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Sara's POV

White, simple. That's what the daisies are against the small gifts, glazing cinnamon roll pancakes and gooey strawberry frosting, sitting on a rich, wooden tray on Tegan's side of the bed. That's the beginning of Tegan's special day. Her nineteenth birthday. The tray's missing something and I scurry back to the kitchen and fill a tall glass of chocolate milk. Yep, now it's perfect.

I open the blinds just enough to let a bit of sunshine on Tegan's face and quietly climb in by her side. My movements rouse her and she creases her eyebrows, scrunching her nose. There really isn't a cuter sight than that. Her lips pull into a tiny circle, silently yawning and she pops her eyes open, flooding her senses with all of me.

"Happy birthday, Baby," I breathe across her face and smile, then nod my head towards the other side of the bed, and add, "Turn around."

Tegan rolls onto her back and turns her head, gasping before she smiles beautifully, cheeks rosy. She whips her head around, staring at me, and she's all gums, dreamily uttering, "Thank you, Sara."

Lifting her head and pulling mine down, Tegan brings into me a sweet kiss, capturing my bottom lip between hers. I smile, her lips still pressed to mine, and lean across her lap, bringing the tray to rest across her thighs. "Dig in," I say, snuggling against her back and playing with the frayed hem of her boxers while she eats, uttering sounds of pleasure as she stuffs her face with all of the sugary goodness. She turns around to press her lips to mine and I burst into giggles before she can. She looks ridiculously adorable, her mouth covered with pink frosting and she's pulling off a fantastic milk mustache.

"What?" She pouts, giving me puppy dog eyes and I wipe a smudge of frosting off the corner of her lips while swiping my phone from the nightstand to take a quick snapshot. "Say cheese!" I tell her, pressing the shutter and immediately setting it as my new wallpaper, like I need an excuse to stare at my phone even more.

"You're not supposed to tease the birthday girl." Tegan begins to whine, turning back around and licking a bit of frosting off her finger after wiping it across the plate.

"But you love being teased..." I counter, tickling her sides until she gives in, forgiving me. It doesn't take much effort. I can play Tegan like a fiddle. She sticks her tongue out at me after recovering from her laughing bit and downs the last of her milk. I crawl out from behind her and sit facing her, my legs crossed, and pick up the small jewelry box resting on the tray. I hold it out for her and she smiles bashfully, running her fingers along the ridges, startled in disbelief. It feels like an eternity before she lifts the cover off, letting her jaw fall into her lap, rendering her completely speechless. With trembling fingers, they curl around the custom made silver charm bracelet. It wasn't my original choice but I figure it's a safer bet than a diamond necklace or an engagement ring, even if it did cost nearly as much.

"Oh. . . Sara. . I. . . you. . " Tegan struggles to find the words, and she carefully lifts the bracelet to eye level, becoming hypnotized by the detailed charms.

I've got the biggest smile on my face and I squeeze Tegan's knee. I think getting to see her stunned reaction was actually the real gift, not the bracelet or even the surprise that's waiting for her in the envelope. Tegan continues to finger each charm, checking out their intricacy. Most of them are Florence and The Machine related, including a small square, set with a tiny diamond and the lyrics You've Got The Love engraved on it. The center charm is an anatomical heart that opens up to reveal both of our initials. It might be kind of cheesy but Tegan and I are both suckers for these kinds of things. It was too easy to shop for her because I knew if I loved it, then she would too.

"Oh. . . Sara, this is gorgeous. You didn't have to. You really didn't have to." Tegan bites her lip, holding back the sob but she's not so lucky with her tears, one falls from each eye and trickles slowly down her sharp cheekbones. She swallows and then nods, smiling weakly. "Thank you so much."

"Anything for you." I push her bangs off her forehead and kiss her there, helping her clasp the bracelet around her wrist all the while she's desperate not to blink, too busy staring at the jewelry with mesmerization. After that look, I know I'll be getting very lucky tonight, and in a few seconds, even luckier. Tegan reaches for the white envelope and peeks up at me, asking for permission to open it. I nod, taking a deep breath. The gift in the envelope benefits both of us and I prepare myself for the scream, after warning Tegan.

"Try not to scream too loud."

Tegan raises a curious, excited eyebrow and wastes no time in ripping the envelope open. She eyes the card, taking in the cute illustrated versions of us eating cake rather suggestively together. She laughs contagiously, asking, "Emy?"

"Of course," I giggle, recalling all the begging I had to do to get Emy to draw it.

Two small strips of paper, long and rectangular, fall into Tegan's lap when she opens the card. She picks them up and my heart drops into my stomach. Her eyes bug out, reading what the tickets are for and astonishment is written all over her face. I've never been so happy to see that expression before.

"Are you serious?! Tonight?!" Tegan squeals, waving the tickets around excitedly.

I nod, just as excited, and mentally pat myself on the back. When I saw the flyer hanging up at work a month ago I couldn't believe it. Florence and The Machine would be performing September Nineteenth at the Commodore Ballroom. Tegan's birthday. It was like the stars had aligned for me or some shit. It couldn't have turned out more perfect. Tegan throws her arms around me, enveloping me, and we tumble off the bed in a mess of limbs. She takes my face in her hands, kissing me all over and muttering "Thank you," over and over and over. I rub my hands along her back, mumbling "You're welcome," and flip us over, putting me on top. I look down into Tegan's eyes. She's never looked so happy before.

"So you like it, yeah?" I smile knowingly.

"Best birthday ever." She nods, flashing me that gummy grin.

"Let me make it a just a little bit better?" I ask politely, hopping to my feet.

Tegan's POV

Sara excuses herself for a short moment and I sit on the floor, bouncing impatiently. She calls out my name a second later and I scramble to the bathroom door, waiting for her to open it. The door knob turns and I'm pulled in through a crack just big enough to fit me and my eyes have to adjust to the low lighting, flickering orange across the walls. My breath catches in my throat. Candles everywhere, they light a small path to the clawfoot tub, filled with steamy water and bubbles. The warm smell of vanilla and cinnamon makes me more lightheaded than I already am from this perfect morning and my perfect Sara. I know I'm already beyond spoiled but a girl could get used to this very quickly.

I glance to Sara, realizing she's been nude this entire time. I smile, shamelessly eyeing her petite, slender figure. She looks at me seductively, smirking, and runs her hands up and down her front. I bite my lip and she steps forward, gently stripping me of my pajamas. She takes my hand and helps me into the tub, making sure I don't slip and fall. The water burns a bit, but it feels good. Sara slides in behind me, her legs resting on either side of mine, and pulls me back into her, letting me rest against her chest and stomach. I rest my head on her shoulder and sigh, letting myself totally relax.

Quietly, Sara starts singing Happy Birthday to me. Lost in the sound of her sweet voice, and her nails on one hand trailing along my arm and her other twirling damp locks of my hair, I run my hands along the underside of her thighs and kiss her neck, enjoying being with Sara so intimately. Her voice starts to lull me to sleep and I feel myself nodding off, my head falling forward every few seconds then jolting me awake, but a small jolt of pleasure right to my core has me wide awake in an instant. Sara's hands are like snipers, invisible and sneaking up on their target without me even noticing. Her left hand cups my breast, thumb grazing over my nipple until it's painfully hard. The fingers on her right hand trail excruciatingly slow down my stomach until her palm is resting on my mound, and her fingers tap my swelling folds teasingly. I'm not used to such gentle intensity so early in the morning and my breath catches in my throat, stopping all flow of oxygen. My eyes, weakened by lust, flutter shut and I can picture Sara's face, taken over by a Cheshire Cat like grin, her sly smile creeping up as she plays in what she does to me. I give in, surrendering to her, and with precise aim, she pulls the trigger.

My knuckles turn as white as the porcelain tub I have a death grip on and I struggle not to slosh all the water over the edge, unable to keep still from Sara's slim digit teasing my entrance, going no further than an inch inside of me. It's pure torture, making me groan in frustration, and I subtly try to rock my hips forward, hoping to swallow more of her finger. Sara catches on quickly but doesn't try to stop my impatient need for pleasure, instead hugging me closer and giving my neglected breast some much needed attention. She full on gropes me, squeezing the handful of soft flesh and circles her finger around my nipple endlessly. There's so much blood rushing to the hardened buds, it's almost painful, and feeling Sara's stiffen against my back ins't helping my arousal or need for release.

Feeling like I'm going to die if Sara doesn't do anything soon, I drop my hand into the water and slide it down her arm, wrapping my fingers around her wrist and squeezing just enough for her to feel it. She knows without me telling her that I love the way she fucked me at Steamies. I mean I squirted. That's pretty much the epitome of my pussy screaming, "Yes! I love you! Don't you dare stop!" That's what Sara explained it as anyway while I was recuperating, sitting on the counter and munching on a left over cookie while she mopped the floor again. That is I how I want it to be always, to be completely filled by Sara, be it with her fingers, tongue, or Philip, as she so weirdly named the toy when she was packing him back up.

"Philip?" I had asked, raising my eyebrow in confusion while I zipped my hoodie.

"Yup. He's my little buddy. We both live to please you." Sara looked up at me from her crouched position, flashing me a toothy grin.

I could only shake my head. That's all I really can do when Sara is being weird. But now I'm glad it's just us. I've learned that I'm a pretty simple girl since Sara and I took our relationship all the way. Sara likes to experiment and getting me to try new things, which has been pretty great so far and I'm not complaining one bit, but being in the water with her like this is just really nice.

I focus solely on Sara's touch, her finger getting deeper by the second until she's slowly circling the small spongey patch within me. I involuntarily twitch forward, releasing a deep moan, and coat Sara's fingers impossibly. The wetness between my folds feels endless. I've never been so drenched before and I'm thankful we're underwater so Sara, who's pulling out of me excruciatingly slow, can't hear it. My moan drags out until I'm empty and Sara just swirls two fingers at my entrance, playing in my juices, and sliding them up to my poorly neglected clit that's just begging to be touched. I jerk forward, harder than last time, and Sara continues to lightly pinch the swollen nerves, pink with want.

"You like that, Tee?" Sara chuckles smugly, straightening her fingers and pressing them flat against my spread pussy.

I groan, turning my head lazily, and suck Sara's bottom lip between my teeth and bite, pulling back. I nibble on it a bit before releasing her with a snap and place my hand on top of hers, forcing her to move in wide, sluggish circles around my clit. Sara growls, irritated to have her control taken away but it's my day and I'll get what I want.

"Shit, right there." I bite my lip to keep from crying out and continue grinding against Sara's fingers.

Sara, not one to do a job half-assed, dips back down, gathering more of my excitement, and slides back up all in one solid movement. Using all of her fingers flat against me, Sara moves in wide circles now, crazily fast. I can't force the moans behind my sealed lips any longer and my brain feels like it's short-circuiting, fizzling into nothing. I become nothing but a ball of absolute ecstasy, going into spasms and splashing water over the sides of the tub and replace it with my come, pouring out of me.

Sara's POV

I wrap my arms around Tegan, holding her steady. Her thighs tremble on top of mine and I can feel her drip down onto my leg, working it's way between my thighs. There aren't many things in life that feel better than that and I have to I fight to keep my hand from dipping lower into my own juices until I'm a limp, soaked mess like Tegan. Instead my hand finds its way back to her hair where I tangle my fingers, gently massaging her scalp, waiting for her wheezing to return to normal breaths, and she tries to lift her head from my shoulder, panting, "I don't think I can move."

"Well it's a good thing you don't have practice tonight then, huh?"

"So good." Tegan hums, curling her body into me and holding me at the waist.

I chuckle, kissing the top of her head, and drag my nails delicately down her back. I could get used to doing this daily. My dream for Tegan and her hockey career is that she makes it as big as possible, if only so we can retire early and spend the rest of our days always at each other's side, spoiling and love the other until we continue the journey in death.

The water eventually gets cold and I sit up, bringing Tegan with me, and I drain the water from the tub. I help Tegan out and then follow, making sure neither of us slip on the spilled water from Tegan's orgasm and throw a towel down, soaking it up until I can clean it up later when Tegan is in class. I take us over to the shower, set into the wall with emerald colored tiles, and turn the knobs, finding the perfect temperature. The water runs for a while and I'm so glad that water is included in our rent otherwise our water bill would be through the roof. In other words, Tegan and I like shower sex. A lot.

"I don't think I can go again, Sare." Tegan slumps against the shower wall, letting water drops cascade down her exhausted body.

"I know, just relax." I giggle, grabbing Tegan's shampoo bottle from the caddy, squirting a bit into my palm. I take my time washing her hair and her body while she rinses her hair then kindly returns the favor, scrubbing me clean.

I turn the shower head off and wrap Tegan in a fluffy towel, as well as myself, and we lounge around in bed, being immature and wrestling around, stealing kisses to each other's lips whenever we can until Tegan has to leave for class. She goes to get dressed and her backpack ready, grumbling the entire way to our closet and back into the bathroom. I head to the kitchen and pack her a small lunch, then we walk hand in hand to the science building and kiss her goodbye. She quickly gets swallowed up by the other students and I pull my phone from my pocket, checking the time. There's still another three hours until she gets done with class and six until the concert. I have the entire day off so there's not much to do but wait. I pause on the sidewalk and take a look around, figuring I could stand to explore and take a walk in the park. Tegan and I have yet to find a new spot.

Tegan's POV

Have I mentioned before that time seems to slow to a crawl whenever you know something so good is going to happen to you soon? Class was pure torture, which felt strange because Psychology is usually my favorite class, but today it couldn't have been more dry and pointless. The moment the minute hand met the hour hand I was out the door, running home as fast as I can with my heavy backpack bouncing along behind me.

Only three minutes have passed since and I'm already only a block away from the apartment and still going strong. I think that's a new record. I crash through our front door, ready to call out Sara's name like I usually do, but she's right there, sitting on the couch, my guitar propped up in her lap and her laptop open before her which she's staring at intensely, a green pick sticking out between her teeth. I drop my backpack by the door and smile, thinking about how cute she is when she does that.

I plop down by her side and throw my arm around her shoulder, leaning into her and giving her cheek a kiss. Sara smiles, letting the pick fall from her mouth and closes her laptop before turning to me, asking, "How was class?"

"Boring," I sigh, then a small grin starts to creep up and my eyes threaten to gloss over. "I couldn't stop thinking about tonight. . . or this morning."

Sara nods, giving me a knowing smile that reaches her eyes, and her lips are at my ear, whispering vague details about how she's taking me to an intimate dinner before the show and that we should get ready so we get a good spot in the front of the line. She wants us to be right at the rail, dancing inappropriately close because the people behind us will be pushing to get the view we'll have. I shudder involuntarily, her breath tickling me, and squeeze her knee. Sara pulls me from the couch and I follow her to our bedroom to pick out our outfits in a dreamy haze.

Sara's POV

I somehow manage to convince Tegan to wear these cute black leggings I bought about a month ago. She shimmies into them and they cling to her skin so desperately that I'm actually jealous. I toss a sheer black and white polka dot button up at her and slip into a pair of skinny jeans and ragged t-shirt myself, grab keys, the tickets, another surprise for Tegan and everything else we'll need for the night and pull Tegan out the door behind me.

We call a cab to take us downtown and we wonder around, block after block, just holding hands and taking it all in. I spot the romantic, quaint restaurant on the corner up ahead and pull Tegan inside. We enjoy the night, taking in the intimate low lighting, the deep shades of red and black, and the delicious meal have. To top it off, we share a piece of chocolatey dessert for Tegan's birthday, and after I pick up the bill, I once again pull Tegan out the door behind me.

The venue is only a few blocks away and we follow a small gathering crowd right into the line. We're about twentieth in line. The doors open in fifteen minutes. I pull Tegan's back into my front and snake my arms around her shoulders, hugging her neck, and whisper sweet nothings into her ear until we're finally let through the door.

Tegan heads straight to the floor, finding us a good spot in front, and I go buy us a water bottle from the concession, meeting back up with her after a few minutes. I stand with my arm around her shoulder, her hand in my back pocket, and I stare at her, waiting for her to say something because she's just standing there, her mouth slightly agape and her eyes looking at me in complete. . . something. I'm not sure if there's even a word for it, it's something beyond love, and it's so good. It makes me feel on top of the world. I feel myself smiling as wide as I can before she's whispering "I love you."

"I love you too, Tegan." I say, pressing my lips to hers, and then harder, moving them against hers until someone bumps into my shoulder and I remember we're not alone. I pull away and take up the same position I had behind her when we were waiting in line, swaying to the music playing in the background, and then we sway harder, the opener performing upbeat electronic music by himself and completely rocking it. Then the moment we've finally been wait for comes. Florence and The Machine's opening music starts to play and move my arms around Tegan's stomach, linking my fingers together right below her belly button. Her hands come to rest on mine, squeezing them and she looks over her shoulder, smiling excitedly.

I smile back and then my stomach drops, the lights going down until there's just one spotlight on the stage. The intro of Only If For A Night starts and the crowd goes wild. I'm pushed closer to Tegan, the crowd behind me pushing to get closer to the stage and then the screams are deafening and we see her, Florence walking out in an elegant, form-fitting gown up to the microphone. She stands still for a few seconds, taking in the crowd and smiling everyone, then just lays into it, belting out my favorite song.

I feel frozen, completely numb to everything but my arms around Tegan and the music surrounding me. I'm dead sober but my senses are in overdrive. I've never felt such an incredible high before. I can feel Tegan's pulse beating against my fingertips and know she's on exactly the same level as I am. I kiss the back of her head, losing myself in my surroundings, only surfacing when Tegan's body shakes against me, her favorite song coming up next.

"This next song.. and I see one pretty girl already has the right idea. I want to see some girls on shoulders. If you're with a lady and you like her or if you love her it is time to raise her up. . . One. . . Two. . . Three. . . Four. . . We have some strong gentlemen in the house. . . Five. . . Six. . . Seven. . . Eight. . . Nine. . . Ten. . . You all look beautiful. Ladies, this one is for you. It is called Rabbit Heart!" Florence calls out to the audience in her soft British accent, counting the people as they're raised up in honor of love.

I look to either side of me, girls on shoulders everywhere and I look back to Tegan. She's nodding and smiling, patting her shoulder. I quickly give her a sloppy kiss and hoist myself onto her shoulders, feeling safe only when Tegan wraps her arms around my calves. She rocks cautiously to the song, not wanting me to fall and I sing along at the top of my lungs, knowing Tegan is too. I feel like I'm about to lose my voice when my feet are planted on the ground again and I'm hanging onto Tegan, not believing any of this is real. I bob my head with my eyes closed, waiting for her most popular song to be next on the setlist.

The familiar pattern of plucks coming from the harp start and I smirk to myself, digging into my front pocket and wrapping my fingers around the small silver vibrator I picked up a week ago. I keep it down, hidden below my waist and blindly feel around for the on button and then it's suddenly vibrating in my hand and I almost drop it to the floor. I wrap my fingers around it tighter and slip my hand back around Tegan's stomach and rest my palm flat against her mound, the vibrator trapped underneath it. I rest my chin on Tegan's shoulder and watch her eyes bug out, startled by the foreign sensation.

Tegan's POV

I feel a weird vibrating on my lower stomach and freeze, hesitantly looking down and barely being able to make out Sara's hand in the darkness, cupping me with something in her hand. I try to recall what it could possibly be. We've never had anything that vibrated before. Then I remember the small silver bullet looking thing Sara grabbed at the last second last week in the toy store. Oh God.

Sara's hand lowers just a few inches and I feel her front press further into my back. She pulses the toy with the beat of the song right over my clit and knowing that there are people pressed right up next to me on either side has me soaking my panties in seconds. My brain can't think of anything sexier than Sara fucking me in a crowd full so many people, knowing that no one even has the slightest clue that I'm going to be wanting to scream at the top of my lungs in minutes. I zone in on Florence, trying to focus on taking in her beauty and that powerful set of lungs, belting out the chorus while Sara does as she pleases.

The dog days are over. . . The dog days are done. . . The horses are coming, so you better run. . .

"Fuck," I hiss under my breath, struggling to stand with trembling thighs slowly going numb. Sara's completely groping me, gripping me tightly in her palm, and I'm completely trapped. I have no choice but to ride it out. Literally. I grab the railing in front of me tightly and clench my eyes shut, nodding my head to the tempo and start rocking along with it, grinding my ass into Sara's crotch each time I roll back. Her hot breath soon finds its way against my cheek and I peek my eyes open, watching Florence dance and twirl around the stage like a wild faerie and it's contagious. I want to move like that. So free. I keep my hands on the railing, afraid I'll fall if I let go, but sway my hips side to side and then in circles, letting Sara move everywhere but then it becomes too much too soon. I rise to my tip toes in a desperate attempt to get away from the pleasure, knowing I'm nearing the edge and not wanting it to come quite so soon but Sara just follows my body, never letting up, and then it's game over. I finish just as the song comes to an end and the audience explodes in cheers and applause and I cry out loud in a euphoria of a different kind right along with them.

The rest of the show passes in a blissful daze. Sara's turned the vibrator off but her hand is still all over me, rubbing lazily. Before I know it, the band is leaving the stage then returning, only to leave again after a short encore. The lights are turned on and people are drunkenly finding their way out. I finally turn around, waiting for the crowd to clear out a bit, and lean against the rail, looking at Sara.

Sara's POV

Yeah, Tegan definitely looks like she just got fucked. She looks so out of it with hooded eyelids, her darkened pupils staring deep within me and her slick hair stuck all around her neck and cheeks. I shudder and step into her arms, slipping my hands to her back and rubbing circles with the pads of my thumbs over her sweaty shirt.

She gives me that gummy grin and then giggles, covering her mouth in complete hysterics over the day she just had. I chuckle, admiring how cute she looks and wait for her to regain her composure. Eventually she does and then she kisses me. Grabs my face and pulls me right into her, sucking my lip between hers. I melt in her arms, a puddle of everything gooey and lovey-dovey and then Tegan takes it away, easing back and fluttering her eyes open to gaze at me with a small smirk pulling at the corner of her lips.

I look around, finding that we're almost the only ones left on the floor and glance back to Tegan, asking with a smile, "What do you want to do now?"

Tegan blushes, an answer already in mind, and tucks her hair behind her ear timidly. She takes my hand in hers, leading us towards the exit and pushing the door open with her hip, whispers in my ear, "I want to go home and thank you for today."