Prologue: The Problem

It wasn't every day Mother Nature felt stressed beyond belief. Sure, most people would think what she did was stressful. She was the matriarch of all of nature, and of course, keeping the balance was hard work. Never had she found it stressful, though. She enjoyed herself very much because she didn't do it all by herself-she had a method.

Nature consisted of many things, but the main things were the four seasons. And for that, she had the quirky, impulsive, yet overall delightful Season sisters. She loved them dearly, having raised them. Despite their conflicting personalities, they were efficient and organized; they helped Mother Nature greatly.

Little did most people know, but if you went south enough, just beyond the North Pole, you'd find the lovely city of Crystal Springs-where all magical creatures-mermaids, faeries, sprites, pixies, gnomes-the creatures in childhood fairy tales-hid themselves away from mortals, in their very own safe haven, ruled by Mother Nature, herself.

Anyone who helped Mother Nature was picked by her; so of course, nothing was ever out of place. But what Mother Nature and the youngest Season sister, Winter, didn't count on were Jack's shenanigans.

As she left the warm kitchen of Santa's workshop, she shook her head. Mother Nature was at a loss. She was wondering if the council as a whole had done the right thing. Jack staying at the North Pole was definitely worrying her. Everyone knew that the winter sprite had it in for Santa.

Now, she faced the major problems at hand-the frozen volcano, the tropical snowstorm in the Amazon, and the poor, confused, geese. And she couldn't forget the whole "Frostmas" thing.

Now she knew how Santa felt.

"It would appear that you have your work cut out for you, Mother Nature," Father Time, who had silently made his way to her side, said.

She attempted to smile, but failed as the entire weight of the situation hit her.

"It would seem so. I suppose I'll have to get some help," sighing, she continued, "I'll have to visit the Frosts."

"Ah," Father Time said, "I am going to assume Winter is in a talkative mood. Your visit will be approximately two hours, forty-five minutes, twenty seconds, and two and a half mila-seconds," He stated wisely.

"All the luck," he finished, smiling, as he faded away into the folds of time, vanishing on the spot.

Likewise, once Mother Nature reached the outskirts of Elfsburg, she did the same, disappearing in a flash of light, reappearing outside of her large garden home in Crystal Springs.

The visit with the Frosts' and large amount of work ahead was already giving her a headache. A walk around her garden sounded quite appealing, before she did the unthinkable, and brought Jack Frost's mother, perhaps his whole family, into this mess.

Anyone who knew Mother Nature on a very personal level-which was the majority of Crystal Springs-could tell you that she was not a procrastinator. Everything always went smoothly for her. But today, however, was different.

Upon her arrival in Crystal Springs, she had taken a stroll through her many, many, many, many gardens. She was about to go for a thoughtful soak in the river running through her outdoor palace, when she caught herself.

Realizing she was putting off her visit, she turned away from the sparkling river, gracefully walking towards the greenhouse that served as her kitchen. The area indoors was large and spacious. The warmth hugged the many plants that grew amongst her counters and cabinets, Spanish moss hanging from the icebox and warm fireplace. The sun shone through the glass, casting everything in a sunny glow. Making herself some tea, she wandered outside and sat on her small garden chair, her flowered skirts pooling about her.

She sipped her tea, thinking of her untimely visit. It pained her every time she went to visit Winter, because more often than not it had to do with what her eldest had done now. Each time she went, it always made the painful past resurface.

Mother Nature had practically raised Winter and her three older siblings. The four season orientated sprites were delightful, even with the much bickering between Winter and Spring, and Summer and Autumn. At the time, many centuries ago, the young Mother Nature hadn't thought that any of the girls would do the human equivalent of settling down.

Fate, however, loved to bug Mother Nature. But even he couldn't prevent what had happened next, despite causing it. At the time, Crystal Springs was ruled by the royal family, the Frosts. They were powerful Heat Sprites, seasoned warlocks as well, and Fate had been angered by Queen Frost decades ago. In order to seek revenge, Fate had caused Queen Frost's first child to be split in two, creating twins. They were born amidst much confusion, and thus it was unsure which the rightful heir was.

Mother Nature had just risen to her new post two centuries prior to that, the first one having been quite old and worn out. She was called there that day to try to differentiate between the two-they were too alike, but she had found a very slight difference in their hair colour. Queen Frost called them Blaise and Pyros, and the King and Queen debated what to do with them.

Knowing that Fate was the one behind it all, Mother Nature had decided that the King and Queen were to raise the two alongside each other, instead of separating them. One of them would want to rule, and the other wouldn't. Often, twins were opposite in nature-she would know. And as they grew over the centuries, Blaise, the twin with lighter hair, was every sense of the word good. Meanwhile, Pyros, the twin with the darker hair, was cruel, and vicious, and felt that he was meant to rule.

They were the same ages as the Season sisters, and eventually in their mid twentieth century, Pyros began a conquest to take over the world. The battle went on for almost a millennium, Pyros causing as much confusion and chaos as possible by disrupting the balance, Blaise doing everything to stop him and keep his people safe. Towards the end, Pyros made a terrible choice. He revealed them to the mortals and began to take hostages-including Mother Nature's four protégés.

Enraged, Mother Nature had enlisted the help of Cheri, Witch of Darkness, and Glenda, Witch of the Light. They managed to get Spring, Summer and Autumn back-but Winter was trapped.

The three young women told their adoptive mother of how each and every time, Winter made them go first. When the two witches had tried to save Winter that day, Pyros was ready for them and had sent them away with his dark magic. Cheri was at a loss as to how he had managed to overcome them. Blaise, however, visited them the very next day. He had been able to infiltrate his brother's fortress, and found the young Winter. He had been doing this for a while now and was able to hatch a plan with Winter that would allow everyone to escape. It had worked, and the two Witches had sealed Pyros away and cloaked Crystal Springs.

The Frosts, however, had decided to relinquish their rule. And Mother Nature ended up taking the sole control of Crystal Springs. Winter had been stuck in the prison for much longer than her sisters, and Mother Nature knew that it was a terrible ordeal. With centuries of nothing but love, and then being thrown into a prison with her sisters escaping before her had done its number.

Winter froze herself over.

She was still pleasant as always, kind, and caring, but she would not open her heart to anyone. Blaise changed that, though. He got through to her and they had gotten married, very in love.

Mother Nature sipped her tea, shaking her head. She had never counted on that, but he made Winter happy, and with the love she had for the snowy sprite, she accepted it. And then, Blaise and Winter had their first child-Jack Frost.

When he was a young boy, he was eager to learn everything his mother could teach him. And when she could teach him no more, he learnt from books and the witches, going so far as to find long lost winter spirits.

He was totally frozen, much like Winter had been, but to a greater extent-it was as if there was an unbeknownst evil driving him. He established himself throughout the town, and had made himself a legend in the mortal world, earning a seat on the Council of Legendary Figures. When he was nearing his twenty fifth century, his parents welcomed a new baby girl. The little baby was just like Jack, and like her older brother favoured her mother's powers. With each legend needing a second in command, known as a 'legate', they called her Jacqueline and she was never very far from her older brother.

What happened next in the story always hurt Mother Nature deeply, her face dropping as she sipped her tea. Jack was the ideal big brother to his sister, teaching her bits and pieces, playing with her, but each year, he grew more and more icy.

It didn't matter that he had a whole season to himself, it wasn't enough. Everyone else on the council had something to their name. That Santa Claus had a holiday in his season and was revered by all the mortals. He was being shoved into the background, even if he was always supposed to support Santa. And a terrible night when he was well over thirty centuries old, he betrayed his father, his sister, especially his mother, and left them to gain more prestige-and that was putting it nicely.

Whenever Mother Nature saw her youngest sprite, she could see the pain of Jack's betrayal reflected in her eyes, feel it in her aura. Their visits started out happy each time, but nothing could help to heal Winter's already wounded heart. For centuries after Jack left, Winter had been awfully sad, and nothing they could do helped. Eventually, she managed to function year to year-at the cost of freezing herself once more. Many centuries later, they had twins, favouring Blaise's powers, much to his happiness.

But Mother Nature knew how much it pained Winter to see them grow, not knowing their oldest brother. Sighing, she went to sip her tea, finishing it off.

This visit was to be the worst one. She could picture it already, Winter would smile and greet her normally, make some hot chocolate for them both and they'd talk for a bit, when she had to give her the news. You son has disrupted the balance and abused his powers. Geese are in Canada, confused and freezing, Mexico is experiencing a nasty cold front, the Amazon is covered in a never ending blanket of white, and oh, yes, there's a frozen volcano.

She'd be beside herself with disappointment. Angrily, Mother Nature reflected on the whole story. Somehow this was all Fate's fault. Childishly, she spoke out loud.

"Fate, you have a terrible sense of humour."

The cold laughter floated around her as the cloaked figure appeared on the other chair in her garden. He seemed to flicker, black smoke floating about him.

"On the contrary my dear, I find it to be a rather wonderful sense of humour."

Angrily, she created a breeze, flicking back the hood to reveal the pale face underneath, with his milky grey eyes and tied back dark hair.

"What are you doing here? I have a lot to do."

"Oh really? You don't seem to be busy to me," he said, pointing at the cup of tea in front of her. She flushed, angrily glaring at Fate. He was the only immortal who was able to make her act impulsively. Snickering, he conjured a second cup and helped himself to some tea.

"All kidding aside though, I am here because you are right, as always, Earth Lady. This whole thing is my fault. However, I do have a plan for the future. And you need to get going in order for everything to go as planned. And yet, here you are, sipping tea, putting off your duties. Tit, tit, Mother Gaia would never approve."

She flinched, guilt assailing her. Fate was right; she would have disappointed her precedent and Mother, in all senses of the word. Getting up, she turned to go, looking at Fate one last time.

"Don't be here when I get back." Fixing her skirts, she began to dematerialize, turning to the cloaked figure one last time.

"You are a cruel man," she said, narrowing her eyes and disappearing in a blinding flash of light.

"Don't I know it," he said, laughing and sipping his tea.

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