Author's Note!
This is the second oneshot in a series of caryl Tumblr prompt
s that I'm posting for practice.
Like the last one, it'll probably be short but sweet. Enjoy and please give me feedback.
Prompt: kiss, takes place at an unspecified time in s.3 that honestly doesn't matter anyways. I'm trying to write something like Norman's version of Daryl awkwardly kissing, but it is fluff. Some warnings for light allusions to adult situations and language. Enjoy!

Give me shelter,
Or show me heart.
Only Love- Ben Howard

It had taken Daryl completely by surprise, the sudden feeling of Carol's lips pressed against his, clinging for all she was worth.
The intensity of her mouth against his was incredible and unexpected. He'd never thought Carol, sweet, strong, good Carol, to want him. Hell, even now, with her tongue diving around his, demanding entrance, he couldn't believe it.
Carol. Wanted. Him.
It struck him as damn near impossible.
She wanted him, Daryl Dixon, the redneck with an attitude nastier than the devil's and not hardly enough experience to justify it.
She could have better, Oscar had sent more than a couple looks her way and he'd been married, man must of known what the fuck he was doing.
Hell, she deserved better and he damn well knew it as he moved his lips gently against the firestorm of her mouth, hesitantly, unsure and unpracticed.
But fuck it, he wanted her too damn much to back out now.
She nipped and tugged on his lower lip, tongue slipping and interweaving with his expertly, primally, as if she'd been waiting for this.
As if she'd been waiting for him.
He only hoped he wasn't too big a disappointment, while he kissed her back best as he knew how, drinking in the feeling of her mouth on his, the feeling of her delicate fingers tangling and twisting in his hair, waiting for her to shove him away.
Prepared himself for the sting of her rejection, for a mumbled "better as friends" type-bullshit. Only it didn't come.
Somewhere between Carol's intensity and his careful movements and cautious approach, they balanced each other out.
Instead of feeling himself shoved away he felt her body pressing against him. Felt lips against his jaw, along his torso then dipping and teasing lower.
Then there was bare skin and uncovered curves, sweat and heat fueled by want and understanding.
Finally they rested against each other, limbs over top of one another, settled, unmoving.
Every bit of them was touching each other and for the what might of been the first time in his life Daryl Dixon was comfortable.
Hell, he might even be happy.