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When Sam set his eyes on his new real home for the first time, his heart soared. It was absolutely gorgeous. They had no idea what they had been missing when they'd arrived in the dead of winter, when heaven had been cold, barren, mostly black and white.

The greenery had started to grow back quickly from the mud, covering the landscape in tall, young grass that swayed, with the subtle sound like a long person's hair, gently in the warming breeze.

The air was scrubbed clean, like after a nice, good rain. Fluffy clouds with clear, sharp billow shapes filled the now-blue skies. Sam could see that the angels had gathered underneath some of the trees, bunching together and trying to rest after all that had just happened. Sam hadn't known exactly how many angels there were before the war, but he knew now that there were hardly any left. At least everything had ended when it had, or... Sam shuddered. Things could have been so much worse.

Dean had taken Cas by the hand when he saw two people at the bottom of the slight hill they were on, and ran into the waist-high grasses. He seemed to have underestimated the muddiness of the ground as he tumbled down, bringing Cas rolling down with him. Sam grinned when he heard them both laughing.

"Adam!" Dean cried out, rushing down the hill and looking just a little off balance a few times as the mud sucked at his feet. Dean rushed up to hug his baby brother, not caring if he got him a little muddy. Adam let go of Samandriel's hand, who had been protecting while the final battle raged on, so he could wrap his arms around Dean.

"It's over, Addie. It's all okay now," Dean said to him, feeling much happier than he had in a while. "Look, I know I wasn't a great big brother to you in life. Hell, I barely knew you. But that's going to change, okay? You're my baby brother and I'm going to start showing it." Dean said to him in his ear, pulling away with his hands on his shoulders as he just looked into his face. God, he was so proud of him. After everything he'd suffered through; growing up without a dad, having his mom killed, finally getting to rest in heaven only to have that ripped away from him as he was trapped in the cage for hundreds of years, and somehow he was still such a pure, good soul. He'd worked himself to the bone trying to help the angels, using that hellish glow that surrounding his heaven to his advantage. Dean roughed his hair and smiled at him, and felt happy when he saw those eyes look back at him with admiration. Yeah, things could change for them.

Samandriel saw Sam and Jess after Adam let go of his hand, and he ran as fast as his short little legs could carry him, as Sam knelt down and scooped him into his chest.

"Are you okay? I was very scared!" He said in concern, wrapping his arms around Sam's neck. "I'm okay, Andy. It's all over now." He lightly rubbed his hair, he was so happy to have him back in his arms.

Jess looked at them, a puzzled look on her face. She observed the way the angel child leaned into his so trustingly, and how Sam was so gentle as he smoothed down his hair but so strong in the way he held him up. They had the same exact hair color...

"He looks like he could be your son." Jess voiced with a tiny smile, they seemed so incredibly familial. Sam looked at her with a furrowed brow, looking at Jess and then back at Samandriel. "Really?" He asked almost hopefully. He knew he'd never be able to have children anymore now that the Internal Grace was beginning to function again, and those little stars had nothing to do with genetics either. But he realized that there was nothing he wouldn't do for this little kid, and he was amazed at how close he'd gotten to him, how much he loved him. He realized he might have felt that way about him all along.

"That's the lady with the beautiful soul," Samandriel said in realization, recognizing Jess from when they'd first arrived in heaven. Sam let out a happy burst of laughter and hugged Samandriel closer for a second.

"Jess, this is Samandriel. Andy, this is Jess." Sam said cheerfully.

"You're a little cutie, aren't you?" Jess said, blushing slightly from the compliment he'd given her. Samandriel smiled shyly and hid his face in Sam's shoulder. "It's nice to meet you, Andy."

Sam had smile plastered on his face. Finally, he spoke up what he had been pondering the whole time. "If you'd like, and Jess, if it's okay, I'd like you to live with us." Sam said quietly. He didn't want to only be by himself and Jess anymore, and keeping Samandriel with him so often just felt right. He couldn't imagine his life without this kid in it anymore.

"Really?" The little boy asked, his tail whipping back and forth as his grey eyes brightened.

"Really really." Sam replied, finally setting him down on the ground and holding his hand. After everything they'd been through together...yeah, maybe he did see him as sort of a son. Sam looked up and noticed that a heaven was not too far away, the hazy image beckoning to him. He could just tell instinctually that it had to be John and Mary's.

Dean was looking at him, waiting for him so they could walk together, and Sam noticed that he had a peculiar expression. Instead of looking excited or happy, he almost looked nervous.

What's wrong? Sam asked him directly, he didn't know if he'd want anyone else to know he was fretting.

They began to walk silently together towards the heaven, as the four others began to walk elsewhere, wanting to give them time to themselves. Dean hadn't realized, but his influence was swirling and pressing onto Sam's for comfort, almost as if he were holding his hand but not. He stopped right before the entrance and looked at Sam, taking a deep breath.

"What will they think, Sammy? The fact we aren't human, that me and Cas..."

Sam put his hand on his shoulder reassuringly. "They're going to love seeing us, no matter what." He said confidently. "Come on, Dean. Let's go see mom and dad."

Dean finally felt excited as they passed through. He was hit with feelings of nostalgia as he was standing in the kitchen of his childhood home, as he saw his mom making breakfast and his dad reading the newspaper, getting ready for work. They were both so young, and it must have been before Dean had even been born. His mom was wearing an old band T-shirt, her golden hair up in a loose ponytail as a few waves fell into her face. His dad had pitch-black hair, no grays whatsoever, and his skin was clean-shaven and wrinkle-free, his eyes were bright and young, not tired and full of pain like after their mom was killed. They both looked up when they heard them enter, surprised glances on their faces.

"Hi, mom." Dean said quietly, coming up to the woman who looked only a few years older than him and wrapping her into soft hug. He was hit with memories just by the way she smelled. He missed her so much, and to finally see her again...

"Dean, baby." She replied in a watery voice. She was silent for a few seconds, and her hands found their way to his wings and she stroked the top of one slowly, almost in disbelief.

"I..." Dean started, not quite sure what he was going to say to her. He still felt strange that this was who he was now, that he'd never be human again.

"I'm so proud of you." His mom said gently. "I've been watching you both. I can't believe some of the things I've seen." She stroked his wing again, less hesitantly this time, as if she believed it now.

Dean looked over and saw his dad and Sam hugging, looking more like siblings than father and son. Sam was crying, and John was smiling with shiny eyes.

"I'd like to officially meet this Jess and Andy." Dean overheard their conversation. He felt a tiny squeeze in his stomach. He needed to tell them both about Cas. Dean made his way over to his dad and silently pulled him into a hug.

"Thank you for saving my life. For trading. Dad, I can't even express what that meant to me." He'd realized; if he'd died that day, Sam would have died not long after. He wouldn't have been able to bring him back, and hell, he never would have met Cas.

"We all end up here someday, Dean." He replied, for the first time Dean could remember his voice sounded happy.

They all sat at the very familiar dining room table and they talked. Sam had never really met Mary, she only knew him when he was six months old. Sam talked to her for a long time, telling his stories even though she had been watching over him and knew most of them, she still smiled with tears in her eyes as she just watched him talk. Dean had been relatively silent so far. Finally, the topic returned to Jess.

"I know that we're different now, but I know we can make it work. We have basically forever to figure it out." He beamed. He wasn't angry anymore at being turned into an angel; Cas had assured him that things could work, and everything was falling into place for him. He had a tiny family now, and a huge one with all the angels.

Dean licked his lips and spoke up. "I found someone too." He said almost nervously. No, he shouldn't be afraid anymore. He'd already overcome that, he wasn't going to go back to being ashamed. "We met after you died, dad. And I've never loved someone so much before."

His mom and dad were looking at him expectantly, somewhat confused as to why he was taking so long to talk. He licked his lips again. "His name is Castiel."

He braced himself, he wasn't sure for what. Maybe looks of disgust or fear, maybe even anger. He didn't receive any of those things. He scanned their expressions; his dad looked serene, almost pleased that he'd found someone, finally. His mom smiled at him and spoke up. "Well, we'd love to meet him one of these days." A huge weight felt like it just disappeared off of his shoulders. "I'll...I'll make sure you do." He said quietly, almost shocked that everything had been so smooth. He couldn't wait to have Cas back in his arms and tell him the news.

They promised they would come back soon, maybe they'd bring some visitors next time. The two young parents agreed, looking at the two powerful beings with shining, happy eyes. The two passed through the heaven once more.

Mary looked to John, and wordlessly he pulled her into his shoulder. Mary began to cry, laughing through the tears. "Our little babies, John." He smoothed her hair, quickly wiping away a tear that had dripped from his eye. "I know, honey." He said, smiling to himself and hugging her closer.

Dean and Sam exited the heaven, still finding it a bit odd as they were met with warm air and grass underfoot. Dean scanned and reached out to find Cas; oddly, he was nowhere near.

He followed Sam as he spotted Jess and Samandriel under a tree, along with Calcifer and Leilias. A little white mote bobbed in the air next to Calcifer's head, and he brought up his wing and folded it inside, smiling down at Samandriel, who was gently holding his tiny baby.

"Which one is this?" Samandriel asked, looking curiously into the infant's big, pure silver irises. The baby blinked up at him with a surprised expression.

"That's Evrael." Calcifer replied without hesitation.

"But how can you tell?" Samandriel asked, looking with a perplexed expression at the tiny angel. It was so strange to have an angel be younger than him; he had gotten so used to being the youngest out of everyone, never seeing another child's face.

"I can tell." Calcifer smiled, pretending to be mysterious as he didn't answer the question, turning to the two men approaching instead. "Hello, Dean and Sam."

"Hey, Cal." Dean replied. Something seemed off about him. "No cigarette?" He asked, the small white object had almost become a part of his look. "Nope. I'm quitting." He said, unfolding his wing and tucking in the second little white mote that floated up to him, the baby had returned to its small orb shape. "Gotta set a good example."

Dean looked and saw Sam sit down with Jess, pulling both her and Samandriel into his lap. Dean smiled when he saw that they looked like a little family; he recalled when he'd gotten that mental attack, he'd envisioned Samandriel as being Sam's son even then. He was so happy for his brother, that things were finally working out for him.

Suddenly, he heard a flutter from behind him and could tell that it had to be Cas. He turned around quickly and stood up, smiling as he made his way to the man standing around thirty feet away. He pulled him into a quick hug, sliding his hand into his.

"Where'd you run off to?" He asked when he pulled away. He didn't get an answer, but by the way he was smiling he figured everything was okay.

"I met with my mom and dad. I told them about you, and they want to meet you sometime." He was still so happy that everything had gone so well, he still could see his parent's expressions after he'd told them.

Castiel smiled but didn't say anything again. He almost looked the slightest bit tired. Dean suddenly noticed that a flow of white grace was floating up from his chest and into his wing.

"Cas! Are you okay, what's wrong? Are you hurt?" He asked quickly. Was he losing energy or something, healing himself? But then why was his grace going outside of his body, and then back in again?

He didn't answer him directly. "I went through all of them, every single one. But I only found one that fit the description." He said in a small voice, lowering his eyes almost shyly.

Dean brought his eyebrows together, confused. "What are you talking about, Cas? Are you alright?"

Cas slowly unfolded his massive black wing, and a tiny white star was glowing in one of the folds, finally floating out and bobbing lightly in the air, small white flames dancing in the air as it floated up to Cas's cheek.

Dean felt his chest seize. "Description...?" He asked quietly, feeling the words just falling from his shocked lips. Was it really, had Cas really...?

Cas gently reached up and took the small orb into his palms, as the light expanded into a human shape, solidifying into skin colors. He held the tiny infant gently to his chest, it had a shock of black, wispy baby hair and silvery-grey downy nubs, the beginning of wings.

"Only if you wish to," Cas said quietly, looking down at the small baby, who looked around four pounds if they had been human. When he got old enough, he'd stay in his solidified form. Dean came to Cas's side in disbelief, getting there just in time to see the baby fold open his emerald green eyes. He felt his heart give a little squeeze in his chest.

"Of course I want to, Cas. Of course I do." He said, tears coming to his eyes. The fact that little bits and pieces of his deepest desire were coming true, even though he'd never have the real thing as a whole, this was good enough for him.

The baby returned to its small white orb, floating towards Dean and trying to nuzzle into his wing. Dean opened up one of them and folded it back together in disbelief, feeling the tiny ball of grace glowing warm inside the fold.

"He already likes you." Cas said, shuffling his wings and putting his hand in Dean's, reaching up and wiping away a happy tear that had dripped from Dean's eye as they began to walk back to everyone who was sitting under the shade of a healthy, summery tree.

Sam looked up at him with a slightly confused expression, wondering why he'd been crying as Jess leaned onto his chest as he lightly smoothed down her blonde locks. Samandriel was playing the guessing game with the tiny twin angels again, Cal answering without the slightest hesitation. The little boy looked into the baby's face, the proud look of an older brother shining in his stormy grey eyes. He'd have a lot of little brothers and sisters to take care of now. That reminded Dean; he felt that warm, pleasant glow in his wing fold again, the orb stirred just slightly and nuzzled deeper into the golden feathers. He couldn't wait to break his news to everyone there. Maybe he and Cas would even name him together in a few moments.

He sat down carefully on the new grass, feeling just a slight squish at the mud that hadn't yet dried up. He didn't really mind. He tensed his one wing, ready to stretch it out and see everyone's surprised expression as the tiny star would appear. For now, he opted to look at his friends and family's faces around him.

Calcifer and Leilias were looking down at Samandriel holding the baby angel, they looked weary but like they were finally getting the rest they deserved. Samandriel went and plopped down into Sam's lap, who let out a small laugh as the little boy gently stroked the baby-soft brown hair of his new little brother. Jess turned her head to look at Sam, raising her eyebrows as he gave her a small peck. Finally, he looked at Cas. Where could he even start? Those blue eyes looked at him expectantly, happiness shining through for when he'd tell everyone the news.

Dean began to stretch out his wing silently, a smile plastered on his face. A warm breeze came by and stroked his cheeks, ran through his hair. Yes, he was a Winchester. But who said that meant he couldn't have a happy ending?