Filling the Hollow Moments

This is a few moments based on scenes from 5X08... Yeah. Some are slightly cracky, most (if not all) are humor and there is some slight parody as well. For example, the first moment is based on the reoccurring season 5 favorite of people climbing straight up the walls and not getting seen by the guards. Some have characters making smarter choices. These are seriously all over the place. They are not, at all, in the same continuity as each other, although some of them could be. They are just individual scenes, changed or added for enjoyment purposes. I hope you enjoy them :)
I don't own anything but my ideas, strange as they may be.

Daegal stared at Morgana. A long stare, judging her sanity.

"You mean that I have to climb the castle walls? Won't the guards see me?"

Morgana started laughing. And laughing. It took her a while to stop.

"Not if you're on the walls."


As Leon looked at the boy he couldn't help but feel a sense of unease. He looked a little old to be catching toads, plus he didn't look near dirty enough. He also didn't have any toads. But if the Queen insisted...

"Wait," one of the other knights burst out, "You caught toads with the queen? What would you want toads for?"

"Among the youth they are valuable currency," one of the other knights said, "Very desirable."

"Aren't toads associated with magic?" The first knight sounded confused,

"They are worth their weight in gold." The other one responded, sounding very serious. "That's why sorcerers cough them up you see, how else would they get the gold to fund their armies and dark castles and what not."

Leon hoped he was joking. The first knight nodded his head and said "that made sense."

That was when Leon realized the biggest problem with Camelot's security.


Gaius looked at his king, prophesied to be the best king in all of history. Suddenly he despaired for any future members of the monarchy. This man couldn't even put on his own shirt. How was he supposed to run a kingdom?

Arthur still just stood there, bent over and looking like a fool. Gaius looked at the white garment that he had gestured to. Even to his own old eyes it didn't look like a shirt. Well, if Arthur was going to put him through this foolishness...


Morgana was about to pour her poison into Merlin's mouth when she paused. She looked at Merlin and then she looked at the obviously uncomfortable Daegal. Even though poisoning Merlin would be poetically fitting, she had to hesitate.

Poisoning never worked.

When Uther had been poisoned, it hadn't worked. Even a few weeks ago, Arthur got saved from the poison when it wasn't even supposed to have an antidote. Morgana herself, when Merlin had poisoned her, she still survived.

Add this track record to Merlin's incredible luck and it pretty much promised that he'd make it out alive.

With a sigh, she pulled out her dagger. Now she'd get her dress dirty.


"I'm sure I misheard you." Sarrum took a weary look at the queen of Camelot,

"I'm sure you didn't," she smiled,

"You wish the man who made you queen, who risked revolts and mockery for your elevation, dead?" He sounded skeptical,

"I believe that Camelot needs alternate leadership."

"And I don't believe you," Sarrum told her, "You are obviously trying to set me up."

"I could make it worth your while," she bargained,

"Or," he paused, "I could kill you first and when your husband is distraught, I kill him. Then I take my army and smash Arthur's loyal knights."


"So let me get this straight," Merlin said as he and Daegal were rushing through the forest, "When you were obeying Morgana, you were just getting me because I was the physician's part-time assistant, not because I'm Emrys?"

"I thought you're name was Merlin?" Daegal sounded confused,

"It is," he agreed, "It's just most druids call me Emrys. In fact, that should have given you up. Hmm, that would have been awkward..."

"What?" The boy was now more than worried about Merlin's mental state. After almost dying, most sane people wouldn't run off into a camp of bandits, even if they had powerful magic. Sane people also didn't run with an injured leg for hours. Now Merlin was confusing his own name. That didn't look good. Daegal hoped that his treatment for Morgana's poison hadn't caused brain damage.

"What are the chances that magic didn't get brought up when we were going there? I assumed you knew all about it. Then I suppose that you would have told Morgana. I wonder what would have happened to me?"

"What would Morgana do if she knew you were a warlock?" he asked,

"Kill me probably, in some agonizing way." Merlin rested on a tree for a second, catching himself before he tripped again.

"She just tried that." Daegal pointed out,

"Yeah, well," Merlin processed that, "She does that to everybody."


The assassin Sarrum had picked, a man that was very similar to Percival in that he spoke little and didn't believe in sleeves, inspected his crossbow. He grinned as it glinted in the light.

Then Leon just happened to come down that hall at that exact moment.

"That's a beauty!" Leon couldn't help but admire the crossbow. It wasn't as good as his but it was still a nice piece of craftsmanship.

The assassin stayed silent. He wasn't sure what to do.

"Just don't kill Arthur," Leon chuckled, "His manservant tried and all he got was to clean the stables."

The assassin raised his eyebrows.

"Sorry," Leon clapped him on the back, "It's an inside joke."

The assassin looked around and determined that he was, in fact, inside. He didn't see what was funny. Camelotians must have a strange sense of humor. He now had to wonder if that was the Queen's motives, that in Camelot killing the king was an 'inside' joke. People apparently thought it was funny.

He had thought that his kingdom was supposed to be the barbaric and cruel one.


"Hey, that's supposed to be locked!" Merlin yelled as they ran through the hall. Daegal looked at him,


Merlin muttered a few words and the door closed, lock clicking into place.

"You don't want just anyone getting up there."


"Tell us all about your girl, Merlin," Arthur had said, "And about why you're limping."

Merlin felt absolutely furious with Gwen at that moment. He knew that it had to be Morgana's fault, Gwen had to spelled or enchanted, but at that moment he couldn't make the difference. He had just almost died, suffered from a poison for over a day, and Daegal had died. And now Gwen expected him to make up a story to reinforce her identity. He literally couldn't do it, he was exhausted and outraged at her presumption that he'd bow to her whims. So he wouldn't.

"Arthur, when I told you I have no girl I am telling you the absolute truth." Merlin looked him in the eye, "I haven't had 'a girl' in years, and she's dead now anyways." He continued a tad bitterly, unable to contain everything. "I was gone because the boy who saved your life asked me to go heal his sister. Then, Morgana came upon us and poisoned me, threw me off of a cliff as well. That's why I'm limping if you're so keen to know. I spent the rest of that day in and out of consciousness, unable to even move myself as my body was shutting down. The boy who saved you, his name was Daegal by the way, managed to help me in the end. If he hadn't then I'd be lying dead in the forest right now. He then warned me of Morgana's threat to you and we ran back to Camelot. You know the rest."

He watched as Gwen blanched, her story shredded to pieces, and Arthur looked at him as if struck dumb. Arthur swallowed, blinked and actually looked at him. The king noticed how pale he was, the blood that still slightly stained his forehead, and that he was obviously not in the best of health.

"So you were with Morgana?!" Arthur completely missed the point, "You're courting my sister?"

"Arthur," Merlin gave him a look, "Seriously?"


"Gaius? How do you do it?" Merlin asked him, staring at Daegal's cairn.

"Do what, my boy?"

"Not be affected by the curse."

"What curse?"

"The curse that kills anyone else that finds out about my magic."

"You can't seriously believe that!" Gaius looked shocked,

"Lancelot, Freya, Will, Daegal, my father, a lot of enemies..." Merlin trailed off, not feeling like listing every name but knowing that he'd given a good demonstration.

"That must just be a coincidence," Gaius said, but his eyebrow was up.

"Big coincidence." Merlin muttered bitterly, "But if Arthur ever finds out... I just wish it would work on druids."

A\N: So did you like it? Which was your favorite? This all started with the second to last one and a stray thought during when I was watching the show that Leon would start geeking out over the crossbow. I was going write a serious oneshot about Merlin not going along with Gwen's cover story because I'm so tired with him backing up the baddies lies. Then I was having a little trouble making it grow and the crossbow thing was wanting to be written so I decided to make a sort of drabble-esque fic full of moments. I don't know if it worked well. What do you think?