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So, to pass over the sappy stuff, this may seem slightly out of context if you haven't been reading The Pumpkin, but don't worry, it shouldn't be really that confusing. A WARNING: This chapter is DEFINITELY suggestive. Obviously nothing explicit. But yeah. Anyway...happy Kyoyaversary!

Ella sighed as she stepped into Kyoya's car after the Cherry Blossom Ball was over. The night had not gone as planned. They had planned to get Emma and Hikaru together, no strings, no mess. That did not happen. In summary, Emma had gone home early after getting sick, Hikaru had stormed off in a huff and gone home as well, and Kaoru had followed after he finished consoling Emma. It had left a sour cloud over the rest of the dance.

Kyoya got in the other side of the limmo and shut the door behind him, not saying a word.

"That was…"


Ella was quiet again.

"Well…tonight wasn't a complete failure."

Kyoya just looked at her.

"No, really!" she said. "And it's all because of you, too! The other fixed dance partners were your idea; I think Honey and Reiko are really connecting! And did you see how happy Tamaki was to be able to dance with Haruhi? And how gorgeous she looked?"

"Well, Haruhi's disguise was really the twins' and Renge's doing."

"Still! We shouldn't discount the entire night just because of one little snafu. Up until those last few songs, that was a wonderful time." she eyed him thoughtfully. "And you look even more perfect than usual." she said with a small sly smile.

By this time, Kyoya was smiling again. He pulled her close, close enough that their lips nearly touched as he spoke. "And you, my dear, look absolutely ravishing." he kissed her deeply, and she returned the kiss as her entire body melted into his.

She smiled dreamily as they broke apart. Then she sighed. "Emma's not going to be agreeable to me coming home and fumbling around in our room tonight."

"You could always stay with me." he said, without really thinking about what he had said. He had only been thinking about her immediate happiness, not the implications behind what he had said.

Until he saw the expression on her face, that is.

His eyebrows shot up as he realized where her mind as gone, and he turned a deep shade of red. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean…! I'm sorry. That was extremely…ungentlemanly of me. I'll take you home, of course."

"No!" she laid her hands on his chest to stop him as he leaned forward to speak to the driver. He looked at her in surprise. "No, that would be great, Kyoya. Like New Year's Eve again."

He smiled and breathed normally again, putting his arm around her. "Yes, exactly." she cuddled close to him for the rest of the ride.

It occurred to Ella as they arrived that this was her first time at Kyoya's real house. "Why is it dark?" she asked as they approached the front door.

"My family went to a conference at one of their hospitals this weekend. I would have liked to have gone as well, but the ball prevented it."

She frowned. "I'm sorry hon. I hope you didn't disappoint yourself on my account."

He narrowed his eyes for a second, the entire idea seeming ridiculous, especially given the fact that she looked like a goddess at that moment. He then turned to open the door. "Hold that thought." he said. He stepped inside and turned on the lights, then pulled Ella in, shut the door, and kissed her fiercely.

She struggled for breath as he pulled away. "Wow." she breathed. "What…?"

"You, Ella," he looked deep into her eyes. "Could never disappoint me."

She smiled that irresistible modest little smile he loved, and he just had to kiss her again.

He rested his forehead on hers when they came up for air. "I would much, much rather be with you than at some silly conference. There is no contest."

She grinned. This time, she kissed him.

They somehow made their way over to his couch, never breaking their kiss. This was different than usual. Their kisses were usually deep and passionate, but they were never so…steamy. He normally seemed so much more controlled. For example, he had never run his hands through her hair this roughly, had never held her quite so close to him.

It was different for Kyoya, too. He wasn't really sure what had come over him, he was usually so in control of his emotions, even when it came to Ella, but this…there was no thought involved. This was pure feeling, pure emotion, raw passion. It was only when he suddenly realized that he was practically on top of her did he have enough sense to think about what was going on. The realization that he had not been thinking scared him a bit; he stopped.

"Mm…" Ella protested as he pulled away, though his lips were still less than an inch from hers. Her eyes were still closed, while his were wide open. "Why'd you stop?"

"Ella…I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking…"

She opened her eyes, her brow furrowing. "What on earth are you apologizing for, Kyoya?"

"Ella, take a moment to look at how we've managed to end up."

She followed his instructions: She looked around, taking into account the fact that the room they were in was still dark, illuminated only by the light from the foyer which they had just left. That she was leaning against the arm of the couch, almost completely reclined, while Kyoya was half on top of her, his arm braced on the back with the other around her waist, his one leg on the ground while the other was kneeling on the couch. "Oh." she said, her eyebrows slightly raised. "I see." Then she smiled and looked at him. "I'm still not sure what you're apologizing for, though."

He looked at her in pure shock. This is not the reaction he would have expected from her. "Ella, this is a rather compromising position I've managed to put you in. You're saying you don't care?" the question was intended to be rhetorical.

She answered anyway. Frowning, she didn't really understand. "Well, no, not really. You said your family was away this weekend."

Kyoya's eyes couldn't possibly have gotten any wider. To his chagrin, he started to feel his cheeks grow hot. "Ella!" he finally managed. "What are you…"

She sighed, rolled her eyes, and sat up. "Kyoya," she said with a chuckle. "Your gentlemanly nature is really charming, I swear, but you don't need to be in perfect control all of the time. It's okay to let go. I trust you."

Kyoya felt like he couldn't breathe. But in a good way. If that was possible. "Ella. Ella. Are you saying…are you saying what I think you're saying?!"

"Oh my god." she laughed. "I definitely didn't expect this reaction out of you. You're so nervous! I've never actually seen you nervous, save, like, once!"

"Wait, wait, Ella." he pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to make sure he was understanding her correctly. "You're saying…that you…that I…that we…"

She rolled her eyes and kissed him, effectively ending his stutter. "Yes." she said, looking into his eyes and smiling, trying very hard to make him understand. "Yes. I am saying. Now shut up and kiss me."

That did it. Whatever control Kyoya was trying to exert over himself snapped. He managed to get his glasses off and throw them on the end table before he began where he left off with her, pulling her close again, his lips crushing against hers, for once not thinking, not holding back, just feeling. REALLY feeling.

This was extremely different. They were in a whirlwind. Was time passing? Was the earth still turning? Ella couldn't be sure. She was barely aware when Kyoya picked her up and carried her upstairs, alternating between kissing her lips, her cheeks, her forehead, and her neck as he did. She was a little more aware when he opened a door, and a little more when she was placed on a bed. "This is happening." she kept thinking. "THIS IS HAPPENING." She had always thought she'd be at least a little scared when this finally did happen. But she was wrong. She wasn't scared at all. She was the opposite of scared. She was elated. She had never been happier, never trusted anyone more. Never loved anyone more.

The next morning…

Ella's eyelids fluttered as she awoke, her brain feeling a little bit fuzzy as she tried to recall the details of last night. The ball…the dance…the disaster…Kyoya's car…Kyoya's house…Kyoya….


Her eyes snapped open as her thoughts refocused. "I am in Kyoya's bed. I AM IN KYOYA'S BED."

She peeled the covers back to look at herself and then quickly replace them, giggling and blushing to realize exactly the state in which she was in Kyoya's bed.

She then looked next to her, and smiled warmly. She hadn't thought it possible to love him more before last night…boy had she been wrong. She looked on at her perfect dark angel as he slept, his form silhouetted by the thin sheet covering him. She watched him for a while, laying back down and lying on her side, waiting patiently for him to wake up.

Finally, after an immesurable amount of time, his eyelids fluttered open. At first he seemed confused to see her, but then his face melted into a warm grin. "Hello, darling." he whispered, his normally buttery voice a bit rougher with sleep.

"Good morning." she giggled.

They looked at each other, smiling, for another moment.

"So…" Ella said, breaking the silence. "That happened."

"Indeed it did." he said, still smiling, propping himself up on one elbow. "How are you feeling?"

Ella was a bit amused by the question. "Still the gentleman." she thought. "Positively giddy." she replied. "And you?"

He smiled, any doubt he had had melting away, and pulled her into a hug. "I believe this would be an appropriate time to use the word bliss." he kissed her forehead.

"Mmm…" she cuddled close to him, only realizing she had been cold after feeling the warmth of his body.

She felt him laugh more than she heard it.

"What's so funny?" she said into his chest.

"I suppose I'm still in slight disbelief, is all."

She pulled away a bit to look at him. "About what, exactly?"

He chuckled, poking her nose with his finger. "You, my dear, are not as innocent as you seem. I believe I was seduced last night."

She bit her lip and blushed. "I don't know what you're talking about, you started that."

He raised an eyebrow. "Did I?" he asked absently, tracing the line of her jaw.

She nodded. "You most certainly did. I just kept your more noble side from taking over and stopping it, is all."

He kissed her. "And I am ever so glad you did, my dear."

She giggled. "You started panicking." she accused.

"Did not."


"No, you are mistaken."

"You weren't nervous?" she patronized.

"Me? Please. I am the Shadow King, aren't I?" he said with a smirk.

"I'm sorry, I must have a faulty memory of last night." Ella said coyly. "Perhaps you could reenact exactly what happened as you remember it, o great one."

He grinned, hiding his surprise at her open appeal quite well. He leaned in, his lips only half an inch from hers. "Gladly." he breathed, before closing the small gap and kissing her, slowly but just as passionately as he had last night.

There were no nerves left. This was right. He didn't think he could ever love Ella more. Half a month ago, he never would have guessed…

He felt no need to come up for air.

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