They survived falling in love and having four (count 'em, FOUR) children. Now, Geekward and Nerdella are parents of teenagers. Say a prayer for them for they are in for a bumpy ride. Kyra is being a brat, displaying actions akin to her uncle who is nearing the end of his life on death row. Owen is a geek, like his dad. Then there is Mia and Masen, the twins. They're still cute and adorable. Well, as cute and adorable as twelve year olds can be.

Let's not forget Alice, Jasper, Adam, and Gianna (the Whitlocks), Justin, Alex and Demetri (the Volturis), Esme and Marcus (the Volturis), Tim, Rose, Ava and Lucas (the Napletons) and our antagonist, Jacob Black. Emmett will also make a brief appearance in this story, too. But he's not causing drama. His final goodbye, as it were.

This chapter starts after Demetri and Alex's anniversary. It's Bella and Kyra's trip to find her a job.

Chapter Three: Job Hunts, Mongoloids and Volleyball


"Come on, Kyra," I said. "You've got to pound the pavement." I turned to Owen and let him know that Edward was in charge for making dinner. My sweet boy nodded.

"Ugh! This is so stupid," she growled. "I mean, why do I need a job?"

"You're going to spend the rest of your life working, Kyra," I said as I followed her out to the car. She clambered into the Range Rover. Or The Beast, the third. It's the third Range Rover we've had since we got married. The first one lasted until our tenth anniversary. The second Beast lasted only two years before it got totaled while Jasper was borrowing it to move into his home in Wheaton. Edward was pissed. He made Jasper buy us the third reincarnation of our Beast. Edward also insisted that I get every bell and whistle on the black SUV. Despite my trepidation, I did and we had a nearly $200,000 car.

"You don't work," she said as she buckled her seatbelt.

"Yes, I do. I am Aunt Rose's agent along with the face for the Cullen Children's Foundation. I work my ass off," I said, starting the car. "So does your dad. I agree with his suggestion that you get a job. You'll find something nice and have money for your phone, clothes and hanging out with your friends."

"I can't hang out with my friends," she said bitterly. "I'm grounded, remember?"

"You may be grounded now, but I'm certain that your dad and I are willing to ease up on you once you show us some marked improvement," I said as I drove to the large shopping district on the south side of Wheaton. We started in Town Square. "Where do you want to look?"

"Hmmm, Express, The Gap, Banana Republic and Ann Taylor," Kyra said. "I don't want to work with food."

"Keep in mind that you are inexperienced. Some of those stores will only hire experienced sales associates," I explained.

"How am I supposed to get experience if I don't get hired?" Kyra asked, clearly frustrated by that.

"You start in a smaller store and work your way up," I answered. "We'll go to all of the different stores in here, including the restaurants. Some of these places may not even be hiring." Kyra rolled her eyes and tossed her hair up into a ponytail. She looked lazy and sloppy, wearing just a pair of yoga pants and a fleece. Not exactly an outfit to get a job. We walked into Express first. Kyra looked around, wanting to try on the clothes and not work here.

"Hi!" chirped a pretty girl. "Can I help you find anything?"

I waited for Kyra to respond. She was looking at a shirt that was far too revealing and sexy for her body. I gently nudged her to break her reverie over the top. She shook it off and turned to the attractive blonde girl waiting for an answer. "I was wondering if you're hiring?" she asked in a bored tone.

"Let me get my manager," she said, eyeing Kyra with a look of disdain. She quickly hid it and walked to the register. I could see the blonde girl talking to an older, attractive woman. The girl was pointing to us and the manager sighed before walking over to where we were standing.

"Welcome to Express. I'm Monica, the manager of the store. Can I help you with anything?" she asked professionally.

"Are you hiring?" Kyra asked, playing with her fingernails. She wasn't even looking at Monica.

"Not at this time," Monica replied. "We normally hire season workers at the end of October but we need experienced sales associates. We don't have the time to train new hires. Perhaps try at TJ Maxx to get some experience, hon."

Kyra bristled at Monica's condescending tone. "Fine," she spat, turning on her heel and stomping out of the store.

"I'm sorry," I sighed.

"First job?" Monica snickered. I nodded. "Good luck. The places around here aren't really hiring and no offense to you; they wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole."

"Attitude. I know," I grumbled. "Do you have any suggestions? What places around here are hiring?"

"TJ Maxx is looking for associates at night. Taco Bell, IHOP…" Monica shrugged.

"Thanks," I said as I followed Kyra out of the store. She was already waiting, her arms crossed over her chest. "I spoke with the manager. No one here is hiring."

"What a load of crap," Kyra snarled. "Why do I need a job? This is so stupid."

"Deal with it, Kyra," I said sternly, walking back to my car. She followed behind me, looking longingly at the stores. I got into my vehicle and my daughter followed closely behind. I took a few breaths before speaking again. "Your dad is brilliant in having you get a job. Everything has been handed to you and now you need to learn that you have to work your ass off to get what you want. The life we lead, the extravagant cars, nice house and designer clothing, it's not because we sit around and do nothing all day. Your father and Uncle Jasper started Whitlock Technologies, barely scraping by. I worked as a book editor before I was Aunt Rose's agent. It's our jobs as parents to want to care for our children, but obviously our care for you has now turned into spoiling. You think everything should be handed to you on a platter. Life doesn't work that way, Kyra Marie."

I pulled the car into the parking lot of IHOP. "I said no food, Mom," she said flatly.

"With it being so close to the holiday season, finding a job at a retail shop maybe challenging; they want people who know what they're doing," I explained, again. "Let's try here. You can earn tips if you are extra helpful on top of your wages."

"I'll smell like eggs and syrup. It'll never, ever wash out of my hair," she whined. I shot her a look and she quickly shut up.

Fuck me, I'm ready to strangle my own child. This behavior is driving up the fucking WALL! "Look, Kyra. Your dad told you that you have to get a job. The time where we give you everything is now over," I said tersely. Walking up to the restaurant, I asked for the manager. Kyra was standing behind me, her arms crossed over her chest. After a brief conversation, the only shift that they had an opening in was while she was in school. That wouldn't do so we left. We went to all of the restaurants around Town Square and didn't get any bites. I also took her to Ulta, a makeup store, Old Navy, and TJ Maxx. The shifts they were looking for were during the day. As a last resort, we went to the fast food restaurants and found out that Taco Bell was hiring. The shift was four until ten. It was late, but it fit with Kyra's schedule. Plus, the manager was flexible with having high schoolers working for him. Much to Kyra's chagrin, she was hired on the spot by Lou, the manager, and her first training day was on Tuesday.

Kyra put on a good show for Lou, being courteous but behind her golden eyes, I could see her ire. She hated the fact that she was going to work in Taco Bell. Lou gave her a schedule for two weeks, which consisted of three weekdays and one weekend day per week. If she worked out during this 'probationary' period, he'd add her to schedule permanently. We left Taco Bell. Kyra got into the backseat of the car, putting in her ear buds, effectively cutting off any communication with me.

With a disgruntled sigh, I drove us back home. Secretly, I was happy to go home since today was not pleasant in the slightest. The drive was quiet, save for the blaring music of Kyra's cell phone being blasted in her ears. She was seething in the backseat. I could feel her anger rolling off her in waves. Once I parked the SUV in the garage, Kyra jumped out of the backseat and stomped into the house. I was nearly to the door when it slammed in my face. Aw, hell no! With a snarl, I opened it, listening to Kyra's vitriol.

"…You're single-handedly ruining my life!" she screamed. She sobbed hysterically, running up the stairs.

I walked inside and caught Edward's eyes. My eyes were wide with shock. "What happened?" he asked.

"Kyra got a job," I answered.

"Where?" Mia asked innocently.

"At fucking TACO BELL!" Kyra screamed from the upstairs. "I'm going to be handling dog food!"

"Kyra, Taco Bell isn't that bad," Edward replied. "Think of it this way, you can rise through the ranks and be a manager by the time you graduate."

"I don't want to rise through the ranks," she wailed. "Mom, did you work when you were in high school?"

"I did," I said. "I worked at a diner."

"Dad?" Kyra snarled, leaning over the banister of the stairs.

"I made my money by fixing computers and writing stupid games for the Nintendo and Atari," he answered.

"K, I give private lessons for piano and violin," Owen chimed in. "Masen and Mia help out around the neighborhood with shoveling and doing yard work. You're the only one who doesn't work."

"That's because we're millionaires and shouldn't have to," she spat, getting into Owen's face.

"Owen, Mia, Masen…upstairs," Edward said curtly.

"Are we in trouble, Daddy?" Mia asked.

"No. Kyra is," Edward sighed, rubbing his hand over his face. "We'll continue our movie marathon later. I'll come up and get you guys when we're done."

Owen, Mia and Masen went upstairs while I pointed to the couch in the family room. Kyra huffed, stomping to the leather sofa. Edward was standing in the middle of the family room, pinching the bridge of his nose. I walked over to him, gingerly reaching to touch his hand. His fingers twined with mine. With a brief kiss, he turned to our oldest daughter. "I'm going to say this once, Kyra," he said curtly. "You are not a millionaire. The money that our family has is your mother's and mine. The money you have is what's in your savings account and the checking account that you will start once you begin working. We worked for the money that we use to provide a home, vehicles and food. We work extremely hard."

"You never go to the office," she grumbled, shooting Edward a defiant glare.

"You know the big office I have on the second floor? It's fully equipped with everything I need to complete my job for Whitlock here at the house. That's beside the point," Edward roared. "The point is that what you think you're entitled to, is not handed to you. We've all had to do menial, horrid jobs. Even your siblings know the value of hard work. Mia has more money in her savings account than you do. She's mowed more lawns in the neighborhood than anyone I've ever seen."

Kyra opened her mouth. Afterward, she shut it quickly. She just fell back against the couch, crossing her legs and bouncing it angrily. "It's time to grow up, Kyra," I said quietly. "Next year, you're going off to college."

"Will I have to pay for that, too?" she snapped.

"We're still going to pay for your education," Edward said, his anger barely contained. "Your job is going to pay for your extra things. Your mother and I will still provide for you but the entertainment and extraneous stuff is now your responsibility."

"Seriously, do you hate me?" Kyra whimpered.

"We don't hate you, Kyra," I explained. "Your father and I love you very much. As of late, your behavior has pushed us to the limit and we don't like you very much. Now, you've got some thinking to do and I know about the lab report you have to write up for chemistry. Mr. Brown sent me an email, saying you asked for an extension."

"I don't get it," she replied. "Balancing equations confuses me and yeah."

"I'll try and explain it, Kyra. You need to do the work," Edward said, standing up. "Let's go up to your room and we'll work on your lab report." Kyra stared at him, gawking at his willingness to help. "I want to make sure you're successful in school. I know that chemistry is your weakest subject. I may not be a genius but I can help you with some basic concepts. I'll help you with the math portion of your report."

"Kay," she whispered, brushing her hair away from her face.

"Load it up on your computer and I'll meet you upstairs. If you could let your siblings know that it's safe to come downstairs, that would be great," Edward said quietly. Kyra eyed her father skeptically before leaving the family room. I could hear her yelling that movie night was back on. Her door slammed shut, shaking the ceiling fan above us. "Fuck…"

"I know," I said, leaning my head on Edward's shoulder. "She was horrid today. I'm surprised she was hired by Taco Bell. However, Lou, the manager, seemed to be a hard-ass. Not in the fact that he would hurt Kyra, but perhaps show her the ways of the world. You know?"

"I hope so. Something has got to give," Edward snarled. "I've got such a fucking headache from dealing with all of this drama. When does Kyra start?"

"Tuesday," I answered.

"I'll transfer the car into her name and add her name to the insurance. I'll cover the first six months but after that, she's on her own," Edward replied, kissing my lips softly. "Please, tonight? I need to make love to you. I desperately want you, baby. Something positive, you know?"

"I'm with you, angel," I replied, running my hand through his thick hair. "Tonight, after the kids are asleep, I'm all yours."

"Good," he growled playfully, nipping at my neck. He got up and ran up the stairs as the rest of our children came down. With Owen, Mia and Masen, I watched The Two Towers. Toward the end of the movie, Edward came downstairs. He flopped down next to me, pulling me to his side. I curled up next to him, kissing his neck. Much to our surprise, Kyra came down as well. She sat down on the loveseat with Owen. He ruffled her hair, earning a smack from Kyra but she giggled, putting her head on his lap.

The movie ended at eleven. The kids cleaned up the mess and went upstairs. Kyra stopped in front of both of us, wringing her hands nervously. "Thank you for the help with my project, Dad," she said, shooting him a nervous look.

"You're welcome," he said, giving her a crooked smile. "Do you understand it a little better?"

"Yeah. Why can't you teach my chemistry class?" she laughed.

"Because I'm not a teacher or a chemist," he snorted. "Make sure you turn in your report to Mr. Brown first thing, okay?"

"I will, Dad," she said before turning to me. "Mom, I'm sorry I was such a bitch today while you were dragging me all over trying to find me a job. I know that I've been awful and you're right about everything. I'll try to be better. Thank you for taking time out of your day to help me, even though I was so horrible."

I regarded her for a few moments before responding. Was this apology genuine? Was she manipulating us? Only time will tell. "You're welcome for helping you with the job. I know it's not what you wanted but Lou seems like a nice guy who will teach you a lot."

"Lou?" she asked, furrowing her brows.

"Your boss," I answered.

"Oh." She nibbled her lip and twirled her long brown hair. Yes, when she was a baby, her hair was more bronze like her dad's. As she got older, her hair got darker and was more brown than bronze. In the sunlight, it shone with red highlights but the base tone was a warm auburn-brown. "Well, I'm going to bed. I'm tired since Owen had us up at seven to clean up the backyard. I'll see you tomorrow." She walks until she gets to the kitchen, turning around slightly. "I love you both." Before we could respond, she darts up the stairs and her door clicks shut.

"Holy crap. Was our daughter actually somewhat civil with us?" Edward squeaked, looking back toward the kitchen.

"She was," I laughed. "She said she loved us. I think hell froze over."

"I should have recorded it for prosperity," Edward snorted. "It may be months before we see her act somewhat normal with us. Let's go upstairs, gorgeous. I think the planets are aligned or something. Kyra acted like a human and our children are in bed like the angels they are. I need some smexy times with alluring, exquisite and fuckhot wife."

"Horny, Edward?" I giggled.

"For you? Always," he replied. He stood up, scooping me over his shoulder. I squealed as he carried me to our bedroom and we made some earth-shattering magic in our bed. I so love my horny, sexy, and amazing husband.

xx STTD xx

The next day, Edward and I are surprised by our kids making us breakfast in bed. Thank goodness we remembered to get dressed after our romp between the sheets. Okay, three romps. Much to our shock, it was Kyra's idea to make us breakfast. I'm still leery of her motives. Based off Edward's behavior while we ate our lumpy pancakes and soggy eggs, he felt the same way. Either that or he's having indigestion because of eating regular eggs, not egg whites.

The rest of the day was relatively quiet. The kids worked on homework. Justin came over before he went back to school, thanking us for hosting the party. Edward spoke quietly with him and Justin ducked his head, promising to call Edward with more information. I began cooking dinner, arching a brow at my hubby. "What were you and Justin talking about?" I asked.

"A girl. He told me that he's going to ask out his lab partner from biology," Edward replied, nibbling on an apple. "He asked me for some advice on Friday since Alex and Demetri's relationship is, well, unconventional. He's struggling with his sexuality and wanted to talk to a heterosexual male."

"You may be hetero but you are so metrosexual," I giggled, ruffling his perfectly coiffed hair.

"You love it," he said, narrowing his eyes. "I'm hot and you know it."

"You are hot. Plus, you're mine," I said, leaning across the counter, pressing a soft kiss on his lips. "Love you, angel."

"Hmmm, love you more, gorgeous," he murmured against my mouth. We break apart when Masen wanders into the kitchen to grab a snack. I blush and go back to chopping the vegetables. Edward finishes his apple. Masen gives us a smirk, clearly indicating that he knew that we were canoodling. My blush deepened and Edward held out his fist. Masen laughed, pounding his dad's knuckles and left the kitchen.

Dinner was a quiet affair, more eating than talking. Apparently my casserole that I made was really good. Mia and Masen do the dishes while I put the food away. Owen was outside, washing the cars with Edward and Kyra before it got too dark. Edward wanted to make sure that Kyra knew how to handle our old Volvo. She's had her license for a year but was not the safest driver. She had several speeding tickets and even one fender bender. Her car insurance was quite expensive.

Owen poked his head inside and told me that he was going for a ride with Edward and Kyra. They were taking the Volvo for a drive. I nodded and said that I loved him. Owen walked over to me, hugging me closely and kissing my cheek. My oldest boy was so much like my husband, it was scary. The only difference between Owen and Edward is the height. Edward is roughly 6'3" while Owen is 5'10". With another hug, Owen bound out of the kitchen and I could hear the car start in the driveway.

I poured myself a glass of wine, turning on the television. I flipped through the stations before finding a movie. About halfway through the movie, my cell phone rang. I picked it up, checking to see if it was Jacob, my unknown caller. Well, known caller now since Edward did his detective work. But, it wasn't. Thankfully.

"Hi, Tim," I said. "What's up?"

"Are you available this week?" he asked. "We need to go over some foundation stuff."

"I'm pretty flexible. The only day that I have something scheduled is Wednesday. I've got a doctor's appointment, but other than that, I'm free."

"Monday and Tuesday, I'm on site for a couple of homes I'm working on," he said as he flipped through his planner. "Wednesday and Thursday, I'm in the office in Naperville. Friday, I'm off but flying to a foundation site in Seattle."

"What time is your flight on Friday?"

"Early," he grumbled. "It leaves at eight. I have to be at O'Hare by six, which means I have to leave here by five. Up at four…ugh!"

"Sorry," I snickered.

"No big deal. At least I'm using a limo this time. I can sleep on the ride up there. Plus, I get back very late on Tuesday. I'll sleep on the way home, too," he chuckled. "Want to shoot for Thursday since Wednesday's out because of your doctor's appointment?"

"Awesome. Where do you want to meet? I can come to the office," I suggested.

"Heavens, no. I love my office and my office staff, but for lunch, I get the hell out of dodge," he laughed.

"Where?" I asked but my phone beeped, indicating I had another call. "Tim, hold on. Someone's beeping in. It's probably Edward or something. You think where you want to go."

"Kay," he answered.

I flipped over to the other line. "Hello, Edward," I said airily."

"Not Edward," came the gruff voice of my ex.

"Jacob, JESUS! You've been told not to call me. Are you really that dumb?" I snarled.

"I'm not dumb, Bella," he snarled. "You are by letting me go. You should have been with me. Not with the geek! I need you, baby! You're my girl. I need you so badly."

"Too bad, Jacob," I said, my eyes filling with tears. "Twenty years ago, you hurt me and I vowed to never, ever be with a guy who could hurt me. If it weren't for Edward, you would have done something to me that…I cringe at the thought, Jacob. Leave me alone. If you call me again, I'm contacting the police because of the harassment."

"Whatever, Bella. You're not getting rid of me. When you least expect it, I'll find you and I'll take back what's mine," he growled, his voice filled with implications. He hung up the phone and I dropped my cell onto the floor. I didn't realize it but tears were falling down my face. It wasn't until the house phone was ringing that I neglected to pick up the phone with Tim.

"MOM! Uncle Tim's on the phone!" Mia screamed.

I scrambled and dropped the cordless several times before I could press the button to talk to Tim. "Sorry," I said, my voice wavering.

"Bells, are you okay?" Tim asked. "You sound upset. Did Edward and you have a fight?"

"No…Jacob…he called…threatened me," I cried.

"Fuck," Tim growled. "Hold on, sweetie. Is Edward with you?"

"No. He's driving with Kyra and Owen," I answered, my tears becoming more hysterical.

"I'm going to call him with my cell, Bella. Take deep breaths," Tim soothed over the phone. I tried but it wasn't working. I could hear Tim talking to Edward and his worried tone. A few moments later, Tim came back. "Edward's on his way. Everything's going to be alright."

"Why now? Why is Jacob doing this now?" I whimpered.

"I don't know, Bella. I didn't really talk to Jacob," he replied. "From what Rose told me, he's a piece of work. A total ass."

"He is. He hurt me, Tim. When Edward and I first met, he grabbed my arms and left bruises," I blubbered, curling up on the couch. "His eyes were crazed and…and…"

"BELLA!" Edward called.

"Edward's here," I said.

"Okay. Everything will be alright. I love you, sweets," Tim said soothingly.

"Thanks for your help, Tim. Love you, too," I said as I hung up the phone. Edward found me in the family room, running to me and gathering me in his strong, safe arms. Once I was engulfed by his scent and his protection, the dam broke and I started sobbing. Kyra and Owen were shocked as I fell apart in my husband's arms.

"What's wrong, Daddy?" Kyra asked, her voice shaking.

I shook my head violently. I didn't want them to know. Not yet.

"Let me talk with your mom and we'll tell you later," Edward said as he held me even tighter, squishing my body to his.

"I'm sorry, Mom," Owen said in his deep voice, etched with concern. I pressed my nose into Edward's chest, trying to quell my sobs. Unsuccessfully, I might add. Edward's voice rumbles against my ear and I could see the kids leave the family room.

"Talk to me, gorgeous," Edward crooned, running his fingers up and down my back. I couldn't talk. I was too busy sobbing like a banshee. He moaned, pulling me into his lap, cradling me like a child. "Tim told me that Jacob called you." Unable to speak, I nodded, grasping blindly at Edward's fleece. "Shit!"

"He…h-he th-th-threatened m-m-me," I whined.

"Oh, that mongoloid is fucking dead," Edward growled. "I'm hiring back some protection for you, Bella. This is beyond some crush gone wrong. Jacob is delusional." I felt Edward's soft lips press to my forehead. "I'm going to make sure you're safe, beautiful girl. Jacob won't hurt you. I promise."

We stay curled up on the couch until Kyra came down to make her lunch. She gave me a sympathetic look. I'd always been a hard ass. I wasn't one to cry a lot after I had children. Now, this situation with Jacob is scaring me. It's like the Emmett situation but focused on me.

Would Jacob actually hurt me?

Would he hurt my family? My children?

I would die if anything happened to my children or my husband.

Silently, I vowed to myself that I would sacrifice myself for them. With a shaky sigh, I burrowed closer to Edward's chest, relishing in his protection, love, and security. He murmurs over and over that he loves me and that he'd keep me safe. Eventually, I calm down, still held in his arms.

xx STTD xx

Monday and Tuesday were spent at the house. Edward was in contact with a security firm to arrange for a body guard for me. I told him it wasn't necessary. He reminded me how I was a nervous, sobbing mess on Sunday evening. I acquiesce to the body guard, but only when I'm traveling. Not pleased, he accepted the compromise and made arrangements for someone to travel with me to LA with Rose in two weeks.

Tuesday, Kyra started her job and she bitched slightly when she left. I stayed up for her. She came home around 10:30, tired and wearing a Taco Bell uniform. I asked her first day was. She wrinkled her nose, explaining that she spent the night watching safety videos in the back office and filling out paperwork. She's scheduled to work on Thursday and Friday where she'll learn how to make the food.

Wednesday, I went to the doctor. I so don't love my yearly visit to my gynecologist. Blah. I have my pap smear and my breasts fondled. Before I left, I got my depo shot and schedule my appointment for next year, pending any anomalies on my tests.

I was driving back home when my cell phone rang. Hesitantly, I checked the screen. Thankfully, it was Edward. Not Jacob. "Hello?"

"Clean bill of health, gorgeous?" he asked.

"That's what the doctor says," I replied. "How's work?"

"Good. I had a meeting with some interested buyers for our newest radar gun. You can clock speeders without having to be in a stationary position. It was your dad's idea but he didn't have a way to make it work. Jasper and I attacked it. We now have a moving radar gun. Anyhow, the Chicago PD is ordering our first batch," he said proudly.

"That's awesome, angel," I smiled. "You are so brilliant."

"It was Charlie's idea, though. He's the one who wanted it to work. In fact, his name is listed first on the patent," Edward chuckled. "Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that I checked your cell phone and the phone call from Sunday."

"Oh," I muttered. "Jacob?"

"Right. He's using a disposal phone. What's troubling me is that the cell towers he was using is in Denver. He's traveling, Bella," Edward said curtly. "My guess is that he's traveling closer to you."

"Maybe he moved to Denver," I suggested.

"I had Charlie run a background check on Jacob. He still has a permanent address in Flagstaff. Jacob is also divorced with two children that he doesn't have custody of, nor visitation rights. According to the records that I found, it was a nasty divorce. Domestic violence against his ex-wife and children. However, the ex refused to press charges, demanding a divorce instead. He's dangerous, Bella."

I was stopped at a stoplight. Pinching my nose, I sighed. "Edward, can we talk about this when you get home?" I pleaded. "I just had my vag violated and my breasts pawed by my doctor. I have to do some work when I get home for this meeting with Tim tomorrow and I don't want to be a nervous wreck."

A few moments of silence greeted me until someone behind me honked. I waved at them pulling away from the stoplight. "We'll talk when I get home," Edward said wearily. "I love you, Bella."

"Love you, more," I whispered. The phone clicked off and I tossed it into the cup holder. A half hour later, I pull up to the house and parked inside of the garage. I looked around the garage before closing it, heading inside. I sit down in the office, feeling like I'm being watched. I close the curtains as the computer is loading up. I pop in my ear buds, losing myself in the music as I work on the email that Tim sent me regarding the foundation locations. He needed to know what we needed to order for the buildings, contacting the cities they were located in and get appropriate permits to build and remodel.

As I was working, I got a text from Kyra. She said that she was staying after school to work with her French teacher on her report on Les Miserables that she had to write in French. Owen was waiting with her and getting a ride from Kyra. Looking at the time, I sent off what Tim needed via email and verified our lunch at Tango at one for tomorrow. I put my coat back on and drove to Mia and Masen's school, Monroe Middle School. Mia's volleyball team was competing in the district tournament today. They were up for first place.

I parked in the rear of the school, walking into the school. I saw that Alice's car was there. Gianna was a manager for the volleyball team. I walked inside of the school and into the gym. Alice was seated closest to the door, playing with her phone. I hug her and we watch the very close volleyball game. They were up against Franklin Middle School. Mia is on the court and she is amazing. She's already had a pretty healthy growth spurt and is one of the tallest girls on the court. I can hear her brother cheering from the stands.

With a flourish, my girl spikes the ball at the end of the second game, winning the game-winning point. Mia squealed and was hugged by her teammates. Then, she's hefted onto their shoulders. I'm screaming so proudly for my daughter. Alice is doing the same, bouncing excitedly. The girls congratulate the Franklin team before they go into the locker room. Mia saw before she went inside, giving me a warm hug. She's sweaty and smelly, but having a hug from my girl makes me smile.

"Thanks for coming, Momma," she whispered against my neck.

"I wouldn't have missed it, baby girl," I said, tugging on her long brown hair. "Go change and I'll take you and Masen out for ice cream."

"Sweet!" she squealed, running back into the locker room.

Masen sauntered down to where I was seated, kissing my cheek. "She did good, didn't she?" he asked, quirking a brow.

"Yeah, she did," I smiled. "I'm taking you and your sister out for ice cream."

"Oberweis?" he asked, wiggling his fingers.

"Whatever your heart desires," I answered. "I'm going to call Kyra and let them know if they want to join us. Your dad, too. Grab your stuff." He nodded, bounding up the bleachers to grab his massive book bag. I sent a text to Kyra and Owen.

Going for ice cream to celebrate Mia's win in the district tournament. Oberweiss if you want to join us – Mom

Awesome! We'll meet you there! Tell Mia congrats from her good looking older brother – Owen

Masen might fight you on that – Mom

Pfft, whatever momma! See you at Oberweis! Love you! – Owen

I dialed Edward's cell phone, only to be greeted by his voicemail. I let him know that I was taking the kids for ice cream and if he wanted to join us, to call me. Mia was changed back into her school clothes, holding her backpack and a small duffel filled with her volleyball uniform. I kissed her forehead as she hugged me. She wasn't as sweaty and the scent of her Bath and Body Works body spray filled my nose.

Alice and Gianna were coming with us and we drove to the ice cream shop. Mia and Masen were chatting quietly in the back seat. As I pulled into the parking lot of the ice cream shop, my phone beeps with a text.

I'm just leaving work, gorgeous. I'll have to pass on ice cream. Besides, my doctor says it's bad for my cholesterol. :P. I'll see you when I get home. Love you. Tell my baby girl that I'm so proud of her – E

Will do, angel. We'll miss you. Love you more – B

Inside of the Oberweis, Kyra and Owen were waiting. We all got in line, ordering ice cream. Mia got a large sundae since she was the reason for this impromptu ice cream outing. We settled in a booth, eating our ice cream and talking about our days. Alice asked Kyra about her new job. Surprisingly enough, she was polite in her response.

We finished our ice cream, getting back in our respective cars. Mia and Owen switched cars. Mia wanted to ride with Kyra and Owen honestly feared for his life while riding with his sister. After a short drive, I pulled into the garage with Kyra parking off to the side of the driveway. Edward's car is already parked inside the garage. However, he stepped out of the house, holding a bouquet of flowers and a very patriotic bear. "Baby girl," he called to Mia.

She saw him and ran into his arms. "Daddy!" she smiled.

"Your mom told me about your game," he said against her hair. "I'm so sorry that I couldn't be there, sweetie."

"It's okay, Daddy," she replied.

"I got you some flowers and a bear. I know it doesn't make up for me not being there, but the next time, I promise," he said fervently. Edward always tried to come to as many of our children's outings as possible. He'd only missed a handful in the lives of our kids. Each one was due to a valid reason: working or dealing with something with the foundation. Today happened to be work related. He had to be at the office for the meeting with the radar guns. He was the one with the rapport with the police commissioner. Charlie got along with him fine, but he wasn't a schmoozer like Edward.

"Kay, Daddy. I'm trying out for basketball. The coach said I have a good chance of making it since I'm so tall for my age," she said, kissing Edward's cheek. He handed her the flowers and bear. She hugged the gifts to her body, thanking him again before running inside to put the flowers into some water.

Since we ate ice cream so late, dinner was sandwiches and leftovers. Mia showered and went to bed early. Owen was practicing on the guitar he had gotten for his birthday. Masen was noodling on the piano while Kyra was reading in the family room while Edward and I were watching television. At nine, Kyra kissed us both and went upstairs to shower.

"Finally," he sighed. "I've wanted to talk to you about the mongoloid and what I've arranged."

"Let me guess, around the clock protection?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said. "The earliest I can get someone to start is next week. Ironically enough, it's Ricky's son, Steve. He'll be with you whenever you leave the house."

"Isn't that a bit much?" I asked.

"No. You want to know why? Because you're my life. I love my children. I love my job. However, I exist for you. I have never loved someone as much as I love you, Bella. You're everything to me. If anything happened to you because o Jacob, I don't know what I'd do. Besides, I told Charlie about Jacob and he was the one who called the security company. He didn't want anything to happen to his little girl," Edward murmured, kissing my hair. "You know how you were with Emmett?"

"Yeah," I answered.

"That's how I am with you. Except you can't fight him off like I could with my brother," Edward muttered. "You could but based off the photo I saw of Jacob, he's huge. He'd hurt you, badly. I can't have that. Our children need their mother. I need my wife. We'd be lost without you." He gently guided my face up to his and his golden eyes were shimmering with tears. "Jacob is unstable and obviously delusional in the fact that he can still get you. Please, gorgeous?"

Seeing the fear in his eyes. Remembering the anguish when he was attacked by Emmett. My own fears from the phone call on Sunday. I'd be foolish to not accept the extra protection. "Okay, angel. I'm sorry about being stubborn."

He leaned down and kissed me. "Thank you," he murmured against my lips. He held me closely, whispering his love for me and appreciation for my agreement to allow for extra protection. I just prayed that I'd never have to use it.

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