promised to keep his lips sealed. Anyhow, Adam's picking me up to go to out for lunch and then a movie."

"Is he picking up his sister, too?"

"Yeah. Good night, Dad. Thanks for talking to Kyra about all of this and hopefully, it'll work out. Love you," he said as he hugged me. I kissed his cheek and padded to the door. I checked once on the girls giggling in Mia's room. I expected to have Mia scowl at me like Kyra did whenever I 'invaded' her personal space, but I was rewarded with a warm hug from my girl. She mumbled that she loved me and thanked me again for allowing Gianna and Taylor to spend the night. As I left Mia's room, I walked to the bedroom I shared with my wife. I could hear her hissing on the phone. Slipping into the bedroom, I could see Bella pacing in front of our bedroom.

"…How did you find this number? Leave me alone, Jacob!" she snarled. "I haven't talked to you in nearly twenty years and now, NOW, you're calling me to say that you love me? You're delusional."

"Give me the phone, Bella," I said. She pressed her cell phone into my hand. "Black, you are fucked up in the head. Did you not understand my warning about you not contacting her?"

"I have to try," he wailed. "She still loves me. I know she does."

"I don't think so, Jacob," I snarled.

"She picked up the phone. She was talking to me!" he said. "Put her back on, please? PLEASE?!"

"It will be a cold day in hell before I let her talk to you again, Jacob," I spat, hanging up the phone. Immediately after that, it rang again. I turned her phone off. "We're getting you a new number, Bella."

"I just don't understand why now?" she asked as she sat down on our king-sized bed.

"I can do some research or have Charlie do a background check on him," I suggested. "But, you're getting a new number, a new phone and when you travel for the foundation, you're having protection. Perhaps we can call back Ricky or Johnny."

"Ricky is retired and living in Fort Lauderdale," Bella quipped. "Johnny is avoiding Chicago at all costs because of his breakup with Eric. I don't need protection. I'll be fine, angel."

I pulled her over my legs, straddling my waist. "Jacob is obviously not in his right mind. He called you after I explicitly asked him not to," I said as I took her face into my hands. "Just like you give me shit about eating the damn rabbit food, I feel the same way about you. I can't do this without you, Bella. Our children need both of their parents." Bella bit her lip, toying with my hair at the nape of my neck. "So, can I get you protection when you travel for the foundation?"

"If you are unable to come," she said, arching a brow, "then you can provide protection. Okay?"

"Okay," I said as I brushed my lips against hers.

"Hmmmm," she purred. "You know what I need?"

"What's that, gorgeous?" I asked as I kissed down her jaw to her pulse point. I nipped at her soft skin, inhaling her fresh, clean scent.

"I need a reminder of who I belong to," she laughed as I sucked on her neck. "Whose ring I'm wearing. Whose house I live in. Whose children I gave birth to. Whose cock fucks me."

"Holy shit," I whimpered. In my jeans, I felt a stirring in my boxer briefs. "We've got several guests, Bella. You and I both know that we're not quiet."

"A challenge," she snickered. She hopped off my lap, locking the door to our bedroom. "I want you to make love to me, Edward. I want to feel you inside of my body, baby. I want you to make me come with your tongue. I want to suck you off until you're spilling your jizz down my throat." As she said this her hands began unbuttoning her blouse, revealing her black bra underneath the dark fabric. She shrugged off her blouse. My wife of nearly eighteen years looked as gorgeous as she did when I first saw her. Her pale skin was flawless and perfect. Her body changed from having four children, but it was improvements, not detractions. Her breasts were larger, hips were rounder and her ass was perfect for me to grab. She was still slender and sexy as hell, but a more mature version of herself. "You're ogling, Cullen."

"Can't I look at my beautiful wife?" I asked as I stood up, crossing to my bride. I glided my fingers along her warm skin, tracing her collarbones. Nestled between them was her diamond encrusted heart necklace that I gave to her on the eve of our wedding. She never took it off except when she had our children. I never took mine off, either. The key still hung above my heart.

"You can look all you want, Edward. But you're wearing too many clothes," she said as she reached for the hem of my sweater. I ripped the sweater from my body, revealing my bare torso. "Shit, you look so fucking good, Edward." She was giving me open mouthed kisses along my chest, nibbling on my nipples. Her hands reached the belt buckle of my jeans, making quick work of it. Soon, my pants were pooled at my ankles as she kissed down my body toward my now very tight boxer briefs.

"Oh no," I said as I stood her back up. "My recovery time isn't what it used to be, gorgeous. If you give me head, I will not have recovered to make love to my wife."

"But, I want to taste you," she frowned.

"Later," I said as I covered her mouth with mine. I swept her up into my arms, earning a quiet squeak against my lips. I carefully deposited her onto the bed, peeling her jeans off her sexy body. She lay on the bed with her brown hair surrounding her face like a mahogany halo. Her breasts were heaving in their black bra, begging for me to kiss and suckle them. Her skimpy black panties were drenched and glistening from her arousal. I desperately wanted to bury my tongue between her thighs and lick her until she screamed. No screaming tonight, though. She'd have to come silently. "Hmmm, you're all laid out in front of me. What to do first?"

"Edward," she whimpered.

"Take off your panties, Isabella," I said. "I want you to play with yourself."

"But…" she countered.

I pinned her with my body, swiveling my hips against her body. "Do I need to ask you twice, Mrs. Cullen?" I growled. "I want to see how fucking wet you are. Do it. Now." She quickly pulled her panties off her body and spread her legs for me. Her arousal was spilling out of her core. "Take your finger and roll it over your clit, Isabella."

"I'd rather it be you," she said as she snaked her hand between her legs, massaging her slick flesh. "Oh, Edward. I'm so wet. You do that to me. Just by looking at me, I get wet. Listen." She slipped her fingers inside of her body, sloshing them inside of her pussy. "I'm drenched."

"I see that, Isabella," I said as I sat down in front of her. "Take out your hand from your pussy and play with your ass, baby."

"Are you going to fuck my ass, Edward?" she purred.

"Not tonight. We're too loud," I smirked. She frowned as she removed her fingers from her pussy. She turned around and waved her ass toward me before coating her fingers with her juices. Slowly, she inserted a finger into her ass. Her lip disappeared as she bit back a moan. "Feel good?"

"Not as good as your cock," she whispered. "Do you like watching me fuck myself with my fingers?"

"I love it, Isabella. I love you," I said as I moved closer to my fucking sexy wife. "Do you want help or do you want to come with your own hands?"

"I want your tongue inside of me, Edward. Taste me. Eat my pussy," she said as she wiggled her ass some more.

"All in good time, gorgeous," I said as I moved my fingers to her soaked pussy. I slapped it lightly, earning a moan from my girl. Yeah, my wife and I are quite kinky. Not BDSM but we have a healthy sex life. I'm surprised we don't have more children with the amount of sex we have. Oh, right. Bella had me snipped after we had the twins. "Keep fucking your ass with your finger, Bella." She whimpered as she kept moving her finger inside of her ass. I languidly rubbed her clit with my finger tips. With my other hand, I unclasped her bra. Her breasts tumbled out of it as I twisted her nipple.

"Edward, I need more," she pleaded. "I need to feel you. Please?"

"Since you said please," I said as I removed my boxer briefs. "But, next time we make love, I want to watch you make yourself come. I want to see you come all over your hand. You understand me?"

"Yes, angel," she breathed. "Now, fuck me."

"Impatient little thing," I laughed as I lined up my cock with her dripping pussy. Achingly slow, I pushed inside of my wife, being surrounded by her silken walls. Even after all of the time we'd be together, this never grew old. Nothing was perfect as being with my wife, making love to her. "So good, Bella."

"I know," she breathed as she slowly sat up on her knees. She removed her bra and twined her fingers in my hair. Her face was turned toward me as I moved in and out of her from behind. "Touch me, Edward. I want to feel your hands on me."

"Show me where you want me to touch you," I said as I kissed her neck. Bella moaned and took my right hand, guiding it to her swollen bud between her legs. My left hand was placed on her breast. The movements in and out of my wife were slow, reverent and deep. Each stroke inside of her pussy earned a guttural groan from my girl. My beautiful wife. "Feel me, Isabella. Feel me filling your body. It's how much I love you."

"Edward," she whimpered. "So…fuck! I need to feel more of you. Harder, baby."

"No. Tonight is about me loving you, Bella," I crooned against her sweaty temple. "Do you feel me love you?"

"Yes," she gasped as she arched her back against my chest. "I love you. Edward, you are so much more than my husband. Words cannot describe what I feel for you, baby. GOD!"

"Shhhh, gorgeous," I whispered against her mouth. "We need to be quiet, baby." She bit her lip and nodded fervently, staring into my eyes. "You're so perfect, Bella." She squeaked and swiveled her hips against my erection. "That's right, Bella. Move with me. Take me deeper inside of your body, gorgeous. I want to feel you quiver around my cock, Bella. Can you do that for me?"

"Oh, shit. Yes. I can. I'm so close right now, Edward," she whimpered. "Do you feel how wet I am?"

"I do, baby. So wet," I growled as I crashed my lips against hers. My hips began thrusting into my wife more erratically. "Who makes you this wet?"

"You do. The love of my life," she cried as tears came out of her eyes. "I love you, Edward. I love you!"

"I love you more," I said as I increased the speed of my hips, plunging my cock into her warmth. My fingers slid easily over her clit due to her wetness. "Come, Isabella. I can feel you around me. Come for me, baby."

"YES! YES! YES!" she chanted as she clenched around my cock. Her very vocal response triggered mine and I spilled inside of her pulsating walls. I wrapped my arms around her waist as I came hard. Her fingernails dug into my forearm. With one more thrust, I slipped out of Bella's warmth. She fell forward, lying on her side. I curled around her, running my fingers along her arm and kissing her neck. "So much for being quiet," she giggled.

"This is why we're on the opposite end of the house, Bella," I snickered as I turned her head. She smiled, pressing her mouth on mine. "I love you, baby."

"I love you, my Geek Charming," she laughed.

"Some things never change," I sighed.

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