They survived falling in love and having four (count 'em, FOUR) children. Now, Geekward and Nerdella are parents of teenagers. Say a prayer for them for they are in for a bumpy ride. Kyra is being a brat, displaying actions akin to her uncle who is nearing the end of his life on death row. Owen is a geek, like his dad. Then there is Mia and Masen, the twins. They're still cute and adorable. Well, as cute and adorable as twelve year olds can be.

Let's not forget Alice, Jasper, Adam, and Gianna (the Whitlock's), Justin, Alex and Demetri (the Volturis), Esme and Marcus (the Volturis), Tim, Rose, Ava and Lucas (the Napletons) and our antagonist, Jacob Black. Emmett will also make a brief appearance in this story, too. But he's not causing drama. His final goodbye, as it were.

Anyhow, we are getting into the thick of things with our favorite mongoloid, Jacob. He's closer than you think. But, the family is well protected. We've met Steve Burgess, Ricky's son, who is in charge of Bella's protection and his two associates, Oliver and Casey (pictures are on my blog). We also got to LA and got some Skype sex (LOL). Up next, we're going to finish the trip to LA. There's a surprise in there for our favorite nerdy family. This chapter is where we get to see the surprise. YAY!

Chapter Five: Disney Land


"Dad, you realize you're…a bit more excited about this than we are," Kyra deadpanned. "You're like a big kid. It's Disneyland. No big deal."

"Well, my darling daughter, I never went to Disneyland as a kid. Disneyworld, yes. Disneyland, no," I said as I finished folding my clothes, stuffing them into the suitcase that I was sharing with Masen and Owen. "Besides, why are you complaining? I'm pulling you out of school to go to California. You should be thrilled." The launch of the new tablet went off without a hitch and I decided to treat me and my family to a mini-vacay.

But, I am very, very excited.

"Don't get me wrong, Dad. I'm totally pumped, but confused as to why," Kyra said as she played with her long braid that was hanging over her shoulder. "Are you that horny for mom that you just couldn't wait the three days until she came back?"

"Kyra Marie Cullen," I snarled. "That is not an appropriate discussion for this setting."

"Come on, Dad. I know you and mom have sex. Hello? You have four kids!" Kyra snickered.

I scrubbed my face, trying to calm down. I shot Kyra a look, who gave me her version of a crooked smirk. Yes, I missed Bella. My daughter was on the mark in the regard. In more ways than two…Skype sex = HOT and horny hubby. But that was not the reason for our departure to Los Angeles. I didn't want to be away from her while Jacob was floating around unhindered. Yes, I trusted Steve…

Who am I kidding? I don't trust Steve. Not yet. He has yet to prove his trustworthiness.

So, shortly after the hot Skype internet sex I had with my wife on Thursday, I called up my pilot. Yes, I had a pilot. Whitlock Technologies has three private jets. I asked him to prepare a flight plan for Saturday to Monday, going to LA. Currently, we were leaving to go the private airstrip in an hour. Owen, Masen and I were essentially packed. Mia and Kyra were lollygagging. Well, rather, Kyra was questioning my motives for this impromptu family vacation, claiming that sex was my motivator.

That's part of it, daughter of mine. A small part, but a part nonetheless.

The main reason for the trip was my anxiety over Jacob's obsession with my wife.

In California, I arranged for us to be staying at the Grand Californian. Plus, I had tickets for Sunday and Monday for the parks. Our return flight wasn't until late afternoon. We could go to the parks in the morning. Additionally, our kids were old enough that they could go on their own, as long as they had a security guard with them while I spent some time with my wife. Hopefully in bed. Naked.

Dear God. Kyra is right. My seventeen year old has caught on to my tells. Shit.

"You're blushing, Pop," Kyra laughed. "Sex is sooooooooo the reason for this trip."

"You go finish packing," I chided, pointing to the door. "Casey is coming with Oliver in forty-five minutes. The plane is due to take off in two hours. Time is of the essence, Kyra. Get your sister to get a move on."

"Sure, Daddy," she winked, dancing out of my room. "We won't be late so you can get your swerve on."

"KYRA!" I barked. She just laughed. Rolling my eyes, I zipped up the suitcase and lugged it downstairs. Owen and Masen were already in the kitchen with their backpacks. Owen was reading his homework that he was missing on Monday while Masen was playing on his PSP player. I kissed my boy's heads before I checked my carryon bag. I had my computer, tickets and various books to read.

As I was waiting for Kyra and Mia, I called Henry to verify that he would watch the house while we were out of town. He said that he'd make regular rounds and patrols until our return late Monday night. Still not a hundred percent trusting of Henry, I called Matthew and asked him to do the same. I'm getting a complex. Why don't I trust our new security team? Matthew chuckled and promised to ensure the safety of my house.

By the time Oliver and Casey arrived, the girls were downstairs with their shared suitcase. Oliver carried the bags out to the car and we piled into the massive SUV. Once in the car, we drove the short distance to the private airstrip where Whitlock's jets were housed. We were taking CullWhit One to LA. At the airfield, Oliver parked the car and we got onto the plane. The jets were small but quite luxurious. We paid good money for them, utilizing them for our business travels for the company and for the foundation. Foundation 2010 was the jet assigned for The Cullen Children's Foundation business. Whenever Bella, me or anyone else had to address an issue for a foundation location or take a trip, we'd use that plane.

Jeeves, the pilot…yes, his name is really Jeeves...greeted me with a smile. We got on board. The kids all spread out around the plane. Masen and Owen were in the back, huddled around their gaming systems. Kyra was curled up on the couch and Mia was sitting next to me.

Mia hated flying.

Hell, who was I kidding? So did I. Such is life, though.

We were all settled into our spots when the flight attendant began moving through the cabin. She told us about the safety features of the plane before she wandered to the rear of the plane to prepare our in-flight meal before Jeeves took off. The plane began taxiing down the runway. Mia put her head on my shoulder and grabbed my hand. "It's okay, Mia," I whispered against her hair.

"Does it get any easier, Daddy? Flying?" she whimpered.

"We're safe, sweet girl. Jeeves is the best pilot," I soothed as the plane began its takeoff. Mia laced her fingers with mine and snuggled against me. Her vice-like grip loosened slightly when we reached our cruising altitude. However, she stayed suctioned to my body as she read her novel for language arts. I popped in a set of ear buds, reading some science-fiction/fantasy novel akin to The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Two hours into the flight, the flight attendant came around with food for us all. It was just snacks and such. Mia just nibbled at her meal while the rest of us inhaled our food. After our snack was cleared, Owen crashed while Masen came to sit next to his sister on the other side of her. Kyra wandered back up to the front, sitting on the couch in the front of the plane. We stayed like that until the plane began its descent into a private airfield just outside of LA. Mia was holding my hand and Masen's bicep. Masen was grimacing as his sister's fingers dug into his skin.

"Mia, sweetheart, lay up on your brother. I'm certain he would like to keep his arm," I teased.

"Sorry, Mase," Mia frowned, rubbing Masen's arm. Masen just smiled crookedly at his sister, communicating with her as only a twin can. I sighed, remembering the closeness I had with my sister prior to my relationship with Bella. We were as close, if not closer than Mia and Masen.

Alice had been my best friend all throughout my life. She was my protector and my confidante. She was the one who helped me survive elementary school with all of the physical bullying. She encouraged me in middle school when the tormenting turned more psychological. Now, don't get me wrong, I still got stuffed into lockers and got my ass beat in middle school, but it was more cutting at my minute sense of confidence and self-worth. Finally, she was just there for me in high school, college and beyond. She was an amazing sister. She still is an amazing sister. I love her tremendously and always will.

Our relationship has changed, though. Once I met and fell in love with Bella, my sister was no longer the most important person in my life. I know that Alice was sad when I became involved with my beautiful wife, but she was so happy that I found someone who loved me for me. In all of my geeky, nerdy glory.

I was no longer the skinny, nervous and dorky boy from my childhood. My body physically changed. I was tall with more muscles than scrawny nothingness. My glasses that I wore most of my life are gone thanks to Lasik. I ran a multi-billion dollar corporation with my best friend and started a successful non-for-profit with the foundation. I was proud of my achievements but I still had my insecurities. Those insecurities stemmed from self-esteem issues. Being cut down from your classmates, older brother and sperm donor, definitely is not good for the confidence. Years of therapy help, but… I'm better than I was, but I'm still not as assured as Alice, Jasper or even Bella. I second guess myself all of the time. I'm even doing it now.

Will Bella like her surprise?

Will she be mad that I pulled the kids out of school? It's just one day. They'll be back on Tuesday. Wednesday at the latest.

"Daddy?" Kyra asked, breaking me out of my reverie.


"You were spacing out," Owen supplied for his sister. "Everything okay?"

"Fine," I replied, giving them both a warm smile.

"Good," Kyra smirked. "Seeing you walk around with a chubby is not what I want to see as we leave the plane. I'd be scarred for life. Jeeves said that we've just landed there's a car waiting for us."

"KYRA!" all of the kids yelled, plus me. She gave me a sweet smile, shrugging her shoulder.

We deplaned and I pulled my oldest daughter aside. Arching a brow, "Kyra, the sexual comments need to stop. What your mother and I do in the privacy of our own bedroom is between us. Besides, I was not thinking about that. I was remembering my relationship with Aunt Alice after I saw Mia and Masen comfort each other on the plane. It's a twin connection and I miss it."

"Oh," Kyra blushed, looking down at the tarmac. "Sorry, Daddy."

"Thank you for apologizing. My concern, however, is about these comments your making," I said sternly. "I'm glad our relationship is improving but I'm not your 'buddy.' I'm still your dad and I don't know about you, but the fact you know what a 'chubby' is kind of freaks me out." This coming from a man who hadn't masturbated until he was thirty. My kids probably know more about sex than I do!

"Dad, Mom did have the talk with me. I know about sex," Kyra explained. "I've been on birth control since I was a freshman."

"Trust me, I know," I said flatly.

"It's so my periods are regulated. They're all sorts of wonky. You can relax, though. I'm still your little girl. Pure as the driven snow. I kind of have to have a boyfriend in order to lose my virginity. My punishment has put a damper on my social life. No boyfriends," Kyra said, arching a brow.

Good. I don't want to have to pull out the gun. "You're getting there, Kyra and I'm secretly thrilled that you don't have a boyfriend," I sighed. Kyra growled. "You'll understand when you're a parent. Now, we've got to check into the hotel and I need to surprise your mom at Harry Winston."

"She's gonna shit a brick," Kyra giggled.

"She is…and watch your language," I retorted guiding my daughter to the waiting limousine.

The ride to the Grand Californian was long since traffic was a bitch. I barely had enough time to check us in and deposit my kids before I darted out the door, going back to the limo driver who was driving me to Beverly Hills. Shortly before two, I walked into the store. An attractive woman approached me. "Good afternoon," she said, eyeing me up, licking her lips and not-so-subtly adjusting her breasts. Her uneven breasts. "Do you have an appointment?"

"My wife does," I explained, shooting her an icy glare. "Isabella Cullen. The appointment is at two."

The woman took out her tablet, an earlier incarnation of the tablet that I just re-released yesterday, and consulted with the calendar. "Oh, yes! I see her name. She should be here shortly. Can I get you something to drink, Mr. Cullen?"

"Some water would be great," I said curtly, narrowing my eyes at the woman. She shrank back before scurrying away. I wandered around the store, staring at the glittering gems in the cases. As I was waiting for the woman, my phone vibrated from my pocket. I took it out and saw a text from Steve. He knew of my intention to shock and surprise my wife.

We're around the corner. Miss Bella needs this. Needs you. She barely slept last night – Steve

Thanks, Steve. I appreciate you telling me – Edward

No problem – Steve

I pocketed my cell phone, turning around and running directly into the sales associate. She spilled an entire glass of water down my shirt. "I'm so sorry, Mr. Cullen," she whimpered.

I arched a brow, wrinkling my nose. "Not a problem," I said blandly.

"Alyssa! You're done!" came a loud voice. "Go in the back and gather your belongings!"

"But? It was a mistake," Alyssa whimpered. "Please, Mr. Rediker."

"It's not a big deal, sir," I said, turning to the short man with a shiny bald head. "I wasn't paying attention."

Mr. Rediker pursed his lips. "You got lucky, Alyssa. However, I'll be handling this sale. Shoo!" He waved her off and she ran toward the back of the store. "I'm so sorry about that, Mr. Cullen. Alyssa is one of our newer associates. She's like a bull in a china shop but knows her gemstones. I'm Phinneas Rediker, manager of the store."

"Edward Cullen," I replied, shaking his hand.

"Would you like a new shirt since Alyssa doused you?" Phinneas asked.

"Not enough time. My wife, who doesn't know I'm here, is just around the corner," I said, giving the door a sly grin.

"A surprise?" Phinneas grinned. "Oh, I love this. Here, go into this room. I'll greet Mrs. Cullen and when I go to get the item you have chosen for her, you can present it to her!"

"I like the way you think, Phinneas," I smirked.

"Call me Phinn," he replied, pushing me toward a private room that had a small window that I could see out into the store. Phinn smoothed out his suit coat when the door opened. Steve walked in first, followed by Bella. Her hair was pulled up into a ponytail. She looked tired and drawn. The circles under her eyes were dark and her beautiful face was morphed into a frown. "Welcome to Harry Winston of Beverly Hills. My name is Phinn. Do you have an appointment?"

"Yes," Bella said tiredly. "Two o'clock. My husband set it up. The last name is Cullen."

Phinn gave me a fleeting glance before checking his tablet. "Yes! Mrs. Cullen, welcome! Your husband has chosen some very lovely pieces for you."

"Pieces?" Bella asked, her eyes narrowing.

"So you can have a choice, Mrs. Cullen," he smiled. "While I have no doubt that Mr. Cullen has exquisite taste in jewelry, he'd probably want to make sure that you had a say in the decision about your present."

"Oh," Bella murmured.

"Now, come this way, Mrs. Cullen. We'll set you up in one of our private showing rooms. Would you like anything?" Phinn asked.

"Coffee, please," she replied wearily. Phinn nodded and guided her to the showing room across the store from where I was sitting. Phinn ducked in the back, presumably to get my wife's coffee. Steve saw me in the other room, giving me a slight head nod. I smiled at him and watched as he stood protectively outside of the room where my wife was seated. Phinn came back out with a tray with coffee, creamer and sugar. He left the tray inside of the room and he walked across the store to me.

"You ready, Mr. Cullen?" Phinn asked.

"Anything to make her smile," I replied.

"She does look sad. Why?" Phinn questioned, his thick brows furrowing behind his glasses.

"Long story," I grumbled. Phinn nodded and walked to a small case, taking out the three items I had pre-selected for my wife: two pairs of earrings and a ring. I know that Bella was going to choose one of the pairs of earrings. The ring, though, was different and so pretty. Hell, I may just buy it to give to her for our anniversary. Phinn arranged the jewelry on a slick black tray covered with black velvet.

"Here you go, Mr. Cullen. I'll be right behind you," Phinn smiled.

I carried the tray across the store, slipping into the private room. "Thank you for the coffee," Bella said. "It's the best I've had all week." She turned to look at Phinn but when she saw me, her brown eyes widened in surprise. "Edward?"

"Hi, gorgeous," I said, giving her a crooked grin.

"What are you doing here?" she asked. "I thought you were in Chicago. The launch…"

"Happened without a hitch," I said as I put the tray on the table, sitting down next to her. "Besides, I wanted to be with you."

"The kids…our protection…" she stammered.

"The kids are here, safely ensconced in the Grand Californian near Disneyland with Casey and Oliver," I explained.


"Well, I figured if we're here as a family, we're going to have some family fun," I smirked. "We have tickets to Disneyland and California Adventure for tomorrow and Monday."

"The kids and school," she chided.

"It's one day, Bella," I retorted. "Besides, all of our kiddos are brilliant and won't be too far behind by missing one day." Bella's lips were smashed together, obviously pissed off at my decision. "Relax, love. We both need to step away from the drama of Jacob and well, this is the best opportunity to do so. We're over three thousand miles away from Chicago. Jacob doesn't know we're here. We can have fun and enjoy the sun."

"This wasn't planned?" Bella asked, arching a brow.

"Total spur of the moment decision. Well, not really spur of the moment. It's been cooking since Thursday," I winked. Bella blushed, smacking my shoulder. Then, she leaned over and kissed my lips sweetly. "Hmmmm, another one." She eagerly acquiesced, sweeping her tongue inside of my mouth before she pulled back. "Are you mad?"

"No," she answered. "I'm actually really happy you're here. I couldn't sleep last night. The nightmares were awful."

"Gorgeous," I pouted, pulling her into my lap. "You could have called me."

"I know," she sighed, tucking her head under my chin. I held her as she nestled against me.

"Now, as much as I love holding you, you are here for a surprise," I said. I looked back at Phinn who was dancing by the door. "I'll let the expert take over."

"Thank you, Mr. Cullen," Phinn said as he sat down across from us. "I'm sorry that you're having a tough time, Mrs. Cullen. Perhaps some bling will make you feel better?"

"Just having my husband here is all I need," she said, kissing my jaw. "But, let's see what he's chosen for me."

"Excellent!" Phinn said, clapping his hands. He began prattling about the three pieces on the tray. As I predicted, Bella loved a pair of earrings from the Belle collection. So, I nodded to Phinn to wrap them up. Also, I gave him a clue that I wanted the ring, too. He grinned widely, taking the tray with him to wrap up my purchases. He already had my credit number on file from when I reserved the selections for my wife.

As we waited for Phinn, Bella and I spoke quietly about her meetings with the movie executives. She also told me about the new script that she was writing. She showed me a few pages on her phone that were saved to her SkyDrive. I had read Rose's novels and was astounded by her attention to detail. Bella captured that in her writing for the script.

Phinn came back with a black bag with black tissue paper sticking out of the top. He handed me a folder. I checked the prices and verified all of the information before I signed my name. Once I did that, Phinn handed me the bag. "I hope you enjoy your pieces, Mrs. Cullen. Your husband as an eye for beautiful things. The treasures he just bought for you will just enhance your beauty. I wish you both the best of luck and if you ever need anything else, I've included my card in the bag."

"Thank you, Phinn," I said. He nodded and led us to the door, Steve on our heels. The limo that had driven me was still parked outside. I helped Bella into the car. "We need to get your stuff from Chateau Marmont."

"Who says I'm staying with you?" Bella asked cheekily. I growled. "Kidding, Edward. Just kidding. Let me just text Rose and tell her that we're checking out." She took out her cell phone and tapped out a brief message. Rose's reaction was instant. Bella snorted when she showed me the response.

I knew SGD couldn't stay away! Have fun, Bellini. Have some awesome, monkey-lovin! – Ro

I swiped the phone from Bella. This is SGD. Bella will be walking funny upon her return to Chicago – SGD

I turned off her phone, shoving it into my pocket. "What did you say, Edward?"

"Nothing," I smirked. Steve snickered from his spot at the far end of the limo.

"Sure, Edward. And I'm a natural blonde," Bella deadpanned, putting her head on my shoulder. "I'm so glad you're here. I missed you. God, I needed you."

"I'm here, gorgeous," I said quietly, pressing a kiss to her hair. She melted against me, nodding off for the short ride to the hotel. A half hour later, we arrived at Chateau Marmont. Steve was trying to convince me to stay in the limo with Bella while he packed up their belongings. My stubborn wife wouldn't hear of it and she dragged her exhausted body away from mine. Twenty minutes later, we had checked out of the hotel and back in the limo.

The ride to the new hotel was pretty quiet. Bella had crashed again and was drooling on my lap. I idly played with her hair while we inched through the traffic in LA. I thought Chicago traffic was bad. That's NOTHING compared to this shit. What should have taken roughly a half hour ended up being nearly an hour and a half. I was uncomfortable because I had to pee. Bella was leaning direction on my legs with her arms around my waist, pinching my bladder.

We finally arrived at the hotel. I gave Steve his key to his room that he was sharing with the other bodyguards. I wanted to let Bella sleep, but I couldn't carry her like I used to. This getting old business sucks. Balancing Bella's bags, we went up to our suite. It was three bedrooms. The girls shared a room, as did the boys. Bella and I had our own room, thankfully. The bodyguards were staying in a smaller suite across the hall, with access to our rooms with a spare set of keys.

Inside the suite, Mia and Owen were watching television. Masen was taking a nap and Kyra was working on some homework. Oliver and Casey were playing cards at the table in the kitchenette.

"Mom!" Mia squealed, bounding over to Bella. "I missed you!"

"I missed you, too," Bella replied, hugging Mia tightly. One by one, each of our children ambled over to my wife, hugging and kissing her. Kyra's smirk was too much. I gave her a glare, a silent warning to keep her mouth shut. After our greetings and reunions, we all decided to lay down for a nap. Masen was grumbling that he was disturbed, stomping back to his room. We set the alarms and made the executive decision to go to Naples Ristorante E Pizzeria.

Bella fell back asleep quickly but was plagued by nightmares. She clung to me in our bedroom, crying silently. I was a mess. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how to help my wife. I just soothed her as best I could while she fell apart in my arms during our nap. Well, her nap. I sure as hell didn't sleep.

It was a short walk from the hotel to the restaurant. Casey, Oliver and Steve were invited to the restaurant, but decided to hang outside. They got something to eat while we slept, rotating in and out of the room during the nap. We were seated relatively quickly due to the size of our party: six people. I ordered a bottle of wine for me and Bella while the kids got authentic cherry cokes. Over our meal of pizza for the kids and some pasta for Bella and me, we talked about all that Bella missed while she was gone. Mia made the cheerleading squad. Kyra was getting all A's (as of this most recent grading period). Owen auditioned for all-state and got called back to the district festival. Masen was the only one who didn't have big news. He was just coasting by, preparing for his audition for the musical after winter break.

I told Bella about the launch of the newest tablet and she was overjoyed at the press it was getting. Not to sound cocky, but Whitlock Technologies was more recognized than Apple at this point. At least in a professional standpoint. Apple was still kicking our asses in the music players, but we were doing awesome with the tablets, law enforcement technology and now, medical advancements with my version of the 'tricorder.' I was amazed at the accuracy of my invention. It was now at the point where I could start doing trials with it, gathering information from doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners about the quality of the product.

Bella shared her news about becoming the screenplay writer for Rose's film. Kyra was the most shocked. Rose was Kyra's idol. In a way, Rose and Kyra were kindred spirits. I saw a lot of my quasi-sister-in-law in my daughter. However, it was the most obnoxious part. Loud mouth. Attitude. Snarky retorts. Bitchy. Ugh, I'm such a horrible father. I just called my daughter bitchy. Anyhoo…Kyra never really registered that Bella was Rose's agent or that she was Rose's best friend. Knowing that my wife was now writing the screenplay for The Charmed Ones, Kyra was having some slight hero-worship of Bella.

We finished our dessert and left the restaurant, walking back to the hotel. Owen was walking backwards as he was excitedly planning our day. "I'm so pumped about this," he chattered. "The park opens at ten, but I know Dad got the early admission. We get in an hour earlier! We should be up by no later than seven, breakfast at eight and in line by eight-thirty."

"Owen, it's vacation. Relax," Kyra snickered, grabbing at his shirt. Owen scowled playfully at his sister. Kyra rolled her eyes as she pushed past him.

"Since we only have tomorrow and Monday to go to the parks, we'll be up early, Owen," Bella said diplomatically. "I've only ever been to Disneyland when I was a little girl. I don't remember much."

"Thanks, Mom," Owen said as he pulled out a book, yammering about all of the places he wanted to inside of the park. His enthusiasm was endearing. Mia and Masen were with him, just as excited. Kyra was wandering ahead of us, talking quietly to Steve. My eyes narrowed at the two of them.

She's just a baby…and it's illegal, Burgess.

"Stop growling, Edward. They're just talking," Bella chided.

"Our relationship started off as just talking," I admonished. "Look at us now. We've been married for nearly nineteen years with four children."

"Talking, Edward. Besides, we could have it worse. One of the moms from the volleyball team was telling me about her oldest daughter and her love affair with a goth boy who has black lips and wears big baggy pants, smelling like pot all of the time. Steve is clean-cut, respectful…"

"And eight years older," I hissed.

"And how much older than me are you?" Bella challenged.

"Five years," I grumbled.

"You have no reason to complain. You were graduating from high school when I was in seventh grade," Bella smirked. "You were probably taking apart your first computer when I was born. Shut it."

"When we got together, neither one of us was under the age of consent," I said, pointing to Kyra and Steve. She was putting her hand on his bicep. "Shit! She's flirting. Our daughter wants to jump his bones."

"Edward, calm down. They're talking," Bella soothed. "What will cause you to relax?"

"For Steve to stay away from my baby girl," I spat. Bella smacked my stomach. "Oh, don't do that, Bella. I ate too much pasta. I'm gonna puke."

"So, I'm guessing sex won't calm you down?" Bella asked, giving me a saucy grin. "I don't want you to throw up on me."

"Give me an hour."

xx STTD xx

The next morning started way too early. Owen was pounding on everyone's door, including the bodyguards', at seven. Bella and I groaned, having fallen asleep a few hours previous. We spent most of the night reconnecting as husband and wife, soothing Bella's frazzled nerves and fucking my brains out, seemingly to cause me to forget the flirtation that was happening between my oldest girl and Bella's bodyguard.

It didn't work. Steve better keep his paws to himself.

Not. Legal.

She's seventeen.

"Come on, old man," Bella said as she dragged her still naked body from bed. I watched her, staring at her beauty. "Stop ogling and get your pale, scrawny ass out of bed, Edward." She sauntered into the bathroom, with me following. We took a shower together. We dressed casually and comfortably. Bella was in a pair of jeans and t-shirt while I wore a pair of shorts and a long-sleeved Henley.

In the suite, Owen was handing out pieces of paper. It was our itinerary, geared to everyone's likes and dislikes. Masen and Owen were spending the day together with Casey. Mia was with Kyra. Oliver was their bodyguard. Bella and I were free to do what we wanted. Steve was assigned to us.

"Separating everyone, Owen?" Bella asked, arching a brow.

"Mom, honestly, do you see me and Masen hanging out at the girly castle?" Owen chided.

"Not really," Bella giggled. "This proposed itinerary seems pretty detailed. When did you sleep?"

"I didn't," Owen blushed, pushing up his glasses.

"He really didn't, Mom," Masen snickered. "He was on his tablet all night, planning out the perfect trip for each of us."

"You've been hanging out with Aunt Alice too much, Owen," I snorted. "She would do the same exact thing when we were kids." Owen blushed, hiding behind his hand. I hugged him to my side. "Thank you for doing this, Owen. It looks great."

"You're welcome, Dad," Owen replied giving me a shy grin.

"Can I make one small amendment?" Bella asked.

"Sure, Mom," Owen said as he took out a pen from his pocket.

"Let's have everyone meet for lunch at one. You didn't account for hungry bellies," Bella chuckled.

"I knew I forgot something," Owen grumbled, staring at his paper. "Do you all want sit-down, full service? Or counter service?"

"Have pity on your old parents," I said. "Sit-down service."

"Ooooookay," Owen said grudgingly. "Let's go to Carnation Café. It sounds pretty good." He wrote down lunch with family on his paper, glaring at the rest of us to do the same. Bella swiped a pen from the counter and jotted down the time and location. Kyra held out her hand toward Owen, who pressed it into her waiting palm. She wrote down the information and folded the paper, placing it into her pocket of her shorts. Her very short and tight red shorts. "Now, we're running late for breakfast. They have a delicious breakfast buffet here in the hotel." Owen shoved up his glasses, walking purposefully toward the door.

We all followed dutifully to the buffet. I paid for our massive party of nine people. Oliver, Casey and Steve were trying to finagle paying for their own meals. I gave them a stare, indicating that I was cover the cost of the trip. It was my pathetic, horny ass that caused use to be here in the first place. I sure as hell wasn't going to make them pay their own way. Yes, it was expensive as fuck, but it's not like I don't have the money.

Not to sound conceited, but I have more money than I know what to do with…I can only donate so much. Why not spend it on my family and bodyguards.

Breakfast was delicious and filling. I distributed the tickets to the parks. I had paid the extra cost to have open tickets to either park: Disneyland or California Adventure. The girls were going to go to Disneyland with Oliver. Masen and Owen were heading into California Adventure with Casey. Bella and I decided to go to Disneyland in case there was an issue with the girls. Kyra wasn't very street smart. Mia was a little bit better, but panicked when she was told that they were on their own with Oliver.

The boys went into California Adventure, using the Grand Californian's entrance to the park. Bella and I, along with the girls and our two bodyguards, clambered onto the monorail. It was a short ride to Disneyland. After we entered the park, Oliver, Kyra and Mia went toward the castle while Steve, Bella and I wandered around Main Street. I had no real desire to be at the park. In a perfect world, Bella and I would be in our room, making love all day long. But alas, we're here. In the happiest place on earth.

Or is that Disney World?

Despite my hesitation on being in the amusement park, Bella and I had a good time. We rode a few rides, having a fun time in the tea cups and Space Mountain. Bella wanted to smack me though after Space Mountain. She hated roller coasters. Put a roller coaster in the dark and that was just hell for her.

When we got off Space Mountain, it was nearly one. We walked toward the Carnation Café. Steve was walking behind us at a leisurely pace. He was always there but never made his presence overbearing. He was like a shadow but not. That makes no sense, Cullen. Arriving at the restaurant, we saw that the boys were already there. Owen was grinning like a buffoon while Masen looked bedraggled and tired.

"Are you having fun, boys?" Bella asked them.

"This is soooooo cool, Mom!" Owen gushed. "We rode the roller coaster five times!"

"We only got off when I threatened to puke on my brother," Masen grumbled. "I was screaming a sissy girl on the 'Californian Screamin' roller coaster."

"You were," Owen snorted. "I promise that we won't go crazy with the rides after lunch."

"We're going to the Animation Academy," Masen explained. "I'm excited about that. I think it's cool to see the artists at work considering I can't draw to save my life."

"Me neither," Bella said as she put her arm around Masen's shoulders. He was already a few inches taller than my wife. Based off the size of his feet and his most recent growth spurt, Masen was gunning to be my height or even taller. "Though your dad is worse."

"It's true," I chuckled. "All of the artistic ability is with Alice. She's the only one who can draw out of everyone in our family."

"What about you guys?" Owen asked, sitting down by the entrance of the restaurant, looking out the window for Kyra, Mia and Oliver. My son was on a tight timeline and tardiness was not something he was going to stand for.

"It was nice to just wander around the park, enjoying the warm weather," I said. "It's so much nicer here than it is back home."

"I checked on my phone, Dad. It's snowing!" Masen said, holding up his cell phone. "Gianna sent me this text while we were in line for the roller coaster."

"Ugh," I groaned. "That's going to be a bitch to shovel."

"Henry said that he did it for you, Mr. Edward," Steve said.

"Oh," I replied, my brows shooting to my hairline. "Thanks."

"Henry explained that if your driveway wasn't shoveled, it would be a clear indication that no one was home. Jacob might take that opportunity to, um, snoop," Steve explained. Casey nodded, his eyes wide and full of understanding.

"Where are they?" Owen growled. "Mom said one. It's a quarter after!"

"Relax, Owen. The girls will get here," Bella soothed. "If you're so worried, send Kyra or Mia a text to find out where they're at."

"Kay," Owen said, taking out his phone and tapping out a quick text.

Ten minutes later, Kyra, Mia and Oliver arrived. Owen shot his sister the death glare, which she pointedly ignored. Over our lunch, the girls told us about their time in Disneyland. Kyra explained that they were getting onto the ride at Space Mountain when Owen texted. Kyra and Mia loved it. Bella blanched next to me. I leaned over, kissing her temple and vowing that we wouldn't be going on it again.

Lunch took about an hour. The kids decided to join forces and go to California Adventure for the afternoon. Mia said that she missed her brother and Masen wanted to strangle Owen in his control-freak, anal-retentiveness. Because they made the decision to move parks, meant that Bella and I would go, too.

That afternoon flew by and before we knew it, we were back in the hotel with slightly sunburnt faces and smiles. It was a fun day. Tiring, but fun. Back in the hotel room, we ordered some room service and ate as a family. After dinner, the kids looked at Bella and me expectantly. Kyra stepped forward, biting her lip. "Look we know that we came out here to be here with Mom but we also think that it's important you two have some time to yourselves. Tonight, we made reservations for a local winery for you to have a tasting. Steve made the arrangements."

Bella and I shot a look at Steve. He blushed. "Miss Kyra approached me last night. She wanted to do something special for you two. I called while you were in line for the tea cups. Your reservation is at nine."

"So, you better change," Kyra smirked.

Bella stood up and hugged Kyra. "Thank you, principessa," she whispered against my oldest daughter's hair.

"You're welcome, Momma," Kyra replied back, hugging Bella tightly. "You guys really deserve it. You have to deal with our drama and now this Jacob guy? You and Daddy should be allowed to have some alone-time." Bella kissed Kyra's cheek before she turned to our other children. Kyra walked over to me, snuggling against my chest. "Love you, Daddy. Have fun with Mom."

"I will, principessa," I said, kissing her forehead. "This really means a lot to your mom and me."

"Have fun and don't get too drunk," Kyra giggled. Her golden eyes caught mine and they were filled with mischief.

"Don't even say it, Kyra Marie," I chided. She barked out a laugh before zipping her lips. Bella grabbed my hand after I hugged the rest of my children, dragging me into the bedroom. We changed into something a little more appropriate to wear to a wine tasting. Bella was dressed in a beautiful white dress with a floral pattern on it. She pinned her hair up, curling a few strands elegantly.

"Can I wear my new earrings?" Bella asked.

"Of course, gorgeous," I said, going to the bag and pulled out the box with Bella's new earrings. I opened up the box, smiling wistfully at the sparkling diamonds nestled on the black velvet. "Here you go."

"Thank you," she said as she took the box from my hand. "I'm still in shock at how beautiful these are."

"They're okay. You outshine them by far," I said, wrapping my arms around Bella's slender waist. Yes, her waist is still tiny despite her pregnancies. Is she as toned when she was younger? No. But I love her curves.

"God, you are such a cheeseball," she snickered, putting the earrings in. "But, I love you for it."

"I love you, too, Mrs. Cullen," I said, kissing her neck.

"Dad! Mom! The limo's here for your date!" Mia yelled through the door.

"You better finish getting ready," Bella said, pushing me out of the bathroom. I snickered and went to put on my dress shirt and tie. I sprayed some cologne one before grabbing my wallet, cell phone and room keys. Bella had finished changing and she was wearing a pair of red peep toe pumps. Her pedicure was apparent and her legs went on for days.

Dear God. How am I going to not molest her in the limo?

Though, limo sex is pretty hot.

Damn it. Steve. He'll be with us. I'm guessing he won't want to see Bella and I do the horizontal mambo.

Shit. Damn. Fuck.

"Why are you scowling?" Bella asked as she picked up her purse, tossing her phone and wallet inside.

"A serious lack of privacy," I pouted.

"We're taking a limo," she said, arching a brow.

"With our bodyguard," I huffed.

"Crap," Bella growled. "Fucking Jacob. Damn him to the deepest pits of hell. Motherfucker. Can't Steve sit in front with the driver? I can see how much you're turned on."

"Ugh!" I hissed, adjusting my boner so it was better hidden. "Come on, gorgeous." Bella was biting her lips, twisting her purse straps. I could see the tears building in her eyes. "Hey, why the tears?"

"Something so mundane as going out on a date shouldn't include an entourage," she said, wrapping her arms around my waist.

"I know," I said, leaning my cheek against her soft hair. A soft knock on the door broke us apart. "Let's have fun, enjoying our adult alone-time. Then, when we get back, I'll make love to my beautiful wife. Steve can't come in here."

"If he did, I'd be worried," Bella deadpanned.

xx STTD xx

"Guys! Come on! We've got to go. The plane is due to take off in two hours!" I shouted. The suite was a flurry of activity, none of which was actually getting ready to leave. It was like herding fucking cats. Bella and I were the only ones who were ready to leave since we stayed back at the suite while the kids spent the morning and early part of the afternoon at Disneyland.

"Mom! Help me pack all of the souvenirs. I don't want to smash my Mickey ears!" Owen wailed.

"Oh, lord," Bella grumbled. "Owen has regressed to being five."

"Who would have thought?" I shrugged as I did my final check with Jeeves.

"MOM! PLEASE?!" Owen screamed.

"I'm coming," Bella said. "Don't get your cargo pants in a twist, Owen."

Kyra and Mia came out of their room, shaking their heads. Mia's ears were on her head, slightly lopsided. Kyra was holding her set of ears. Owen had insisted that we all get a pair, taking a picture in front of the castle. Unfortunately, the sun had set and we didn't have the good camera. We all got onto the balcony of the suite, taking a picture this morning in front of the California Adventure sign with Oliver snapping the shot with the tiny point and shoot camera.

"What time are we getting into airport?" Mia asked.

"About nine-thirty," I replied.

"Do we have to go to school tomorrow?" Kyra whined.

"Yes," I answered. "You got a free day today. So, back to the grind tomorrow. Plus, don't you have work?"

"Ugh, don't remind me," Kyra snarled. "I spent most of my savings on this trip. I need to pick up extra shifts if I want to go to the Christmas formal. That's if I'm off restriction."

"You've definitely improved your behavior," I said. "Let me discuss it with your mom and we'll let you know."

"Okay," Kyra said. "Come on, Mia. Let's check downstairs in the gift shop if they have any good magazines. I need some reading material for the flight home. I finished my homework last night."

"I thought you were broke," Mia replied, giving Kyra a smirk.

"That's why you, my dear little sister, are going to lend me five bucks," Kyra laughed, dragging her glowering sister out of the room. "We'll be back in ten, Daddy!"

"Hold on," I said, reaching into my pocket. I took out fifty bucks, handing it to Kyra. "Don't spend your money unnecessarily. Or your sister's money."

"Thanks, Daddy," they both chirped, skipping out of the room, Casey following them.

"You're really good with them, Mr. Edward," Oliver said. "I only hope my daughters are as well-behaved as your girls."

"You have daughters?" I asked.

"Yes," he said, giving me a half-hearted smile. "They're four and are staying with their mother."


"Identical," Oliver replied, pulling out his cell phone and showing the pictures of his girls. "The one on the right is Vanessa and the one on the left is Veronica, or Ronnie."

"They're adorable," I said. "They have your smile." I handed him back his phone, giving Oliver a curious look. "If you have children, why did you take this assignment?"

"My ex-wife has custody of my babies and won't let me see them without…it was a nasty divorce," Oliver explained sadly. "She was cheating on me but fabricated some cock and bull story about how I abused her, breaking her spirit. It was a load of crap but I didn't have the money to hire an attorney to fight it. I only have supervised visits every two weeks. I'm saving up the cash to take her to court and gain full custody of the girls. It's my ex who was the abuser. Not me."

I blinked at Oliver. He seemed like such an even-keeled guy. "I'm sorry, Oliver. If there is anything I can do to help, I'm willing," I explained.

"You're already helping. You didn't jump to conclusions that I was the bad guy," Oliver said. "Most people would see me and assume that I'm this nasty guy because of the muscles and my job. I'm not. I don't condone violence. But, I'm former army and I know how to fight. That certainly doesn't mean that I like to do it. Right now, you and Miss Bella along with your family are my priority. Your contract will help me tremendously in getting my girls back. Permanently."

"Does your wife hurt your children?" Bella asked, her eyes narrowed.

"I've never seen bruises on them but they are very skittish," Oliver said, cringing slightly.

Bella shot me a look. In her deep brown eyes, I saw her plea. Help. Him. I nodded minutely, earning a grateful smile from my beautiful wife. Oliver sighed heavily, dropping his bags next to ours by the door. "Oliver, if you want, I have friends in high places. We can arrange for a private investigator to tail your wife….erm, ex-wife. My cousin, Kate, is a phenomenal attorney and will probably work with you to start the process of gaining custody of your babies."

"It's not necessary," Oliver said quietly.

"It is," I pressed. "I can see how much it pains you to be away from your girls. Let me help you? Let us help you?"

Oliver looked at me. His dark skin was covered in perspiration and his eyes were filled with tears. "You'd do that for me?"

"Of course, Oliver," I said, putting my hand on his shoulder. "Will you let me call my cousin and hire a private investigator?"

"Yes," he said, pulling me into a bone-crushing hug.

Can't. Breathe. Being. Squished. By. One. Of. My. Bodyguards.


"Thank you, Mr. Edward," he mumbled against my shoulder.

"You're welcome," I squeaked out. Oliver released me, giving me a sheepish and apologetic look. Oliver picked up the bags and darted out of the suite. Bella bellowed for the boys to hurry up, which they did and we all went down to the lobby. Kyra and Mia had found several magazines and a few books for themselves in the gift shop. I checked us out and we clambered into the limo provided by the hotel. It was a tight fit for the nine of us. I prayed it would be a short drive, but the traffic wasn't agreeing with me. An hour and a half later, we pulled up to the airstrip. The plane was ready to go. Jeeves and a new flight attendant were waiting for us.

Steve, Oliver and Casey loaded up the luggage into the cargo hold. The kids got on board while I spoke quietly to Jeeves about the length of the flight. He explained that he'd have to make some detours due to a snow storm hovering over the Midwest. He prayed that he would be able to land the plane. I shot a look at Mia, who was standing near the doorway. Her eyes were wide and her skin was pale.

I know, sweet girl. Daddy's got you.

We were all buckled and settled into our seats. Jeeves began his pre-flight tests as we taxied down to the end of the runway. Mia was pressed against me, gripping my hand tightly. I held my youngest daughter as we took off, our time in California now over.

Five hours later, Jeeves was preparing to land just outside of Chicago. The tiny plane was bucking and jumping. We all were very green as Jeeves made his final approach. His voice crackled through the cabin. "I'm not going to lie but this going to be rough. I promise to get you all home safely." The jet moved jerkily.

"Fuck," Casey mumbled under his breath.

I agree, buddy.

Jeeves managed to land the plane. Though, I think he was stark-raving mad for attempting to land in the weather that we were currently experiencing. It was snowing heavily and the runway was slick. CullWhit One was parked in the hangar and we deplaned. Jeeves gave me a contrite look as I glowered at him. Mia was so scared that I had physically carry my girl off the plane. Oliver eventually took her from my arms, placing her into Bella's car.

"Dad, do we have to go to school tomorrow?" Kyra whined.

As I was getting ready to reply, my cell phone rang from my pocket. It was the school district. "Apparently not," I snickered. "Snow day tomorrow."

"Sweeeeeeeeeeet!" Kyra squealed, skipping to the car.

Not sweet. I want to go back to California.

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