Naruto – Fox in Equestria

Disclaimer: This will be a Naruto and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction. Yes, I'm a Brony, deal with it!

Chapter N/A: Sad Announcements and Hopeful Adoptions

As it is apparent that I am now too busy to write my fanfiction stories due to my work and other interests, I am officially putting them up for adoption starting with Naruto: Fox in Equestria. This story will be adopted by Fan of Fanfics who had already requested to adopt my story. You can find the link at u/1779335/.

I will put up my other stories for adoption as well but please be aware that I will only officially put them up for adoption after I put a few ideas in for any potential writers to use should they decide to adopt my stories. Also, I would require a PM from anyone who wants to adopt my stories although a story can be adopted by more than one capable writer.

I deeply apologize to anyone who was hoping for updates from me and I thank everyone who had been kind enough to support me for my stories in spite of the recent lack of updates. My requests are that those who adopt my stories acknowledge my part for inspiring them, to use their own writing styles from start to finish for the sake of good writing flow, and that they keep character bashing to a reasonable minimum.

Without further ado, here are some ideas, which I would like to see implemented but are otherwise not mandatory, which I had for Naruto: Fox in Equestria before my decision to put it up for adoption…


I was considering rewriting the early part of the story so that it would be Allicorn Princess Twilight who brought Naruto to Equestria as it is more probable compared to the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Alternatively, I could explain that the Cutie Mark Crusaders were using their united power of friendship, combined with Naruto's own wish, which made up for Sweetie Belle's lack of magical power compared to Twilight (which does sound sweeter now that I think about it).

I was planning for Naruto to use Kyuubi-Mode at some point, mostly due to his friends/family being hurt by any Konohagakure ninja antagonist (mainly Danzou's ROOT agents or ninjas that hate Naruto such as Mizuki). However, I planned on making the Kyuubi-Mode even more terrifying compared to the original Naruto canon because Naruto's dark emotions as well as Kurama's dark chakra would allow him to not only instinctively use dark magic like Sombra but also summon Windigos. Imagine a Kyuubi-fied Naruto using dark magic which will bring out your innermost fears and summoning monsters that will freeze anyone who bears hatred in their hearts. Of course, having no choice, the Elements of Harmony will be used to stop Naruto, turning him into a Pegasus-Type Pony as a result. The "pony-fied" Naruto would not be too upset about the change but will be horrified by the truth that he is the vessel of the Kyuubi no Youko. Upon recovery from the shock and angst, Naruto would rename himself as Storm Whirlwind whose cutie mark is a red spiral, an orange coat, and a blond spiky mane (extra features are optional but it must fit his dreams/talents). Naruto would also make a new dream of becoming the first true ninja-pony of Equestria with Princess Luna giving her full support (I imagine that warriors of the night and shadows would be appealing to her).

As for Konohagakure and the Ninja World, I will leave them to you but I can imagine Changelings somehow sneaking into the Ninja world through Konohagakure if there is ever a permanent gateway to the other world (and feed upon the desperate love of those who had lost their loved ones and fail to realise the deception). Also, if there is ever a skirmish between the ponies and the ninjas, such as the ponies rescuing Naruto from Konohagakure due to the ninjas kidnapping him, I would love seeing Fluttershy doing the Stare or attacking ninjas like how she "attacked" the bear (thus scaring the bloody heck out of anyone who pissed her off) as well as Rainbow Dash using her "Sonic Rain-Nuke" on Might Guy who would be blocking the attack using his "Flames of Youth".

For pairings, a pony-fied Naruto would of course be paired with mares. My pairing list for Naruto's Mare/"Marem" includes Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Dinky Hooves, and, once old enough or even an Allicorn, Princess Luna. If Naruto somehow becomes an Allicorn, it would be cool if his horn is a lightning-like blade. Of course, he can have human friends assuming that he gains any (Hinata would certainly do well to have the ponies to help her, and yes I admit that I like her as a female character from the Naruto series). Speaking of friends, feel free to have Naruto become one with Discord (unholy pranking spree dead ahead!), Derpy Hooves and Dinky Hooves, and even a Changeling OC (I imagine Changelings needing love as an energy source much like plants needing sunlight but can also live on normal food for basic survival like every-pony else as long as they receive a minimum dosage of love-energy).

I will leave the ideas of final villains for you although I can imagine Tirek (a My Little Pony demonic-centaur villain) becoming a popular choice. Alternatively, having the ponies royally screw up Tobi's "Eye of the Moon Plan" by manipulating the moon would be "quite amusing" (Trolluna anyone?). Also, feel free to have battle-hardened ninjas (like Zabuza) going WTBF upon seeing the ponies or entering their realm. As for female/girly/"potential brony" characters from Naruto, feel free to have them go "cuteness proximity" at the sight of the ponies and cause embarrassing situations as a result.

Again, I deeply apologize for disappointing everyone and I hope that this story, along with the rest, will be adopted by those who will bring out their full potential. May your stories inspire the hearts of others…