My beloved friends, we have come to the end. The very last portion of Wildflower is below and once you have reached the end, the back cover of the proverbial book closes and the tale will be laid to rest. I can't even really begin to describe what it feels like to me as an author. I've grown so deeply attached to this story and all its characters and its plot and the feelings and the world in which they is almost impossible for me to think about not getting up every single day and working on this story, be it editing or writing or changing something or replying to your wonderful reviews. It saddens me deeply to be finished, but there is a bright dawn breaking off in the distance, as I have promised you a sequel, and I am incredibly excited to bring that to you all. You all have meant so much to me over the time spent working on this story. Its by far the longest work I've ever done, definitely the most involved, and I really couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. I could have never done this without all of you at my side supporting me. AND speaking of said support, I ask a favor of you. Bare in mind, my fingers are shaking as I type this BUT I will not let that stop me. Now that we have reached the end of Wildflower it is FINALLY time to put this to the ultimate test. I mean of course, sending the link for this story to the people who work for the Walking Dead, not the least of whom are the actors, but also the producers and creators (particularly Robert Kirkman.) So I ask you my beloved readers, reviewers, followers, incredibly loyal army of support at my side, send this story to them! Blow up Twitter, Facebook, any other social media you can think of, where this story might reach the team who is responsible for bringing us The Walking Dead, and if any of you know how to get in touch with Kirkman, tell me! So many of you have said "we want to see Fox on the show" or that this story is on par with the actual show itself or that they simply just need to see this story. Well, you all have convinced me to do it, so now, I ask your help. Help me make my dream come true, even if it is just acknowledgement by someone at TWD that I exist and that this story exists. Also, if any of you want to follow me on Twitter (and thereby be able to tag your posts with the link for this story with me in them) my name is alotlikefalling and it would mean the weight of the world to me if you helped me out with this. It has been a dream of mine for going on 8 years now to be discovered as an author, and you never know, this could be my shot. So help me out guys! We can make this happen! And who knows, with enough persistence and drive, you could one day see a sharp tempered, knife throwing red-head stalking her way through the scenes of The Walking Dead with her green eyes on our favorite redneck. A wise man once said ask and you shall have asked and now you can help us all receive. And now it is time, one last time, to post the kind words you have left me with, and my replies to them.

arrowsandkittens: After I finished reading this I had to take a moment. This story is the best story I have ever read in here. I am sorry I found out about it so late, but I don't regret reading it all night and not being able to get up in the morning. I became attached to Fox and I cared for her. I can only imagine how perfectly she would fit the show, because she is such a well-developed character. I'm glad it's not completely over, that there's still a bit more to it. Thank you for sharing this with us, it just proves wrong to everyone who claims that fanfic doesn't require talent and imagination. This story brightened my bad days. It made me laugh and cry in a way I never thought a simple fic could. I hope you get recongnized for creating something this good. I hope more people read this. "Come to kill me? You look like the executioner type"

No worries its all good! I'm so happy when anybody comes to my fic and loves what they find, no matter what stage of the process its in. I would have been just as thrilled had you found this story 6 months after its completion. I know exactly what its like to stay up all night devouring a wonderful story and I'm so honored and thrilled that something I wrote could have that kind of pull for you. I've grown so attached to Fox too…I'm really sad to end this story actually! You're not the first to say she'd be great for the show, and for the first time when I was watching "Arrow On The Doorpost" I had that feeling too! I kept waiting for her to come ducking out from around the warehouse or abandon buildings, and then of course when Daryl flung his knife I had a squeal of joy cause that's something Fox would do…yeah, I'm getting carried away…. There is indeed the epilogue, so there's just a bit more, and there IS a sequel in the works, so be on the lookout for that =D That is just astounding to me that my work can make people laugh and cry and feel all of these things that I tried so hard to bring out and just hoped that I could. I write what I would want to read and so I'm glad I made it worth it. Awww, that quote, you went all the way back to the beginning to find it. I'm so pleased I cannot stop grinning. Thank you for everything you've written in your reviews, it means the world to me!

FanFicGirl10: Ok this whole chapter was AMAZING! I LOVED it, i cried at the wonderful things Daryl was saying to Fox :) Yay Fox is up and getting better, plus she's having a Daryl Dixon Baby, I hope it's a boy. Yeah I love that both Daryl and Dahlia let Merle has the ugly truth, he's not worth it to be around them. I can't say it enough i LOVED this chapter, Update Soon!

Awww you cried!? Wow! I mean I was kind of sniffling when I went back and re-read it doing the editing process, and honestly, I was about to gut the whole thing and change it, but I'm so glad I stopped myself. I felt like at the end of everything, finally, after all this time, Daryl could find let go and be vulnerable and show how much he cares, and so now I'm glad I left it in. Mmm, we shall see whether there will be a little Daryl jr. running around in 9 months time. Fox and Daryl definitely did let Merle have it…there really was no question about its after everything that had happened, but it was still really painful for Daryl to watch him go. Having had to cut ties with family members myself…I know how rough it can be, but it was for the best. Thank you for staying with me from beginning to end!

NIGHTSCREAM: HA! Called it she's pregnant! Dang but that confontation scene was tense! And Daryl cutting his face and then ripping it open yikes! Your a bloodthirsty writer arn't you, remind me not to ever piss you off!

You and a few other readers my friend ;) It was tense, wasn't it? I had hoped it would be, because on both sides emotions were running really high and that was honestly what I had pictured to happen in the show when they finally met, and even though it took a little longer, I tried to do the brothers justice, given the circumstances off my story. Ohhh yes, I can be quite bloodthirsty and creative with what happens to people who cross me, but don't worry, it all remains within the safety of ink to paper, but inventing new ways to ax villains is one of my favorite pass times xD But never fear, you've been a cool late addition to my readers and reviewers, so you will always be safe from my bloodthirsty tendencies.

Emerald Gaze: I knew she was pregnant! also i totally think the flyleaf song is from daryl's perspective and blinding for fox. Oh this is so excitinf! I'm really lookin forward to the sequal and i can't wait to see the reaction of the group when they here and i admit i kinda wish merle could know she's pregnant and hav to suffer through knowing he lost even more of his blood than he thought and almost put an end to 1 himself. I have to say i'm really surprised the pregnancy didnt terminate in all that but it looks like all of her is resiliant and stubborn. Plus now daryl gets a blood relative to replace the bad blood hes lost!_!

That's awesome, lots are being cast on whose song is whose =D My friend, you are not the only one looking forward to it. I've been thinking about it for more than a month now, starting to plan it all out and figure out the details and little intricacies and I absolutely cannot wait to bring it to you! Your comment about Merle…I really debated on rearranging the chapter to let him in on it, but in the end I decided not to. The timeline would have just crunched and I don't think I could have made the ending as sound otherwise, but don't worry, we haven't seen the last of Merle, not by a long shot ;) You know, in reality, the pregnancy probably would have terminated after everything Fox went through BUT I decided to cut them a break FOR ONCE and let them have their moment. They deserved it after everything they've had to go through. And yes indeed, Daryl does have a replacement for Merle, but even more than that…its blood that will love him unconditionally and that's really all he's wanted this whole time, and now he's found it, not in just the baby, but in Fox, and from the entire group. They won't always come out and say it, but he feels it, and that's why he'd die to protect them if he had to. Blood isn't just the fluid running in our veins, its the loyalty and trust of the ones who have your back, and it wasn't just Daryl who got to learn that, but Fox too.

Live-Laugh-Love-Till-The-End: Ahhh I'm so behind on reviews! So sorry! YES I KNEW SHE WAS PREGNANT YEAAAHHHH. Okay I'm normal again. Awesome chapter, I'm glad Daryl didn't give into anything his brother was saying! Way to go Daryl! Btw, when I read the two songs at the bottom, it was epic because Fire Fire was playing on my iPod haha, yay flyleaf! Haha anyway keep up the awesome work! :D

No worries it's all good! Hah, you and several others, I tried to drop hints without spelling it out, so I figured some of you, if not all, would get it =D Mm, it was tempting at times for Daryl to relent, because Merle is his brother and for so many years it was just the two of them against the world, and even though their dynamic was so destructive and painful, when its the only thing you've known, and what you've been taught to accept, its hard to let it go. Hah! Yes! I LOVE it when the iPod plays the exact right song for the moment. I can never write without music, so I have to have the right song going for the right scene, and so that coincidence for you was pretty epic in my opinion. Good way to wrap it up, no? If you liked this story (which it seems fairly obvious you did xD) be on the lookout for the sequel! I hope to make it just as involved and crazy and all things awesome like the Walking Dead, and I dearly hope to see the familiar pen-names of my beloved readers there, you included =D

Emberka-2012: Just as I thought. Fox strong and stubborn. She'll be all right. And they will have little Dixon. Pity that Merle does not know what he was about to kill his nephew or niece. Maybe someday he finds and Fox told each other very beautiful things.

Mmhm, Fox is indeed strong, stubborn, and unwilling to back down or give up. She is indeed carrying a little Dixon, boy neither her or Daryl are ready for that yet, but they will be with time =) As I said in a previous review reply, I am working on a sequel for this story, so definitely don't count Merle out, not by a long shot ;) I almost yanked most of those fluffy moments between Fox and Daryl in this chapter but I figured because it was the last one that it was time finally for them to lay everything out on the table and be completely emotionally open with each other, and so I'm glad it came off in a good way. Thank you so much for every single review you've given to me, from beginning down to the very end, it means the world to me to have such loyal followers like you stick with me. I hope I see you at the sequel!

Brittney: Loved thus chapter (and all the others obviously). I love the names for Fox and Daryl's baby! I can't wait for more...

Yay, I'm so glad! I never ever get tired of hearing that my chapters are liked, or loved is even better! Awesome! I'm so glad that the names seem to be coming off well received, because trust me, I went through so many different possibility, especially for the girl's. There's just the epilogue left for Wildflower, but the sequel is not far away and I hope I see you there!

forfaithshelost459: Is the epilogue gonna be Luna (great Harry Potter name, btw) all grown up and badass? Then she has to face her parents dying and the group? Then she has to live all on her own? And wrap all that up in a nutshell for the epilogue... then the sequel goes into great detail? God, I cried. Time to make picturesssss! I just... omg. I can't believe it's over. Time to tweet Norman Reedus! *deep breath* Good Lord...

Hah, you know, Luna in HP was actually one of my fav characters, but that wasn't where her name came from. When I was searching for names, I sank deep down into Fox's psyche and the way she sees her relationship with Daryl, from the very beginning to the very end and the two of them reminded me of yin and yang so strongly, Fox being the yang which is associated with the sun and Daryl being the yin, which is associated with the night, and as I thought about their personalities and their varying actions, I kept finding myself drawn to that idea, and since Luna is a feminine form of the word 'lunar' for the moon, it just made sense to me. And then of course the middle names on both sides were combinations of people that both Fox and Daryl had lost that they cared for. You shall see what the epilogue holds my friend…and of course the sequel, which is coming soon but probably not soon enough! Oh good effing gracious you have NO idea how scared/excited/nervous/amazed/freakedthefuckout I am about tweeting Reedus. Like seriously…I get serious chills EVERY SINGLE TIME I THINK ABOUT IT. BUT it is going to fucking happen. There are a few mistakes that I wanna fix, just typos and stuff, and then its time to send the link…FRICK AM I SCARED AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHYYYYY. Ok…I'll get a hold of myself now. You've been an awesome reader and reviewer (offering to do fan art for me, seriously, that is so flipping awesome!) and I can't wait to see you at the sequel!

WinterIsComing01: Wow! What an ending. I had a sneaking suspicion that Fox was in the family way but the "throwing up every morning" bit solidified that for me. I'm so happy we have a happy ending! And now we'll have a little Foxy Dixon hopping around soon enough. Can't wait for the epilogue. The ending definitely made up for all the pain and angst you threw our way for 42 g*ddamn chapters (you bitch!). I'm really looking forward to the epilogue. I'd love to see what has become of the group by that point, and of course, looking forward to Wildflower part deux. Well done, dearest friend! Bravo!

Mmm, I'm sure most people had that suspicion, but I didn't wanna outright say it until the very end ;) I knew that after all of the craziness and angst and emotional roller coaster this fic has been that I wanted the ending to be happy and there to be hope for the future, because really without it, there is no surviving a zombie apocalypse. Or at least no point in surviving. And I am SO glad that the ending balanced out everything else, cause you are not the only one who is so well aware of all the angst. There were times I was going "damn…maybe that was a little bit much…." but I'm glad everything came out the way it did, I think it was for the best, and I absolutely cannot wait to see you at the sequel, my oh so faithful reader and reviewer 3

catchmeflying: i hate you. but i love you. i hate you for ending this story, i yearn for more. but then again i love you because i felt like i was living as an omnipresent being in this story first hand living through the characters emotions, feelings and actions. this was so well planned and articulated that it was hard not to enjoy every single aspect of the story. i only can draw my own conclusions at this point about Jenner, does he ever succeed? Fox and Daryl and their new child, the rest of the group and their where a bouts and oh, my i want, no i need more of this story. damn you for ending it but i praise your work and skill! better than most novels i've read in my life and i read a lot of stories and novels! Bravo! - Catch me flying

You know I kind of hate me too for ending it xD But its time. Tales can only go on for so long, but don't worry my friend, there is so much more that will be answered, and asked, in the sequel. I'm already in the process of starting it so it won't be long before you see these guys again. I am so glad I got to take you, and so many others, on the epic roller coaster ride of this story, and I so look forward to seeing as many of you as can be brought along for the ride for the sequel. Thank you for being apart of the ride! I always try to write what it is I'd want to read and so I try to keep my work up to those standards, and if it pleases my readers, that is just more fuel for my fire to keep going and be better and better, and I hope I can surpass what I've done here with the sequel. Drop in and let me know! My deepest thanks for being apart of the story, truly.

Almost eight months of back breaking work had led up to this. As soon as Fox had been fit to the travel the group had taken off from Colorado and stayed North, following lonely roads and empty highways deep into the wilds of Wyoming, deep into Yellowstone National Park, and day after day of body wrenching, sweat soaked work, they had built a life for themselves. Three small, but sturdy log cabins, a perimeter that was monitored by trick wires and booby traps to ward off animals and Walkers alike (although they'd only seen Walkers a handful of times in these woods, and those had always been far from home), a source of fresh water just down the hill, cover from the air, and a network of caves in the side of the cliffs they were nestled against incase the weather ever got so extreme that their self-built homes couldn't take the beating. As the air had warmed game had flourished, and they'd managed to plant some hardy crops near the river where the ground ran smoother. The work had been hard but so rewarding when they no longer had to risk running towards what remained of civilization for food and water. They were self-sufficient. For almost eight months they had toiled and labored and as the cold of their first winter on the forested cliffs hit hard, they counted themselves grateful for the lockers of cured and salted meats, stores of grinded grains and canned vegetables. The first snow had long since fallen and now it was November, no one knew the date, but they guessed it was somewhere around the fifteenth. They'd learned that keeping track of time was important for them to maintain a semblance of who they had been before. There was no denying that they were all incredibly different since those days at the start of the outbreak. Sometimes they pulled close after dinner, which they always shared together, and they reminisced about life from before. They spoke of times they missed, people that they loved, and there was sadness, but also thankfulness of what they still had, of what they had managed to accomplish despite the entire world out there trying to destroy them.

Judith had grown exponentially under the careful watch of her many parents and her big brother. Not quite a year and already she was close to being able to walk on her own. She hadn't quite discovered her full balance yet, but every day they had to keep a closer and closer eye on her, less she wander off. They'd all formed their own attachments to her, rotating whose turn it was to watch her while the others were in the fields or out hunting or doing other necessary chores to keep their camp in order. It had been great practice for Fox to get used to a baby. She took to it a little apprehensively at first, but with each time it had become easier and easier and Daryl knew that she was anxiously looking forward to when their own child was born, and it seemed now that the day was upon them. Fox, Daryl, and Benjamin were holed up in their bedroom in their cabin, Fox letting out deep grunts of pain and discomfort as her labor wore on as she writhed on the bed that she and Daryl had shared ever since he had built this place with his bare hands and the hands of his friends to help him. His family.

"Sounds like theirs is as much of an ass kicker as Judith ever was." Rick said from the living room from where they could clearly hear Fox's howls as her labor pains increased. The rest of the group, including Carl and Judith, were in the living room, waiting anxiously for the outcome. They remembered Judith's birth all too well and so they couldn't say that there wasn't nervousness. But nobody could speak of it. Nobody could mention it one way or the other. They had guarded against promises they couldn't keep, but always, always, in the very depths of their beings was hope. On the hard days, it was how they survived.

The howls increased as the minutes wore on. The homemade candles were burning down slowly as the group took their turns pacing restlessly around the living room. They felt the emptiness of the members they had lost between then and now and they all pulled in close, playing a casual game of cards or staring at the fire burning in the fire place, watching the logs burn down into embers. The painstakingly installed windows allowed for moonlight to stream in thickly onto the cabin floor, casting half the room in silver and the light from the fire in amber tones. The night wore on and eventually the cries stopped.

Everyone froze at the silence. All their hearts raced, pounding in their throats, waiting anxiously for a sign or signal of what had happened. And then they heard it. The sharp, piercing cry of a newborn. They all let out a long breath, abandoned their cards on the heavy wooden table and stood up, waiting to see what the word was. An untold amount of time passed that couldn't have been very long but felt like years drifted by as they all slowly began to pace back and forth.

Eventually Benjamin emerged. There was sweat on his brow and blood on his gloved hands but a smile on his face. "Come in. No touching, but you can say hello."

They all crowded into the small room and found Fox on her bed, a freshly cleaned newborn wrapped up in a blanket in her arms, tucked against her chest. Sweat slicked her skin, matting pieces of her long hair against her scarred face but she smiled so much that it was hard to even remember that the marks were there. And Daryl was right on the bed beside them, nuzzling Fox's cheek and planting the softest kisses to his newborn's head of dark hair, completely unphased by the crowd of eyes watching.

"Who is this?" Rick asked softly as he beamed down on the new addition. His heart felt as though it might pull apart with both a great amount joy and pain going through him. Pain that Lori wasn't here to experience this, that he hadn't been able to have this same moment with her when Judith was born, but joy that Fox had delivered safely and that the baby was healthy, and that Daryl now had a child of his own after having so carefully devoted himself to taking care of Judith.

"Luna." Fox whispered, her voice still breathless from exhaustion. She leaned back against the pillows that were propped up against the headrest of the bed and closed her eyes, still breathing heavily. Recovering from her injuries while being pregnant had taken its toll on her, but it had been quite some time that her life had been in danger. Daryl had seen to it that she never went hungry, that she never overworked herself, and that she always had everything she needed, or wanted, and under Benjamin's watchful care (along with some help from some handy medical textbooks that they'd risked a run into town for) Rick knew she'd be back on her feet and to her old self within weeks.

"Luna Carol-Cherie Dixon." Daryl crooned. He very gently took his daughter from Fox's arms and held her against his chest, nuzzling her cheek, absolutely glowing.

"I know that this was Andrea's line, but I feel obligated to say it. The illusion has completely shattered." Glenn said, and he tried his best to keep a straight face but it was impossible. He was all but snickering with barely suppressed giggles, right along with Maggie, as he watched Daryl's outpour of affection.

"He has a point. I'm not even sure you are the same Daryl. The Daryl I knew flung squirrels at people for the slightest aggravation." Carl added which brought out a snort of laughter from the others, including Daryl himself.

"What can I say, you people made me go soft." He muttered, but it was with an affectionate undercurrent beneath the pretended growl. Fox laughed but all too soon she was leaning her head back against the pillows and her eyes were closing.

"Alright that's enough for now, everybody can come back in the morning. Shoo, out!" Benjy teased. The medic began to wave them away and they all murmured their promises to be back in the morning before bidding them goodnight. At the door Rick paused and looked over at Daryl and the two men met eyes for a long moment and there was an understanding so like that between brothers for a while Daryl forgot that they had not grown up together. Somewhere in the back of his mind he thought of Merle and where he might have been and even now after all this time his heart hurt at the thought of the shattered bonds between him and his blood kin. But then Luna shifted in his arms and began to give soft cries and Fox's eyes fluttered open and he looked around at what he had in that broken bond's place and it was so much more than enough.

Rick retreated from the room and Benjamin did a last once over of the baby and Fox as Luna settled against her mother's chest and began to nurse. Daryl looked up at Benjamin who nodded once.

"I'll be on the couch if you need me." The medic murmured softly before he shut the door behind him. Daryl turned back to Fox and kissed her damp forehead and temple.

"You did good Dahlia. Really good." He whispered into her hair.

She smiled up at him, a little bit of the spark coming back into her green eyes as some of the exhaustion began to ease up.

"You didn't do too bad yourself. But I'm waiting for the day when it's the tenth time she's crying in the middle of the night and it's your turn to get up with her." She teased. Daryl rolled his eyes and wrapped his arm around Fox's shoulder, keeping her close.

"Bet you a squirrel sandwich that you're the one who starts pulling hair out first." He sassed back, which made her laugh. He ran his fingers through her hair, the dark strands all the way down her shoulders now.

"Speaking of, I think it's time to cut it." She murmured softly.

He could tell by her tone what she meant. Cut the long ends that had faded into a very pale pinkish orange color due to the fact she had no dye to upkeep them.

He tilted his head and looked down at her. "Will you miss it?" he asked quietly. What he was really asking was would it hurt her to let go the last physical piece of herself from Before.

She shook her head. "No." she whispered, bending down to kiss her daughter's head lightly. "It's no longer who I am. I have my memories, and when she's older, I'll sing her the songs I wrote and tell her the stories I've told you. But it's time."

Daryl nodded and leaned his cheek down against her head. He basked in the warmth of his family's glow, deciding not to try and come up with an answer to the question of how or why he found himself in this place. It was enough that he was here, that his family was here, and that at he was at peace, and that the ones he loved more than life itself were at his side with the same soothed feeling, like the warmth of southern summer nights after the harshness of the daily storms were silenced and what was left was the watered seeds for life.

The End

And now onto the special acknowledgements! Over 400 reviews later and this is by far the most attention and most recognition I've ever received for any piece of work I've ever done, and it has been so incredible that I can't even begin to describe what it feels like. All of you, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who read, reviewed, favorited, followed the story, followed me as an author, and favorited me as an author has my love and ever lasting gratitude, because you are all amazing people and I love you so much, and now, there are some very special thanks in order to a few (actually more than a few, and that makes me so happy to say that) in particular:

WinterIsComing01/WinterIsComing1015: The first time you reviewed my story, you were entirely disgruntled by Fox (for a very good reason I may add, I didn't start her off as the most lovable of sorts!) and yet slowly but surely you warmed up to her and came to love her and her relationship with Daryl almost as much as I do myself and that to me is incredible, because that was EXACTLY what I wanted to have happen and I'm so glad that you stuck with the story until the end. The excitement and straight up emotion in all of your reviews pleased me to no end and made my Muse squee with happiness every single time I saw one in my inbox waiting for me. My dearest friend, if you EVER need anything, never hesitate to ask. *bows*

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sage62442: Sharing a similar pen-name to the reviewer above, I will laugh and smile knowingly if you two are one in the same person, but I'm pretty sure you're not. At any rate, although your reviews were not as numerous or as long as some of the ones above, I believe you were the first to give me the idea of tweeting this story to Norman Reedus and anybody else involved with The Walking Dead. That idea had NEVER even entered my head before, and so, you deserve some serious recognition, because if anything ever comes of that action…well…it would have all been due to you and your suggestion. Seriously. I would have never even dreamed to send this to anybody related to the Walking Dead. It was all just for my own joy of creativity and hearing from readers. So thank you. Thank you so much. Even if nothing happens. Even if they spurn me for being an overly obsessed fan. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for planting the seeds to something potentially life-changing. You have my ever lasting thanks 3

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~Oh all the money that e'er I spent. I spent it in good company. And all the harm that e'er I've done, alas it was to none but me. And all I've done for want of wit, to memory now I can't recall. So fill to me the parting glass, goodnight and joy be with you all. Oh all the comrades that e'er i've had are sorry for my going away. And all the sweethearts that e'er I've had, would wish me one more day to stay. But since it falls unto my lot that I should rise and you should not, I'll gently rise and I'll softly call, good night and joy be with you all. Good night and joy be with you all.~