The Drawing of the Dumb

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Ok, on with the drababbles. These are slightly less comedy based but their is humor in them too, you just have to wade through the seriousness. I might post more funny and over the top ones latter this week if I have any inspiration or time. Hope you enjoy!

"If she was the woman that you loved, what would you do?" Mordred asked, and Merlin glared.

"The woman I loved? What did I do? Do you really want to know?!" Merlin surprised the angry young man. Freya was a quick way to get Merlin upset, her death was a wound that had never healed. To have Mordred, the boy who would kill Arthur, even elude to her- no matter how unintentionally- was enough to make him lose his temper.

Mordred didn't answer, shock evident on his face. Even though he was used to Merlin's cold hate, Merlin had never really yelled at him.

"I freed her from a scumbag bounty hunter. He kept her in a little cage on a wagon and planned to make some money off of her from Uther. She was a druid, just like your Kara. But unlike Kara she didn't seek to hurt anyone."

Mordred bristled at this but didn't dare interrupt the angry warlock.

"We were going to run away together," Merlin told him, "Just like you want to do. We were going to get a house by a lake and live in peace. I was prepared to leave my whole destiny for her."

"Why didn't you?" Mordred said, even though he was sure that he didn't want to know,

"Arthur killed her."

Mordred gasped, not comprehending how Merlin could continue to be loyal after such an occurrence.

"She was cursed to be a monster at night and Arthur thought he was protecting his people." Merlin explained, the pain evident in his voice, "I can't blame him. You can't blame him for Kara either."

"Why not?"

"He thinks he's protecting his people."

"Kara doesn't wish to harm anyone." Mordred argued,

"Mordred," Merlin sighed, "She's a crazy little psycho who's tried to kill Arthur without provocation and is an unrepentant extremist follower of Morgana."

"She doesn't know any better!" Mordred defended her, knowing that his words were pretty weak. Unfortunately, Merlin's arguments weren't wrong; just a little exaggerated.

"So you want Arthur to release an attempted murderess because she didn't know that killing people was wrong?"

"But- but- she's very dear to me!"

"She's the one who seems to want to die." Merlin commented, "You know that Arthur doesn't really want to kill her. He hates executions. But she did try to stab the king and then admit her allegiance to Morgana."

"She-she... Oh, forget this." Mordred turned and walked off, missing the days where Merlin would have been happy for his to leave and never return.


Mordred was not amused when Merlin was proved right again when Kara stabbed a random guard.


He really wasn't happy about her bloodthirsty screaming at him to kill his friends.


He really should have listened to Merlin.


He kneels in front of her; his words leave no room for error. As much as she wishes to deny this knowledge she is too broadsided to even try.

Merlin is Emrys.

Her thoughts aren't words. This has unhinged her. In time she will be better but now the flood of emotion sweeps her away. Her already broken mind has no chance of defense.

A whirlwind of horror, a storm of shock. There is a maelstrom of wrongness tugging at her soul. The fear that has always coated Emrys shrouds her. A slight, insistent wind gives her anger.

So strong are these emotions that her ever present pit of hate is silenced. For once, the poison and corruption of Morgana is overwhelmed by something else. The madness opens it's jaws, ready to consume the tide after she finishes chewing it.

A curtain of denial closes that off. Denial is her only shield now. She's knows it can't last long, it's already fraying from the wind, but she clings to it. She doesn't want to be lost at sea.

"How do you know this?" Her lips whisper. It's unattached, it seems like. Morgana isn't actually asking the question. She doesn't want the answer.

"Emrys is prophesized, my lady. All of my people can recognize him." Mordred says. She barely listens, trying to hide. Her ears have other plans and her shield is riddled with poisoned arrows.

She can form sentences now, behind her shield. Distanced from the flood, distracted from the pit.

Merlin could not be Emrys. She would have known it before.

He was a manservant. He was loyal to Arthur in ridiculous measures. He was weak.

Arguments came with the wind.

Merlin had poisoned her, when she had believed them to be friends. Merlin had known where druids where to help her, only to bring Arthur's men chasing after him. Merlin had brought young Mordred to her chambers to help him, and then tried to back out.

Merlin had killed her sister. Ruined her plans. Always lurked in the shadows.

The shield was blown away with the force of a hurricane.

Of course Emrys was Merlin. No one had ever done her more harm than that idiotic servant boy. In fact, his stupidity was nothing more than a fa├žade, his whole life was nothing but an act. He had always meant to destroy her.

He could have helped her in the beginning. Before Morgause came, before the hate and madness. But he didn't.

Merlin was a traitor. Traitor! Fiend! A monster... Her destiny and her doom.

"I will kill him." Morgana hissed, her fists clenching her throne like it was his scrawny little neck. "He- he will die. I will kill him." Her words were limited by her emotions.

"He killed my Kara." Mordred admitted, "He told Arthur... I trusted him!"

Who Mordred trusted, Merlin or Arthur was unclear.

"I trusted him too, one." Morgana's voice was thick, "And he poisoned me. He left me to suffer alone, to be scared of my own magic!"

Never again.

"I will not rest until I crush his skull under my foot! Not until I kill his precious Arthur within his sight!" Morgana raved, coming up with anything gruesome that would roll off her tongue. Mordred looked sickened but there was also a fanatical gleam in his eye, the need for vengeance.

And then one of her Saxons ruined the moment,

"Then you're sure going to be sleep deprived."

To say she blasted him against a wall would be an understatement.



"What do you mean that Arthur would have let Kara live if she'd just said sorry?!" Mordred gasped.

"I told you she wanted to kill herself." Merlin nodded.

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