They survived falling in love and having four (count 'em, FOUR) children. Now, Geekward and Nerdella are parents of teenagers. Say a prayer for them for they are in for a bumpy ride. Kyra is being a brat, displaying actions akin to her uncle who is nearing the end of his life on death row. Owen is a geek, like his dad. Then there is Mia and Masen, the twins. They're still cute and adorable. Well, as cute and adorable as twelve year olds can be.

Let's not forget Alice, Jasper, Adam, and Gianna (the Whitlock's), Justin, Alex and Demetri (the Volturis), Esme and Marcus (the Volturis), Tim, Rose, Ava and Lucas (the Napletons) and our antagonist, Jacob Black. Emmett will also make a brief appearance in this story, too. But he's not causing drama. His final goodbye, as it were.

Up next will be back to Edward and his meeting with his asstard brother, Christmas, their anniversary and some smexy times (to make up for the lack of them…)

Chapter Eight: Pontiac Prison Blues


"Edward, for love of God, sit down," Bella giggled. "Kyra will be home after the dance."

"She's at said dance with her boyfriend, Bella," I grumbled. "They could be off in a corner somewhere, copulating and we'll become grandparents."

"Oh, for fuck's sake," Bella snarked, arching a brow at me. "They are not copulating. Thomas is a sweet boy. He wouldn't be doing that in public."

"That's what my mother said about me and look at us now," I deadpanned. "We're still like bunnies…"

"Huge difference, Edward. We are married for nearly twenty years. Kyra and Thomas have been dating for less than twenty days. Do you want a blow job to calm you down?" Bella asked, giving me a smirk over her book. I shot my wife a look. "Just asking…"

The door opened and the sounds of Kyra, Thomas, Owen and Tasha filled the foyer. I hopped up and nearly sprinted to check on them. Was my baby girl pregnant? Bella came up behind me and smacked my arm. I tried to look sheepish but yeah didn't happen. There was something amiss with Kyra. Her hair was down and she was trying to hide her neck.

If that boy gave her a fucking hickey, I'll chop off his tongue, followed by his balls.

"Mom, can we watch a movie downstairs? The dance was kind of lame," Kyra explained.

"Sure, sweetie. But keep in mind of your guests' curfew," Bella reminded. Kyra nodded and asked if Tasha wanted to borrow something to get out of her dress. Thomas and Owen went downstairs, removing their ties as they left. I was about to follow them but Bella stopped me. "I don't think so, Edward Anthony."

"I want to watch the movie, too," I smirked.

"Edward, think about it. What girl or boy wants their decrepit father hanging out with them?" Bella asked, poking my shoulder.

"I'm not decrepit," I pouted.

"Whatever, not the point. You're not going down there. I'm a hundred percent certain that nothing will happen because Owen will be down there, too. Isn't it a double standard that you aren't stressed about Owen? Hmmm?" Bella admonished. I hemmed and hawed. She was right…Damn it. "You are going to stay up here and not invade on your children's personal time. You hear me?"

"Yes, Bella," I muttered, pouting sullenly. She pulled me back into the family room, resuming our television show from the DVR. Kyra and Tasha came down wearing some jeans and sweaters, raiding the kitchen for munchies. Bella poked me and physically turned my head to the television. I scowled at her but decided to go with it. She cuddled up next to me, watching our own movie.

Around one, Tasha's parents came to pick her up. Owen nervously kissed her cheek and they made tentative plans to get together over Christmas break. Thomas left shortly after Tasha. He lovingly kissed my baby girl, caressing her cheeks before leaving in his Honda Accord. Kyra floated past Bella and me, seemingly over the moon for Thomas. However, I did notice that she was wearing a turtleneck. Seriously, if that boy gave my principessa a hickey…

"You've left hickeys on me, angel," Bella chided, elbowing me in the ribs. I really need to keep my inner musings to myself. "It's a rite of passage."

"Rite or not, I still don't like it," I grumbled. My wife, the sexy beast she is, tugged on my hand. Her lips took purchase on my neck and she gently sucked and nibbled. Her fingers on her left hand danced over my sweater, moving closer to the waistband of my jeans. Lowly, she moaned against my skin as he hand came in contact with my belly. "Fuck."

"Language," she giggled. "Shall I mark you? Hmmm?"

I looked at my wife. She was smiling smugly as her hand moved into my pants. The monster between my legs woke up and I definitely wanted to be marked. "Only if I get to return the favor, gorgeous." She giggled and danced away, running up the stairs. I locked the front door, turned off the lights and followed her.

I came to the conclusion that my wife, whom I love more than life itself, is part vampire. I have my own share of hickeys all over my body. All covered by my clothing, thank you very much.

xx STTD xx

The rest of the weekend passed by quietly. Mia and Masen were invited to a birthday party of a classmate. Oliver drove them and stayed outside of their home, to keep track of my youngest babies. Owen and Kyra slept in until nearly two in the afternoon. Bella and I were working on wrapping Christmas presents, planning for Christmas Eve/our anniversary.

In light of the craziness going on with Jacob, Bella and I were going to keep our anniversary low-key. The plan was after our family left on Christmas Eve, early, we'd share a romantic dinner and exchange gifts. Not to mention body fluids. God, I just made love to my wife last night and I need more. I'm such a horndog.

At least you can get it up, Cullen. Multiple times in one evening of passion. No need for Viagra for you, bucko.

However, the week leading up to our anniversary was going to be madness. Bella and Rose were finishing up the edits for the movie, The Charmed Ones and the possibility may arise for them to need to fly out to California. That's still up in the air. Kyra and Owen have finals this week, finishing up the semester. Mia has some big cheer competition at some local high school and Masen has auditions for the spring musical at his school. I have to go into the office to go over end of the year reports with Jasper, Demetri and Charlie.

And let's not forget my appointment to meet with my brother on December 20th.

Not looking forward to that.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Why in the hell did agree to that?

Because I'm a fucking pushover.

I could always ditch him.

But I'd feel guilty.

Fuck me.

The early part of the week was busy but not filled with stress. Bella did have to fly out to California to discuss the script with the production team. Rose went with her. There were some changes they wanted to make and Bella wanted to make sure that the changes were appropriate, meeting with her stringent standards. Rose was just going as backup. It was a two day trip. Bella was leaving early on Tuesday with Steve and was going to be back by Thursday, the day before I was to meet with Emmett. Ugh.

Did I mention that I didn't want to meet with him? Because I really, really don't.

And I have to get over this.

Moving on…

On Thursday, I went into the office. Henry drove me into the city while Casey and Oliver watched over the kids at school. I needed to meet with Jasper, Demetri and Charlie to go over the end of the year reports. We also needed to sign off on the tax paperwork that Demetri had drawn up. Also, as a nice little Christmas bonus, we were informing our workers that the office was going to be closed December 21st until January 2nd. A lot of our workers take time off to be with their families and honestly, not a lot of work gets done. We toyed with the idea last year but never made it happen. This year, Jasper and I made the decision to make it into a reality.

I arrived in my office and logged into my computer. While I waited for the other guys, I checked my email and addressed some pressing matters regarding the launch of some new accessories for the tablet. I also received an order from the Seattle Police Department for thirty mobile radar detectors. I contacted Charlie, informing him of the order and telling the chief that the order would be started after the first of the year.

Eric called me as I was finishing up the email. Jasper was heading to the large conference room. I locked my computer, grabbed my own tablet and walked to the conference room. Charlie was already there, scribbling something down on a piece of paper. Out of everyone on the board of Whitlock Technologies, Charlie was the most resistant to using technology on a daily basis. I would be lost if I didn't have my tablet. Jasper had his mini tablet attached to his palm and he his Bluetooth phone in his ear. Demetri carried his laptop, claiming his fingers were too big to use the tablet as a computer. Charlie had his cell phone and a folder with paper.

"I just sent you an email," I told Charlie.

"Huh?" he responded, looking up at me. "Right. Thanks."

"You okay, Charlie?" I asked, sitting next to my father-in-law. "You seem distracted."

"Just trying to figure out Jacob's MO," Charlie said as he pushed the pad of paper to me. Charlie, on a good day, had chicken scratch handwriting. What was in front of me was illegible.

"Charlie, I can't read this," I snickered, pushing it back to him.

"If it's not typed, you can't read it?" he teased. I rolled my eyes. "Okay, let me translate. Jacob meets Bella while she's in college. They date and break up because she wouldn't give him more. They meet up a few years later and begin dating again. Jacob is patient but again, they break up because she wasn't ready to take the next step in the relationship. She meets you online and you become friends. You fly out to meet Bella and sparks fly, right?"

"I knew I loved her the moment I saw her," I answered. I gently rubbed the key pendant under my shirt. Blinking, I turned to Charlie. "We had a connection from the very beginning. It only intensified when we met for the first time."

"You go to this club in Phoenix, yeah?"

"Some salsa club, I think. Karabbas or something like that. It's not around anymore, but I'll always remember that night because Jacob arrived at the club and hurt Bella," I growled.

"So, Jacob hurt Bella and he got a taste of violence. When did you first meet Bella?"

"Memorial day weekend in 2011," I replied.

Charlie flipped a few pages and scanned some dates. "Jacob was cited for disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and misdemeanor assault that summer. In October is when he met the sixteen year old girl, right after you launched the first Foundation press campaign. By Memorial Day of the following year, she's dead and he's out on a technicality." Charlie explained that with each public press paperwork Bella's face was put on, Jacob got angrier and angrier, taking his rage out on unsuspecting women. Each blip on his rap sheet coordinated with our lives. He never, ever let her go.

"What does all of this mean, Charlie?" I asked.

"This means that Jacob will stop at nothing to get Bella back in his life. This type of behavior is usually deadly," Charlie muttered miserably.

"What do you mean, 'deadly'?"

"Someone in these types of stalking cases usually ends up dead. Most of the times, it's both parties: stalker and the person getting stalked. 'If I can't have them, no one can' type of mentality."

My vision clouded and my heart stammered against my chest. No. Not her.

"Edward, son, you have to breathe," Charlie said.

"What's wrong, Charlie?" Jasper asked.

"I told him about my suppositions pertaining to Jacob," Charlie answered.

"Oh, fuck," Jasper squeaked. He crouched in front of me. "Edward, man…dude, listen to my voice."

"He's…he's…he's…" I panted, my eyes wide with fright.

"Get him on the floor, Jasper. He's going to pass out," Demetri said behind me. I faintly remembered being moved, laid on the floor with my feet on the chair. "Come on, brother, calm down."

"Someone get Bella on the phone!" Jasper barked.

My hands were clenched and I needed my wife. I needed to hear her sweet voice. I needed to feel her warm body.

"No answer on her cell phone," Charlie griped.

"Oh, GOD," I sobbed, curling up on the ground.

Demetri lay down next to me, running his fingers through my hair. "She could be in the air, Edward. She's fine. Steve's with her. He's paid to protect her." His words were meant to calm me but did anything but…I needed my wife.

"Was she flying commercial?" Charlie asked.

"No. She took one of the Whitlock planes," Jasper sang gleefully. He dialed the satellite phone. "Captain Maroni, this is Jasper Whitlock. Can you please patch me through to Mrs. Cullen?" Silence... "Thank you. Bella, are you there? Listen, I need you to talk to Edward. Charlie kind of freaked him out…It'll probably freak you out, too but I need Edward back. He's having some sort of panic attack."

Jasper handed Demetri the phone. My brother cradled it against my ear. "Edward?" came the distant voice of my Bella. "Baby, what's wrong?"

"Are you okay?" I sniffled, clutching the phone to my ear.

"I'm fine, angel. We're on the way back. We should be landing in about two hours."

"I needed to hear your voice," I choked out. "Bella, this thing with Jacob…it's worse than we thought."

"We'll talk more about it when I get home, Edward. I missed you and I love you, so much, angel," she cooed.

"I love you, too," I whimpered, sitting up. Tears fell from my eyes. Hastily, I wiped them away. "I'm meeting you at the airport, gorgeous. I have to see you, okay?"

"Okay, baby. Can you put me on with Jasper?"

"Sure," I nodded, handing him the phone. Demetri handed me a bottle of water before wrapping his arm around my shoulders. I leaned heavily against him, trying to get my rapidly beating heart to calm down.

Charlie looked sad and worried as he sat in his chair, staring down at me. "I'm sorry for freaking you out, Edward," Charlie grimaced. "I wouldn't have said anything at work if I had known…"

"I didn't even know that I was going to react this way, Charlie," I snorted humorlessly. I looked up at him. "What can we do?"

"What you've been doing," Charlie explained. "The protection is what's best. Honestly, since we know whose stalking Bella, that's a step in the right direction. Most of the time, stalkers are not discovered until after something happened. I worked this one case of a girl who was being stalked but she didn't know who it was. For a year and a half, she was sent notes, love letters, pictures, each getting more and more gruesome by her stalker. Unfortunately, it was when we were called into a homicide/suicide investigation that we found out who the stalker was."

"Who was it, Charlie?" Demetri asked.

"It was a girl who used to work with the victim. The girl was passed over for a promotion but our vic received it. Long story short, the victim was shot to death, in the office, by her stalker. On the stalker's body was a note, explaining her reasons for doing what she did. In our investigation, this girl was not even on our radar. We were looking at ex-boyfriends, friends, the guy across the street. Not once did we consider her…and as a result, the victim died," Charlie muttered, still blaming himself.

"Yeah, not helping," I grumbled.

"Sorry," Charlie replied, smiling sheepishly.

"Edward, I don't want to sound like a douche, but we've got things to address," Jasper frowned. "I know you're worried about Bella, but this needs to get done before we shut down for the holidays." He held up the end of the year reports and tax returns.

Grumbling, I got back into my chair. The meeting was succinct but somber. I signed what I needed to sign, trusting the rest of our administrative team would ensure that it's correct. After that was done, I told Henry that we needed to go to the private airstrip where the Whitlock planes were housed. He bitched and moaned, saying he was going to miss dinner with his family.

"I'm sorry that my need for security inconveniences you," I snapped. "Car keys."

"What?" he asked.

"Give me the fucking car keys," I growled. "You're fired. Take the train back to Wheaton find yourself another job, something nine to five."

"Mr. Cullen…I'm…" he stuttered.

"Save it. I heard you bitching about missing dinner with your family. I've got a psychotic madman on the loose who wants my wife as his own and will stop at nothing to make it happen. It seems harsh, but I need men who are going to be ready to do their job, whenever and wherever," I hissed, narrowing my eyes at Henry. I punched the floor for the lobby and the floor for the basement. "You'll get your last check mailed to you."

We rode down in the elevator in silence. Henry obviously flummoxed by my harsh behavior. Hell, I was flummoxed by it. I was not a douche. Okay, I was a douche…to Emmett. But, this was different. Henry expected this to be a fluff job for the rich and not-so-famous but it wasn't. There was a real, authentic dangerous threat out there for my family.

"Is there nothing I can do, Mr. Cullen?" Henry asked when we reached the lobby.

"No. I'm sorry," I replied coldly.

"You need to have protection, too," Henry fidgeted.

"I'm capable of taking care of myself. Besides, once I get to the airport, my wife's security guard will be there," I snarled. Henry slunk away, dejected that he was fired. I angrily pushed the close-door button and finished my ride down to the basement. After I got into my car and out onto the highway, I called Oliver and informed him of Henry's termination. Oliver reamed into me about my hasty decision.

I stood by it. I had my gun in my glove compartment along with the registration to carry it. The drive to the airport was easy. I got there about fifteen minutes before Bella's flight was to arrive. As I was waiting, Ricky, Steve's father called me. He informed me that Henry contacted him about his dismissal. I didn't deny it and I explained my reasons behind it. Ricky understood and asked if I wanted someone else. After thinking about it, I decided against it. Oliver and Steve were living with us full-time. Casey stayed with his family but understood the parameters of the job. Ricky explained that he'd have someone on standby if I choose to change my mind.


I finished my phone call and saw the plane pull into the hangar. I hopped out of the car, pacing nervously and trying, desperately, to keep warm. Once the plane stopped, the hatch opened and the flight attendant walked out first. Steve followed and then my Bella.

"Bella," I called. She looked up at me and gave me a smile. I took off into a sprint, stumbling on a few slick spots. By the time she was off the plane, I had her safely ensconced in my arms. "Oh, Bella. You're home."

"I'm here, angel," she cooed, wrapping her arms around me.

"No warm welcome for me, SGD?" Rose quipped as she smirked at me.

"Hi, Rose," I deadpanned, crushing Bella to my chest. If I could, I'd envelope her in my body and never let her go.

"Leave him alone, Rosalie," Bella admonished from my embrace. "You know what we're dealing with…"

"I know," Rose frowned. "Sorry for teasing, Edward."

"It's okay," I answered, burying my nose in Bella's long, chestnut locks. "Fuck, baby, I missed you. I'm sorry about…"

"Edward, relax. I know the feeling," she replied, kissing my neck. "A little too well."

"Okay, lovebirds. As much as I'm enjoying this heartfelt reunion, it's colder than a witch's tit and I'm hungry."

"Who's driving you home, Rose?" I asked, arching a brow.

"Why, you, of course," she snorted. "Tim is stuck at a construction site and my children, while I love them, cannot drive well on the highways. My hair would be white if Ava or Lucas picked me up."

"You don't mind, do you?" Bella asked, her eyes filled with trepidation.

"Steve, you drive," I said, tossing him the car keys. "Rose, in the front and Bella, you're with me."

"Where's Henry?" Steve asked, confusion coloring his features.

"I fired him," I answered tersely. Guiding Bella to the car, we got into the backseat. I held her so close to me. Well as close as our heavy winter coats and clothing would allow. I know I was being overly clingy, but after hearing those connections with Jacob's rap sheet and our lives, it was too much.

After we dropped off Rose, Steve drove us back to our home in Wheaton. I felt foolish, sitting in the back with Bella but I couldn't let go of her. "Baby, I need to breathe," she giggled against my chest. "Don't suffocate me."

"Sorry," I pouted. "I just…"

"I know," she replied, cuddling up against me. Our fingers threaded together. "Why did you fire Henry?"

"His priorities weren't straight. He was complaining about missing dinner because I had to pick you up," I hissed angrily.

"Edward, that was a bit harsh," Bella chastised. "How would you feel…?"

"It wasn't harsh, Bella. After hearing what I heard and seeing the proof in the dates, writing and facts, you would have reacted the same way," I barked. "Jacob has been hurting people ever since you broke up. Each time a new ad for the Foundation came out, his behavior escalated. He never got over you, Bella. He's out for blood. Your dad said that stalkers like him are deadly."

"Does Mr. Charlie have proof?" Steve asked from the front seat.

"Yeah. He showed it to me at the office. He'll need to translate since it's in Charlie-ese," I said flatly. "But, looking at Jacob's arrest file and our lives, side-by-side, the proof is in black and white."

"You need someone to be with you, Mr. Edward," Steve explained. "If Jacob is as dangerous…"

"I'm fine. Focus the protection on my wife and children. I do not want another asshole like Henry," I bit out.

"Edward, at least think about it. Please?" Bella asked, cupping my face with her warm hands.

"Fine. I'll think about it. But no promises," I said, quirking a brow at my wife.

"Well, at least take someone with you tomorrow," Bella said sternly.

"What's tomorrow?" I asked.

"Your meeting with Emmett," Bella reminded me.

"Ugh! That's so not happening. Not now. I need to be with you," I said as I searched for my phone. "I've been traumatized enough to last a lifetime. Today alone! Nope, I'm not going to visit Emmett. That's a whole other level of trauma that I don't need."

"No, Edward. You need to do this. Even if it's to tell Emmett to fuck off, you have to talk to him," Bella encouraged. "I know that he was awful towards you but, give him a chance to try and atone for his sins. Look at Tim…he was one of my tormentors and now he's a good friend."

"I'll go with you, Mr. Edward," Steve said.

"No excuses. You're going," Bella smirked, kissing my neck. Her lips found my ear, licking on the lobe. "I can't believe I'm resorting to promises of sex…Anywhere, anytime, anyplace. You, me, your cock, fucking your wife." Her breath was hot against my skin as she whispered her promise.

"Sweet baby Jesus," I moaned. "Can I cash that in now?"

"No, Edward…you have to come through on your promise," she smirked, biting down on my ear. "Then, I'll come through with mine."

"You don't play fair," I pouted.

"Never said I did," Bella smirked, crawling into my lap. Steve was snickering in the driver's seat while I wore a permanent scowl on my face.

Looks like I'm going to Pontiac Correctional Center tomorrow. How long is that drive?

xx STTD xx

The next day, Steve and I woke up early. My scheduled visitation was at ten and the drive to Pontiac was roughly two hours. I was dressed comfortably in a pair of jeans and a sweater. At the suggestion of Oliver, I removed all of my jewelry except my wedding band. That sucker ain't coming off until I'm…oh, wait, never.

"You're awfully antsy, Mr. Edward," Steve said as we passed through Joliet. "Do you need a potty break?"

"Shut it. I just don't want to go," I grumped. "How much longer?"

"Forty-five minutes," he replied, giving me a sympathetic grin. "Have you thought more about getting someone to stay with you when you leave the house? Another bodyguard?"

"Nope. I don't want one," I said coldly. "Henry rubbed me the wrong way and it'll be a long time before I want someone with me. I get that he needed to be with his family, but he wasn't there when I saw the correlations between Jacob and our lives. Yes, it was harsh. But, I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself."

"With all due respect, sir, I think you need someone," Steve said plainly. "My father contacted Johnny and he's willing to come back to Chicago since you've worked with him before. All I have to do is make the call."

"Where will he stay? What about his family?" I asked snidely. God, I sound like teenager.

"Johnny is divorced and needs to get out of his hometown. Ricky mentioned something about Johnny used to be involved with your assistant, Eric? Maybe it's a way for him to rekindle the fire," Steve snickered.

"I'll make arrangements for Johnny," I sighed resignedly.

"Excellent decision, sir," Steve smirked. He had on a smug grin and I wanted to punch it right of his face. I sulked the rest of the way to the Pontiac Correctional Facility. When we arrived at the correctional facility, Steve and I walked inside. The officer explained expectations for the meeting. Steve was going to wait in the reception area while I went inside. Before I was ushered into the small room, I was strip searched.

Talk about embarrassing. Maneuvering my balls to ensure I didn't have a shiv stuffed in my boxer shorts.

Once I was thoroughly demeaned, I was led to a private room and sat down on an uncomfortable table, idly twisting my wedding band. A series of buzzing sounds alerted me to someone coming. Two officers were walking a gray-haired, hunched over man with an additional two officers behind him. The door opened and the officers jerked the man inside. He looked up at me. His hazel eyes were dull, tired and broken. His face was covered with a bushy gray beard. His once tall stature was bent over. He also walked with a limp. "Okay, Cullen. You've got an hour. Keep your hands and feet to yourself or you'll spend your last few weeks on earth in solitary."

"Yes, sir," Emmett said quietly, sitting down on the table. His cuffed hands were tethered to a latch on the table.

"If there's anything, Mr. Cullen, just hit the panic button. It's located on your right side," one of the officers said to me.

"Thanks," I answered and watched them leave, giving Emmett parting scowls. Emmett sat at the table, not making eye contact with me. He shifted nervously and it looked like he was crying. We sat there for a few minutes before I cleared my throat, hoping it would get him to talk. I certainly didn't have anything to say.

"You look good, Edward," he said, wiping his face.

"Wish I could say the same," I replied coldly.

"How is everything?" he asked, looking up at me. This man wasn't my brother, my tormentor. This man was broken and shamed.

"Good. Whitlock is making billions; I'm still married to my dream girl and I've got four beautiful children," I answered.

"Four? Wow," he breathed. "How old are they?"

"Kyra is seventeen, Owen just turned sixteen and the twins, Mia and Masen are thirteen," I replied.

"Teenagers. I can't believe my little brother is a father to four teenagers," he muttered his breath.

"Emmett, we may be related but I'm not your brother," I snapped. "My brothers are Demetri Volturi, Alec Volturi and Jasper Whitlock. Not. You."

"You're right," Emmett sniffled. "Look, I won't keep you long. I know that you don't want to be here. I just wanted to let you know a few things before I'm executed. First off, I want to apologize for how I acted when we were growing up. You were my brother and instead of protecting you like I should have, I made your life worse. That didn't stop as we got older, either. I preyed on your weakness and made your adult life hell as well. I'm sorry for doing that to you. You're an amazing man and deserved happiness. I'm so happy that you found it with your wife, Bella."

"Is that all?"

"No," Emmett sighed. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a picture. It was from one of the early Foundation openings. Bella and I were standing, arms around each other, looking very much in love. "This foundation you created is amazing. One of the nice guards actually went to the location in Joliet. He told me how you came every so often and taught him how to play the piano. His own father was a douche but you, in some small way, stepped in and made him feel good. He asked if I had some hand in it but I didn't. Obviously. However, he said that you were an amazing influence on his life. When I heard that, I was so proud of you, Edward. You made a difference and I wish I could have helped you. Not driven by this need to be better than you. Fuck, if we had worked together…" He sniffled, putting the picture back in his pocket.

I waited for him to finish. Nothing he was saying was getting to me. I know he was trying to atone for his sins, but it was too little too late.

"One more thing," Emmett said. "One more thing and then you can go. I realize that this is nearly fifty years too late, but I love you, Edward. I only wish I could have been the man that you became."

"You finished?" I asked.

"Yeah," he muttered, toying with the chains locking him to the table.

"Your words, while beautiful, mean nothing to me. You were an amazing attorney and you knew how to spin your words to make the jury believe you. I don't know if what you said to me is the truth or an example of your elocution. If they were authentic, then I could possibly forgive you. If they were fake, then, I don't know. The sad thing is that I am not sure of what your intentions are."

"Edward, this is me trying to be genuine," he said, running his hands through his hair.

"I appreciate what you tried to do, but like you said, it was nearly fifty years too late. I do not know if you're lying, telling the truth, or putting on a hell of an act. I'll pray for you, Emmett. I hope you find peace." I buzzed the panic button. A guard arrived and opened the door. Without looking back, I left my 'brother' sobbing in the room. After turning over my visitor's badge, I walked out to where Steve was waiting for me.

"I called Johnny," he said.

"Steve, I don't want to talk about that. I'm tired, emotionally drained. Can we just go home?" I asked wearily.

"Of course," he frowned. The drive back to Wheaton was a solemn one. I was replaying the conversation that my brother had with me. He seemed genuine but I couldn't tell if he meant it or not. That bothered me more than anything. The fact that I couldn't believe what my brother, my flesh and blood, had said irked me to no end. I'd have to think about this for a while before I could accept his apology or just let him die without my forgiveness.

But, his time on earth was dwindling.

I had until January 16th to either accept my brother's apology or…

I don't know what to do.

"You look troubled, Mr. Edward," Steve said quietly, breaking the silence in the car.

"That's because I am, Steve," I responded. "I don't know how to interpret this visit with my brother."

"Maybe I can help," he suggested, shrugging slightly. "I know I'm young but getting another perspective may be what you need."All throughout the car ride home, I told Steve all about my relationship with my brother, ending with the meeting that happened not more than an hour ago. He blew out a low whistle. "I can see why you're struggling, Mr. Edward."

"I'm between a rock and a hard place. Yes, I gave him the kiss off in the prison, but will I regret it later when he dies at the hands of the state?"

"I think that right now, you're too emotional 'raw' to think clearly. You still have time to think about your decision. Just because you told him to fuck off," he said. "Sorry but it's what you did, sir."

"Don't apologize. I did tell him to fuck off," I snorted.

"Anyhow, just because you told him to fuck off doesn't mean that you can't go back at a later date to accept his apology or stick with your decision, you know?" Steve said, shooting me a look. "Also, talk to Miss Bella about this. She was with you when all of this happened, right?"

"The big stuff, yeah."

"She can help you more than anyone. I think that Miss Kyra and Thomas are going out tonight with Mr. Owen and Tasha. Oliver will be with them. Mia and Masen are spending the night with Miss Alice and Mr. Jasper. Miss Gianna is having a slumber party with some friends."

"A coed slumber party?" I asked.

"Six people total…three boys and three girls," Steve snickered. "Relax, Mr. Edward. Nothing will be happening like that. Just some fun and relaxation." He laughed, patting my knee. "You and Miss Bella will have the house to yourselves. Use the time wisely."

I quirked a brow at him. He just grinned at me, speeding along I-55 toward I-355 to drive us home. I thought about what Steve said about my brother. Despite his youth, he really was wise beyond his years. I would talk to Bella about Emmett's words and my concern about believing them.

Back at home, all of the kids were getting ready for their various pursuits on their first evening of winter break. Kyra was curling her hair and stressing about the double date that she was going on with Thomas and her brother. Owen was frantically searching for a Christmas present for Tasha since they decided to become an official item. Mia and Masen were packing overnight bags for the slumber party. I still wasn't thrilled about the idea of a coed sleepover but as long as Bella supported it, so did I.


By five, all of our children were gone, doing their own things. Steve was in the apartment, giving Bella and me some privacy. She wandered into the kitchen where I was tinkering on my tablet. Her arms wrapped around my waist, pressing her cheek between my shoulder blades. "How are you?"

"Confused," I answered, turning around and holding her to my body. "Emotionally wrecked. Pissed off."

"In a way, I'm glad everyone is gone," Bella muttered against my chest. "I love my babies but it's so hard being strong for them when all you want to do is scream."

"Tell me about it," I sighed, kissing her hair. "Is that why you agreed to the coed sleepover?"

"Yep. Normally, I'd laugh in Alice's face but we needed time to talk, Edward," she whispered. "With what Charlie told me on the phone while you were gone, your breakdown yesterday, meeting with Emmett today and everything that's been piling up, we need time for us. We need to devise a plan of attack."

"I agree," I murmured, inhaling her warm, sweet scent. "Want me to make dinner?"

"Actually, I was thinking about ordering a large, greasy pizza with all of the trimmings," she giggled.

"Pizza? Really?" I asked, eager to eat food with flavor and not cardboard.

"I think after the past few days, you're entitled to some good grease," Bella smiled, picking up the landline and dialing our favorite pizza joint. An hour later, we were in front of the fireplace, eating our pizza and drinking some red wine.

"Best. Idea. Ever," I said as I played with Bella's hair. She was laying with her head in my lap. "Thank you, gorgeous."

"You're welcome," she murmured, taking my hand and kissing my palm. "Are you okay? I mean, really okay?"

"I'm terrified about this thing with Jacob. I'm befuddled about Emmett. I'm feeling guilty about everything else," I said. I leaned down on my side, still keeping Bella's head in my lap.

"Now, the thing with Jacob, I get that. I'm scared, too," she cringed. She looked up at me. "Charlie showed me all of the connections. What if…?"

"No, what ifs. We're together. Forever. Jacob, the mongoloid, is not going to ruin our happily ever after," I said. "There's a reason why we have all of this protection, Bella."

"I know, but something in my gut tells me that all of this will mean nothing in the long run," she said shakily.

"Over my rotting corpse," I growled. "Jacob will not get to you. He can't." My hand clenched and I wanted to find Jacob, the asshat, dogman and beat him to a bloody pulp.

"Breathe, baby," Bella chided as she pushed me onto my back. She straddled my waist, putting a pillow under my head. "He's not going to get me."

"We don't know that and I hate that we don't," I frowned, lacing my fingers with hers.

"I know, Edward," she muttered, kissing both of my hands. "Let's move onto something that we can possibly solve tonight because the Jacob issue isn't going away until he's arrested, killed or God forbid something happens." She leaned down, her hair flowing all around us. "I love you, angel."

"I love you more, gorgeous," I whispered. She leaned down and kissed my lips softly. All too quickly, she sat back up. "Come back."

"I will. After we discuss Emmett," she smirked. "What did he say?"

"What didn't he say," I grumbled. "He said a lot of pretty things to try and make amends, but I don't know if the words he said were genuine or bull shit."

"Edward, let's be honest. The man is going to die in less than a month. Why would he be disingenuous now? He's looking death in the face and he's terrified," Bella said sagely.

"Bella, he said that he loved me and that he was proud of me. Those were words that I'd never, ever expect my brother to ever say to me. Why now? Why after a lifetime of torment would he choose now to say that he finally loved me and that he was proud of me? I don't believe it," I said incredulously.

"I can't answer that. Only Emmett can. Maybe he always loved you but squashed it. Perhaps his love and respect for you came after he was convicted and he realized that everything you have is what he'll never acquire. I don't know, Edward. Those are questions for Emmett. But, I think that if you don't accept his love and his apology that you'll hate yourself for not forgiving him. Edward, you are the best man I've ever known. Your heart is so big and loving, always growing to accommodate more. It's not your style to let this dangle." She leaned forward and cupped my slightly scruffy cheek. "I think you need to talk to him again." Her thumb caressed the apple of my cheek. Her lips were barely touching mine.

"I think I need to forget all of this drama," I breathed, pulling her lower lip between mine. "Let me love you, Bella."

"Here? In the family room?"

"No one's home. Steve's hiding in the apartment," I murmured, slipping my hand under her sweater. "Please, Bella. I need you. I needed you last night. I need you now. I need you forever. Please?"

She moaned, covering her mouth with mine. Her tongue slid between my lips and tangled with mine. My hands moved up and down the smooth skin of her back. She thrust her hands into my hair, tugging on the strands with her fingers. With each pass of my hands, her sweater inched up. I pushed it over her breasts, cupping her perfect mounds with my hands. She rocked against my growing arousal. "Fuck, Edward," she panted.

"Yes, let's fuck Edward," I growled against her mouth.

She pulled back and removed her sweater, revealing her sexy black bra. "I don't want to fuck Edward. I want to love Edward," she said as she ran her finger over my lips. "We need this, Edward. Granted, the locale leaves me a bit panicky but I have to have you."

I rolled us so I was hovering over my beautiful wife. Her hair was splayed on the beige carpeting. "I love you, Bella," I whispered.

"So, love me," she smiled, pulling me down to her writhing body. Our lips colliding against each other as her legs wrapped around my hips. My hands were moving eagerly over her porcelain skin. Tenderly, I reached her breast, pinching her erect nipple with my fingers. My lips moved down her neck as I pulled down the cup of her bra. I moved down her body, leaving a trail of open mouthed kisses along her skin. My lips wrapped around her nipple, suckling and nipping at her dusty rose flesh. Her back arched, pressing her breast further into my mouth. My other hand was massaging her other breast. Bella reached behind her and unclasped her bra. I pulled it away, kissing to her other breast. "Edward, off. Shirt off, now."

I sat up, removing my sweater and moving back to cover her half naked body with mine. "So beautiful," I murmured against her lips. "You will always be beautiful to me, Bella. I love you so much."

"I love you, too," she whispered, caressing my back.

"I'm going to love you forever. I'm going to make love to you, Mrs. Cullen," I said as I kissed down her neck, to her breasts. With a low hum, I took her nipple back in my mouth as my hand reached for the button of her jeans. Deftly, I unbuttoned them and slipped my hand inside. I reached the hem of her panties, teasing her lightly with the pads of my fingers. I released her breast with a pop and tugged down her jeans. I handed her a pillow and resumed my teasing.

"God, you're driving me insane," she whimpered.

I smiled, nipping at her ribcage. Tenderly, I ran my hands down the length of her torso, barely making any contact with her skin. She moaned, arching into my touch. I kissed down her belly and nuzzled just above her pussy. She was so wet, soaking through her panties. Slowly, I pulled down her panties and spread her legs. I licked my lips, eager to dig into my girl. I wanted this more than the damn pizza.

"Edward," she begged.

"What, gorgeous?" I asked.

"Please…lick me. Lick my pussy," she pleaded, bucking her hips up at me.

"Since you asked so nicely," I smiled. Turning my gaze back to her glistening folds, I ran my tongue along her slit. Her responding moan was loud, sexy and turned me the fuck on. Her arousal coated my tongue and tasted better than the sweetest ambrosia. My eyes were fixated on her writhing, wriggling form as I assaulted her clit with my lips, kissing her sex like I'd kiss her mouth. Her fingers were pulling and tugging on my hair, keeping my face between her sexy legs. I'd happily stay there for the rest of my days, feasting on my wife. She tasted so damn good, sweet, earthy and pure Bella.

I kissed up her body and stared at her. My hand was massaging her clit. "Do you know how good you taste, Bella?"

"I do," she purred, pulling me down to kiss me hard on the lips. She eagerly lapped up her essence on my mouth as I slid two fingers into her tight, needy pussy. "I want your cock, Edward."

"I want to taste you as you come on my lips, Bella," I growled back. "You'll get my cock." With another hard kiss to her mouth, I shimmied down to between her legs. My tongue flicked her clit as my fingers curled up inside of her pussy. Her responding groans were loud and her hips moved with my fingers.

"Fuck," she spat as she bucked up against my hand. "I need more, Edward."

"Hmmmm," I responded as I removed my fingers from her pussy. They were soaked with her arousal. Easily, I slid my middle finger into her ass and moved my tongue to her pussy. My other hand was circling over her clit. Her arousal was pouring out of her body as she moaned and pleaded for more. I added another finger to her ass and she let out a yelp of pleasure. I could feel her muscles quiver around my tongue. I did my own share of moaning as I felt her get closer and closer to exploding on my tongue.

"Edward," she breathed. "I'm…so…damn…gonna…EDWARD!" She screamed and threw her head back as her release coated my face. Her body was twitching as I eased my fingers into her pussy, feeling her pulsing walls around them. I kept my hands on her pussy until she returned to earth, panting heavily. Her pale skin was covered in a light sheen of sweat, glistening in the flickering light of our fireplace. Her hands languidly glided up and down her belly. "It never gets old with you, SGD."

"Nor with you, my beautiful wife," I smirked as I lay on my side next to her.

"Hmmm, you need to get naked so I can make love to you," she purred as she reached for my belt. "I want to feel your rock hard cock in my body, Edward. I want you to make me come with your cock." Her hand slipped inside my jeans and she caressed my arousal. "So ready for me."

"I was ready as soon as I felt your skin, baby," I snickered, pushing my jeans and boxer shorts down my legs. I kicked them off and Bella pushed me onto my back.

"I want to feel all of you, everywhere," she purred as she straddled my legs. She lined up erection with her still dripping folds and she slowly sunk down on me. "God, so good."

"Not good, amazing," I panted as I cupped her breasts with my hands. "Phenomenal. Earth-shattering."

"I will never tire of feeling you like this, Edward," she breathed as she put her hands over mine that were covering her bouncing breasts. "I love the way you fill me up. Baby, I, um…fuck." She leaned back and slithered her body over me. Her body undulated so sexily. Half of her face was lit by the fireplace. The love twinkling in her eyes was a sight to see. She grabbed one of my hands, sliding my fingers in her mouth. "Hmmmm, so good."

"Jesus, Bella," I panted as I watched her suck my finger that was buried in her pussy.

"Harder, Edward," she demanded, staring at me. "I want to feel you so deep inside of me, baby."

I thrust deeper and harder inside of my wife. Her body quaked over me. "So fucking tight and shit, you're so wet, Bella."

"Only for you, Edward," she murmured, leaning forward, kissing my mouth. "Only you will make me feel this way."

Our kisses became frantic as I pounded into her. Bella met me, thrust for thrust, taking me as deep as she could. If I had planned this better, I would have made sure that we had some lube so we could truly be intimate. Making love that way was something that we only did when we really wanted to connect. However, the animalistic way we were making love was pretty damn close. "Bella, I'm…FUCK!...I'm so…close…come again," I begged.

"Hmmm, yes," she whimpered. "Tell when, Edward. Tell me when to come."

"Fuck! Come. Come now, Bella," I roared as my orgasm washed over me, spilling inside of my wife. She yelled, digging her nails into my sweaty skin. I kept thrusting in and out of her until my body slipped from hers. She moved her body slightly and our combined releases oozed out of her pussy and onto my belly. She hummed happily and cuddled against my chest, idly tracing her fingers over my tattoo on my side. "I needed that."

"Me too," she said, kissing my chest. "I love our children but they do put a damper on where and when we can make love. When was the last time we did something like this?"

"Last anniversary?" I replied, cupping her ass.

"Too long," she giggled, inhaling my neck. "Hmmm, you smell good. Like your cologne, sweat and sex. It's a heady fragrance, Edward."

I nuzzled her hair. "You smell like strawberries, cream, pizza and me. That's a wonderful combo," I snorted. I kissed gently behind her ear. "I really do love you, Bella. I can't imagine my life without you. You're my best friend, my wife, my lover…everything important in my life comes back to you, gorgeous."

She let out a quiet sob, wrapping her arms around my neck. "You're everything to me, too, Edward. It pains to me to think that something is going to happen…"

"I vow to you that it won't," I said quietly, holding her to my body. We stayed that way until she started shivering. I chuckled. "As much as I love having you naked in my arms, we probably should get dressed. We don't want our children to walk in our naked asses."

"It could work to our advantage. Prevent the kids from having sex," she giggled.

"Bella, as tempting as that sounds, I do not want my baby girl or oldest boy seeing my package. Nor do I want Thomas or Tasha seeing your goodies, either," I deadpanned.

"Fine," she pouted. She got up, swiping her clothes. With a wink, she sauntered through the house. "We probably should shower. Race you?" She giggled and ran away. Growling, I followed her, picking her up along the way. Even for just this moment, our lives seemed normal. Happy. Loving. Complete.

It was all I could ask for. And I'd fight to keep that way until my dying breath.

Jacob nor my brother were going to take it from me.

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